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._ 1

1 EM- US tenanel complete the d~alog!lJ,es wHfu. the words in the box,

arn me I'm Is nsrne's

I affi"'.I'm

M,I!:l"i'ilI~~", M!l'in8JI1ff:5 ~ lR\~' W1:fats

1 • f-lei/'o_ 1 (1) iim f-lal1~~ Beck:

o Hi. M.y name (2') Pedro Lnpez,

• Ple.a,~,ed to mex:!t you.

2 • Excuse me. (j) J'tI"(:1 Mr Ru.sd?

o Yes,] am,

• Pteased to meet ,otl, Mr R'ussr. (4) _---- DaNie.Ue ~1l!'a.rUn. o Nk:e to meet yOlir [ku:ll~ell~,

3 I. Hi.My (5) JQmal.

o H ello, J amal, (06) norys ..

'. Good to meri:!i! you, Borys., (7) you kw.r Russia?

o No,. (3) from!. Pol,a;md,

2 WQirk.~:n pairs .. fir actlse the d ~.a1oglQe in 'l '~',!H h your partner, T?lilk ·ilbo ~I~ yourse!t

A: H,rUo. Whm-s YOUl!" name? A: WheT;€: ,m'e)i'Qu frorn?

A: WhlCff ao )'uu do ('

Be: !'mKaJQ_

B.. J'wn from Japan.

fl- J"m (~ h~~;!r1-e'1(m ~/;eeJ'ridan!a stll,ael'U,

Usten ill'lg 5 M!%I P.iay r his g()jme~. U sh!'Il. Only .IDUOW theiasarucrlous if the .s],~aker says. PhN1S-e.

! i'~terj ~!" put i;lO'Wri sl'l :$lPiP'. W1':lte ExQmptk stfJTUi ';0' 1i!'/t

7 ny this 'qui.z., Choose ~he ccrrect enswer;

t The IV ~::s

:2 The d oors: ~]1e

3, TlllTm:JJ

~i GO'

5 DrWe'

I) The h.;.~mffie.!" is

aJ DIi1.

a) closed. iiJi) left.

a) iUl.

a) up.

a) i'n Nl'!2: box.


!lH open. b) tight. b)Oiut b) d:~WVI"

'b) ,on ttlhebox.

,a~{aib::h the pj,ctIJJe5 'Wi~l1, Ule w·t)l;ds, In th~ box; adapter if.mffi!nna b'01ts 'oaliJle C!,hise~ I1U!!ii plug saw SGmw~ semwdriiver sparnner washer,s·



(§)@) @)@)

• 5

2 letters and numbers

Sblrl here 1 &JI,$' Listen and correct the f,(Jur mistakes in the lmsl1'less card,

BrunCii MtlfUn SoI1'1'1.IBiFe 'lkhnldafi

e' (OO3S)' (Q)~,6;;l 1 s sa 54 IEnl~lt me 110@fIlBc.i:QsofLoom

Usmning 2 & •• Llsten and complete the hmn:-;;.



- __ A_.k


!j Emaifildiiiress;::§,


Emerg..ency ~E! rvice ARE
Address -- 1:_8_ Sffe-eT
Pos~code __ 4 -N-
SlIrn.rul'le _AT_E_S -_-

II Pro!llems wlth your product?


FUll narna

Il'liETEFL _!'I_LJ_


Speaking 3 Dictate and slldl! out details from you]' business, .ard to your partn r; 4. Put all the ]eHeis or the alphabet lnto the correct column.

t~n tw.!:!! IEXCEPTI.ONS


F _

I :mo _----:-ig~ililt __


Q __

51 Wnrk in groups. Have (I :spe'U.ing competition.

Team A Make (:'I list of len ccuntrtes, Check the spemng. Then ask Te-am B to spell them correc Iy.

Tearn B: Mak.e a list of ten capital eltles, Check the spelling. Then ask Team A to spell lhem correctly,

I'..'r,·wnple: Hou: do you .o;peU EG ypn HUN' dn _lI'OU spell TOK~'O?

lismning 6 &,,4 Listen and mar h the pictures with th:e Mf!!OW) , ements,

1 Counter number -;. please,

,2; This is Radio on f1\.1.

3 Please pay pounds and pence.

4. The. train to O:dOird will depart bom ptaUo:r1L'il:~ number ~

5· IFUg;hl number is boarding now: Please g,o to cate number _.

6, 'To donate money to Dve Ai d i i'ilng~h.i:s number now: _

7 Ueg'jn countdown now: _

Spe81kIDng 8 .Play FIZZ Buzz.

,Ii' Count from 1 to 100 round the class ..

'. Use Fizz 'for a number you cen dlvlde by 3" Exam,plB'~ 3, 6,.9, 12, •. ,

'Ii Use Busz for a nUi!J'l,be't"yc)iu can diVide by 5. £mm,f)'/(!t: 5, 1 D. J5, 20, ,._

'!II Use Fizz. 8'u,zz tora number Y(lU can dtvide by both .5 and .1. Example:' 15, ,10; ,,'

oil U you make aJ mistake, you are OUT ,[)'f. rhegame.

StM~ like this: :L, 2, fizz, 4, Buzz Fizz, 7" B fiz.z, Buzz, n, Fizz, 13, 14 ...


Lis1:el'ilili'lQI 10 _ Listen and WFUe the numbers in the correct space.

1 (re 5 " 9 W
2 A 6' km/h Ell V
B km '7 rpm n ·IE
4 m B: kg 12' L .,

Sooi1: IFiers 1 &·,«41 Listen to the sf) }ft.S results, A.dd the pot:linOf[s, (2l"1l" .~jf!1 ~nd 5t1') nnd c(J:mpl "h:! tile 11m s [11 til b~anks In the charil.

C'l:!l:mtirr Time
[1) s~rm P1)~1 3:34 68
!l,u' KtptEl u Kenya ,(2) 3;___ " __
1· ~Guel'fQuj Moox:eo (3)3'_ -~-
14) Laga~ KtJrilij'a 3:84,.'30
!]Pi Eur &r:ll.aln (5) 3:___. -' __
(o) HBSh U~ 3:3&.82 :S,pealldnOi2 'pill Ith - ornill'Ullllllllllmitlel 1!1l10' 3JOl into the chart. I~ead them (rut loyour tea ht!r.

twii .Mo.flliJ1l1';G; = r;;;n MOlltizy II'


'1 ,


:3 Say rh H!'l/m,es. .f the m mths o~ the year.

4 Say the dlar.Hlll he ... ~ Il :l:iolart _ ~n1Ifo.ndaJ·. 5 Re-d cutthes iii port ·odes.

• FFI1A =- Ftan~; 'ftIl'lilW ~ 11»18,,,,~ ~ ~
CDtil.~ MAti ~ Ma.mritl rCO-RQII'!jj 'NR'l' 1'D~
Ull1-1.DmIiln BM1 .. 13IMt!!l .IN.II. Ill.OS"~ Ust!21:l1 and write down the dates. Use dd/mm!yy',

S,ealking 8 Write down some d&tesimportant Ito you. Then dicta'te them to your paaetner.

¥!)I~ dictate; The tw.entY-.f!~ghill of De'Cembe1' tux: dWi1.'Ja~,(/ rmel len.

¥OiUF partner writes: 2(J'}().t2·28.

'9 C(}mp~ete the ta:h~e. Read out you!!" answers,

2t1' n.a~~!O

• irrEflm:p~l2fi'Q' {([wmmmr)

• In Lhku6~:r&rQ ~mml,ckI!!!,!I'}

• in Jiilj!)3~~ '111l1~~ (yyirnmA::!tfl . .

• IIS'O 6601: a(J,j (j~12-28 ('I'I!f.l!'=Iini'rHld,l

24·h!OUf' clock 12~h(l\!1lf' clock
07.50 m 7.50-1ilm
11.30 5,30 pm
14,410' (4)
,(6) '.35 :pm
0\5.55 (S) 15.15




1 DRead (lflLl'[ these ti mes,

Ff:r~.t, use the 2'4-,f·H]i!j.r clock. TLiLl!:[1 use the 12'-hour ctock,

1 05.15 .2 0 .50 3) 1L14 4) t'L40 50) is.is 6~ 17:30

ILis,tenmn,g11 .". Listenand add ~he [~rD1e's to the time:':t"'1ib]edI1l6 .. Use It[€ 24·Ulm]t. clock, 12 *". . sten and write HH~ correct numllJ.er next to each wal hi,

S;lilci'all Emg'Ui$1l 14, Practlse this conversation, Use d1Ue:rent days and Urnes.

A.: When;s the pa.rty ..

B" Efs 01'] Friday.

1\: Is UUil' Friday the 2'411/? 8,: Yes, thet's rigll1.t.

A: What lime?

E: 7,,30.

/\:. OK See )'OU lhen.. Bye. R:' See' Y'OI!J. Bye.

1 Naming

Ska.reb01lll'd [eGerd [l]St.Ul ~e

.~ IliTg~ jum p 2. Long Jump

_---- mf::,f(es

Dare (dmmmi'fY)

--------_1_------_1 -

j I

2. __ ~

Listeniinl!J 3, .j'P- USt~'11 Mldd:teck.ymrr answers to2-

4 Lis [en artdl:'ompi!e'te th~ dialogue.

• What'lll f:i~i8 ?

o ]1'5 <;1. de.~k.

• What:~ ta.Uexl iii Erigiis/i?

o It's called truck

Spea'king5 Work llin palrs, Ask and msweF questions :tl:bOtj~- al] the. parts on·rhediagram ..

AI What.s ~iJi:s ,caUtKi? (.orWha.t:S thIs called ,illl Er~tiSh?j .8; It's caU1fuJ rJI (}ec!t.

2 rnrt!ii (1)

Lan,g_liIa;gIE!'- Wf,ilcr-P$- tnis-r;a1ied?Use t'h.ts when you don't k!ID!llw t'he English \;f>o,rd, WfJfat"s Ihk:?Use tllis wh.E!:I1:YOtI don't know what it is, evenin your P'\VII 1af.l~t<J;ge.

':ill tills I 's iii :decJ;:.
\fiJhat Ie thiifl iii Is
an axle.
catted, '! cfl!!-ed
Wh~t lOgS£; T,hey 're decks.
Sll! fhose Elxles.
;;liJ~ IS COJiipH,ete the dialogues ...nth the: words \0 the box, It's fhat U'!ese Tlha-I're 'Ihis i.Iii,OS!!l'

'.' Wlmi:S
,2' • Whot~s
3, • Wh-acafe"
4 .' Whritare
0 _~ , called 1:11 EngUsfl?

__ ~_~ __ caned a serew,

- caUed?

~ c<'lIlled a motorbtke.

~ caUed i~i English?

__ ~ 'caUed bolts,

___ ~_~_ '~lfed?

_~~ called antennas,

nails ; .. bnlts ... n~llts ... S'p~Jlner ... washers ... sta!ples ... Sc.l'e\-l;rg "., screwdriver ,8 Ma.tch the word s {rom 7 with the ptetuees,

,Spook~n,gi9 Work in p~h"s. A:skand answer questlens about the tOO[!l ;1f_Id n~D!Ss,. A: 'Whu', at-e tueee OaUe(l?

11 0 PQiro~t to things in the class or outslde, A~k: and answer qUel\, ions. HlhlClf s thislthar' ,called? ~I!hat 111'e tl1:ese/lnoj€, caUed?

11 Wo:rk in smallgroups. 'What are these?'

Clue: tiley·.rn all V'ebh:[es on land, sea,ln air and space.

Answers ,OIl page 65.

II 1'1

2, Assembllng

'Sitalit nere 1 Wo~k "ill pairs, Yo.u want to assemble a ska.:tebom'd.What do ),O'l.!. need'? Choose hems IrQI]) page 11.

e;;.r:er!.C:ise 1.

aS~'rB- sl\';fr.&b~~ :i fi' rile pet .. ts {a(.a'Skd'~ ~B!i'ISf

Listening 2

~nl!a: 1 i'l'II'f~mi~ ~ iniij11yl'e~{l« ~·r.nfl WIila; P mtw,;1i!ilY flve 1ill!!irnslres 1i.1f- f~' mil (S!~ 1i'M:!-['!'ld.e:M~


5r.t~ Mq. ~,iWn



!5panner __ mm

it/.ar!Oli __ Itlf!l

fgoftc5j M __

- - --

•. - - - - __. I

Speakl;nlg! 3, ''Whrk In prur~. Make diaJogufs wiltb your partner,

1 bolts J to mm 15,0 l!:xa(f)ple_'

.. washers I M6 J 60 Customer: J need Some- bolts, please.

3 screws! 24· mm i 100 Sho.pklN!l)eJ:' 'Whal size?

4 nuts 136 mm J 750 Customer;' J() mm~

:5 bolts /I\IU6 I 60 Shopk.eeper. How mGl'ny?

'0 natls I 30 mil / 80 Cu:s:romer. Fifty, preQJjf;.

Task 4 How do you ilS!;i'€:luble a skateboard? Put these diagrams ill1' rdee


~ PuUh~ harcga nut. on ~1~a,IOilll'Qa ~oR. ~;. Tlgllltenthe lilllL

'7 ~u~ 1I1~ W~~!:l!1,1; ~f1~h~ a):;!'ij'. 8 f'\ld ·rne l"ltlre. M Ilhe:,mllJt

9 TTg:hIEn thef1!u.s.

:PM I!I1g. p!late on ftlie rOLlir !Jo!ts. Pt)ll !IiIle fU.llS ~!1Ilhe Mils. i!i9hl~FI Ittfi i:'!1lJ1.!;;.

4 PlJ~. ~he 3[.'(!e on. '~he ~mme tll:JIt.

1 Put 2 PlJJt

5 Pllt


'1 S· Q:

Vocabudiary 1 _4t_1 Listen and rerpeat.

[OOS'@rt •. , pull , ... push ... put. _. t<l!kie ti:.ghh~Q

81 Comp~.ele~he tn'Stm~bGn5. Use the words from T,

II ~ .....






_____ the h'(lmme:l" on th~·.ta1Q.le.

~~ the, h,ammer off the tabl.,e.

_____ . Hut! .Ie:v!ar..


;;:.' ..... . .. _.


_____ . th~ lever; _____ the nut. _____ the nut.

nghtan (2)-

pll!lh (3~

II: l~

3 Ordering

'l'i'n'6i~~~ .fIlM liiietir ~PIa<A\

"'lJ:it~·~: zeh.'I'i;l'f' 0.11.

Prm.~(i call Will

N.3me.: Ben Pl;)arm IlI,Jmb:~f: -"'00;...:::·'-"44-.:.....-:,...' _

r.Jes~ag9: G~!i"OOmer rrMd~ ;fJomf.l ~tdOOamp-arta Prt$SfQ!li' hrtn P££,k~. _

Speaking 3 Worrk in paJ:rs,. Choose wordslrom thts unlt (e.g. sCfe.tc;virit-'€1") and dictate them to your partner.

4 Wor:kirn pairs, Leavephene messages, St:llId!eot A. Tum to page: 64,

Sti..i,de:I1't B:

1 Leave pho"RI;: messages [Qr Student A. Use 'the buslness cards below, Spe.U

out the name of ,ttll:~' per5JOf.1t andll the ,company.


{leila, This i$ John West, 1'I'lat's W..Jr-S-T. ,Manager of,Kes'ko, Thal~' f{.,ES"K·O. My' pfw:f!€ numoor' is 00 44 1224. 8G'l4490 .. Please. cali rn,€ back.

Pcep1ino, Turri Engineer

00 39 06525 500

- -

:;;:: Part s (l}

~ -

1 Abde! Monem WahEl!ed 00 ,202 47832.


2: Jose Femtil1dsz.lu!s 00 34 '9111'2l :B3B 990

4, N~:kolay Kuznatsov 00 7 4'95 900 22. 77

Stef.ijD Gross [JesiRne:r

00 49 711. ME, 8833

~ S'tlzukL fe.~

'OD 8]. 3-·3~88. 611.24

:2> Change roles. U·s'ten t I

Sf udent. A. ,~nd m·ak.e notes Uk'ed' Is ~

Call frtJm ,John West, Manager Company; Kesko

Plion~ nWllber' 00 44 t?24 8674490 Rease ~11' rU"nr back.

Task. 5, Wo:rk.ln p.air~. Order goOds on ~ he phone,

Student ,A. Turn to page ,64 ..

Shldent B:

1 You are a customer. You: want '00' buy the i!hrffiS ctecled l'n red, Telephone Student A (title sales person) and OI'Idi@1 the ]terns.

Ska:tebo'srd acce'sso:ries for sale



laU1Jlil Olll~r (l·oloui'S

miKIJmn ~ _


1i'1J.~El O&!@[ ooloyi'iS

mMlllllm __


1'aJ'g@ Of!'ier Co!C)ur!i

mlHllillm __



'. "


smelll G) 2 srnalll G) 2, small 2 '0

iHlelm,Bl: red white,

Dec~@ y!!!I~QW

IPad blade ~

@ I~Hge, ~


greell1l ~arge ~


.)\: He.llo. IlI'!eed It:) buy SO\r.Ile th rn:gs 'fo, my s,~{1i'eba(J,rd. R OK. Wi),m do you fi!eedl

A; I 1:!e!€d a helmet.

2' Change roles. YO'IJ are lJ1Je sates person, Ask Stude~lt A. (the customer) wll,<lIft theymaJ!'t to buy.

a When you have both finished, you can cncle new ltems and phone up 'to oJlljh~r them.

':saZ!~tHQ'ii'1 m8nivIWhar r !ii!o '!fOUl 1'I~~d1'

;ais YC)I!Ir !'!!o;I:me'" jP;I!ea;S8 1I1at.

'.s .'10 lJr' p:ilIo!lu~ r1'

SOC'18:1 Ernglli,sh

5 al.41' Usten and then intred uce youl':':!eU and YOUlr partner U;. other students.

A: I'm Luis, I'm C.i' student: A.rld 1111.$ is Paulo: eRe'S (i; student,. too.

B_' Nf!.lIo, Luis. Hello, P(1ul()~ Nice to meetY°(J,

3 S

_B Hi

1 Ri!WTi~e these statements as q uest i ns, :i The nUliCbine·sOin.

!5 enS' m2c,~rIi6 o.r:rl

2 Th e S'II"I1itci1es ,Me on.

6 She's, Poltsh.

2 Arnsw~· the questions In the neg-atl"e~ Th.ellJi makee pesntve S,l;atemelllt. 1 s n SUli:ulay today? (Mollday)

No. it; @J't Sumiay toO~'I. Jt;~ Mond~ 2 hi, t:hl':! power Oil'! (on_)

6 Is he an, elecmetanl (builder)

3 Rewrite l'hese sentences lliIwg contraetlens whe.re ,po5s.[b~e" .~ My name is Jamal and I am Jrom Jordan.

MY f1PrlW5 J.amaf,ind flnfrom_Jord@n,

2' l'hhil]S Jean." He is French, but he is not :ftOlllliil Parts,

~3 This jisF'rieda.. Sle is from Rome" but she is no't Ual~a~

:5 These are I~he Wi'ong :Items. T.hey are !!,!Qtoh;s. They ,W' screws.

4. Complete the questions and answers with the .... ords In the box. You can use the wo,n:ls more !l'harl once.

am are do does is;

1 Where .im,you [r,om?

2 What.. . you do?

a) No. m;y name JaJI.

b) I' an~T tecanleten.

(:) Hisname Peteit'.

d) No. they (ram G~nlUliITY.

e) I amf,mmD~l!I.m1.ar!k.

f) li:e .a marine


3' E,X,euse me ... you [ar!?

4 VI/hal he do?

.S ViI:lal his name'?

6 Ex:,cose me. Itl'le:y

[rom FmIllC1i3?

5, M,aAeh toile questions with theenswers ~n 4.

6'\~lhrk 1n ~J~il"S., Practise ther:]tie~non.:,'; and answers ln 4. Use ccntraetlons. 7 LOQk:at the pictures in Units I and 2. Work J~[1 pairs:. Mcake questtons and

an:s,wers a'~,o'l!_t '[ hoe I.lir:tures.

Whall\: .thiS/that called? What ate fhe.'Se/({rCi!o'e" ca'u'@d? .!('t;/'f'hey'r(f. caJli?d , ...

8 LoOka!t lhls dr,;aw:ef for 15 seconds, Then close-the book: am::l, list eveiryLhitlg' in the dr·a;w"er:.

8~girl'; 3 !;C~--e.ws. ..,

9 Dra,w:a I in e rromeach wmd to H'S epposite.

Din left,

open start:


, RO(lIt1i'D 101

;6J one nundlred ilnd one Ib,) Of'lle ¢h one


· 101 ·

2: ~,eig ht' asso li!le~res:

,8) eigl1~ thO'Wc5amj lB'ighl tJum;lrf;di a,rn'@ '"ft.y t:I) da:uble eight [ll,)\e IOn

STeil: 74 77' m3

,~} Si;tV,entY"lfout S,eveoly-oowneighty-<Ei'is"t 'f I,! iP '1 a IS

b) seven [our dQi:J,ble seven do ubl~ e1gt!t



11 Work in palrs, Sotve this puzzle, Wfj'tre it sentence of' eigl;lt words ..

12: Complete thedialogue !"!o1i1nlhe questlon words in the box, Hlow Wha.t What5_;

_~_man.y do yorl!.l need? 5, • YOIllJ:'" name?

Fort}". 'p-ie:tUf!. 0 John Marlins.

3 'I' s'i:ze? I) .' your phonenumberr

o to mm, p'iease. 0 II':s 00 30 438 99 ,1,

13 Say the dates aad 'tEm.es_ US~ tile 12-ho.ur dock.

l •
.2: •
a _~_.d(] you need? Some Dolts, piease.

;;;1 .• ca:lolll'" Black, or sUver'l o Black. please.

] 3 t!l3/1J9/:11J
IIlIE]' :b[lll [1411]7 13.LEIJ M·ON 11 ·'ElS
2 1[]1., 5;5, -4
PRJ[ 13 1 11.fiD19 WED '29/D1/11 21·32 E)(:{J,'mple: 1 WednesdCi)1~ the. tenth QfApl'il 200 r af 1'.40 pm. 14 Complete tb~ [1!umbe:r s'equenc.€:Sl wrth yourpartner,

a' L 213, •. 5, T, --; _

b) 1.,Ut,2:,·3,.l.B.~= _

'e) .... ,.5- 10, 17,26, e . ~ __

Ii) 0.1.10, n. 100. UR. --_---


Write these num bars and unib ~ID words.

I 5 km fl'lIE' klJome~

2250 lcg------------

:3 €101.5 _

4 aov ~ __

5 Qr~C ~~ __

is 13 m:m ~ _

16, Look at" 'the plc'm:res on page 65.fot 15 seconds, Don't look again. Are these true (T) Oil" 'fa·lse (f)?

I The window lis open, TIP' 2 The TV ts 0111, 'T IF

3 Thewhi'tesw:iittchi.s I!Jp. TIP

4 The blacl~ s.wrtch.ls dOWEl. T jf 5 Thecircleis blue. 1'/F

6 The "~dalJJg]e: [5 .}1'ell,ow_ l' fF

'1 The I.arge helmetis green. TfF 8 The small helmet js "ted. T/f

9 Th cable 15 under the table, T/F 10 The call" goes; left. T/F

11 The letteris R T IF

12· he numherls 14. TIl·


-;- .. ~"" .. " ,: . .,;


. ",.


17 (';O'm.ph~~e. the i iisiructinlis. {or these pIct[l;!f@$:. Use 'SOME JOlf the wOl!!.ds; tn thre.bo~.

IOGiSeFil ~~r on ~~!;1! tak~ ~gh~e-:n. l!~8:


H.0I\iI!~('.I t~ke the truckoffthe ska:teo-oal'd

Step l.: (a). the I.u~ nuL (b) the-'kll:;~e s:~,annelC,

S~e;t), 2~ (e) tbela. .. (g~o.i,Jit C (I) the bolt,

Step :'t (e) _~~_. tlle.t:i"tlck (0 . . tI}E! bo.~~$.

$te.p 4'~·&O ~ .{be '!5i[THiIi~~ nut!!',: {h) . the small W:a;I~l1re±:.

,~te:fl!' 5~ (0 tbe'small i::Ii!]~;S ill thesxle,

Step 6i: (t) . t~Jile. \li"heels (]) the- :axle.

~ 18 Pt]I[ the>words JJJ] the ~l]JstrlllcUOIl$' ]H the COfl"ie;;;t o-rdeir: l:SJ~f'e"\i!l~ the ti$hEe,n

Tiq}rten the 0{J'eW$,

2: ti1!i'! ]arg~ hammeruse

PfOji~ct 19 Ffl1ltll the 11I1ealli.ng of'lhe ward::;; pkJte', trl1.'ck arid QJd'i: for d i U'¢'!",entt tecnn leal {~elilids; ~:n{:h1\r!l"it.ff the resutts i:.~l a [able,

Revi(:'!w Ul1ti .. \ I


1 Tools

U.s.e u.a;t home, Use ~. 01'1 th0 olli'ldilllgi .sile_ USB it wh,en ~u ti'<ll.!iliil.

I~ nasa ~1l iDI1'10 a p;Elir-.o~' ~;2) .-----

~1 a.~!ii()1 ha'S;;1l '3} • fI H,) end ,a

(5) ~. __ ~_

1f'he MLli!1 loo~ hers 9'i.l9ry:lt~~F1gy,ClY If!€iBd! Only £29 ,9!!l ~1JIf Qn;E)' now!

plJefl'~(;l sd~ ~:l!~ I'lumi ~~~~~;tJI IniiI~~~~

.Do ycm (1) ~_~ G Mtlltl 'rnal?

o Yes, I, (2) ---

I. _floe.'! ,~he M'lJiti fOI),i (31-------~· bafflj:mJr~

o Yes,.it (4) _~~ ,

.' lJoes it (5) ~~~----Q p.air of scissors''!

o No. a (6) . _

3 AM'I U!il'Ee!'i ~['!.d re:peal,.

a patr o.fp~]<I!rs .". a Jfh\'r~r ,0:1 sclssers .-- ;ij!!, bi.1lde .,._. a ca,n OP~'e.m- '"" ,a bQI.lJe ope[]er ... a is'cre''il\,rd!tiver

Y!!iS; i~ ,rjOl!ls.1 Nio, ,. ,d6!t:sn't

..._ -- halve ~Q!;jsl1lt


4 Work ,in rJ.i:~j,r5. fracUs'e the dl:alQg:t.1,e, A: Doe:§' .f'e'dr-o haue a AIJfi1itiToo[ p-

H' V~S·; he'do'i':s.

A: lJoesit haoe (;I' fiJI,,:r? B: No,. H doesn't,

A: Dr-uts. II Jmve {1 pair .of piifJ:rs?' ill: ¥es. ·iIL dees,


Bob I you I we he /1/ we

chlse.t , SiR\W I spru1fier I screwdrtver yes / no

baauner / :scissors I opener / blade ["Ie)!'1 yes,


<l I 1';1111' (~) __


smrn he,m 1 Match the words wlth the I;)kh.lres.


,2 Functions

E:lec tr~cal power sources

'I mMI1~ elec'trricLty ", AC adapter 2 soI~rj:mwe_lI'

:~ dynamo

4 batteries

3 &WI listen .. mel repeat,

hand le ."' thermometer.", torch .. '. alarm , .. clock ,; ,-'ompass , .. ant nna 4 Read the description and check your labels,

Dynamo Solar Radio

1 clrx-k:

7 _

Key fef!tUl:'es!Thi'Si eq;uipmifllilt has a radio

a [119 r!Tlo;rn~ter a ecmpass :ilI'lorcli

a ,olook,

an alarm

Power sou-roes

11 uses alsctrk:fty from four SCi'IJFCe:s of pow--er,:

an Ale adaptsif. lh~s connects. the rn!airn; e~ectn(jUy l1iupply ~,() ltle radiQ,-

S external filA batteFiM.

a solar pi;mel. 'This changes !he SUfi'S I~i!e,rg:y into eJectrici,ny'M,dl charges. an ijnl,emal- biM:tery .

• a dyn01l:mo ~lifn~,r.atm-, The Mndle turns thJe ayil.;llmO_ The ci!Yl1amo proeuees electricl',!;, and ctlafges lhe' Jntl9!mal battery_

s __ ~_

4 __ ~_,

] the. AC ada.pter ~ the handl e

3, the dynamo

-4 Lbe solar panel


- - -

Parh; (i)

S\peaking 8 Work 1n pain. M!alke questionsand answers. using tbe words, from 6. A: Does !II tnermometer mea.m,re time}

11- No. it dbe-srI' 'to It ffl'.e~sul."es l'empe:mtllf1!.·,

'9 Match the pictures wl~h tne verbs in the box,

6 Match the parts w;litb their fUIIctlion:'>"


]. th ermometer -_ :2 compass,

3 ~orch

4. dod •.

S Bi~ar.rm

6snlaf IJ&net

7 ltil'llndie 8a,fllel1ll,;t


a) shine a ]~.g~l'~

b) mi:i:lk.11! el:ed:ri·dty

c) turn the dyn.a.mo,

d) tell Ute tim' Ie) find: North

.1) receive radio signals,

. g) rneasue te:t;n,pe'rature 11) make a loud [IQIs,e

1 M~'lIike sentences from the parts and functtons in G,., Example.- 1 The thermOr{letel' measwt:€s !emp·~ratui.'e_


lfIe<u:;ur~ • is 1 lempe-ralme_

---- ------- -~-=----------~--------,

lempe.rartiurtl? )':e5. il does. / No,. it doesn'l:.


Gut driw fn gnp loosen lighl.en

10 ,Make sentences,

Wt{s) g[[p(s) drlve(s.) in

tlgtilOOi'1 (s). amd loosan{.i1l)


bolts and 1II!ira. nuts _alild lbiQrrts.. IPaper and! ,:;tring. strews.


\WOO illI.nd nmef"Bt

A 5ipallne, li"liers

A. scrQwdlrrv9! A chisElI Sci.:ssors A·saw Halfnf!1ers

Soeil~lIlEn9l1ls h 1: 1 Make a Usl of jo b ":i:tles lI'13eIu.l to you. Use a d.ktionary.

IDcamp,r&.'s; m€l.rine ;rec}in()l{)gis.l~ compsner oper{J.'tor, Q'utommiv€ ,e·n;gineer; architectural le.dul·i,ciaJl

12 rInd out about other students jn your class . .A~ What dE~ yO:[JJ do?

s- ~"m alan .. , .. (stUident/1tn.dlderJ[[Iechmli~C •.• ) A:. W1u~ne' .rJQ IOU sw:t{V/worll?

8.: I: s.tudy,two;rk aft .-+ • (nam@,o( s~.hooVco]le_ge{cOl11i,l)any .•. J A: Whar(Joes,., dp?

B: He/Sll>!~'.s a/an ..... HelShe wo.rks i':I:lt ....

3 Locations

1 aM. Listen to this computer ~e3S00. Compli!!te the dialogue with the 'W1!J,:ms in the box,

a:t bottonn 011 left lnighttop

[.' OK. nnw put the' cursor on the ST.ART button. o Where'!; the STAHT buHon'

• It's Ill" On tiu'! . D .you see it?

a Yes.]s that .it?

• Yc):g:, 111(11.:~ cm'rel't. "., .Nm .. o, Ul(we the t:i!},rsoY f~p ro U:r,& CLOSE tmuofl.

a ~I]H~'r.e's ~.MIt?

• iO. em x~ it's m _ AI n"J(!! --_

a ~s U\;al lt7

• Ke., lfUl : .. it. Now dick

~d'{fie ='W.i~ BrE.,~I.I'e.Am1:: ~.rtIer

1 hallom Itlfl_. 2 bcll10m right_

S centre bottom_ 4 eentra left ~

5 c.e'ntre fight_

S centre 'lOP-

7 top left_

S topr~h~_-

9 I(;en~r,~_

Vocabulary 2 Match th.e TV monu ors with thelr I oc~Uons.

1lan9Y1!i1l1e ii:n in the midd.lie, in he centre 8'1 at the top. ,n_t the bottom 0Di 0 the ~en, on the: I'jg;h.t

Here Is one wary to se,t up your com puler stallion. Put your :screen

lin Iha centN!! or Um systl3m_ Tnl;tn put OM speak.er tn the centre [on ~ile: ~61~ and put ~t:le oetmer s,peaKer In the centre on th~ right Put !he[ SIC!lnne! .al. Ihe lOp onlihe teff, andlpul Ihl:l' romputl\lr ru '!he 'Iopr'on 1:I'i"B itignt 1Man put 'Ihe WD dri'li'a alIne 'top lin !he mladl.e and pul I.h~ pr,i1'l!.er at trJ€!' bottom on tntli ~fjlt :FI.nall1y, putt ~e keybeard 03.1 ~he bonem on the right an.d put the mml'Bi€l at 'Ihe-- bOl:i:om il'lltie .cet'1"lllre.

~ 1 P:cr15 (2; _

laingll!.la,ge 4. oak again ,[i,t the .... rnputer station in 3.,

Are these slra~e:I1r:Le~'ts· true OfF {ds,e'~'

I The omputer ,us at !h.e lop. on the. tell, T ff :2 The .'. omputer ES above spesker 1. T/f

3 The computer i:; to ihe i,efl OftfU: prinltell".' T/F

5 Look tit the diagl;am. When do we use ON the left and when do we use TO the. leI! OF?

6 CompJete the sentences about the coreputer station in3 with 'the words lin the box,

1 Tile prInter Is __ ~. the ~op., . the mi.eklle~

The. scan ner is the :I'ight the pr1[1te:r.

The' screen IS the printer.

2: The mouse ts the bottom ~ the r'l~bt"

The keyboliu:d is the lelt the mQ!lse.

Speaker 2 is the mouse,

7 Look agalin at the c.ompuh~'r· starlon .in 3. Make sentences about 'the location Oif:

] themouse

2 the DVD drive

3 the. scanner

4 the screen

Tas.k 8 Work In pairs .: tudent A Tum to page ,55, S,tu(J'I";'nl B;

1 AI1,s;wer SrudenTI A's questtons, USoe ph&'ase:s from e}(!c:'lrcjs,e 6.

2 Ask Student A where these it ~ ere arid. write them In 'their, orre t locanons: mouSE pads; so~:rnnei~, CD-ROMS, adapter; prill'.rers,. (#np'lifiers, 111.

SMI'ICtsingllll:irl;'!sRB~ ~~I.!I'a1.

Start here 1 Label the j' tpaek man's movements with the

words in the box..

~MfC<l! I. . z .... ~ ~9Gllllil nf.1e~iIm


:2 Work. In palrs, \!v1I lc h dh',eCijon:s can plartes and helicopters .fly?' Tkk the bozes.


:'llrl:JJghl u~~11Y up

rull.g.llruiJI¥ up


rDT'IW:lids, bec:kVrieros Up Me dOli'll' si~W8!1fS

Re.~dilllg 3, 'Read the text. Check your answers to 2~ .

. Pas~o[lg,tr plan~ .. can fl)' ro~ltds. iltld can nnn to:th· len aDd to Il~e ri!#. 'Bul tl'ie)' call11ol' fly ba~b::ward!!i CI~ sklr.:WfljlS-. ll1ey,('.an .fly diagunaUy up and rliuWIiI, I:itUI ~be)' ("~ru:L01 fl~:I!t'aig)hi. up OJ[ straight dO\\'I1,

JlleUcl,)p~ers can 01' t'oj·w;!,rr1<:.., ~lrnigbt up .:md down, ~trtlew:iys and baekwards, Plttnes· and, h!e~iropt~[S esn bo~h flll,t7.Jj~~. PI}jJi~s ~~IIIt:lln:lkn~_tI!l~ ran rol;t!itb'l {In their liDod1.mnal uis. HiolioO'pl:i:l: can nlSO'TQtll!te Oliil !'tii 'it verth:'ul ax.is.

II TJ:l;€sy

~. it


~_ ~hev

Y~$. it can. f No, ~t Cffin']

yes, !helf can. ( No, ~ey' CMI'I

4 Complete these sentences w],th ,can or can't.

1 A helicopter ny sLdeways, but a pl,me~ __ ~

2.~plml@ fJy sideways, but H Ily forwards.

3 A 'plaIle r:ly :straight uv, ~but 1!L. h.~lkoptter _

4: ApJane I1y str.aight up, but it. Hy dl,agonany~

Speaking 5 Work in, pairs. Pracnse dialogl..les.

h·eHcop'Ie:r(s) / roc!k.et{s) 11Jlafle(s) ! fly 5~d~ways / :rly :s.tra.ig:ht l:_\P ! fly dia,gonaUy up I rotate

A: CUrio a l)'/(m-e R)I f()I"f.f)(1'f(l~,')' .A: Can it fly brJ.c.kw.ards?

B: Yes, H. can . B' No" liiI: can't,

li:1S'k 6 Wurk in pairs, ri.11]ow !the ~nstTuctiQn5 and ,ii:lJfiSwer- the ques tlons, Close yow fist and hold. your arm out sl.r.aJgh't in I.ront of you,

1 Think of your WTlIst. (Don't move I,t). How many dlrecnoas can it move i.n?

One, t\!,~o, three or lou],'"?

2 Thtnk o~yaur shoulder, (000'"' rnoveit]. How mamy directions can ,ft'move jn'! One. two, three or flour?

3 Tll,lnk o~ your ,e1l:1I)'w; (D011't move it). How many dtn~,cUon,S' call n move ill?

One, two. three Of ,~OUl'?

The human arm can 'move in seven different directions. The ann has ~Ut:epj'Vols~ :!be wri 15' the elbow and the , heulder, The wrist call move in tluee different. directions, A'l 1iI1e wrist, the hand can move up and down ,ab.ot:lll 90°" it can n'lov,e from side 10 side-about 7(Y', and it

(':al~ roiare about 180~, .. TIle shoulder calli move ill the s~mel~ dlreetlons, but differeil[ angles. It C;1Il rotate abml;[ 2i(1~" The elbow

can onlym:nv1e in One directlo.l!I ..

At the elbow, thetoreerm can olJily move np end down. It cannot mol't.le sideway!. OF rotate.

1 a 19" 2 .a) '~4°

3 at) [ T~ b) 70~ 4 ~) 118" b) U8o'"

b) !llr b) 40~

TgSlk10 Work In g,mup.s. Look at the d.]agra_f!1. tn 11 and <ill.5W~r thesequestlens, 1 How many dlrer.'Ug:ns can this 1Jio:bo:t aJ'ID move?

2 Whk:.h li"'i\J)'t of t he robot arm has d:U'!erefi~ movements h:;0]11 the I ilJiIltO:li[Ji arm, Is it: ,a LliesIlOlllidl!'r'? b) the wrist? c) tI1EH~"lbow1

langu:a:g!1l! '1,1 Complete the test abo:urt the robot arm wrntih the words In 'the box.


This rebet arm ,( 1 )1 hire a I'luman arm .. it (.l' a "wrlst', an ~Blb!Jw" ,amj] a

·sl;,Otlldlil r',

Hie 'w:rlsl' (3) 'like I.i:LEl hl!lmai"l wrisl I~ (4} Ihroee iilO!IQmen:l.$. 1'1

(5) rotate; Ie (6) movelmm side!u side, It m move up 8.n:d


Th~ '!1!lbQW (8) mee the hU!man elbow. II ~9) olle mov.e-menl.lt

(to) IIT!~ ypamj~r

ThB '5hoLllkltlr' (11) lik,e the htilman should'~r, oocause i! OMlly {1.2:) ",wo

mc·~ments.lt (13) rota.e, iillld it ('14) !TiOll!il! ,-,p and 00),1,'111" 8uI ,It

115) move ,!i!IlI~wa~'s.



:2 Instructions

~ = ir~~per oo.t.tf ~ bri [ll~~nlOOs) Q'J{Ji':J .... ~~~~W' (jJo~ in 1O]'Ji!I'!~' Ci)uI1iIiiBS. iIfIdIuOltlQ: llilli us 8.r"ld UK,I

I'f.IIg = mer;.eg PFl"1!>~ .~~.~~per·~tD: 1 ~'ur}Qrr c '! ffi.r.'l~" ~

~W .

·Wh,a.t are the speeds?



e RtIllIlJ~[lf;L ~lfil fffiil CD-iliLOM'l ~) 9~,OOU[l)]m b"~ fi)~OO rpm

II' '"I,llC·:;~dJ {'!:t~\lndJ!

jI) 'N,~ IiImLh {Ji(;.t n1pi1) b~ j, If.lil I.:J1I!\I~ f746 !illJ~h~

" -rD!; ",IIKinlLJ,m :;pli~d(l'I' brnd7

~ I '12:18 ~m{h Ois3mjph) b} 1118 ll'l,ph H 1)16k.,"11'1l.],

II Tilil! :rt!~:( 11~mJlIl sl;ICC'L1 u~ '1/0'..,1'1: 11~ .

. ;») 1:)4 m.i~ b ~ LS4 rnrpb ,1;:) 1.J·lknlf:'!:

e 111ii;!fm~i'01l of ~h!.'l. '~JlLb."

M I'IJOO m;p~! II flO'ilk:m/hJ l:I11 Wil! i ~mt!n ((1,1 i p;'I(i111

... -[11.1> E(l~bm{JNing~.!'I;i'\I .. t1 tin.t! SI!l~I!

- il,) fi 7 .oem mph n:I:n .825 k,ni'ill) b:l fi; 1,OO(i I\;;nllh (4·1,1)~1 mfill~

L:i~:e~nmng~. 2 I" Us'tte!n: and elseck you.raUSW!1!'rs ~Q L

3, Wi:nd.;:in p~,1:':5;. Wr]~e dO'l-i,~s!lmi~ speeds. Dictate them to )'nll!:lli pa:r~l1er •.

1':a~1k :5 WOir!!: .in gmnps_. YI'hat clio :y,ou.lhin~ thtep:lam'!!€ does wl~e!])'lO"" move these


louk: at tbe' joy:s:ti,a.k orn.tl:lc I:efi..

1 P!u'sn it Il];P (~w~y fm~ y,[',luj. Pullit @own (tiowarch;yo~:), lVbort hap'P@D~"? 2 PIJIi:;~ it:tQ the left .P'l.Isi'li'[ IQ the :rn.~hl"" Now''Whaw h~ppens1

lO'l!lk.?lt ,ttj,~. J@y.S'l'[d~o~ the !right,

3 rush. 11 ,,,,~.P'1i!llll a down .. What t!a.p:p~n$?

4· rush R to the ~.eft. Push it to th.Cl!rif,li]t. Now wililat hl1.tpp~n5j!

Us;er manual

. .. "

LDok at the di@gram of th~lral1smHtll!f. There 8l'B two j~tiCks. OM js Of'! the Isn:. This ls thl.ll IWl·IJ-i;;jndi (LH) slick.."'f'h8 olt'i€r i~!O!"I the ilghL This 1S91~ r1gh.t-hai1d (Rf-I) slick.

Nl)W look at the u-tI flDysticK. ThF.ll OCi'!~Ii:llt1e .~poot1.and! ~e ciiroctJor. Of .tfTf9. p~ne. Pu~h ftq~ Ul ~tlck up ~~from you) aoo ihOl' pti51ne '~~!e!Fal!;ls, 'PU!l@) Ol)\ll,ln (ti()ll,'l.r~g )l{Iu) .800 mE) ptane' .slD'\l'l'S down. Slide

:5 the itic1< Ii:! th>6 left and tlla pl~filEi"tum!li 1!a'ft.SI~ j,t to -ltiI;: ri~hti:iT'ld ([}tLJrri:S rPrght,

Nrn!\)' !ook at thoe RH Joystick. This OOI1tl'01s ~h[! mil and the lill 0'1 the ptane, P,uehnl'1!? Ai=! slick UD (:B~ay from yw} S1_oo~h!3. ~ne dElwe~ {Qr go~s ClO'\il,in), PI)J! It dawn {~rtls you) anc:j theplsrlI3 ascem:~!El ~or goes up}. S'~d~ the slkk lO-IDa ne'tiii!nd Ul13 pI~n~ mils tol.he h,:ll. Slide it ~th!Ol r1g'11! and it roas 1'fJ tile right

1 it (line 4) 2 H (llne S~

.at) direction a]pl,al1e

b) plane c) tH stlck

b) LH stick c) :dgllt

8 JVlatch jlQi[ir13!t:tions '!,,,U:h the plane's acrlnns.

Youlraetill~. Ih:ep(Lme'.$ actiolQ

'l .MO'lif the LH stick up. . a) The planegees to the [dt.

2 Pul'l the IN stuck down, ~b) The plane gQ~;S f~!i~er;

3 Move the LH sl!:Jcik ~o the lelt. ,~:) The plane goes down .

.4 Move the LH stick to the rig)l,t d) The pl.~l1'; goesmore s.low.~y"

5 Mow the REi 5t~Ct up, e) The plane roils Ito the IleJL

,6 P'uJI the RH stick dowrI. I) Tile pl<lII!~ gm~l8 up.

~...,., ~ "; Marve 'the.RH stick to tile j'efi, g) The p laDlE!: :roUs to tb@ .dghl.

g Move the RHs tick t(l' fhe rigl.'1t.h,) The plarte moves to Ute lIi.ght.

Speak!!fI!) 9 Work in palrs .. Make dia]ogIlJMWitt.11i the iril.f'ormatio:n from the table in 8, A; Cmri thie'plarle fi:'y us the left?

8.;, Yes!. it caR, YOII" mO~]r2 Jh~ lefi:-hmld .!>t£c~ [0 th'f! left.

it' Can .}IOll sloin1.?

A~ Yes, lom. Carl you sail a 'btmtt

[J'; Yes, ! ['(In. Call ]IOilI.? 8':.f'Ji\q. 1 ,tan ~t





1 H:o,w many :pedi:1Jls does 1t ~!:IaV'e'? .2 How many h;"vw.-rs does i1t hiJve?

:;: DsUle .st,eeii"ing wheel on theh~:ft Of '!DiD '~he right?

Rieadln,gL 2: Read the manual, Write the I.Gtt~rs (A.-Q :I'tam the diagram next to the


~"~~ .. ~ 'QaQ:i(w;310';;i II!'!th~dcl6ligra:m, YOUI can seelhlll ooni~IDls Qlr the lcfk!ifl tr!.!!ck:. 01'1. th~ f,i;!ft ~ a I~~ r, Th1s listbe dirwtiQfI rever f1 .--l. ipush tMi$ 1sver for!,Mil!I$, :jinci Ihe trod; moves kluw13Jds. Pull il ba.ck:'!Wilids, ;<ind tfll;!lniick.te~~~, N~t Y{luoillrril see tliesl.e~rli"i;g Wmee.'l (2 __ ). filiif5 :II.! rns- the ~l'!,Iek; 'to ·Ihe· ~er1fl and righl. At 'In!!:! lQp.. on '!he' '~rgh~. yoU! Cain :sea: ·lw'c·levets. P'LilSI1I 'IDEl. ieft r halld Uever(3 _) f~rwafdliii, and tiui'FlJ!,I1k :l1'1ove.s ~:Pl Pull i~, back, :ElI1d therork mO\l'Eis do~, Pushlh13: rrigh~,-;1l!Md r~ver

{.it ) f.oiWarOs, ;:lind lI11e 'f'CIrikCIU!l 'U~. Pul~ It track, aJ'Iid Ihe 'r.ork tHis dowt1l.A'I~I,e

icollom, on the righi, ~i.! carl .s~ea I~I!". 1111's, Is, the Pi!lwl-(i1fl9 b~a~!;l '(:5 _). AI '~li:ie bOftO,TI1, ym.l can ~seel:wrJl peqQ1s.line L!H pl;lda! js!he ~~ (G; =~)1.11l€i :~h! p@d~ll~, tmea~rf;l~tot (7 __ ).

3 Descr~be these movements of U'le h'uck Use 'WQrrd S [mm 'the manual . . lixam,le; A.. Tile tork lilts down



,sipe:Bking 4 Wad;; in ~):a,irs. Have a dri,vi!!lg lesson,

Student A: You :are the diivi[ll!gi.nstr1;JlC tor. Giveinsb'uctil,or]s.

Student :8:, You are leMD~ng to drive. Follow the in:strucUos. Ad them out

f)rfV(! ~mo~rd.s, . .Re'O(Jrse, GO'slowly. G'o faSler: 5'low ,OOUJll. St'Op1 TUM t;f!lt:

Tum n'ghl. Rfwe'n;e CO ,lhe ,teft. Reverse to the rigf1l, Turn round_ ,(].o .u U-turn. 1b the left: To tlJ"e rigllt,

IS Wri e a short set ot illstmct1on!;,foT one ,of these jobs. Draw a diagram.

I Ho"l¥ to park a car:

2 How to dock a small salUn:g boat, 3 (Choose your O'\o\I'I] job.)

6 Wr.ite full seutences from these notes Use when and ;pon and add the' and pl!lJ!c't uatlon,

] PIJU lever C backwards '. I, rk mts do'Vlltll .2 push lever B ,Iorwa:rd~'" fur.k moves up

:3. turn steertng wheel to tlh.€ right. '0+ truck turns r:iig,h:t 4 pu~~, lever G bacbvmds +,truck reveeses

50 press brake pedal + truck stops

6, press accelerator '"', truek .gO~3 faster

E.;f(Qmple;- J 'Wheny, u pufllever C bm;R.'loorr/S, (he f.ork ti~ts down-

t1l5k 7 Work in pa:~n,. Have.a driving tesson for the .EQ1l"klHt truck.

Studel1~ A" Turn to Pl. 66. Stutie::.nt B:

1 ¥t)u're the di.iI"iv.iroglnstmc:tm for the :f:orklHt 'trlllck. Student A ts I,earning to (~dve the truck. Tell Student A to f()~~ow these instructions in. the coereet :sequenrc;e' ..

2 Than ,chan~e roles. Foll~w Student I(s ir;b!1iitrudi,ons and J~<lln'<lil1ge. your pi tures i ntethe coere t s,eq:ue'l1c~.



.. 31

1 Rewri~e: these' stalamenta ilLS questions.

john has tile spanne:rs,. 2 TIle 8u.!ients havea hoUd~y tomorrow

3, The Mu~ti"j[';· I has R screwdrrver;

4 These bikes have strung brakes,

!1 Th rad 10 h~ an 'internal, battery.

6 Those h uses have selar panels.

2 Afl:fl,Wer the questions In the IlIega'tuve. The.'EI make a -pooSi.tj,ve statement, 1 Do yQU 'have a car? (motorbike)

M2, IdQrt'th~ve8Gar: rW\1.!!'amu(;Qrl;ryke.

2 Does, Y'!:H.i r broth,en:- h,av.; ,tI DVD? (VCR)

6 'Do the pHe'l"S, have plastic handles? (metal handles

3, R write these erl'tencei'l USlog eeruraetlons Wnel'l') possjble,

I Til Multi Tool does, not Itave a wrench. lr is not '!Jew)' 'Usehk The MultI Tool d~n't h3~~ i'.'i"!:l'f'lch [& I~n'r; L<t!lry ~m"ful-

2 We do, not haYe an AC ad;a~t~r. We can not sWi't,ch on the computer,

4; The e~ectricity j S o.n. and we dQ ntH have ttny haHeries_ You can ~ol use the radle now.

4 Give·sh(l,r~ answers.

Call you swlm? (NI) No. I Gan't,

2 ls he an rr technician? (No) ~ ~

3 Does' h DVD 'Work m.),w? (Yes) --

4 -' ,. y ur friends have nekets for the cinema? ('0

5 ':re you a, technology student? ('i1es) _

,oDes your radio have il Soil" paneri ,0)' __ ~ __ ~ __

7 Are yeu ,2. telecoms ,~nginee.?' (N01 __ - _

8. Call p'lanes rota.it~ on a hor,izontal axis? (y"'j:!) __ ~ _


5 Complete the dri:a]ogIH~wlth the correct rOr1ll of the verbs I]) 'brru::'kets. • LODk at my mdio. Do you like iI',

o Yes,ifs great What ([) (do) that handle (2' (do)'?

• It. (3) (tam) a dvnamo: The dynamo (41) (/J,t() (/UCff).

'c~~crricily tor tile radoo.

o Whal are those, all: lh-e top:

,.1 'fhe.y'1:e so.lnrpan.eis. TIle, (5) , (char,ge) the. i'nte:rna! batter,y on,a

sunny day.

o COlIn the radiO' also (6) (use) mains elec:tri,city?

• Yes, it ,CUrt. And it also (7) _~ . lIse) AA external batteries.

o So your radiI? (8) , (have) Jour power sourcesl

• Toot's ri:aht

6, Label the' pans with the wo.rds In the box:




7 li}esc:r,ibe the ~oo~s Jn (t

Exwtj'ple: J. A pair of pliers has two /ia/une.t and Ill/o jiilflS.

8, Look atthts tnnlboasd for 15 seconds .. Then. close t:Jh.e book and ]ils,t all tlil, tools.

Begin.- Fiue scrulLy:-iril:"(;trs. Tileyi".f11 at the top, Or!' Hue lefl..

~g Look argatn a'I the~ooJboard on therlgh t. .M'alk.c sentences wtth the W .. rds in the box,

~bO\l'e belOW 1o·ltie I&~t oif to '1it1;e! .right of

Ewmplr); The s.cre.wiiriv·er.'< .are to' the I@il' of the sparm,(!.rt; ond Q;bQ~E th.e hammer:


/D:" .

- .. .

- -

H.eview LJII it 1:1

110 rCues;s, the- device from Us descrtpnon.

1 TI1[S UI~m coV'er~ the head ,md proteets it. Sbt~bo[}rders usa it.

2. This tool has handles and [aws, U can grip nu s and bo.IIS" It pulls nails out 3 This equipment converts (or changes] sunlight 'into electricity .

.<I Yuu :rrnU;Jite: these neon; onte buUs. Yell! Ughten them whh a spanner;

5 This item reo lves radi - and TV' sigm~[s .. V.ou an see it .an a house or car; 6 This equipment IT~roch!c s electrlclty "When it rotates.

'11 Complete these questlcns and answers 'w~t.h the words in the li:NJX.

Nio11ce if1e !i!;lBIlIn.g chi'lnflE!; Sl11dr "* FI~

J Where ~you frqm. a) She at Vodwo.ne.
2 What yuu dt'l? b I a student,
~. Where you study'? c) She (jj leChnidan.
4 \Vhat your sub]€! c:t? d) She rrO'l'l'l Fi,nla:lild ..
5 Wllere ElH come from', ·e) I &!].ff"urn J'a,pan,
(1 she it student, too'! 1) I ~ It the Technical
1" Wllal she dUI'! g) I ttelecoms p.ngineeting.
8 Where she work? h) No she not. , 2 M,atch the questions with the answers in 11.

13 \1\lork in pair,s. Practise he ,questions and answers in I L Use' ontraetlons where possible,

~1.~~ple~· J-e A: Where an] you .from? R I'm from Jbp(m,

14 Cro~s out the sllent 'letters in til. words below; Say I he words,

U knife ~ sclssors 7 descend
'2 build S wrlst .8 right
,3 bulh:Hng I) asc'end 9 [i.ghten Exomp!«: ,r€Jldr

15 .label the ccntrols with hewords in til hox,

3 _


---printer ___ /1eadph0t1e!li·

___ AC H&I'apr.fJt" ____ {"...$.rphOf'l'e5

---- 5JErJ,~&rs ___ .fI'l,;it~

___ ke.ytmtrJ ___ boft6

---'aWfN&r ___ plkJn;.


1 ru1:8;~ pcslttve and ne.gative sll1l'~e·me~T~5,

1 this opener. _. open I ottles ,0/ open til!l$ ~

2: these wrenches ... UgJ:ltenl:b@ .M1.2Ibo~t~~' lnosen the Mfi nuts" J that entenna ... receive r,ad[o signals . ./ transmit them X

01'( a rocket .. ' fly straight up,'/ reverse ~

5; passenger planes ... fly s.~deway$ ,x tUI"Jn lett .an.d! righl'/

,(i [ ... drtve a car ,~ operate a Jurkl ill tmck):

&ample:. 1 'J:~is' o~ner can open DOme,r;, bu.r it can't open tins. 18 Fo,llow the mstructtcn s,

Sw.rr ,M the red tr:i8Jn'glc •. Mo~'e ~idcwa~t> 't1l-i'OC ibJOXD~ ~o If.1e ~'ighl, • • • •
G~, dh.lgollnUy lip one box H1 the right. 'Mo'li'~ f}ori.zO:Il'Lttlly ei~'tn -
• A '.
bo)[c.'i loth left, Descend v,e-r[k.a.l]y three boxes, Go diflg"Oua]J.>.,
ul' 1\'Ii'O bO:ole$ ["0 the rj~Jht Mo\'c d:i.H:Jtmlll.JJ)' down lwo boxes to 1_ - -
Ule ri;g!lIt. Wilero are )!OU? 1-
... • • • .. 1'9 Match ptetures W"i'tiT1'~he lnstruettens be!low.

1 F1y diagonally d own, 2 ~1y ['O:rw[lrd.

3, Ry straight up. 4 Reverse,

5 Rotate on t.l vertical axls,

6 Reverse te tile I eft.

"{ TI..I.r.n len,

S Rotate on a hortaontal axis. 9 Turn r~ght

10 Reve.rse' to ~he r.ighl.


fII" t

m a II


P'niliject:s: 20 M<:Ike- .illI .. 1 ist o.r: ]o'l;, tides in your i1l:lJd:u;stry_

E.L(Jmp/~: COlistmCUQn Ind{l$(ry.- slmcfllm/engineer, .qumuity sun;"')'O'i; site mal1ager" architec4uml !e.dmidcm,~tc

211 V;,'hat do, these WoOrd pans mean? Find otherweeda wtth the same part.


1 mullimel1Ia 2

1 <1


1 th·ermomeler 2

1 2


1 1~"Ofiile'IITe '2

1 2

S,tart ihere' '1 Work in g,roups,. Which way does the ,.,"at'~r [low Ln tilts syst.em? Diraw arrows

to. shew the direcfdoI'I ,oif the E]o'\:!l.

-:JO!lIf WIller ~1'II'l!

SodaJlI' wari,~!!, heater

-- - -----

niiillma:itl ~a:I'l5, ,~f tJhI",; SriO~~n ,Si!'le w~te,f' pi~, a sr!Jial' WO\'t @I" p.nlel~, ,:'I: W!ltEr talll.k, .. 11 II'I~-e~ e ' ~ v~ve arid ,:;)! g,hDwerhii;!a.d. 'rite' t01!.n'lt res o'lb.(II'iI'~ tb.e solar p~lt~l.

:; Co'lid waUB:r enters the s.~'5te.m, 'ItIrg'UiW

I(lmi;linleL@therJ 1IO'W,5i b:rJiJ th • Ira;~~ k. 'Frol]]J~ tJl!l!: wt"i f!l!)"I,lf.'!; ha-lo ~h(! ::>oliil;r p<l'l'tcl.

'I11.e Sl.lll he.Oi~S the water 1111 the p<lilll~i.

!1lI The 'lf~nt w~lEl'ITi£!!,!~ md [lOW15 fimm I he" panel iato the tank. .~n I:he :tanlk. hot wahnr :;i;taylij, at the 1J.uD ,IillIHli ,,,oid w~~~r ,~l'n;k5 to the il!(:It~Qnn,

Whiil1YQU o~efl t];l;e"lnl~e.l1ot wn'bl1!!f Hi Haws fn::l'lTllhe t'OllIlik. lh!lOmn~UIL tbe_'valio'e', to 1:1t1>e·s:h.cFllu!r ,ile<u:l.~fln<lli~ Lea,\i'lilS Ifl"Ie :sy~t{l'Ul11.

2: R,.e~d the text, Check the. dirC!ctiio[J.$. of YO[if' ,[j(;rrows In L :3 \<Vh.tlit do these ",fords, reier t,o'?

~. I'~ (nne fl) .1.) mlet b) cordi wa~e'r e) !SY'st'e~!:W

2 here (Iiroe '7) ,~) ta;l1Jk b) inlet c) wru:er

3F-]ere (llne Ui) ;i\) t~[lJk bJ "I!',a.l'll'e c) shower betla

.Ii 'it (line 16) ~) showerhead b) valva c) 'ho:t.watell'


-- - -



4. Dr<li\,v t:he flaw chMt. putUng these boxes ~ll'tQ tt.h~ COI1'l~C~ order, I


wl!rmwa1§r g.D1ll-5 cui Dr tille p8t'1e~

WBIT!!Ii w:;t~a:r '!;!n~-e-.ffi '!ne watrartM~

'1''II.M.i2F Ibe:eomes wililTfillin ihi:::' p.1l!tne'J

Iii,l'{i!ter'gQ~. tro~ lt1~ ~nk loihill pl:i_lIle~

thl9'valvliIl ~P~fTiS'

\'Iarm v~atliif lkJ.w-s to litiff shower

cole! wal~r eni~e-i'S 'rl'i<e mtlil·r'I~[1Jk

go pass


Ho:w go

TI~e eloeclroFl


into !the tanli;.

P.ut of /Ilhe tank.

~lirou~h U~e. pjpS's,. around-Ihe solar pa!J1~I. 'to tile, '6'wl!leL

rrOt'll me inlet.

!UOI.IFlO tne oifOult thii'o!..lgn 1!11e cabb~,



Vocabulary S· Label the diagrams 1-45 wtth the preposltlons mtha box"


5 __

iijioundirom 1!'itt.O OlJlt of tllrou:gh 1:CI



up ill)

do-wI'], (2')


Iri'llln1.Ci (S)'

ou.l/out (I' {4)

1 Coml .~ete the sentences with the orrect Iorm ot verbs from the 'table in o.

n, Wat@T the house Ihrough the ~in'h~t pipe.

l Water the suIOllJ"!,ane~ th:rongh . he nu tlet plpe.

3 When you heal the watel:in a tm,k, the hot water _

4, Vilh.en you con] the air in a .room. Ihecool a.i1'. _

Task 18 Work in pairs, ["p,lain your system to. your partner.

Student. A. Tum to png;'fi 65. Student B:

I Listen to Studertt A, and ask questiens. Then draw asimple lliagra:m of hhs,/her system,

:2 Explain your sys.tem tu ' .. tudent A.

Writlng '9 Write an explalllaUon of yoU'r $YS tern,

:2 Electrtcal circuit


Do you knew these eleetrtcal

$ym bo 1i;; 'r Label the d,r,eLl iL d i fQ,g]raflil with the. words h~ the box.

til 1'--


'" ~,lllll-::~-~....II'I~ (5l __ '1I.-l34--

batlie ry oo!'1rludo, IU5@' lam p m~9alive PQ~live switch i:ef'm lotll

, ee ~, 'g'lossary oj el ctrf al .symlbo'is on page 59 fo:r answers,



a ..

........ -


solar panel :2 controller 3 baU~I."Y

4 ,lJIHlpS

5 eledricatcw rent

a) 12V8W

b) DC

c) .~A d} 60\i"

e) 12V lOOAh

Task 4 \iVork 'in :pillrlS. Lo k ag,1lI.in at the di~g:nn1i~ iil2. "Vhere does. the current n.ow in H1Bse [hreesilua ~i)ns,? Draw arrews.

5 Flow

Situau.Oll l: The Sun shtnes, The lamps are on .. S~hll.afion 2: The SUIl :s;h~n~.s, The lamps are oft

Si u:ill!tIio[l3; The Su.n doesn't sh~n~', The lamps are 0"_


5 Ret1d the manual for the solar panel and check your answers to 4.

How does the 'll:ar ptWi.rCf !iystenl \!;rork? The r)ail.~I L; n\;L.:ris Un.:! Slrl"l'~ eae gy illll] a DC electric current, The current flow" 'Itl Lh";i:tlL1lro!l~r.: Then j,1 ~~1f11 J1O\v frOliTI 1]'11':' ,coulmll~r II:u HIe I~mpl!'. Or it can l1i"}\\ I'mm lihll cle\lltrnill"W illl~~ ItI~' h~l~e[)'. The bL~ttB~ s~r~ii, the t.!k!.!trn'Ety. The ,~L!lm:fI! 'I!~LIIi n ,,~, 1'[ Ililllb~ haltcry illl! I the l~mpt> II:iTIJ[Jgh lnL:lI:GI1~r{'lnel",

If the Suo bines, 11.11.:' DC current can fhil\v from fbi! pannl, through ane controller and intcrhe lam:p!<l. lf the Sun dai:l:'H]J'[ ~hil:1e, the b'1iI1.Tt"inLnm nl::lll\' from 111e battery, tlhrm.!lgl:u t[;re cu,nwller and inlO ~he .lJm~}s. II' the .Iumps Ill'€" off. 1.110 .cnn'le'IU can tluw from 'IJlIl~ paeel, Ilnl'ougb ~le' cOllltfCll!ef. ;,]JlltJ hue the buttery,

The C~)1'I1l\llrll;; ~ OUJllroi'!L '!lie< fh1'll'l! of 1111;,' C1!im~l j., ~ r lh~ oot!:eU}'11'; "fIB 11. rbe .l,;'lfMnlJXl11l£T !il ups !II_ flllw fl'(~m thepanel inlt,l 'Lho) ~ ~mcl'y, If nit, b,:ll~ry is emilI)(, I~c! r: ~lIrun'r s.tups Ih.a Ilow from Ilii: h,.lCe]"y jilin Ihe I Hntcr)!<:,


the cu rrent flows 'from !he paneL lhe currenl 'IICMiS '!'rom UtE! battery,

Ihe Sun shine
the SLIn does no1ldoeSOn'l :shim~
th;e oetls.ry is Full
the lamp~ are riot/amp'l on Ihg clIiT8J111 dpes:n'~ flow If'IIl:O tFie batter}', Ihe curranl.noW's ~nl0 the ballery.

6 Wl)rk in pairs. How do YUILl U tr the controller below wnrk<;',ll M'ate notes, 1 Complete l.hE:: text ell!plaini.ng how '11\H::'conb""lUerwor.Ks. Choose the carrect verb and use the correct term or the verb.

If Ihe lrattery ils lull, switch A (]) . (open/dose). Then 'tile

current f:r, (rluwlnot nm,,!r) [rom the panel tu the baLtery.

The controller short-clrcults the panel.

H lhe battery is empty, swttch B (J) {Qpenjclose)_

- hen the current (4) (now/n t now) Jrnm I he haU,ery to the


r----- - --.-; , ..... - ............. - - - - .... - ..... - -..., .... _--'--....,


3 Cooling system


Sbint 'here Try thts qulz. Choose the' correct answer;

v,.!l!a.t a.N! the normal or a,ver~e temperatures fer these?

"F= ·c . 9 ::'1"+-:;1'2:. T~Co~~~elsr~s ro Falifool ell

-c = (~F - t2l "15 /fJ_ This edl1!;rE!:rl!'l F;1nreflfl8It to Celsius.

.1 Wal! f from ~ shower? 2 Food In a :r~flI'ig:eratOl"'? 3 fflOG in, a freezer?

4 Coldest alr temperature ever? 5 l~oU~gl, ajB:' temperature evert 6, Water III runttlng ';:<1:[ e:n;glne7

lb.) 30"C (17S"F) OJ 40~F (4.5"f:.) b) ·~18"e (O"f) b) -20"C~Uf) b) 13G"F (5S"q b) 4.5 ~'C (11 O"F)

a) !lOue 040<lF) a) 4,5"F'-~5"C) a) O"C (3:2" F)

a) -S9<>C (-l23"'F) a) 151o"'P (70nC) a) nn-e (230"F),

1'100 engine d,wes· the IN'9:ter pump an'td ihe pump pu,shes cool w~ter around. tile ~:ngLne_ Th~ cools thit! eng~ne, At. file same lime, lih8 voIatE!'! baeornea hOt The watei!' In a liIal englrli!a'ls IlmmBJl.y a~o\jlli.d 1 m"c.

s The hat iIIla1g,r then passes tn rough thl'J ·1h~nfK)stt'l.t.

@CC>f'I~rOls the ti!jm:petatum of '!hE! ,emgtni:l. From '11l:e' rhermq9Iat,@naw5 Ihrougn me tiOp !triose i:nlo 'the r<ltdLata:r. @ a 'Ian ooclSlhe water" 8I.nd the: '0001 water sif'lksto to~ bottom of the radiator.

10 The cool water fheilleaoWs ,th.e radiam r ®~IOVIisa;ICng

th'E!' bottom nose, passes through 1n.!S pump <lind li)ill~r:s the e n9iJ[i1e a.g:ail1r.

4 .Read: the text, Check your answets to 3,.

S M.i.ch \1I,toros 1.'1::1 the t,fff:i.1: do these words .rd,!:!.!; bIt!

I This. (ane 6) ra)hot W1!.t~ b) thetmostattJ

2 it (Hne 7) a) engine ~) th~rlIlfl(JiS'~at

3 Here (line 8) ,21) top hose b) radjatoiJl'

41'~ (litle Un a) water b) radlator

Sp~alkinQl 6 Iltiake true sentences.

c) temp·era.tu,!,El !c) 'water

cJ Jan

c) bottom bas

(~ ~ 'ThE! wa~er pump 1(2) The thermostat (3llihEl,'!WO hoses (4) The Hidia:tor

(5) 1'he fan t11aclea (6} Cool rtt.Ialel"

(7l lYotwalar

(8} Water

5i ~law

aontr1(J1(:s) (:Cii'inec~(5J push(es) co.ol(s) fl~~'!I(s) risa(s) slnk{s) i:iIO"'lv(5)

H"le ra.diial.or to tl'Fe I!ij !1gll'!lel. airol'lto l.h!i'!: D'\lI.di:a~or,

Ih~ hot wat-er froJl'], ihe engilFl!ll_ wawr .around the engine,

'to, "he bottom, o-t the radiator, 'fhe (.emperalii.lrEi' 0:[' fhe w'atEJL Ih~ough ~he two hQSEI~L

10' ~li'J.e' top ·lJf ilhe engine.

'Jask 7 WOirk to groups, This is a simple 'way'to COC] a house ~1::1 a hot COl.Hitry. How does it ~'ifoJrk1 'What happens at ea. II stage (I-B.l)"?

Writiil'll:g 18 Complete 1111is desc.ri:ptioll of: how the cool,il;lQ" system works wilb the verbs'

and PH~:pll]sitkl'l'lS in the box.

tOOOI enter 'low [heat. leave lise sl k amund into oUL Of '!hro1J,Q:h '10

The pum:p pushes cold, wal'~r t,I7n:m~!lI] the lJipe 1;0 Ute lop ol the tower 0). Here, the water' leaves the ptpe chroug/1 .small holes, lt's U!k@ a cold ·showe.~. (2).

Hot air the tower the air on~e:t (3,.

The shower of.' eold water the atr (4). The coet air then

. to the liloUiom or the tower 5).

The CODI air the house, ,6) and tII:]II~n rt (7).

It he house a:ndl:tu~ solar chimney '8).

The Sun the ,cbiiimJiley, (9) and the hot ;a!.r (10)"

The hot air lina]}y the ,eill!!lIDey 'the ~lirou.tlet (11).

Socia:1 EngUsh 9 K?iJ_I Listen and react.

Dan is, an oBII~Ctl'0n,~CS, 5;~lJdeli1t He also works part-tlmeln an electrontcs worksh 'p .

• .J UKJrk in the electronias workshop every TIn.mu/o. rmd Friday. a \Vl!ien, d oY01!J attend lecturest

'. E,oory Taesday mOl'ning .

o What do you do on Tuesday afternoons? 1.1 I d;a my practical H .. V'Jril. men.

1101 Wu~~k in prurs_ Praetlsethe d]alqgue;.

11 Wol'kin pairs. Discuss yO!!1T own 'Weekiy schedule.

.otil M'.i:in.ooJ(S"=" ~L!e$y MQrm'ay an MG.i1qajfmMf!.rrgs =- SLo'B(Y MMiJayme~'

II 41

. ._... -

I - - • ---

I =- ---

I Materials - '. ~--

.. ..

I . =-. -=. - . " .: . . '-.,- . -- "C" ~ - -= - -

fMatertals testing

1 'Work ill JeHU rs , Read the. lnstructlons and answer the quest jon,

• Lo.ok: at the hehnetand rope. Whiil .ille they mode un ~ DE-sJgn tests fiu' IhElliJL Use dlagranrs 811,(] 'the werds in

the hfil'l.

IUstening 2 &'2- Listen and answer thequestions, I Wh~d material is ~he rope made of!

• Fm (1) [1112 rope. I"m (2) it_

1.0; U (;;I) .:P

o No,it('-l-) _

• 1'1mr's ritJfu II (5,} _

la,n!1u~g~ '--rhls ls [he ptesf.mt CtJrdiniJOd'J,'ii f.,:t'm of the verh, Usel'l to describe what J5 huppenilIlg a't tbe same tlme as you are speaking.

'm pull l!llil fOJJe.
am -IIfIQ
!Fha ro;pe Isn't break "inS!
is nlll
I Wh::n a~e you ,d:o
Is thO lO:p9 br€iak ..,. IJ-~ II

I .,

r..io~ if1e, spe!llng 'cM.anges~ sfliJiB ~·5.IrfIWi9' ~~,,!!'~g

c.w -+ GLJtarI,~

Laflguage 5 The lecturer is 'l'.es;tlng other materials, Complete his descnptton,

'. Now I, (I) h!l·w@/Jl.!d(hE1!!i') this pla[;;Uc tn Inn'-'c. Can )'{~~I :;;,ef..'!

n (2) (not trlt:H t

OK. [lew] (3} (plod) this hehriet on the [tom; Afll.d

now the mad1iilJie (4) (d,t'0lii);;JIm J{g W1ei,~hton it,

Rigl'l'l, :now lo~'l~ at Dr Wi~son, He (5) (strike) [he

metal plate wlthll hammer, But the plate (6) _

(Iflott bend).

OK. !lOW ~,Il,e jaws of [he vtce (7) (eompFes$)

this plastic block. The b.lock (8) (net break),

['>low Dr Wilson (9) (hang) a l"i'elgM at Stm kg

lrom the n,"'pi:'$,. But the l"Or)efi (10) (not stretch),

Slll6l~kinQl 6, Wha'l ;'II.n~;1L1111E' pE!op~e in 1:11.; gyn~ dulu~"J Describe this picture usIng the WOYU$

In the box.

1 Askandanswer questions abour the pklllJfl:':: in 6,.

A: What ..... D doing? ls he p,~s.htf1g ~rw blJ r up? B: No, he bn 't. fJe.'~ fiU.Ufrtg t{r.re: oot d(-llJm.

iii Work in palrs. Guess the sport [rotH the mlrne, S tudent A:; do the actions.

S'~udent B: :bf.Uess WI1<!Ft Student A rs doing. Then cha'IT'Ige ro II8.s ,.

A: Watch me, (Ml~N} 0 ,~p6rn Wlm1 am Jtloiflg JlOW?

8.' A~':e y(:m tii I)ing?

.4: No. 1 'm ,wt dl.r;,~irrg,

B,- r fmow, You're .!uvim,mi'ng.

It: l~$. yQtlJre r(gtu_ J'm ,~Willmu.Ng_

2 Properties,

Start here 1 Wl]rk tn ~airs,. Wh~:t are the mOist ,iilt:po[·tant l.')]io'perties ,of the materials in the box" Discuss with yOUi' partner.

oorarnlt, e©lI'l{}n~U:e ,diamond fib:reg~MS gmptllte ~tei11 Ex,ompl'e: ,You CUll '/ btlrn/meJ(jtJreak/scratchl,f)eml/cur ,i! (easily).

V'ocabl!l!ary :2 What are these made of? Match the pho'~os with these m.~ter'i8I$.

alumilnil.lm oeramic llibreglass graphite nylon

pol,yMrt/c,nate· polyslyrene fllbber :smel titanium

!Ib~15llBre;} Ob~rgJa&; (AI'!J~ ,,,~bm(llBf'!;:l=~l$ (~E)

3,Underline the stressed sylla.bte ..

'I ny 'Ion 5 ttl u m~,1], ·t um

2 l!,I)"t'lph Ite 6 pol y sty r.,etU'~

3 ee ram ic 7 ti ta nl urn

4 pol y car bon ate [i hre glass

4 -;;'S', Llsten and cheek ::Io"OUJ anSWi;:rs to 3. Say thewords with the eerre . t. stress,

!)OL),'CaFtll;}nate. 1Il:r1orl,

11u'lg~a§e. is ~s
What '5 tl"ils ilatmet It 's·
rrlOld!3of? made 01
Wilen are U,o\>e rope:$' They alte
Ire 'I'e 5

Llsten and repeat, • It'ha{~ this ,made of?

a .It '5 nl~d;fl; of Cel",HUk"

.' ~Yh ai' are these med« of?

o Th~Y'I:'e made oi polyearbonate,

6, Work in 1 airs .. Make SImilar questlone and ru:lSWel~S IDOU'[ the phetes 1112.



7 Match the sentences.

] This; materlal doesn't bum or rnelttl you hie-ad It. 2 , his material doesn t break if you .stJrik'l:! U.:

01" d'w'P it.

3 Vou ti:i.n'F benrl thls rnatertal, 4llit:! m,a:te.da] doesn't corrode IE you put it iII, W'ah~r.

S You can't scratch '~h.is, materlal O.r .·U ' it

8 ~'la ch 'tl e 'words with 'IJ~e.1 t'lPPQ5[t,~S.

1 tOll.gh a) sott

2 hard b heaV}'

3 rlgjd 'c) weak

4stro~)g d] brl ltle:

5 Ligh't e) Uex1b[e

9 R,ead'th., tel(Jt and complete the tabl.e b@:low~

a) Lt's rigid.

b) It's hal!d. ,c) lt's tough, d It's heat-

res! Shllllt

e' [t'~· orrostenr'es . stant ,

Thismci Ilg car is ffiaiJ.e [rom the r.J1~~t hi-'reC'o l1'1'1gilh~0ring mwterials, [,'s 1n:;J.de (rom me:l:d:s, nHQYl\. cenanic. '. J'1llaslic-s .Elmi (;OIlipnSlte-s. MID1)! 1ll:llre.rU 1:; 10 'Li1e. C"<lT m~ lLl;hl. bUll '\'<;:'11' .~t1fl;:mg.

T~ .n. 'se r' .. n~ of Ih' vchicle i~ !1llli.!., of .. lmng,. ~ igJ1i I1hrtg,&oLilii.

The '''I~oiJe-r oodlb~ wiligs nra nmde

_ rom, ~womutilrtint-. he hDn~ t'UfC is liJ!h! ,. ~t:!i :~J:ad~ of pulytlolyrell~. 'T1he 'Dtl~t'!f skin is halctl[lnd mad . C~r IIbl'li!:sll1.S"3".

The lrame i. ligt:rr. but 'vt:ry kl1lSh a.nd ri gid, [fs moot or C"rotl1o'I~; a steel illJOY,

The r,udi:l~Q1r i~ lluu:!o,;l( i1!Iwminillll1J. 'Ihe D.[uminlllill it. 'ciD3"l-'ld witnl C:WJillllc. 1'I.1e'5.e two ml.ilcrlii!1 >I.re ,rorros] on-

ee i~t,mL.

TII~ ~n,!tl;int: ;mi:lIflL"~BIl ... are fil1Ili!.d1C 0'1" H li~lil illUl!ili'l'liufll alloy" Eadil pi U~1l, inil-kle 1:liIe~i1ginttl is CQkLterl wi ttl .01 tJe:n-resismllt eramle,

'Ihe wheel>: aee made of til :stron~, iight 1.!.lluTIli:n"iu ~1], rJ.U(l'~I. "iIe l}'~ ~'LrI~ mooe oJ 0: ](lugn :mhbcr l:lJmposi~e,


1- ----

0058' cone

t2) (4) alloy (Bj oomposlle {ELl (101

(1.2~ (lot)

spOiler and wl1100' [;loa/led wllh (3)

w~ee~5 (5)

lyl'es (7)

r;Jislom;;; ~ra.:m~ rnQraQr

coot€ldl ",roth (9) t ~ 1 j




:3 Buying

1 MIlt" Listen and compl:~it:e the customer 'CIl.!J[ form,



~ waleed at sports dol ,com


,2 adElm at oity dol 00 dot U, K

:;I Ihoo WillJ~o,tt, tha'l"s T-H-E·-O ~'I'IIij'[lI W-J\.L-(;..Q-T-T ,at ~o<llUeast" ~hat's G-O·A-L·F·e·A~S,-T 0111 OM W(lrd c:tol com

---- -- ---

4 C Iller!. rnna.ldQ; 'thaI's Ii'!·O-N-A-L-D~O a'l: ba{.4(-of·lh:ra-net,

Ih~f~ B-A-C·K dash 0-1= ,dash Fri·/E. dot net

5 www dOot ~O:I.a,t:ha~~!S 1·0· Y4)-T-A dot CGTI'I~rward slash customer (jas'n slJlppcm

,- -.. - --~-

.6 WVWi clot orascom, 'Illars O-R-A,-S·C·-O-M do~ COlin cful E..,G fob'War,dr Slash salles l.inoderscore ,nrh~

Spea'kin'§ji3vlrOrk In pairs:. Dlctate the addresses to your pal~t['J.e:!:.

Stu tent A. Tum to page 66. Student B. Turn to pa:g:'" 15,7.

.Whals yo-ur sw'name, plfto!u!? o tt's Ltnt.

• Could you ' 1) that, ple.fl,;r;,e?

o Llnt.

.' Coufd ),OH 2) that: please.?

o U,-N~'l:

'. (3.) T'or.D?

o It's, 1: l' for tea.che:r:

• T1H1Tlks_ And what's the PWo.uuct nmnber? o [t's 17-30S.

• (-0. 1.7 or 70?

C Teen. SeveD.:WW. )00 seven.

• R,i,gll'.i, rh<a!lk$.

Spe'alkln,gl 5 rr,netise the phone call in parrs, Then change roles.

NE;'I!air jSUI tit $.Ir:~!:.s}.n • -jy [1'1 1'l0000)ml's,lil!le IWrJy, :f!;.rIy, gr.ry.~~~DIt ,!1~~i?5'Ql'N}':bi,J~ ;SSIteIi-.n w millm In@ diff9i'mloo {i1i;!'-OIr.

- - -

5 I NI,H [' ridll!::

Ji'Q. =. rn.!!l'.IOO r .-G=~I'"

6, Worl~ ill pairs. Buy sports equipment over thetelephene, Studen:t A. Tum '1:0 page 67.

Student B;

1. '~t)u are the CIJii\!itamf!!t, C[rcle t1rm::.e Hems you 'WOil.dd IJke' to ~RlY, and cli'd~ th teetures you want (size, cnlour, material, and the pril£.:le. Then phone: up the shop and place your order. Yf)!J can either make up detalls (e,~. names, phona numbers. etc.) or use your own,

2: ! hell chrulge roles" You are now the sales persen in the sports S ho..p, Ask 'tudent A questlons and complete this order form.


• w.~a('l!I. lIIollr l:i!im:e!p!lQrill' Ill.! mJ:mr~I'I'1;aJlatHh;ei.>'.s.:'

• eQuid YOII spllll!1repeal !hat. pl£ase'?

Is; tli1si: !Jil!!~ or ~ty?'

• W.,ljJifl.'~ 1hce PriD~:hIlCf II1'l'lmet number'?

,. WI1w. "'l)louI'J51z~maler aJ 'li'f!!l!d' YDU Iikald~'lfoU iJe;~?

• IJQ y.ol.l \V81d ttl Pll]f 1'1'1 dtiJUBflOo ~S), ~iertil1gl (£) or ~Li.1"Q51 (e:p

• Hrm.w 1TII~r.!V WO!i.i!!I:iI y,olj ~lkqJdc Y.I;II:,I neeflil?

:fm1met; polvr.!'!rPJna Ij;t!'OtJ£I.II 16-3B11' SEiOIr401 00) CI ~~ :t)ff'.dlJi:1 ~ 18·:mo; 1l7Q.ll;3S.!gffi). S[l~~ L. M or S

Qlror coIoour~


rl)poiil II'r'nnl~11i '!~-~<I ... : fii'1lJ/'l:1!i.,"~2fi per '15 m) tX "",-tor] + rulJbsr compd::1E tJ;irtXJuct Fr St)·:'l6B: S4~'€331l9' 5 ml :S1~ 50 tn/7'S n"I,I1OO rn,

Oiher (ionUt~


I i:11i:8~r cotton {proW::! Ii 'I .t-556: !Il7lJi' ~7,· S) 01 ~00Us rproour.:· If 11'-

755 Smr"4.i)i ~. SIres, xL L, M. S.

Dt'!!IO':k,PIldi:; ~l")'lt"f1',ilfl:ldud;ll 1;:;"~1. St20!E:WeOOI Cf ~M {protIl£l JI. 00·13.: S1'QI£6i5/€a5j. ~~. lI1,., L M,S.



iT'trm!ic nn,
EmILi! uthlJ"l.'l'.S.
~ElLI~i:<1"'iTI!1" If'rJ:II'1m::llill, ChJol.r Si;:e MlLlL"lioil f'rir:s o.clllliW 1

J Hello.?

M Hello, 15 Jh8,r John 'f J ~S?

M HlsI,Mik:a.

J Olr'! hi i M'il<.g.

M HJ', Ht:'!wareyou?

J OK, Ihank:!ii. H~w~rt:l you? M Fine. (!leo!n ytJUHJ8.lt).

2 H~lIo?

I=ffiN(J'. Is !,hat Johrr'1 Ves.. Is U"fIat Mil<e'?

~'S, In; me. s« HQli1:!' ate y:!:)u'f Fine, lhan:kE. Hl!}w abr.rut yay? I'm fihe, (Begffi'roUT r;a{f).


Hello. J'Ohl! Dl'l'll~s here. Of! hi, John. This is liIilre. Hi, Mike ..

.HI, How are l'tliiJ'gs?

Groot. tha.rnks, !How .ar,EI you? Good, (Begin yourca'I).

bend close cut drive in grip loosen measure open PIlJ~1 out put put on SlTlk'ei 'lake La'KtiI orf Ijghf'en 'u-sa

Example:.: 1 (inp lk naiL The a pair Nt· "Uers. 2 Pull 0111' the i1:ftH

'II \


2 S~y what is happening 1111 I:he pictunss ill].

Example: J He~s t,Irippin:rJ (he Iltdl. H@ ~ usitlg u polr 'Of pliers, 3 Correct tJi:IC.~ m~st~llk~~ in thes sentences,

1 "Wah~r boils~t;~2~P. (freeze)

Nilret' qpebl t bott j!t 32°1: I· in::eztJ:z,

2 Hot W{1tt'!'r sinks to the bcttcm Dr ,1\ tank, (rise I top)

5 The Su n's ra.ys eool the Wider 11'1 the solar panel. (be;;lit)

- -

ReN'I.::~"" Uilit C

.4, Complete tile dU.Mo.gl!lEl: with the correct form ef the verbs 1.11i. brackets.

Ie How does the thermostphou

(l) (wo:rk)?

o W~U. m,€ cokJ water (:2) _

(ell tel") tlu'! sp;:tem ,fhmugh the i.rlle,t

cT1'lJ6! ltJal~?t· pressure (3) _

(push) the uJaler around me sy.:tt·em

• So h.oW' (4) (do) the

'vimte:r (5) -~ __ . (become) hot' '

o It (6) _~ __ (flow) into

tho. p(J:lJ,ei' l(Jnd the SUR 's ray«

(7) (heal) it. The. wam1

,(OOier(8) (rise) 1'0 the

lop of tfu'! pan ~l a.nd it (9) . (pass) from the panel into the tank.

• (10). (dQ) the 'tanik (1:0 Olave) a heater?

o No, . .it 02 (de not), TJl,e hOi iJ.,"(Iter (ill3 (s.ta:y) ,at l'h-€

rop of l'ft·eilJ'1lk_lf you (l~)open) the 1)lI,(u.e. tile fwt wat€J"

(15) (.I'.Iow) from the l'Op aflhill tank:!o the. ouf:leL

5 ]dentUy the equi pmeet lrom the descrlption ..

cabie fanl IPLHnp rndicaJOr srnalJ' panel mhermQs·t9il

l It converts energy from the SU.[1 into heat or eLectJrki,ty,

2 n p'i.1Shet'; water aroond aw,at'ef supply system, Of around a car engine. 3 II blows eojd air onto ,8, car redlator and cools thewl'llter i.ns·id iJt.

4: IE controls the temperature of-water or all' in a heating or cooUng system,

16 There's, a problem with ·~hefDrkl.i.lt truck SaY-What's g(lin.~wmJi]g.

1. ,I hi pro~}Sfn(i (P.I"BSS) th'e accelerator pooru, but th1e truck ~...kstg!!1eJ! (not ,So) Iaste.r.

2 He
.3 YOU!.
5 H~
6 You
teuck - (pu]]) the Je:ver back. but the Iorks

_________ (net rtse),

_____ ~ __ = (push down) tb!! brake pedal, but the truck _________ (net !dow)

_________ (slide) the lel!Jle:1 forw;uds, but. theJorke ________ (!Jo'~ UIl) upwards.

_________ (pull) the dlrecnon lever baekwards, but tile _________ ' not reverse].

_________ (move) 'Ihe directionlever forwards, but ttl e _________ (DOl1 go} forwards..

1-- HoI:'vl!;,W Unit c


si,n" ot



7 Complete the sentences ",,-1t11 bend Of break and other words,

1 Polyester is a tough material, You can'l~~ lit ,eMily,

.2 Concrete Is a ri,gid ma.tariat 'ft doesn't !e01sily.

3 roIy'rl\ybonClh~ is aluud material. It ~

1 Thts glass is brittle, You _

5 These plasUe r ilers are very t1exible:. They __ ~_

8, Draw it line from each word to us opposite.

_,In\'er inlet

hea liglh't



I'US QU"t lofl

, u-_:\-'


0/ I


to leave

-; -'_ ,I' 'g,.ou'p

1---;- I





9 Complete the sentenceswah Ure correct form o:F the verb in the box.

1 Uyt!1!i heat waterto 100"C. u __ ~ _

:2 'lfyouCOQI water to 0 C, it ~ _

,3. n a heater w a rms the slr In it. room, '~he air ~ --+

d U.t'lJf1! air eondltloner tools the air in a room, the a~Ui ~_

5 I] you heat ~h-'.!el. bars tn 14.0Q"C, they _

6 U you pull a copperwlre ve.ry hard. l't _

110 IdenUL-y the m!:rte1riaI from the descrl,t"tim"l, Choose From 'Ute words ln the box.

1 Sunglesses are made of this material, lt's a han) and tough plastic.

2 YQU can streh~-h this rnaterial and you can bend it, but It doesn't break.

3. You canheat tbrlS 'material to a hi~h temperature, but it doesn't burn cr melt. Tlu:!)" use It i.n Sip;;tlt:k: plugs"

4, P~uts, nr aeroplanes arc made of this matertal.ft's a strong, H~ht. corroelonreslstant metal,

I Hevkw l)nh C

11 M~ dlai:ogues about the parts. of ,a :radJ[]g car, 1 nose cone I f1breg]ass I strong !1!!!1d N.21I'U

2 pi.5ttbllS I atumlntum al!l.oy I Light ,M1;dcon:'l(!J5io['l'-~:ts,tam 3 fram.r.::: ! c:romoly /llougb <lindri.gid

4. ..I;y1I®.s! rubber C,O.mPOIS;]t~ I ~{l!llgh

'l ratoJator I a,l.untl:n]1!lmand ceramlc I C01"I"OSion.r-e$l:stant (3 outer sl:;:-m otspoller I tlbreg1:(;ls;s I hard

k W'hai~;l,v,!lat Grl:' the .... made of?

B: It's/The.y·r.e ,made of""+ ,

'A~ Why do t~'8yIu;-e1.WJ'u use __ • ? B: Because ifs ... _

11:2 Complete the text wH.n the correct form I()f the verbs in brackets,

Thfs ls how yo LJI.e$<tt 'mhe prqpeliie:;; ·.Qlf the m~terrra:LYou p Lit the ma!:eri:a!1 Ttulo 'the mLJliti4est m~c:hine, Then the nnaG'ilHne aoo',s four~~1s on it. In lh,efirsltest a

B"!ammelr (1) (~lrjM) U"!€ nnE!'Ielial \With ~ :;0 kg ..... eight I;n thes'e<::ond

test, twQ: p:ai~ of jaws (.2) (pun) the ma~Tall with a we[gnl 'Of Bli kg .jn

the third ~~$1 • .a neavyijlXeig:ht of 100 kg [:$) (pl'e!iS) the material dawUl.

j·ntile fQ;1;Ir1hi~la,st, two.SI1'aJp 'kntveS' (4) . {sGratee'h) the material wifth

W!ll!~hts 011 0 ~nd 20 1<9-

O.K. now I'm d~m(m5lr.a~i IliQl the 'fouI" le:s~s i!il aGt~on. Ymtoh car~IYil.y. Her!:i'S thef f~t

test The l~al'im·r.ilH (51. . (:strlkie) fh.e bar, Can YOLI see? The bar isn'l

ibre,akfltg. Hare'sths second test Itls slarti!lQ. nO'!lll. The j01l~s (6) (illul~)

the I1I1S!l'ari.aI.Can you see? The ma.tel1ii11 (7l 'not sttreichl~. Nrrw '!~e

Ulirci test is-Lakilf"Lg place •. ille Il€avy weight (8) (pfe~s) [he material

OONii,_ Cal'! yel'!;! s€.~thar? Lh@t1I'Ii!'ii~i3ri:a;1 (9) ~lilot br'l!iitk). Anti now hlilr~'$

[Projects 1:3 find out wh.;:L't these word parts mean, Then lind ether words with the same wo~~1 'part.

MeOll.nill'l9 ot wordl 'l




EI(3111!1pie D$ ward 1 SO!;;;jlF


1 polyter;lmi« 2

14 Find out about materlals you use in. yotl!' Indll!!!try, Make yuur own t~b.le and eomplete [L



Light SIi'iDI)9\, COf(05jQfJ'J::~1:stiJnl

Im;ilI!l!$1!I"y: .Ae.r.osp<ace'

,~IP,plicailiol!1 MaWri3,~

Wing fJ8'(1S A[uminimn&jJkJy'S

He\'l~w Unl~ C

- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -

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