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1[1]. Penulisan Thesis

1[1]. Penulisan Thesis

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‡When considering a structure for your thesis, be sure

to outline, outline, outline.

‡As you do your reading, you'll begin to see

relationships between ideas.

‡Note those connections as you go, and attempt your

first outline as soon as you think you begin to glimpse
even the vaguest form for your paper.

‡Of course these outlines will change as your thinking

evolves -but each outline you create will be helpful in
keeping track of the evolution of your ideas, and in
determining the shape of the argument you eventually
settle on.

‡ Questions to Guide You in the Revision Process

‡Most students who we talked to recommended at least

two full drafts of your thesis, as well as numerous
complex revisions of problem spots and individual
chapters. Here we provide a number of questions you
might ask yourself as you revise, to ensure that your
revision process is thorough and effective:

‡Do your argument and purpose remain clear

throughout the paper?

‡Is your tone appropriate?

‡Are you considerate to your reader? Appreciative of

her level of knowledge/familiarity with your topic?

‡Have you given your reader a sense of the current

views on your topic so that he has a context in

which to consider your argument?

‡Does your paper's introduction clearly introduce

your idea? Explain its significance? Provide

background information? Attract the interest of

your audience? Provide a clear plan for the

paper? Present your thesis clearly?

‡Does the body of your paper cover your major

points in a logical order?

‡Is each of your major points supported by the

appropriate amount of evidence and analysis?

‡Do you make clear transitions as you move

from point to point?

‡Does your conclusion follow logically from

your introduction and body?

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