Weekly News 8


through direct interaction with dealers.DABUR CASTS BHOJPURI ACTOR IN LEAD ROLE FOR LOCAL ENDORSEMENTS Ravi Kishen to dance to the tune of Mein aaya hoon UP. ´ Company officials said that through cost will be must less and it·s a great way to attract target group. Bihar lootne«for Dabur Chyawanprash. consumers and stockists particularly in Bihar and UP. ´ .

It·s a car project of Google. using artificial intelligence software that can sense anything near the car nad mimic the decision made by human driver . without a driver. IN TRAFFIC ´ Anyone driving the twists of highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles recently may have glimpse of Toyota Prius.GOOGLE CARS DRIVE THEMSELVES.

´ .BHARTI IN TALKS TO EXIT MF BUSINESS BHARTI is in talks with Bank of india to sell its 25% stake in domestic asset management JV with AXA investment Managers. ´ The AXA group owns 75% on the mutual fund venture with assets under management of Rs. 510 crore.

Gujarat. ´ Vodafone gave them 3 year contract estimated to be $500 million. Mumbai and Kolkatta ´ . NSN BAG VODAFONE 3G DEAL Sweden·s Ericsson and Finland Nokia will roll out 3G network for Vodafone Essar. UP. ´ Nokia Siemens will supply.WB and Haryana while Ericsson will cover metros Delhi. implement and manage vodafones 3G network in Tamil Nadu. Maharastra.ERICSSON.

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