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SCIC Brochure 2010 En

SCIC Brochure 2010 En

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Published by: Marc Lau on Oct 17, 2010
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Tổng công ty Đầu tư và kinh doanh vốn nhà nước State Capital Investment Corporation



Mục lục Thông điệp của Chủ tịch HĐTV Thông điệp của Tổng giám đốc Giới thiệu về SCIC Tầm nhìn Sứ mệnh Giá trị theo đuối Ban lãnh đạo Sơ đồ tổ chức Lĩnh vực hoạt động Chiến lược phát triển Hoạt động đầu tư Doanh nghiệp thành viên tiêu biểu 4 5 7 9 9 9 10 12 14 15 16 17 Content Message from Chairman Message from CEO About us Our vision Our mission Our values Leadership Organisational chart Our operations Our strategy Our investments Our outstanding linked companies 22 23 25 27 27 27 28 28 31 32 34 35 3 .

Moreover. continuing efforts to consolidate and strengthen SCIC will become a crucial task to ensure a successful implementation of the country’s economic and SOE reform. and hence. SCIC’s establishment clearly exemplifies the transformation from the old system of capital grants into capital investments subject to market rules. Vu Van Ninh Chairman 22 .Message from Chairman The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) represents a new model of using a special economic entity to manage and invest State capital in various types of enterprises in Vietnam. SCIC is also regarded as an important instrument of the State to undertake certain specific missions under special circumstances. initial and positive results indicate that SCIC is the right choice for promoting State-owned enterprise (SOE) reform in the country. accumulated capital to invest in key sectors/industries directed by the State. acting as a strategic shareholder. In fulfilling its mission. SCIC will give a greater focus on its capacity building in order to successfully fulfill its missions of being an active shareholder. reduced the number of SOEs that are no longer required to be retained by the State. Despite its short history of over two years in operations. SCIC has restructured the State capital invested in these companies. In addition. SCIC has been actively advising the business community on a wide variety of issues that are pertaining to the companies’ survival and growth. helped to revamp the entire public sector. a strong investment arm of the Government and a reliable consultant to the business community. In the coming time. SCIC is making significant contributions to the success of the on-going SOE reform in Vietnam. On its way to become a leading business entity in Vietnam.

seaports. whose objectives are to maximize investment returns. It is intended that by 2020.Message from CEO The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) was established under Decision No. At the same time. SCIC has been playing as an active shareholder. Especially. domestic and foreign partners. SCIC is determined to become a strategic investment arm of the Government of Vietnam. SCIC will also undertake restructuring of its portfolio in order to make it more efficient. etc. and speeding up the divestment process. SCIC is scheduled to take over State shareholdings in a large number of state invested enterprises with an estimated book value of VND 82. SCIC will start looking at investment opportunities in infrastructure projects such as airports. SCIC will considerably reduce the number of its portfolio companies and build up an efficient and flexible investment portfolio. as well as improve management capability so as to meet the international standards. SCIC will only maintain between 100 and 150 companies in its portfolio. From 2015 to 2020. SCIC will always open its door of opportunities and partnerships to all investors for the country’s wealth and sustainable development. SCIC will keep accelerating the taking over of State holdings in enterprises. using diversified forms and vehicles of investment to attract both public and private. introduce international best practices of corporate governance. In addition. most of which will be encouraged to go listing on the stock exchanges. we plan also to further consolidate the network of enterprises’ nominees. and concurrently a professional financial advisor of the Government. Between now and 2012. and help to enhance the competitiveness of the national economy. Concurrently. SCIC will strive to fully meet international best practices of corporate governance and look for overseas investment opportunities. SCIC plans to divest part of its current holdings equivalent to 21% of the total state capital transferred to SCIC.000 billion (or approximately US$ 4 billion). representing State interests in various businesses. 151/2005/QD-TTg dated 20 June 2005 of the Prime Minister and officially started its operation on 1 August 2006. In this stage. streamlining and restructuring its portfolio. During 2010 to 2015. SCIC will at the same time expand green field investments as well as restructure its current portfolio so as to increase the market value of the combined portfolio to nearly US$ 20 billion by 2020. SCIC will invest in key infrastructure projects. Along with taking over State capital interests in various enterprises. Tran Van Ta Chief Executive Officer 23 . As a strategic investment arm of the Government of Vietnam. SCIC will promote the introduction of international best practices of corporate governance to its member companies.

24 .

SCIC’s primary objectives are to represent the state capital interests in enterprises and invest in key sectors and essential industries with a view to strengthening the dominant role of the state sector while respecting market rules. energy.. SCIC’s creation is seen as a bold measure of the Government during the height of the economic and SOE reforms that are aimed at enhancing the efficiency of state capital utilisation. consumer products. 151/2005/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated 20 June 2005.About us The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) was incorporated under Decisions No. telecommunications. Commencing its operations since August 2006. health care. and information technology. such as financial services. transportation. SCIC is currently managing a large portfolio of over 600 enterprises that are operating in various sectors. manufacturing. With its board mandate.. 25 .

26 .

To be an active shareholder 3.Our vision To become a strategic investor of the Government that is capable of generating maximum value and sustainable returns on investments. Our mission 1. To be the Government’s strategic investor 2. To be a professional financial consultant Our values Dynamism Efficiency Sustainability 27 .

LEADERSHIP BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Vu Van Ninh Minister of Finance Chairman Mr. Do Huu Hao Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Member BOARD OF MANAGEMENT Dr. Tran Van Ta Chief Executive Officer 28 . Tran Van Ta Vice Chairman Mr. Cao Viet Sinh Vice Minister of Planning & Investment Member Mr.

Hoang Nguyen Hoc Deputy General Director Mr. Tran Van Hieu Vice Minister of Finance Member Mr. Nguyen Quoc Huy Member Mr.Mr. Hoang Nguyen Hoc Member Mr. Le Song Lai Deputy General Director 29 .

V (Projects Development) Supervisor Strategic Planning Dept. Member companies Sub-committees 30 . Board of Directors Board of Management Risk Management Dept. Finance & Accounting Dept. I (Finance & Banking) Investment Dept. IV (Trade & Service) Investment Dept. Legal Dept. Procurement O ce Party and Trade Union Dept. Southern Branch Associated companies Advisory Panel (to be set up) Executive O ce IT & Statistics Dept. Construction & Transportation) Investment Dept. Human Resources Dept.Organisational chart Investment Dept. II (Energy. III (Industry & Agriculture) Investment Dept.

executing and receiving foreign loans and ODA Other auxiliary services Providing training programs to portfolio companies Conducting seminars and providing business information and investment opportunities to domestic and foreign investors 31 .Our operations Representing state capital interests in enterprises Taking over state shareholdings and exercising state ownership rights in companies Investing in and/or divesting from existing portfolio companies Restructuring SCIC-linked companies Making direct and indirect investments Investing in key sectors and essential industries where state participation is needed Contributing capital to joint ventures and joint stock companies Investing in financial markets Providing financial consultancy with respect to Corporate restructuring Equitisation Investment Bond issuance and underwriting Raising capital Borrowing Issuing bonds in international and domestic markets Managing entrusted funds International cooperation in capital investment Organising and participating in investment forums and conferences inside and outside Vietnam Negotiating.

32 .

products. technology. increasing quality Investing in strategic sectors in domestic or overseas markets Setting up an internationally training center Professional training Sharing information Sharing experience Maximizing corporate value Missions Increasing competitiveness of enterprises and the whole economy Human capital supports New investments Investing in key sectors Active shareholder Speci cations Divestment Flexible investment Missions Strategic investor of the Government Missions Adding value to strategic shareholders Creating strategic value.Actions High website quality Applying best practises of cporate governance Building strategic investor network Linking strategic inv stors with enterprises Promoting best practises of coporate governance Excutive training seminars Speci cations Restructuring ine cient companies Investing in potential company Reducing number. in particular: 1 2 3 4 Active shareholder Strategic investor of the Government Professional financial consultant Promoting best practices of corporate governance SCIC aims to: Maximising investment returns by achieving sustainable growth and high profitability Managing our linked companies in a transparent and effective manner with a strong emphasis on: A strong competitiveness and healthy growth Sound financial conditions Proper management Competent management and staff Promoting international standards of corporate governance 33 . market Actions Creating national sustainable development Speci cations Actions Strategic investment recommendations Providing government consultant Policy Recommendations Professional nancial consultant Providing investment information Investment coorperation Linking for domestic and foreign investors Providing corporate consultant Missions Promoting best practices of corporate governance Professional sta s Performance based renumeration Nurturing talents Developing leadership skills Assessing & renumerating leaders Based on their performance Restructuring and impruving e ciency Accessing capital markets Creating Transparent momentum for managerment capital market Speci cations Applying advanced technology Applying advanced software Talent selection and regular training Assisting listing in domestic or overseas Promoting capital markets Listing SCIC Applying linked advanced management companies procedures E ective information system Actions Our strategy SCIC’s business strategy is built on four major pillars.

Our investments Underlying principles: To concentrate investments on key and strategic sectors. which play an important role in bolstering the nation’s economic development To focus on fruitful and highly profitable investment projects To reduce investments in sectors where the State dominance is not required or where investments from other economic sectors could be secured Forms of investment: Green field investment Investment in existing companies Investment in securities market Entrusted investments 34 .

vietcombank.116.915.vinamilk.059 State shareholding (%): 90.63 Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology (FPT) Established in 1988.309 State capital (USD): 645.765.815.vn Chartered capital (USD): 711.com. banking & finance.176.247. and education & training. Vietcombank has always been a key player in Vietnam’s banking system. Website: www.47 State capital (USD): 49. trade finance and international payment.294.115. having a high prestige for its services in wholesale banking.fpt.011.com.413. Website: www. ice-cream and cheese (value-added products). yoghurt.76 State capital (USD): 3.vn Chartered capital (USD): 35.vn Chartered capital (USD): 103. as well as for application of modern banking technologies.com. operating in four major business areas. namely telecommunications & information technology.12 State shareholding (%): 47. Website: www. FPT is a multidisciplinary corporation.Our outstanding linked companies Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank) Founded in 1963. condensed milk. Vinamilk’s products include: milk & powdered milk (major products). commercial banking. real estate development.06 State shareholding (%): 11.06 35 .72 Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) Vinamilk has been a leading dairy company in Vietnam since its establishment in 1976.

The company specializes in consulting services and approximately 20 categories of commercial insurance products.294. liabilities.24 State shareholding (%): 53.900.588. and financial investments.vn Chartered capital (USD): 44. construction consultancy.baominh.vn Chartered capital (USD): 88.021.83 State shareholding (%): 58. Website: www. Website: www.176. export/import of equipment & materials for building/construction and other industries.com.764. operating in various fields.235.76 State shareholding (%): 63.941. Bao Minh’s business lines include insurance services. Website: www. non-life re-insurance services.12 State capital (USD): 55.vn Chartered capital (USD): 11.18 State shareholding (%): 50. export/ import of equipment and materials.47 State capital (USD): 6.vinaconex. Vinare is the only reinsurance business in Vietnam.constrexim.com. building & installation. industrial production. industrial production & making of building materials.vinare. design and plan survey.959.BAO MINH INSURANCE CORPORATION Founded in 1994.411. human.71 State capital (USD): 22. whose main business lines are investment.655.82 VIETNAM CONSTRUCTION AND IMPORT-EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANY (VINACONEX) Since its establishment in 1988.35 VIETNAM INVESTMENT CONSTRUCTION AND TRADING JOINT STOCK CORPORATION (CONSTREXIM HOLDINGS) Established in 1982.941.12 State capital (USD): 15.vn Chartered capital (USD): 29. covering risks exposure in aviation & maritime industry. investment consultancy. Website: www.998.516.com. Vinaconex has been a leading construction business. vehicles and business activities nationwide.com. assets/properties.70 VIETNAM NATIONAL REINSURANCE CORPORATION (VINARE) Established in 1994.194. building materials. Constrexim is one of the major construction companies of Vietnam. mainly real estate.066. building & installation.60 36 .

The company specializes in making and trading pharmaceutical products.vn Chartered capital (USD): 18.764. Website: www. Website: www.70 DOMESCO MEDICAL IMPORT-EXPORT JOINT STOCK CORPORATION Established in 1989.823.com.823.com. natural herbs & teas. materials & additives for medicines. veterinary medicines.258.vn Chartered capital (USD): 11.705. Website: www.94 HAU GIANG PHARMACEUTICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY Since its foundation in 1974.529. non-alcoholic beverage. testing and fine-tuning of electrical equipment. and feeds for cattle .53 State shareholding (%): 44.88 State capital (USD): 5. VNECO has further diversified its business to include building & installing industrial & civil works. machinery. Hau Giang Pharmaceutical has been a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry. developing real estates together with building infrastructure of urban areas and industrial parks. purified drinking water.41 State capital (USD): 5. transport & irrigational works.529.53 State capital (USD): 2.00 State shareholding (%): 34. airports and seaports.vneco.823. equipment and technologies for the building/construction industry. telecommunications projects.VIETNAM ELECTRICITY CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK CORPORATION (VNECO) Founded in 1988 with the initial business line of building & installing cable systems and transformer stations. designing and making metal/steel structures.vn Chartered capital (USD): 8.poultry & aquaculture. etc. making and trading (including export/import) of materials. beverage made from herbs.794. chemical cosmetic products.com. consultancy in construction and investment.823. mineral water.dhgpharma. export/import of pharmaceutical products and materials and medical equipment.058. processed foodstuff. mechanical products and zinc-plated products. Domesco specializes in making and trading (including export/import) of medicines.domesco. seafood & aquacultural products. investing in and building power plants.500.41 State shareholding (%): 30.68 37 .

com. software.com..vn Chartered capital (USD): 6.65 State shareholding (%): 47. industrial.78 VIETNAM ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATICS JOINT STOCK CORPORATION (VEIC) VEIC’s busniess lines include manufacturing and trading electronic (for civil.877.705. labor helmets.857. pipe parts & accessories.).88 State capital (USD): 2.88 State capital (USD): 22. Website: www.35 State capital (USD): 28.14 State shareholding (%):75. Binh Minh Plastics Corp.82 State share holding (%): 97.jetstar.892.vn Chartered capital (USD): 38..304. telecommunications.764.com. system solutions. Website: www. and other technical plastic products.705.106.veic.96 38 . security and military use) and IT products (equipment.664.binhminhplastic.910. Website: www.BINH MINH PLASTICS CORPORATION Founded in 1977.558.55 JETSTAR PACIFIC AIRLINES Jetstar Pacific is a low cost airline in Vietnam which was transformed after a strategic investment by Qantas Airways. specializing in making PVC & PEHD pipes. has become one of the leading and prestigious plastic businesses in Vietnam. pesticide sprayers.vn Chartered capital (USD): 25.997. medical. environmental.

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