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48days to Creative Income

48days to Creative Income

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A Note From Dan.....
If you are a typical candidate for self-employment, you may never have been real clear on what you wanted to do “when you grew up”. The traditional path may never have been appealing and the attempt to be a good employee may have always been frustrating. Don’t despair! Perhaps you just need a new work model. Even if you thought you knew where you were going, change may have hit you unexpectedly. Downsizings, outsourcings, re-organizations, and management adjustments may have forced you to take a fresh look at where you are and where you are going. Congratulations! Those very factors may just have offered you a new and better option! Out of the frustration, discouragement, and intimidation, you may recognize excitement and hope just over the horizon. The opportunities in today’s new work environment may be leading you to new and higher levels of success. 1. BE READY TO RESPOND BECAUSE THE CHANGES ARE INEVITABLE. 2. KNOW YOURSELF SO COMPLETELY THAT THERE WILL BE A SENSE OF CONTINUITY EVEN AS THE CHANGES OCCUR AROUND US. As you work through this process, BE ENCOURAGED! THERE IS HOPE! The options today are limitless. You really CAN be prepared, focused and ready to move forward with the confidence, boldness and enthusiasm that projects you into the next opportunity. In this workbook, you will have the opportunity to explore the changes, understand yourself, and explore the expanding area of NON-TRADITIONAL work. Complete each step, filling in the blanks and making your own notes. This is a very individualized process. It is your life and this is your process. Answer each question honestly and it will guide you to clear patterns that identify the right plan of action for you. Stick to a time schedule. DON’T PROCRASTINATE! Check the 48 DAYS schedule in the back of this book right now and put yourself on track for the success you deserve. Please inform us of your results, or how we can improve this process. EXPECT SUCCESS!

Your Friend In the Process,


Dan Miller

48 Days Schedule -- Very Important ……………………………………………Page 4 Introduction 1. Understanding Change ………………………………………………………Page 11 2. Seizing the Opportunities ……………………………………………………Page 14 3. Stretching Your Thinking ……………………………………………………Page 17 4. Being Your Own Boss ……………………………………………………….Page 21 Do You Have What It Takes? Are You a Candidate? 5 Predictors of Success Required Personal Qualifications 5. Time & Effort Economy vs. Results Based Economy ……………………….Page 34 6. The New Work Models ………………………………………………………Page 39 7. Entrepreneur vs. Eaglepreneur ……………………………………………..Page 43 8. Selling Models ………………………………………………………………..Page 46 9. Frequently Asked Business Start-Up Questions ……………………………...Page 49 10. Money and Security ………………………………………………………….Page 51 11. How To Choose a Product or Service ………………………………………..Page 54 12. What Business Fits You? ……………………………………………………..Page 57 13. Sources of Start-Up Money …………………………………………………..Page 63 14. Sales & Marketing Essentials ………………………………………………...Page 66 Assessing Market Potential Ways You Can Sell Guerilla Marketing 15. Popular Business Options ……………………………………………………..Page 76 Franchises, Distributorships, and Business Opportunities Home-Based Business Opportunities 16. Federal, State & Local Licenses, Permits and Taxes ……………………… Page 79 17. Record Keeping, Other Taxes and Insurance ………………………………...Page 83 18. Legal Forms of Organization …………………………………………………Page 85 19. Business Planning Guide ……………………………………………………..Page 89 Complete System for Planning Your Business Marketing, Personnel, and Financial Forecasts APPENDIX A. Reading List ………………………………………………………….Page 101 B. Internet Sites …………………………………………………………Page 105 C. Acres of Diamonds …………………………………………………..Page 109


Page 110 YOUR 48 DAY SCHEDULE Here are some beginning tips for this process: Go to any workshops and seminars available Talk to everyone. Integrate all material as you complete. Tell people what you are going to do. Stretching Your Thinking Answers …………………………………. _____ Answer “Do you need a change?” 8. this just helps you see the right option for yourself and to recognize you do have choices. _____ Listen to 48 DAYS TO CREATIVE INCOME CDs. 3.D. 1. Results based economy with someone you trust. _____ Complete Personal Inventory questions. 12. or #3 for creating your own income? Which do you prefer? There is no right or wrong choice. don’t be secretive. See yourself completing all steps on Schedule as outlined. _____ Review this schedule. _____ Do quick reading of 48 DAYS TO CREATIVE INCOME. 2. Each piece is important to accurately define the best opportunity for you. _____ Review Time and Effort vs.. “ 6. _____ Answer “Do you have what it takes?” 9. _____ Begin to work through projects. 5. _____ Have you been using Option #1. #2. Lack of support under your own roof will likely sabotage your best efforts. DAY: Check off each day’s activity as you complete it. 11. If you are married. you must have your spouse’s support. “ 4. 4 . 7. _____ Where do you see yourself on the 5 Predictors of Success? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 10.

16. 15. _____ Review Life Directions Reflections. 18. _____ What have you been doing in the last 3-4 years to explore new business ideas? Which of the things listed in Chapter 11 could you add? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 21. _____ Knowing selling is required. _____ What business fits you? Chapter 12 ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5 . It is important to integrate these concepts in whatever you do. Listen again to firmly plant the ideas. _____ Which of the 10 Models of Work appeals to you? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 14. _____ Are you an Entrepreneur or an Eaglepreneur? What are the characteristics that help you know? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 17.13. Which of the models of selling have you done? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 19. _____ Recognize the importance of Selling. _____ Complete Life Directions Reflections. which of the models would you prefer using and why? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 20. _____ Keep the 48 Days To Creative Income CDs in your car.

_____ Make your list of 20 Ideas 23. _____ List your best 3-4 Business Ideas. but you must choose one to ACT! 29. _____ Choose 8-10 Marketing Ideas that you could see yourself using immediately. but by now the ideas should be flowing and it is from many ideas that you can discover the best one for you. Choose your legal structure. 27. 6 . ______ Choose the best one. Keep thinking about the importance (90%) of knowing how you will market and sell your product or service. your market. organization and financial plans. _____ Go through the 100 Marketing Ideas. _____ What business ideas have you already tried? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Do you consider these as successful or failures? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 25. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 28. but go through each step in Chapter 19. This may stretch you. 26. _____ I know you didn’t finish that. 32. _____ Explore locations. 24. VERY IMPORTANT!! 31. _____ CREATE YOUR BUSINESS PLAN 30. _____ Ask for advice if you need to. Several may be equally fitting. leases. _____ Talk to others who are already doing what you want to do.______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 22. the licenses and permits you will need. so complete your list of 20 Ideas. etc.

33. _____ Go slowly on committing to high overhead -. 46.AND DON’T LOOK BACK FOR ONE YEAR. etc. reflect. _____ Are there particular zoning requirements you need to be aware of? 39. _____ Finalize legal structure – business licenses. _____ Meet with an attorney to discuss legal structure that best suits your needs. 35. 44. _____ Meet with an accountant to discuss accounting procedures needed to control first year’s cash flow. Relax. _____ Do you have start-up money in place? Do you have a realistic amount to cover the 1st six months? 43. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 48. 36. _____ Do you have a plan for hiring employees? What will make them want to work for you? 42. 47. _____ Will you buy or lease equipment? 40. newspaper and magazines know your great plans to provide a needed and valuable product or service. _____ Complete all last minute details not completed before now. _____ How will you implement the 8-10 marketing ideas you choose earlier? Do you need anything to put these in place? Do you need a sign permit? 38.look at multiple ways to start your business. _____ What will you use for marketing materials? Do you need a logo? Will you use a flier or a brochure to promote your business? 37. brochures. _____ Have you gotten insurance coverage for: equipment. 45. etc. and re-energize for the explosion of activity coming in two days. 7 . furniture and supplies. If you don’t totally believe in what you are doing. TV. _____ Create Press Releases to let local radio. corporate charter.business cards. no one else will. liability? 41. _____ BEGIN -. Can you bootstrap it? (Let the profits build the business rather than borrowing money) 34. _____ Pick up marketing materials -. _____ Take Today Off. letterhead. You must be committed.

and other “worldly” possessions were absolutely forbidden. My father. What I could conceive. After my mother canned all the sweet corn our cellars would hold. I wanted to do more. Yet. I hid that little record under my mattress. and be more than anything I was seeing. swimming pools. when I was about 10 years old. Going to ball games. nothing could stop my mind from wandering. I could achieve. So I connected a contraption behind our small tractor. have more. TVs. By attaching the driveshaft to the power take off (PTO) on the tractor I was able to take the tractor out of gear and have a drive mechanism that would push the tractor much faster than it was ever intended to go. I would get up at 5:30 in the morning. I salvaged items from the local dump and would improvise new machines and inventions. current fashions. He talked about six words that could change your life! We become what we think about. Here I heard this gravelly voiced man say that I could be more and do more by simply changing my thinking. We lived miles out in the country and it was impossible to get to town on my own to see my buddies. I began to see the impact of that thinking creeping into my belief system. titled The Strangest Secret. but this message of hope and opportunity is what captured my imagination. I sold Christmas cards to all the neighbors and dreamed of winning the grand prize. Somehow in that protected world. go more. Knowing this radical way of thinking would not be welcome in my house. My peers were hiding their girly magazines under their beds. bringing it out night after night to hear again the promises of a better life. It was an old rear end from a car. This interesting combination gave me a unique perspective on the world. in that environment. I was able to get a copy of the little 45 rpm record by Earl Nightingale. dances. I would take the lawn mower engine apart to see if I could improve its power and efficiency. besides being a farmer. proms. and free time was not allowed. Once I found an old Indian motorcycle in an abandoned house and tried for weeks to get it running. was also the pastor of the small Mennonite church in our one-traffic-light town. I was not allowed to join in with many of the activities of the other kids in town. Out in the fields I imagined a world I had never seen. go out and pick the remaining corn and head for the main road with our little tractor and a trailer full of 8 . Fancy cars.INTRODUCTION I was raised on a dairy farm in rural Ohio.

Being a poor farm kid but with good grades. However. you don’t have to sell anything. I received an $1800 grant for tuition. I was expected to become a full time part of our family farming operation. I responded to an ad in a magazine much like many of you have seen. What could be more appealing that cashews under heat? This was going to be too easy. Guess what else I quickly discovered? What do you suppose happens to cashews under heat if they are not stirred about every 12 hours? They MOLD! I immediately began getting calls from these fine establishments telling me to get those 9 . Before beginning my freshman year. My innovative thinking and efforts were beginning to pay off. But I wanted more and I knew that college would help open new doors of opportunity for me. I methodically put in every spare minute in that unheated old chicken coup where I was building my car. a representative from the company did come to place the machines. my entrepreneurial stirrings were already blasting away in my mind. Surely. When I had five dollars I would go to the junk yard and buy a generator or a set of seats. I qualified for the help to get me through college. listening and talking to anyone who knew more than I did. Upon completing high school. What I could conceive I really could achieve. followed by an Olds rear end that had been welded solid for constant “positraction”. Yes. Approximately one year later I drove out with an eye stopping “hot rod”. My first car was entirely handmade. With my homemade sign I would sell corn for $. Slowly and meticulously I put together a running street rod. backward Mennonite kid and he was placing my machines in places I had never been allowed to set foot. Here I was a shy. I was required to help with the duties of dairy and farming chores beginning at 5:30 AM. So I enrolled in a branch campus of Ohio State University where I could attend from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM. I learned by doing. We install the machines – all you have to do is collect the money.” My $1800 purchased 10 hot cashew machines. It had an exposed Chrysler “hemi” connected to a Packard transmission.30 a dozen and collect my growing nest-egg.excess corn. Here was $1800 sitting in my bank account and the tuition was not payable immediately but would be due over a period of the next several months. While my friends conned their parents into buying them their first cars. “Get into the vending business. I could leverage that money into something more. I purchased a 1931 Model A Ford for $50. His center of comfort was obviously in the sleaziest bars he could find. The farming environment was giving me exposure to multiple opportunities to learn and experiment.

I looked at business opportunities and watched the growing popularity of franchises.10 on the dollar. I even found time to find a beautiful wife and be a daddy to three wonderful children. keep in mind. Married at age 20. I have seven different revenue streams and an income that puts me in the top 3% in America. write books and run a “virtual” business. Then I opened an auto accessories business where we focused on the needs of the new car dealers. We enjoy the feedback of other people who have benefited from our efforts and consider ourselves to be truly blessed with the multiple characteristics of true success. fixed them up and sold them to other students. I personally don’t like the fitness center environment. Currently I provide executive career coaching. Our lives are streamlined and focused. I bought a health and fitness center. encouraged me and seen me through all of this learning. While we have no physical facility and no employees. taking about a $430.machines out of there or suffer the wrath of their inebriated customers. I am much too impatient for the socializing and slow pace of the workout process in that setting. I have built service businesses. I also tried Amway. It is out of this backdrop that this material has been refined.000 loss. Erase Dirt. my wife of 37 years has loved me. 10 . I started a Recreational Vehicle rental business. Just one of the many hard lessons in helping see the importance of proper “fit” in choosing a business. and a host of other network marketing companies. Months later I sold them for roughly $. speaking and public seminars. I picked up my 10 precious machines and hid them in an old storage shed where my Dad would never be made aware of my stupidity. We have more control of our time than we had imagined was possible. I sold that business at public auction. develop innovative personal improvement products. and learning again. After three frustrating years. Through the college years I bought old cars. After selling that business to a couple of the employees. I hope you can bypass some of the lessons I learned from the school of hard knocks and can experience the absolute joy that I have had in having a creative plan come together. making mistakes. When the tuition came due I had to get out and hustle for the money I had lost. Now. But I saw the bottom line and knew I could make money. Our children and grandchildren are integral parts of our weekly activities. provided consulting. Years later. Along the way I got multiple college degrees in my ever-expanding quest for new knowledge and information.

psychologically normal people will face an abrupt collision with the future……many of them will find it increasingly painful to keep up with the incessant demand for change that characterizes our time. A few years ago experts predicted that 50% of the jobs we would have by the year 2005 had not yet been created. Peter Drucker says we are in a 40-year period that will see more change than the world has ever seen – that 40 year time of change is 1970 – 2010.” Toffler’s predictions have been strikingly accurate. Alvin Toffler wrote the popular book. As we approach the end of this time frame the speed of change will increase. We are rapidly approaching the time when 50% of all jobs will be “contract” or “contingency” labor. The kind of workplace where we would graduate 11 . the landmark work about the effects of change on society.1. UNDERSTANDING CHANGE In 1970. I believe we have seen the disappearance and the emergence of jobs like none of us could have anticipated. Toffler predicted that “millions of ordinary. These are not the characteristics of the workplace we were led to expect by our parents and grandparents. Future Shock.

find the right company with the right job. -. This giant tidal wave of change has swept over their lives. Occupation is the necessary basis of all enjoyment. they have been confronted with downsizing. the 6. the multitude of farmers facing foreclosures. Seniority is no longer valued.Customer requested bar coded label. Change of all types – economic. You will see the very real trend of what is happening in companies today. Let 20 printing employees go. You will see the changes that occurred over a 10 year period. CASE OF THE CATSUP COMPANY 1980 -. even in the jobs that do remain. common benefits like health insurance are disappearing.000 bank tellers who have been replaced by ATMs. it surely is changing. sales 960 employees 1981 -. the 380. In some areas. social. it is not merely accelerating but exploding. and political – is occurring at an increasing rate. sometimes tragically. Business is not declining. however. 1983 -. They are the 179. reengineering. technological. The rapid rate of change shows no sign of slowing in our lifetime. Below you will see an actual case scenario of a catsup company in St.000 phone operators replaced by voice recognition technology and the grocery check out clerks who have seen self-scanning systems replace them in their jobs. They also now include the 2 million-plus homeless men and women in our cities. and the untold numbers of divorced middle-aged housewives and mothers who must face the job market for the first time with few marketable skills. Rather than the pleasant retirement they anticipated at age 55.from school. frequently taking them not toward their dreams but setting them back.Leigh Hunt Instead. Cheaper to have an outside printer do the work. put in our 35 years of faithful service and retire with a gold watch. outsourcing. The victims of this wave of change are not hard to find. Louis. the 47. They include the 334.$100 Million/yr. millions of Americans have found this new future indeed shocking and unexpected.000 apparel workers who have seen their jobs continue to go to other countries. cultural. You may have already experienced similar effects of what this scenario portrays.Specialized bottle cap maker. mergers acquisitions and restructuring.000 steel and autoworkers.000 postal workers replaced by sight recognition machines. new seal extended shelf life from 14 to 24 12 .

Harold Wilson 13 .New plastic bottle supplier appeared. However. there has actually been a net increase of 34. 1990 – $300 Million/yr. small business has accounted for 71% of the nation's new job growth. 1985 -. Small businesses employ 54% of the American work force. to approximately 24. fill the plastic bottle. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery. Sales 25 Employees Cost to the company per bottle of catsup was now 1/3 of what it had been 10 years before. Let 45 bottle cap makers go. Would not sell the equipment -. 73% of all businesses are sole proprietorships – no fancy corporation of any kind. -. the number of small businesses has grown by 50%. a 401K.) The good news is.months. put on labels.only finished bottle caps. They may not include punching a time clock. He who rejects change is the architect of decay. they may not offer a company car. since 1982 alone. (In Nashville. What we are seeing is a healthy return to the kind of business on which our country was founded. now adding over 2 Million new jobs each year. They have been absorbed into new and different companies. with all the publicity about layoffs during the last five years.800 jobs. According to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) ninety-eight percent of the new businesses in America are created by small businesses. In this real life example.5 Million. All that was left of the company were 25 high level managers to coordinate agreements with suppliers. The company reduced the price by 50%. those 935 workers are not likely sitting on the sidewalk somewhere. or health care benefits. Offered for 30% less per bottle to mix the catsup. Sales had risen to $300 Million with total staff of 25. and package for shipping. while laying off 97% of its workforce. The new opportunities often look different than the old ones. the company dramatically increased its revenues. Tennessee. In the last ten years.

and now the age of Service and Information. where do the farm workers who have been replaced go? When a robot replaces 16 men on an assembly line. to the Industrial Age. Today that number is less than 3%. With each change. there are the seeds of new opportunities. Where have the other 76% gone? When an Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin. cast their 14 . approximately 79% of our country’s workers were directly involved in the production of agriculture. the world has always known change. Think and Grow Rich -. there are the equal seeds of opportunity. to catch food needed for their families that day. to the Technological Age. Each morning the 10 men go down to the local lake. SEIZING THE OPPORTUNITIES And yet. At one point in American history.“With every change. where do these workers go? We have seen these changes and transformations as we have moved from the Agricultural Age.” Let’s create our own scenario: 10 cave men spend their days fishing.2. That is one of the basic tenets of Napoleon Hill’s classic book.

What happens to the other 9 fishermen? Are they out of work? Do they now have nothing of value to occupy their time? Are they maximizing their opportunities by receiving 3 clams a day as unemployment compensation? Should their village guarantee their children’s’ education and their family’s medical care as they now sit idly by in their front yards? Or are there other new opportunities that may even compliment Barney and his new fishing net? Let’s create the possibilities for those original 10 fishermen. seeing more people each day that they did not know. serving. Barney – other people around the country started to hear about his nets and wanted one for them as well. 1. Barney is able to catch more fish in one hour than all 10 men had been catching all day. Charlie – Since so many moms and dads were now working in these new enterprises. To help them in the teaching process. 2. 3. He can’t keep up with the demand by himself. Oscar – because of the quantity of fish now being caught. they hired and trained 6 assistants. Because they know where the fish move under the trees. 7. To serve the growing customer crowd. as they begin to ship to inland areas where the residents have never experienced fresh fish. so he hires 5 people to help him build wagons. Oscar opened a fish processing plant right at the edge of the lake. Guess what his specialty was? Right – fresh fish sandwiches. the first of which was called the Model A Henry. Charlie and his wife. Then one day. But he could only drive one personally. Henry begins to build wagons to haul the fish to other parts of the country. Levi – As workers were moving in new circles. He brings on 15 people to help in the processing.lines and hope to provide the necessary food for their dependents. Suddenly Barney can supply fish for the whole village -. 6. Henry – With the needs for shipping. Barney shows up with a net he has fashioned from strings and ropes. 4. Barney hired 10 people to help him build nets. Ronald opened Bedrock’s first restaurant. Ronald – More and more people were working away from home and did not really have time to fix their own meals at home. recognized the need and opened the Friendship School of Bedrock. and cleaning. the children were not being taught lessons. they recognized that the fig leaf was not appropriate for every occasion. so he hired 6 others for separate delivery routes. 5. Mabel. Bill – Saw the opportunity to be the driver of the wagons hauling the fish. especially for working in close proximity to the saws in the wagon 15 . Ronald hired 15 people with rotating shifts to help out with the cooking.

-. 9. This is very similar to today’s work environment. There is nothing permanent except change. Roman – This man. 10. Mulah – So many clams were changing hands every day. something durable and protective. Cyrus formed a co-op with 8 others to begin a commercial farming operation. having a company car or being provided health insurance and a retirement plan. and to create the future. By cooking the ground wheat. -. they had less time to grow their own basic food. Mulah. quite by accident. and wagon carpenters. he invented what he began to call bread. They may not involve an 8-5 schedule or even the need to go to an office. society’s problem solvers have been generously rewarded for their efforts. who began working on the farm. Life belongs to the living. we now actually have 110 people fully engaged in meaningful work. and he who lives must be prepared for changes.Heraclitus This has always been the process of innovation. the best opportunities may not look like those of yesterday. to see the opportunities instead of the obstacles. net builders. after training himself. They also had a small orchard to supplement the vegetables and grains with an occasional piece of fruit. Today’s best opportunities may not include punching a clock. And today. that the wheat could be ground up and used in other ways. thus Levi’s were born. that the average person had trouble keeping track of what clams were his and what was part of the business. 8. They grew wheat. Cyrus – As the number of people increased who were drivers. discovered one day. like every stage of our country’s development. we need creative people to see the needs.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 16 . Instead of going from 10 employed to only 1 employed as a result of Barney’s fishing net.factory. Like always before in our history. and beans. Levi brought on 12 people immediately because the demand was so great for his products. Word spread quickly that bread went well with cheese and wine and Roman had to hire 18 people to help him handle the orders coming in daily. trained 5 others in the principals of handling clams and opened the first CPA firm. carrots. Throughout history. peas. Levi began designing some new clothing options for those workers.

3. 17 . Each line is connected to the preceding line so your pen should never leave the paper. Your task is to connect all nine dots using four straight lines. This exercise is designed to help you stretch your thinking. STRETCHING YOUR THINKING Many times in exploring new directions we are limited by our past experience. We tend to see boundaries that may not actually exist.

DO YOU NEED A CHANGE? Answer these questions to help identify if you are ready for a change: Write a brief comment after each question. but the boy broke several ribs.• • • • Here’s just a mind teaser to help you think in unexpected ways. Do you love your current work? _________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 2. With a perfectly clear path to freedom. What are the two coins? Mr. He was wheeled into the emergency operating room. One is not a quarter. How many survivors were there? How many animals of each species did Moses take on the ark? I have two coins that total $.35 in value. “I can’t operate on this boy. -. Jones was unhurt. See You At The Top. The world hates change. 1. because they believe there is no way out. you can take the lid completely off. But then after about 20 minutes a strange thing happens. Immediately. Jones was driving along the thruway with his son in the front seat. Mr. When Mr. those little fleas will starve to death in that jar. The road was icy. yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. his car skidded and rammed into a telephone pole. At that point. The surgeon took one look at the patient and said. Zig says you can put fleas in a jar with a lid on it. How did you get involved in this occupation? ________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 18 .Charles F. He’s my son!” How could this be? (You will find the answers in section D of the Appendix). Kettering Zig Ziglar tells a story in his book. Jones rounded a curve. since they know there is a lid there and they can’t possibly get out. They don’t jump as high any more. A bus with 15 passengers crashed – all but 9 people were killed. An ambulance took the boy to the nearest hospital. the fleas begin to jump up and hit that top in an attempt to get out.

Do you have the security. Do you identify with the product or service that your company provides? Does it have integrity and value for the customers? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 9. Are you making as much money as you are worth? How much of your desire for a change in occupation is motivated by a desire to increase your income? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 6. recognition and potential for advancement that you want?_______________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 19 . meaning and purpose? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 8. Do you go home at night with a sense of accomplishment. Do you admire your boss and the philosophy of the company? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 7.3. Are you happy to see Monday morning come around? Or do you count the days and minutes until Friday afternoon? _____________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4. Do you have satisfying job relationships? Are the people you work with friends you want to see outside of work? ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 5.

Are your spouse and children proud of the work you are doing? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 12. tells us that God’s gift to us is the happiness we get from the work we do.10. Are you where you thought you would be at this stage in your life? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 14. "That every man find pleasure in his work -. Is your personal life balanced? Are you achieving success in: • • • • • your family _______________________________________________________ your personal development___________________________________________ your spiritual life ___________________________________________________ physically ________________________________________________________ socially___________________________________________________________ 13. The turn of the century Russian writer Maxsim Gorky said this: “When work is a pleasure. Happiness is loving what you do 20 . The notion that work is just a bitter pill to be endured or worse yet that it is a curse from God is impossible to support from any vantage point. The Bible. in Ecclesiastes. life is slavery. What would be the key characteristics of an ideal job/career? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ I want you to know you really can love your work." Ecc. 3:13 You can have a life full of adventure and satisfaction. Is your work using your best talents? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 11.this is a gift from God.” Our work satisfaction impacts our life satisfaction. life is a joy! When work is a duty.

But what if you are one of today’s growing number of self-employed individuals? Then who cheers you on? Who guides you? Who tells you how to be successful. teachers. you would be sent to regular industry seminars and training programs to build your skills and confidence. If your life is not a joy. and when to show up for work? Do your former coworkers. college professors and friends would encourage. or a physician with a large metropolitan hospital. maybe it’s time to look at some new options. you chose to be a risk taker. If you were part of a top sales team or a computer programmer. or do they think you are crazy to want to go out on your own? Do they admire your determination or have you heard that what you want to do is not practical or realistic? When problems arise. to leave the safe environment. 21 . prod and guide you to success. After all. “The world will never be happy until all men have the souls of artists – I mean when they take pleasure in their jobs. they may not be that sympathetic. you would likely have enthusiastic audiences to cheer you on. BEING YOUR OWN BOSS If you wanted to be an attorney with a large firm. family and friends encourage you. Parents. predictability and stability of a “real job”. bosses. an accountant with Deloitte and Touche. to leave the security.” Auguste Rodin 4.and knowing it is making a difference.

the chance to control your own destiny. including the IRS.In making the leap to being on your own. the more security you have. he was not ready or prepared to retire. Surely these organizations would never downsize. They have their own problems and pressures. A self-owned business can 22 .Ralph Waldo Emerson Making the shift from a paycheck mentality to making it on your own can be exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. Just recently I met with a gentleman. Keep in mind the biggest attraction to a self-owned business in not the money. being eliminated with no clear solutions for their individual futures. confident they would put in their appropriate time. Pushing off from the shore that first time without being able to see the desired port can seem to be a very risky proposition. Yet we know that in today’s workplace. after 17 years of rising responsibility with Texas Instruments. lay off or terminate their faithful servants. what provides value for someone else. Security no longer comes from the company. Many people went to work for company giants like General Motors. staying with a company can also be risky. and then be taken care of in the elder years by these grateful companies.5 years of faithful service with a major oil company. -. you may hesitate to discuss your concerns with those you know best. was told he had 60 days to find something else to do. Those who went to work for non-profit. who after 32. The clearer you can be on what it is you do well. government. Sometimes it’s even hard to share your excitement as your success may just remind them of the misery of their own work. AT&T. Another man at 46 years old. Technology has reduced the once-staggering cost of starting your own business to sometimes zero. The quality of the imagination is to flow and not to freeze. Your security is determined by your ability to define what it is you do that has value. and the Southern Baptist Sunday School Board. technology has made it easy to run a one or two person business from home that even has the appearance of being a big business. So it doesn’t matter that the banker isn’t your brother-in-law because you aren’t going to need three million dollars to buy a bowling alley. Security has evaporated as it was historically understood. Christian record labels. Actually. And at 57 years old. or even para-church organizations were even more confident. Did they think they had security? Certainly! But what is security? General Douglas MacArthur defined security as “one’s ability to produce”. Kodak. And yet we have seen hundreds of thousands from all of these companies. it is the freedom. was told his services were no longer needed.

not put off. you can start almost any business part-time and out of your spare bedroom.Ellen Glasgow DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? Do you have what it takes to make your business successful? In working with people over the years. Are you a self-starter? Successful business owners are always making things happen. All change is not growth. -. In a successful business. With current technology and the multiple options in the workplace. printers. important decisions are made on a daily basis. 80% of 23 . Do you have a positive outlook? Optimism and a sense of humor are critical factors for success. we have identified a number of traits that indicate if a person is likely to become successful in their own business. You have to be able to view setbacks and small failures as stepping stones to your eventual success. _____2. _____4.be the lowest-risk and highest-opportunity option for getting that control of your own destiny. even small ones. _____1. Do you get along with different kinds of people? Every business. Each of the 18 questions is followed by a statement of why that particular trait is important. They don’t wait around for the phone to ring or to be told what to do next. bankers. all movement is not forward. Are you able to make decisions? It has been said that indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity. The more “Yes” answers you have to the questions below. require contact with a variety of people: customers. _____3. Procrastination is the main obstacle to good decision making. the more likely you have what it takes to run your own business. suppliers.

If you are already a goal setter. Can you stick with it? Most new ventures do not take off as quickly as we would like them to. Do you enjoy what you are going to do? Don’t ever think you can be successful doing something just for the money rewards. In every change there are the seeds of opportunity.decisions should be made right away. you will not be able to sell the idea. _____7. even against your own accomplishments of yesterday. product or service to investors or customers. Do you plan ahead? Every successful businessperson develops a long time perspective. Do you enjoy competition? You don’t have to be cut-throat but you must enjoy the thrill of competition. ____14. ____11. ____13. Successful business owners accept responsibility for results even if those results are not favorable. If you don’t have total belief. _____8. _____9. You will need to sell constantly. Those days are gone. People who are willing to listen. the government. Are you prepared to make at least a one year commitment to this business no matter how bleak it may look at times? Will you continue even if your friends tell you to throw in the towel? ____12. Can you sell yourself and your ideas? Many people fail with a great product or service because no one is out selling. _____6. _____5. 24 . Do you have a high level of confidence and belief in what you are doing? This is no time for doubt or second thoughts. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that you can do well something you don’t really believe in. spend more time doing what works the first time. thus successful people view change as an opportunity. Are you adaptable to changing conditions? Change is constant in today’s marketplace. you are probably a poor candidate for running your own business. Without it you will not succeed. rather than having to experience every mistake. you are more likely to succeed on your own. not as a threat. ____10. Experts estimate that 80% of all products and services we are using today will be obsolete in 5 years. Do you have will-power and self-discipline? Self-discipline is the one key characteristic that makes all these others work. You must have a strong desire to compete. Going into business with a detailed plan increases dramatically the likelihood of business success. You must absolutely believe in what you are doing. Are you able to accept responsibility? If you typically blame others. Nobody will beat a path to your door even if you do have a better mousetrap. or your spouse for what goes wrong. you must get a sense of meaning and satisfaction from what you are doing. Ultimately. Being open to the wisdom and experience of others is the hallmark of a leader. So only consider those ideas about which you are totally passionate. the company. Can you take advice from others? Being in your own business does not mean you have all the answers.

and probably do all the work initially. And for your business. and your interests. equipment breaks when you least expect it. your chances of success are dramatically reduced. Steve Jobs. 25 . writers. That may seem simple and obvious but it is amazing how often those simple principles are violated. lease agreements.____15. the more you exponentially increase your chances for success. home-based business people. you probably question your confidence in the venture and your commitment to it. being on your own becomes an agonizing experience. Much of the standard business information may not apply to what you are trying to do. A great deal of energy is required at first. No bank or outside lender will be willing to take risk that you are not willing to back with everything you have. craftsmen. once you are in the air. and Sam Walton did not follow standard business methods in building their companies. Businesses are very much the same. workers don’t show up as planned. It’s like getting a plane off the ground. ____17. predictable and doing what others expect may. your personality tendencies. Most require months or years of long hours to get them going. The more you know and understand about yourself and match that up with your business direction. the characteristics that make a person a good employee are often the exact opposite of those that make a successful self-employed individual. Your work must integrate your skills. Do you have the physical and emotional energy to run a business? Operating your own business can be more draining than working for someone else because now you have to make all the decisions. In many ways. Doubt and misgivings can too easily creep in. Being loyal. sabotage your best entrepreneurial efforts. it takes less energy to keep moving. workman’s comp. consultants and contract workers whose numbers are exploding. and complicated accounting practices may have little relevance. One key to success is to make sure you match your personal skills with the proper business choice. The less support you have. ____16. the more you will feel yourself being pushed back to being a traditional “employee.” ____18. Traditional knowledge of business plans and principles may not address the needs of today’s free-lancers. Ross Perot. ARE YOU A CANDIDATE? If you think and make decisions like an employee. Do you have the support of your family and/or spouse? Without support at home. Are you prepared to work long hours? Few businesses are immediately successful. and the landlord raises the rent unexpectedly. More and more Americans are looking for greater control of their destinies and for the time freedom that having your own business allows. Bill Gates. Customers don’t buy when they’ve indicated they will. artists. in fact. Are you willing to risk your money in this venture? If you are not.

enthusiasm. Recognize your passions. we may have heard. smile and tone of voice. At best. HOW PASSION PREDICTS SUCCESS A person with passion is a person who can set goals. but that’s not realistic. and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined. This is where. “There are widespread exceptions to the rule that IQ predicts success – there are more exceptions than cases that fit the rule.” These other forces.Predictor of Success #1 Bill Gates was able to build Microsoft and his designation as the richest man in the world because he was passionate about his vision of putting “a computer on every desk in every home. he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams. to control impulse and delay gratification. you can have no clear direction and will drift along the road of circumstances. to empathize and hope. cofounder of Apple Computer. there is little evidence that a college degree is a good predictor for business success. Daniel Goleman states. “Yes. While there is no question that college prepares would-be doctors and lawyers.Henry David Thoreau THE 5 PREDICTORS OF SUCCESS PASSION -.” He goes on to describe these other forces as “emotional intelligence”: abilities such as being able to motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations. the 80 percent determinants of success. Emotional Intelligence.Even the traditional predictors of intelligence (IQ) and education may not provide much correlation to success for the self-employed person. You see things and say “Why?” But I dream things that never were and say “Why not?” George Bernard Shaw 26 . some notable college non-graduates.” or “That’s not practical”. incidentally. abandoned his studies at Reed College to pursue more lucrative goals. Steve Jobs. Without them. energy. also include attitude. oftentimes. In his popular book. -. It goes beyond enthusiasm. to regulate one’s moods and keep distress from swamping the ability to think.” Passion is defined as intense emotional excitement. which leaves 80 percent to other forces. IQ contributes about 20 percent to the factors that determine life success. Here are what the experts tell us are the true predictors of success and.

he also started a little newsletter for fellow Mustang lovers. While tinkering with the cars he loved. So she mapped out a plan to enter a beauty pageant and get the attention of an agent. talks about the tendency to respond to circumstances rather than priorities.Larry dropped out of school at age 15. After being wooed by multiple buyers. a person can easily be lured away from his path. Viktor Frankl said. “Without a clear purpose. any obstacle will send a person in a new direction. He was determined to accomplish his goals. Then she discovered her talent for designing clothes. never to return. Today her company earnings are about $125 Million annually. All men of action are dreamers. Michael Dell started Dell Computers in his University of Texas dormitory room during his freshman year. She won the pageant and got the agent. which includes record publishing. in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Stephen Covey. Richard Branson. DETERMINATION -. she is able to delay gratification by saving her allowance for a future goal instead of spending it now.James G. His passion was to work on cars. Many years ago. if for example. -. You may identify determination even in a child. airlines and a host of other businesses. was a high-school dropout and a millionaire by the age of 23. Today she earns over $10 Million per picture. At age 19 she dropped out of college to work with Anne Klein. That little newsletter grew into an automotive publishing company with eight car titles. he dropped out of school. HOW DETERMINATION PREDICTS SUCCESS Without determination. Huneker TALENT – Predictor of Success #3 Donna Karan says she didn’t go out and didn’t socialize so she had to find something she was good at. Determination helps establish those priorities. he recently sold that little business to a major publishing company for $18 Million dollars. As soon as he saw the potential of his fledgling company. HOW TALENT PREDICTS SUCCESS 27 . founder of the Virgin Group.Predictor of Success #2 Michelle Pfeiffer was working in a supermarket when she decided she wanted to be an actress.

He had to believe that if God had allowed him to see it in his mind. she gained the selfdiscipline she needed to launch her own company.Predictor of Success #4 Years ago. HOW SELF-DISCIPLINE PREDICTS SUCCESS Without self-discipline. Jenny Craig was faced with losing 45 pounds. While losing it. a person can easily be swayed by others. he creates beautiful and dramatic effects on the walls of people’s homes. there still comes that step of faith into the unknown for real success. SELF-DISCIPLINE -. And yet it proved to be a continually frustrating experience. in the face of all odds. After taking a fresh look at God’s real gifts to him. discover where you rise to the top. Self-discipline is the foundation that makes the others work. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. even passion. If a man empties his purse into his head. Using brushes. continued because of their faith. 28 . it could become a physical reality. Maya Angelou persisted in her writing even when others discouraged her. He keeps about a 6-9 month backlog of committed work and is making 8-10 times the money he ever dreamed of. expressing his talent and the owner’s fantasies.000 failed attempts to invent the light bulb. talent and self-discipline would not carry him on. he began to create faux finishes in expensive homes in the area. When Thomas Edison was approaching 10. -Benjamin Franklin FAITH – Predictor of Success #5 Even with everything lining up logically or financially. No one has talent in every area. Estimated annual company sales today $400 Million. Time and time again we have examples of people who.It allows a person to focus. What are those things you love to do whether or not you get paid? Mike felt “called” to be a pastor. she enjoys over $4 Million in yearly income. sponges and rags. no man can take it away from him. Today. determination.

make them. Norman Vincent Peale faced a fight against strong inferiority feelings. those have little bearing on your success until we know something about you.” Nowhere is this truer than when you’re working for yourself. As George Bernard Shaw observed. It is not a thing to be waited for. it is a matter of choice. “the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want. William Jennings Bryan 29 . Your success will be determined by the proper alignment of what is unique about you: A. has sold nearly 20 million copies and has been printed in 40 different languages. Destiny is not a matter of chance. and.HOW FAITH PREDICTS SUCCESS As a young boy. Over the years he developed and refined the message that anyone could put the principles of positive thinking and strong faith into practice and dramatically improve upon their own life. This is also a shift from waiting for a break to making your own breaks. it is a thing to be achieved. B. Dreams and Passions Your security lies within you. You must shift from looking at external factors to looking at internal ones. The more you know about yourself. That is why we have spent this time looking inward before looking outward. It is easy to identify areas of opportunity in today’s world. the higher your chances of success in your own business. if they can’t find them. The Power of Positive Thinking. however. His book. C. Your Skills and Abilities Your Personality Traits Your Values. the criteria for success in your own business are much more internal that external. while people are always blaming circumstances for their lives. As you can see.

What are your strongest abilities? A.PERSONAL INVENTORY QUESTIONS 1. What are your weak areas? Please explain A. __________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________ C. ___________________________________________________________________ C. __________________________________________________________________ C. __________________________________________________________________ B. ___________________________________________________________________ 4. What other skills and interests do you have? A. What are your hobbies? A. ___________________________________________________________________ B. __________________________________________________________________ B. ____________________________________________________________________ 30 .

B. _____FAITH___________________ 31 . If the doctor told you today you had 6 months to live. ____________________________________________________________________ 5. In writing your epitaph. _____TALENT_________________ 4. what would you do in those remaining months?____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 7. _____DETERMINATION________ 3. What are you doing in your life now that will last forever? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 8. what would you want people to remember about you? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ REQUIRED PERSONAL QUALITIES Remember the 5 key ingredients: 1. _____SELF-DISCIPLINE________ 5. _____PASSION________________ 2. If you received a 3 Million Dollar inheritance tomorrow. ____________________________________________________________________ C. what would you do? How would your life change? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 6.

32 . the areas of incompetence can be identified as: 48% of business failures are due to the lack of ability in SALES & MARKETING. WE CAN IDENTIFY 5 ADDITIONAL ABILITIES YOU MUST HAVE FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS: 1. and associates. You don’t have to do it yourself. men and women have about the same success rate. The ability to understand accounting. there is no difference in the genders. but then lost it because they did not take the time to learn financial controls. This may be the biggest challenge in today’s workplace. Many people have built good businesses on the front end – great products and services. 2. hire. The ability to Plan. The ability to Communicate. Also.Having a high-school diploma makes a big difference in the success rate. In the 25-44-year-old age range. The ability to select the right People. train. how to find. The ability to Negotiate. 5. According to Dun & Bradstreet. Keep this acronym in mind: STOCK Select Train Organize Communicate Keep 4. the prime years for starting a business. and cost controls. This is a necessity with employees. business finance. and to Persuade others and to sell your ideas. supervise and keep employees. 3. but you better have a system in place. but a college degree or advanced degree has little effect on an individual’s ability to succeed in independent business. suppliers. More specifically. 46% of business failures are due to having POOR COST CONTROLS. Organize and Get Results. bankers. 96% of all businesses that fail do so because of managerial incompetence.

Find a PROBLEM and solve it. REMEMBER. with a clear plan. This lady began mixing white flour with clear finger nail polish. See what you have already done as valuable preparation for your next venture. to pick up and deliver our dry cleaning. see everything you do as training. Practice. Often the paper tore and it was necessary to start over.000 monthly in gross business. Founder of IBM Here is the process you should follow in starting your business: 33 . but the convenience of his service made us loyal customers. A. convenience or efficiency for the baby boomer generation can make you rich. he receives 40% of the revenue. etc? * At our office. B. We were probably passing 5-6 dry cleaners on the way to work each day. for bringing them new business. Do something small and build it slowly. cheaper. What he picked up on Tuesday. only the pick up and delivery. finding that it would dry quickly and allow her to type over the same area.There are 2 major principles to choose from when looking for a business idea. he brought back on Friday and Friday’s pick up would be returned on Tuesday. Thomas Watson. Other workers began asking her for this concoction she was preparing each night on her kitchen table. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. OR TO PROVIDE ADDED VALUE TO BECOME VERY SUCCESSFUL. *Many years ago. a lady typist was frustrated by the inconvenience of making typing corrections. Find a NEED and fill it. The Way To Succeed Is To Double Your Failure Rate. as a business opportunity. With approximately $20. Most great businesses were built with sweat equity. she sold her little “business” to Gillette for $47 Million.* How can you provide a solution? How can you provide something quicker. a young man started coming around every Tuesday and Friday. IS DO SOMETHING 10% BETTER. He is now offering that simple business idea. He does not do the dry cleaning. be prepared. invest time working for a similar company. he receives $8000 monthly for his services. She would take this mixture to work and correct her typing mistakes. leading to what became liquid paper or White Out. We pay the normal rates for the dry cleaning.* Anything that provides speed. Four years later. get experience.

TEST every move. When America was young. FEAR OF FAILURE CAN IMMOBILIZE YOU. Expand on the basis of your SUCCESS. Do What You Fear And Fear Disappears.000 a year with benefits.$100 or 30 clams – whatever. If you went in to the wagon maker mentioned in a previous section. Carefully select the right PEOPLE to help you grow. you probably sold baked goods to your neighbors. Set a specific GOAL. -W. Clement Stone 5. 3. and asked him to build you a wagon. in the environment described. TIME AND EFFORT ECONOMY VS RESULTS BASED ECONOMY We are rapidly shifting from a time and effort economy to a results based economy.1. 2. only results. Adding to the company’s bottom line in some tangible way is the only thing that gets rewarded. That means seniority means nothing. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO BEGIN. The fact that you have been with a company one more year does not merit a pay increase. Start SMALL and build business slowly. 34 . 5. 4. and perhaps help his retirement plan? Or at least assure him of a reasonable hourly rate while he worked on the construction of your wagon? Of course not! You would only agree on a price for the finished product -. how would you arrange payment? Would you guarantee him $30. Blacksmiths. If you were a baker. EVEN WITH A GREAT IDEA. ONLY ABOUT 1 IN 10 PEOPLE WHO WANT TO START THEIR OWN BUSINESS EVER DO. Is this a destruction of all that’s good or perhaps just a return to the only measure of value? Let’s step back in time a few years. FEAR OF FAILURE PARALYZES PEOPLE AND MAKES FAILURE CERTAIN. these cottage industries were the rule rather than the exception.

do what we’re told. The factory worker who. He spends 2 hours a day updating information available to most of the world. there may be little connection. You may have a 900# with three unique recipes. don’t make waves. we’re taught similar concepts. how long to work.000 a year. with overtime. do what the teacher says and you’ll get good grades. How has this paycheck mentality been encouraged in other areas? As children we learn that if we go by the rules. Their customers were close to them and they were paid for their results.000 subscribers. Knowledge workers change what they do every day – they look for results – they don’t watch for how many hours they have worked. Follow the rules.000 a month. lots of it.95 per month. color inside the lines. At a site subscription fee of $4. 35 . With these skills you can get a paycheck but you won’t be equipped to run your own business. follow instructions. the rules do change. When you go out on your own. we will be rewarded. however. when to take breaks. What about the 24-year-old with a sports information Internet site. or at home. doctors. talk only when asked. and frequently. That’s $50. We tend to equate time with productivity. How is this disparity possible? It’s because we are seeing this transition from a time and effort economy to a results based economy. but results generate money. Results translate into money. There’s no paycheck. put in your time. No one will tell you when to get up.000 a month income while you spend the majority of your time on the golf course or at the beach. farmers. averages 10 hours a day may make $50. he now has 10. sit in rows. In school. not their time. Magazine ads create the calls that generate a $10. Naturally these lessons prepare us for the common paycheck mentality: show up for work. or whether to work at all. But keep clearly in mind – Results get compensated.candlestick makers. Work environments where people had little direct responsibility for the finished product and thus they were compensated for their time and effort. What we are seeing today is simply a healthy return to a results based economy rather than being compensated for time and effort. especially in today’s work environment with the focus on information and knowledge. and you can expect a paycheck. practiced their trade close to. It was only with the beginning of assembly line factories that we saw guaranteed hourly or annual wages. when to eat. Production workers can work in a factory doing repetitive work.

) The line in each graph shows the expected Income path.Here are the options you have: ( Each one has a correlation between Time and Income. benefits. Linear Income Time and Effort opportunity) Clear exchange of (Keep in mind that with any guarantee there is a trade-off of 36 . Guaranteed income. Option #1 Traditional Job. etc.

000 $105.$125. Today she still enjoys her work but her pay has not even kept pace with cost of living inflation.000 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Time This is the traditional job.000 $25.000 $5. and was delighted about her career start. or get promoted to the next level up. This is an increasingly common model even for traditional employee positions. perhaps a company incentive. get a paycheck every other Friday.000/yr. common for her profession. This could be a sales position or many other opportunities where compensation is tied to performance.000 Income $65. You go to work at 8:00 in the morning. she now makes $26. and is having trouble maintaining daily living expenses for herself and her two children. and have two weeks of vacation each year. Big moves up or down in income are unlikely. and get off at 5:00 in the afternoon. Example: Sarah got her certification as a medical technician in 1987. She started a job at $23.000/yr. You receive an annual pay increase.000 $85.000 $45. You have an hour off for lunch. Having received 3-4% increases. Option #2 Base salary but bonuses and commissions based on performance. 37 .

as a result of successful relationships with his customers and his ability to recognize and fulfill their needs. Option #3 No guarantees. However. eight years later. no paychecks. 38 . He was given a $30. perhaps less than what you are used to making. you have the potential to greatly increase your income. Example: Chuck went to work for Burlington Carpet. but the potential is unlimited. a salary.000 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Time Here you receive a base salary.000 $45.$125. You are thus helping to share the risk. but nonetheless. Chuck is making $83.000 $5.000/yr.000 $25. base pay with incentives for his sales efforts. it is in fact.000 $85. either through your direct efforts or through the success of the company.000 $105.000/yr. calling on commercial accounts. results oriented. Now.000 Income $65.

As you can see. You may have a great sauce for hot dogs. with a net income to him of about $35.000 $5.Francis Bacon 39 . He had no guaranteed income or salary base. Example: Bill became a distributor for the NASCAR model cars in 1993.000 a month. He did not invent anything. or manufacture a product. He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils.000 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years Time In this example. you are on your own. and go downtown where there are a lot of people walking between offices.000 $105. so you buy a little cart. He simply distributes these toy cars to local toy stores and hobby shops. With the growing popularity of NASCAR racing.000 Income $65. you set up four more carts at other busy street corners.000 worth of product every month.000. Six months later. today he grosses over $250.000 $25. After three months.000. People like your hot dogs and sauce so they come back the next day. you may actually lose money for a short period of time. -.000 $85. you package the concept and the system and begin selling the information. patent anything. You become the next Subway and make $1.$125.000 $45.

7. 4.The names are familiar.You still show up for work at a specified time. 9. 6. 2. 3. 401K retirement program. leave at 4:30. McDonalds. paycheck every other Friday.You realize that you are knowledgeable about health and safety requirements in the workplace (OSHA). 8.6. So rather than diluting your abilities in a traditional job. You may sell the product and have it shipped from the company. Chem Dry. 2. 3. You ask to be the area. going from the very traditional to the very non-traditional. THE NEW WORK MODELS Let’s expand in our look at these new work models. From this you can get a clearer sense of what model fits you. Franchise -. You have a clear corporate structure under which you operate.You are the middle Tennessee representative for Nike. Keep in mind the ones who market usually make more than those who manufacture or invent. We can create a continuum of work models. but in return you get a clear operating manual. 5. two weeks vacation. you set you own time schedule and are responsible for the results. However. You charge $8000/week but are responsible for booking yourself for these weekly commitments. 5. Sales Representative -. Consulting -. punch the time clock. but have some freedom in making decisions about how things are done. Does not require that you invent or manufacture anything. state. you decide to offer this one area of expertise to multiple companies. You are your own boss. 10. You happen to like sports. still have benefits. 4. Traditional Job -. you simply distribute. and Matco Tools. You may have a base salary but a large percentage of your income will be based on sales generated. Wendy’s. 6. One hour lunch break. or national distributor for Nascar Beanies.You find a product or service that you are excited about. and medical insurance. but have a clear plan to follow. Office Supervisor -. Distributorship -. 1. so you buy a Play It Again Sports franchise. 40 . simply collecting the difference between distributor and wholesale or retail prices. You pay a franchise fee and small monthly royalty.show up at 7:30. More Structure More Guarantees More Benefits Fixed Income Decisions made Set Hours Less Structure Fewer Guarantees Fewer Benefits Open Ended Income Make own Decisions Time Freedom 1.

You realize all your motorcycle friends are constantly looking for new and different ways to customize their machines. No. Each of these 10 work models could have 20 different examples that would fit. But you get the idea of all the choices. 10. you go out and offer to mow your neighbor’s yard for $60 a week. You have to negotiate a licensing agreement with Garth’s people. The power which resides in him is new in nature. And you have a great idea for a humorous TShirt design. You purchase the fabric as scrap material for pennies on the original cost. It is not a black and white issue of working for someone else or working for yourself.You realize the local apparel factories reject entire rolls of fabric because of any small recurring flaw. 9. but now have a creative way to generate your own income. packaged in colorful plastic bags. You then cut it into small squares and sell them as clean up rags to auto dealerships.Ralph Waldo Emerson 41 . you hire your nephew to work for you at $10 an hour. -. Business Opportunity -. you receive a contract with Dollar General to supply these rags. You duplicate this model and one year later have 50 residential and 14 commercial accounts for full year-long yard maintenance. Also. you go to the next concert and make $20. Licensing -.7. you cannot just go do that. showing Garth Brooks as a bulldog. You can see the graduated moves away from the traditional job and you may be able to find someplace on that continuum that fits exactly what you are looking for.000 working on your own schedule from your own garage. You pay $1500 for an instruction manual and an innovative tool to allow you to gold-plate any object smaller than 12 inches long. to less and less structured from the outside. you and your wife net $150. nor does he know until he’s tried. Personal Service -. Very Non-traditional Work -. and none but he knows what that is. going from more structured by external forces. That afternoon.You buy a lawn mower for $100. recognizing all the options. But then you have the advantage of the instant recognition. You pay no royalties. body shops and retail outlets. After 90 days.000 selling your shirts. The first year. 8. When you have booked your weekly schedule. which he can do. you can see that it may not be a big leap to go from what you are currently doing to a new model that fits you and allows you to reach your goals.You are a fan of country music.While looking through a magazine you see an ad for a system for gold-plating small objects.

LIFE DIRECTION REFLECTIONS 1. what do you see yourself doing? If your life turned out perfectly. what has had the greatest value or worth? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. When you daydream. If you look at your work so far. most fulfilling moments in your life? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 6. What have been the happiest. What were your childhood goals and ambitions for life? Which ones have you been able to fulfill? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 4. What is the primary work model you have been using to create income? 42 . what would it look like? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 5. Who gave you your first job? What kind of job was it? How much money did you make? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2.

________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 43 .________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 7. Who are two or three people you know who seem to have accomplished their dreams in life? What do you remember about their accomplishments? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 8. Write briefly about your father or mother’s attitudes toward work and how that has affected you. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 9. Describe 2-3 times when your efforts have reduced costs and increased income. Describe 3-4 times in your own work experience when you have been paid on results or on completion of the job rather than just for putting in your time.) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 10. What did you do? (Recognize these are transferable strengths.

If you are an Eaglepreneur. the time flexibility. In all practical applications. They will be dramatically different. These may be undesirable components of what you thought you wanted. pet sitting. caterers. And yet you are intrigued by. the sign permits. Others are personal service providers and provide cleaning pickup and delivery. the hiring of employees. There is no need to make your venture more complicated than it needs to be. etc. public relations specialists. writers. video producers. loans and employees. If you have been a professional and want to go out on your own. ENTREPRENEUR VS EAGLEPRENEUR Another issue that must be clarified is the distinction between the typical entrepreneur and what I call the Eaglepreneur. forms. and the open-ended income potential possible in having your own venture. 44 .7. tax codes. or landscape services. the personal freedom. Dell Computers and General Motors are – with their thousands of employees and buildings that would make a small city. Then there are the lease negotiations. it is in fact comparable to trying to buy a Ferrari when you need a Volkswagen. the dynamics of what you will be doing will not just be a scaled down version of that kind of business. and the bank loans or other means of raising large amounts of money. leases. inventors. computer consultants. here are the real figures for business size in America. Microsoft. Today’s new entrepreneurs are often graphic designers. Be encouraged if you are one of these new entrepreneurs. accountants. Many people who want to break off on their own are intimidated by the seemingly endless licenses. deal with the traditional small business of 100 to 1. They may not want to run a traditional business with building. and attracted to. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Small Business Administration defines a small business as any organization with 100 to 1. Trying to run your business like a big business will not only seem overwhelming. direct mail masters. We all hear about how big companies like WalMart. But is interesting to really look at how rare that kind of business model is today. and the books available. it probably is not a quantum leap at all to make the transition.500 employees. You may in fact be an Eaglepreneur. that are presented as part of starting any business. most all of the courses offered. sales and marketing professionals. Unfortunately. specialized care for the elderly. and designers. what is required to run a one or two person venture is obviously substantially different than what is required to run even a ten person company. painting.500 employees.

$1. and McDonalds. Interested in Running the business 7. energy and imagination. Finds a need and fills it 2. Oriented toward TAKING – how much can we Take from our customers? EAGLEPRENEUR Anticipates or creates a need May work from home with no office May start with no capital* Uses time. Time magazine tells us that over 1. We hear the new figures about foreign outsourcing of even more jobs and the panic increases. We see the collapse of Enron and WorldCom and become convinced that there will be no jobs left anywhere. Rents or leases offices 3. Money as gauge of Success 12. Hires Employees 5. We hear about AT&T.6% of the businesses have more than 99 employees and 97.4% of the businesses have 1-99 employees Which means that only 2.52. Microsoft. Measures Sales.000 workers and that the stock of Columbia HCA is falling. often no $$ Often has no employees** Service or information focused Interested in Doing the business Wants to work In the business Everything is geared to Small business Build and then maintain a Clear Focus Driven by Purpose Measures Relationships Looks for companies to cooperate with What can we GIVE for free to our Customers? 45 . Geared to Big business 9.000. Keeps eye peeled for competitors to eliminate 13. Wants to work On the business 8.000 .4% actually fit the Small Business Administration definition of a small business. We hear that AT&T is laying off 40.8% of all businesses have 1-4 employees 97.000.000 in capital 4. The heart of the emerging new American workforce is not being created in the factories and monolithic institutions. Product Focused 6. Driven by Profits 11. We are in a culture that recognizes Big Business. Build and start expanding – diversify 10. May need $500.000 jobs were eliminated last year by big business. Check the following comparisons: ENTREPRENEUR 1. General Motors. What we do not hear about as much is that last year small independent ventures created over 2 Million new positions. it is being created out in the streets and in the homes of America’s new entrepreneurs and Eaglepreneurs.

-. ** Don’t think that just because you have no employees. Franchises. Education makes people easy to lead. but impossible to enslave.000 and yet the common myth continues that you need a ton of money to start a profitable business. Many people also believe that there is a correlation between how much money is required initially and how much money the business can make.14. than 100% of my own. spend a couple hours a day updating that information and net $150. or MLM. May build the business and sell it 15. Not true! There are people borrowing $500. I have no “employees” but I have wonderful strategic alliances with a lot of very competent people.000 the first year.000/yr. I personally have seven different revenue streams in my business. you cannot benefit from the efforts of a lot of people. but network marketing. The old J. 60% require less than $5. Someone else may spend $300 to open a site on the Internet.000 to open a bowling alley. Many people are attracted to network marketing because they have been told that is the only way to get a small part of the efforts of a lot of people.Henry Peter Brougham 46 . Paul Getty principle is “I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people. who will work 65 hours and net $35. but difficult to drive. easy to govern. providing valuable information. a traditional business. is only one of many ways to accomplish that goal and is not a personal style fit for many people. business opportunities and strategic alliances are all common ways people can leverage their time and benefit from the efforts of many people. May have had many businesses Would continue if they won the lottery Spends time creating May have been a loyal employee * According to the Bureau of Census data. Spends time managing 16. 26% of business start-ups don’t require any capital.” That is a valid principle.

The salesman who attempts it will be seen as an amateur and will be frustrated in the results. don’t worry. In today’s environment there is too much consumer awareness and consumer protection for that model of selling to be effective. Most people think of a cookie cutter model of selling and anticipate that someone is going to have to be that proverbial used car salesman. that model of selling is gone. SELLING MODELS As we begin to look at your best options.You are still pretty comfortable with the direct contact. But we can create another continuum for selling models. You can knock on someone’s door during dinner and simply consider them an idiot if they slam the door in your face. Either that or you must find people who can do the selling for you. 6. now you get to increase your contacts through the magic of telemarketing. You know the numbers – if you knock on 23 doors. 10. (Water Purification Systems. 8.8. however. 47 . someone is going to buy and you can make $100. If this makes you cringe with fear. 4. Encyclopedias. 9. 3.You are the feared Vacuum Cleaner Salesman.000 this year. You are very comfortable with confrontation and direct in-your-face contact. Door –to-Door -. You make 586 attempts and actually talk to 120 people a day. 2. rest assured. 5. It is not true that either you are a salesperson or you are not. Well. The image of selling often is one of pressuring someone to buy something they don’t want or need. you will notice the continuing component of sales and marketing in every choice. 7. Direct customer contact Requires face to face interaction Outgoing People Skills Extroverted Indirect customer contact Requires systems and methods More analytical and logical Introverted 1. Remember that lack of sales and marketing systems account for 48% of all business failures. there are many different kinds of selling. however. with the options available today. Magazine Subscriptions) 2. Selling must be done in any venture. What you must do is make sure that the selling required in your business lines up with your personality style. Telemarketing Sales -. Let’s look at the broad range of possibilities: 1.

You are a representative for Kinkos. NASCAR Beanies) 10. Internet -.You are with Mutual of New York. Large Ticket – Few Customers -. The orders are taken by a fulfillment house – you never see or talk to the customer.000 subscribers at $9. 6. You run ads in the USA Weekend section that is an insert in most major city Sunday papers. Your income is growing without requiring more of your time. 5.You love sports and are now a representative for Nike.You have a site offering daily updated financial tips and information. There are 150 prospects in the United States. You identify your customers’ long term needs and present analytical. Retail Sales -. Every business in your city is a prospect. Weather. Each week you visit the 23 sports store managers in your territory. Counter Sales -. It requires two hours a day for you to research and post your new information. Outside Sales Territory -. You promote it in a classified ad in Money magazine and show your Web site.3.000. Your selling and their commitment to your company flows out of the strong relationship you have built. Legal. detailed financial proposals based on those needs. Once put in place. Once you refine the system you find sources for other emotion based products and duplicate your success. You know their kids’ birthdays and where they went on vacation last year. You respond to nationally generated inquiries and make some prospecting calls of your own. After six months you have 10. 9. 4. 7.95. turn some of those into prospects and then customers. You develop relationships with them. Inside and Outside Selling -.You have access to a great model of a ‘57 Chevy. You are responsible for calling 10 commercial customers daily in addition to servicing the customers walking in the door. you can be making money while you are on the golf course. Sex) 48 . Mail Order -. the process is not dependent on your time.You are working for Dillards. (Lady Diana dolls. Subscribers start coming in. Customers walk in your door or call you on the phone. Financial. Your product starts at $750. 8.You are with National Gaskets. (Medical. Some clients come to your office and you go to homes or offices of others. Relationship-Oriented Selling -. Sports.You are the account manager for Nashville Barge. Commemorative Plates. Customers come into the store and you are responsible for defining their needs and leading them to the appropriate merchandise. You build relationships with your customers and they respond to your sense of caring and understanding. You need to see 30 new prospects daily.

the farther we move to the right. -. the less people contact is required and the greater the need for a clear system. “Know thyself.As you can see. and to thine own self be true. There is not good or bad kind of selling presented here.” Shakespeare The greatness of work is inside man.Pope John II 49 . Understanding your own personality is the key to defining where you would function best.

963 job losses each day in America.000 businesses.attitude. we will continue to see more and more small businesses. the number of small businesses has exploded to approximately 24. Will we really see more and more small businesses? Many of you have already experienced the downsizing of large corporations. they just choose to go on to a new venture. Over 800. IBM. someone churned out the statistic that 4 out of 5 small businesses fail in their first five years of operation. In the last ten years small business has accounted for 71% of the nation's new job growth. The study pinpointed the true failure rate at less than 1% of all businesses per year. And remember. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA).9. we are gathering new information that helps us understand the information about businesses staying in business. That does not mean that the old business was not successful or even unprofitable. What is the attraction to start-up entrepreneurial businesses? More and more Americans are looking for greater control of their destinies and for the chance to apply personal skills to earn income. No one can trace the source of this mysterious figure. Yes. I already referred to the thousands more who have lost their jobs with companies like Enron or WorldCom.48% B: Poor cost controls -. Knowing the characteristics of entrepreneurs.000 Americans are starting their own businesses each year and that number is growing. Don't most new businesses fail? Once upon a time. it is totally untrue. 60 percent of all families will have some type of home business by the year 2005. 2. General Motors and other American standards have cut their work forces dramatically.46% 5. What we are seeing is a healthy return to the kind of business that started our country. A recent article in Time announced an average of 1. 50 . According to a recent Dun & Bradstreet census of 250. 3. 85% of your success will originate from your people skills -. 4.5 million. almost 70% of all firms that started were still around 10 years later. Currently. What are the key ingredients for success? The ability to Plan. What are the primary factors contributing to the failure of those that do fail? Managerial incompetence: A: Sales & Marketing -. Frequently asked Business START-UP questions: 1. and not only is it illogical. and 15% will be due to your technical skills. now adding over 2 million new jobs each year. selfdiscipline. enthusiasm. Organize and Communicate. The good news is. they often simply choose to close a business and go on to a new one. Most people are not as interested in material wealth as they are in time freedom.

Are there any new ideas left to start? Experts estimate that over 80% of the products and services that we use today will be obsolete in 5 years. Dominos created millionaires all across the country. 7. It may be a passive method of marketing. Should I buy an existing business? If we take an average business cost of $120K -.It's not even the quality of the idea but rather the quality of the action plan brought to that idea that determines success. Make sure you research carefully. they did not make better or cheaper pizza. they simply added delivery to a very common product. Share your idea with others. Also. Should I buy a franchise. there are good deals on existing business. but look closely at why the business is being sold. but someone must be selling in one form or another. The airplane. 8.6. know that creativity is not a function of intelligence. Is there one characteristic that is central to business success? The ability to sell -. 10. Ten years ago no one would have been able to foresee those opportunities. 51 . Yes. buyer beware. If I share my idea. Normally. heart valve. When Dominos got in the pizza business. Meeting the desire for speed and convenience.where there is no ability to sell. that means a proven track to run on. Then gear up for a business supporting that idea. soft contact lens. distributorship or business opportunity? The attraction of these is that they are a tried system for a business concept. will someone steal it? Ideas are a dime a dozen -. marketing support and name recognition. and personal computer were all new ideas in past years. and are you buying “blue sky” or “goodwill” or actual tangible assets. What if I'm not creative?* You don't have to be original to be successful in business. 11. With the changes we are experiencing in today's market. Try your idea on friends and family. If you can do something 10% better than it is currently being done or provide added value.will require $40-50K down for net of 35-45K. the finest product or service will fail. tape recorder. get their input. so you don't overpay for something you could do yourself. it is a function of imagination. you can be wildly successful. 9. This is generally not a very attractive proposal. Make one prototype and see if people will buy it. Keep in mind that today there are over 4 Million people working in Internet related jobs. there are thousands of opportunities for new ideas. plus "deep pockets" for operating capital. But.

every little kid wants to be the next Tiger Woods. and never accumulate any real wealth. Show Business. and other senior positions may be attained quickly if one can prove his/her ability to get the job done. however. etc. live high consumptive lifestyles. but not all.000 Millionaires in the United States. Three of the most common millionaire producing businesses in the United States are dry cleaning. In today’s work environment. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or patent something to be very successful. who stayed in the automotive industry for years and worked his way up to a high paying position. ___10%-_ Senior Executive Positions People like Lee Iococca. 5. Alan Jackson. ___>1%__ Stock Market. 100. Athletes. ___74%__ Self-Owned Business. Today there are nearly 2. there is little traditional “security” in any of these positions. MONEY AND SECURITY In 1900 there were fewer than 5. Results are what get noticed. Your 2.one each 12 minutes. Many who feel the necessity of presenting a certain standard of living. These rare examples of success. 1. Statistically you can go from the 1% category to the 74% category this afternoon by going out.000 Millionaires and 40 Billionaires. real estate agents. CFOs.000.000 more become Millionaires each year -. Even high income for services will never make one wealthy. so these senior executive positions may be filled with a newcomer. This is a strange realization. 3. they are simply people who are very good at selling. licensure. or certification. Songwriters. and other Professionals Some of these people end up wealthy. longevity and seniority are not necessarily going to be rewarded. ___10%__ Doctors. There is little connection with educational degrees. This includes typical entrepreneurs. CEOs. Lottery Winners. 52 . Here is a list of how people accumulate wealth in America. Inventors. 4. combined with all the other areas listed in #5. Authors. comprise less than 1% of how people become wealthy. It is only those who live on much less than they make and put some money to work for them who go on to become wealthy. Lawyers. Mel Gibson. or Cindy Crawford. ____5%__ Sales People and Consultants This can be any industry. Eaglepreneurs. vending and printing. service or product. and starting a yard service today.10. The less than 1% category is what gets noticed and talked about. buying a $100 lawn mower.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It. As stated in an earlier section.” 53 . When everything is certain and predictable. houses. your fate is in the hands of one person -. whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms. General Douglas McArthur said. by definition. including medical school. cattle. Uncertainty -. barns. And not having things handed to you on a silver platter is actually an advantage. Remember. Alan Kay In today’s workplace. and now at age 52 realizes he has never pursued his real “calling. Just do something 10% better or provide added value.” Your security is in knowing clearly what it is that you do well and then doing that with excellence. if you are selling hot dogs on the street corner. Uncertainty. means anything is possible.your boss. But in your own business. “Security is the ability to produce. and farming tools. that they might have seen with clearer eyes what field they were called to labor in. Ralph Waldo Emerson said this: “I see young men. my townsmen.real chances of financial success are vastly greater than trying in these rare areas of success. for these are more easily acquired than got rid of. has never developed these or any other talents as he is busy protecting the money he inherited from his father. every one of your customers would have to fire you before you're out of business.the sense of not knowing what is up ahead is actually the only context in which we can create a future different from the past. When you are working for a company. A current client was “given” the best education money could buy. there can only be a repeat of what has been. A decision by one person can put you out on the street.” The process of finding authenticity is a very individualized and internal one and can easily be hidden by having too many “advantages. Better if they had been born in the open pasture and suckled by a wolf. SECURITY is an illusion. while a gifted singer and performer.” Frequently I see “advantages” given early in life that misdirect a person and leave him/her with a strong sense of being off track in their 40s or 50s. I have a friend who. you don't need to reinvent the wheel to have a successful business.

” Don’t wish that for yourself or inflict that on your children. My inheritance was a strong work ethic. adored by little statesman and philosophers and divines.I was raised in a poor farming family in rural Ohio. Not quite “born in the open pasture” but almost. and being called a “wise son” by my dad. My siblings and I will likely be called on to subsidize his stay there in the very near future. Emerson adds: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. a 62-yr marriage. That’s enough for me. Beyond that. it was up to me to find my path and live it out. seeing an example of integrity and character. My dad is now 91 and living in a retirement center.” The consistency of a big inheritance or winning the lottery may in fact foster a “little mind. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. 54 .

How many times have you had an idea. Go to the free business seminars. I calculated the following: The person who drives a car 25. Nightingale Conant is the largest provider of motivational and learning tape sets. BRIAN TRACY. Over 2 Million new businesses will be started this year. BUT WE NEVER ACT ON THOSE IDEAS. you must be reading current magazines to help expand your thinking. For example. That’s OK. Recognize that success principles are universal. Too often people 55 . will spend approximately the same amount of time in that car as a college student spends in the classroom in a year of study. HOW TO CHOOSE A PRODUCT OR SERVICE Always be looking for new ideas.nightingale. “What do you do with that time?” Do you just SPEND it in listening to meaningless or even negative music (chewing gum for the mind) or do you INVEST it in a way that can take you to a higher level of success? We have had clients learn new languages. Just take the good information if you don’t want that particular business idea. I have gotten many great ideas for marketing and building a business from real estate seminars. pay attention as you drive around. Now the question then becomes.com /and request a free catalogue. Years ago. The opportunities are all around you. at an average speed of 46 mph. LISTEN TO C ASSETTER TAPES AND CDs If there is one way to quickly transform your success. ATTEND SEMINARS Go to anything that will give you a new way to look at ideas. but did something about it. and then 3 years later you see it in reality. IN HIS TAPE SERIES “GETTING RICH IN AMERICA” SAYS THAT MOST OF US HAVE 3-4 IDEAS A YEAR THAT WOULD MAKE US MILLIONAIRES. I believe it is in listening to audio programs. transform their sales ability and start new businesses based on this simple process of capturing the time they were already spending in their cars. like books. recognize they will offer opportunities for you to buy something. Someone else had the same idea. although I have no interest in real estate investing or selling. Most public libraries have audio sets you can borrow at no cost. READ MAGAZINES If you are serious about looking at new options.11.000 miles. Stimulate your creative ideas. Contact them at http://www. You may have to look with new “eyes” but the possibilities have never been greater.

If the growth is only 15% in a year. It’s only when he trips the bar (failure) that we have a true measure of how good he is. (See reading list in the Appendix) GET RID OF YOUR TV This may sound rash. Fast Company READ BOOKS There are wonderful books out there to encourage you and stretch your thinking. it is highly unlikely that you will experience unusual success. They are also very protective of what goes into their minds. However. The real personal principles for success can be found in many of the old classics. “Whenever there is the possibility of failure there is also the possibility of winning. However. we really don’t know how good the jumper is. take advantage of the current flood of new material. one will still double his output in 4 years. recognizing that our minds are like computers – garbage in. but if you are spending 2-3 hours a day in front of the TV. I never find that to be the case with successful people. And with risk. Denis Waitley guarantees this method for transforming a person’s results.” Robert Schuller compares this process to a high jumper approaching the bar. Starting on your own is not like gambling because we reduce risk by careful planning. The Psychology of Winning. The process of finding the right idea for you is to look at 100 ideas before deciding which one you will choose. there is always the possibility of failure. 56 . you don’t just go out and take the first one you see. he will double his results in six months. But those who cannot tolerate failure will always take the “safe” route. That’s the power of compounding if you continue growing. the great coach of the Boston Celtics. EMBRACE FAILURE This may sound too radical. Look at many and you will learn how to recognize the best one for you. In addition. This is like buying a house or a car.simply hear about one idea and decide they will try to duplicate someone else’s success. He says that if a sales person will spend just 30 minutes a day listening. They simply have identified things that create a greater return than the mindless drivel presented on the great percentage of TV programs. it is also timeless. Pick up magazines like: Entrepreneur Business Start-Ups Income Opportunities Working From Home Inc. Rick Patino. anything outside the ordinary does have a certain degree of risk. As long as he clears the bar every time. SPEND 30 MINUTES/DAY REFLECTING AND LEARNING In the best selling tape series of all time. garbage out. as Rhett Butler says in the movie Scarlett. says “failure is the fertilizer of success”. learning and growing. Success is not only universal.

the philosophy of Aristotle and Plato. not what I am to know…. making sure that all input is positive. pestilence. To find the idea for which I can live and die. Later in the day. I take advantage of my extensive audio library. Zig Ziglar. spend 20-30 minutes in meditative reading. and then go to my workout area. and drop down exhausted at your desk at 8:10. and Denis Waitely. and heartache. you can choose a different beginning.The thing is to understand myself. Many of my most creative ideas have come from this protected time of the day. You plant the seeds for what the day will hold. I never read the paper first thing in the morning. What I lack is to be clear in my mind what I am to do. if you get up leisurely after a completely restful night’s sleep. The motivation of Earl Nightingale.The First Hour Is The Rudder Of The Day -. Brian Tracy.The Golden Hour Henry Ward Beecher Be careful what you think about first thing in the morning. and that is not the input I want in my brain. creative and inspirational. murder. Everything will seem like pressure and your best efforts will be greatly diluted. so that I fill that 45 minutes with physical exertion combined with mental input and expansion. Kenneth Blanchard. to see what God really wished me to do…. you have set the tone for your day. While working out physically. Dietrick Bonhoeffer. often when I am in a full sweat. and John Maxwell are the first input into my brain each morning. the theology of Robert Schuller. The news is filled with rape.. But I carefully protect that first hour of the day. grab a cup of coffee and a cigarette. I have not used an alarm clock for the last 25 years. clean. I can scan the news for anything related to my areas of interest and quickly sort through what I need. pure. no matter how important it may seem to know the news. rush to work fuming at the idiots in traffic. I get up. However. because I go to bed at a reasonable time and have clearly in my mind when I want to start the next day. Jay Abraham. If you get up late. Soren Kierkegaard 57 .

______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. What is your background. ideas. What personal qualities account for the greatest success in your life so far? ______________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 6. What are five things you enjoy doing in your free time? _____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 4.12. _____________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Are you creative and expressive or logical and analytical? Are you neat and orderly or carefree and unorganized? Are you a social butterfly or a recluse? Do you easily influence people or cringe at the thought of disciplining an employee?_____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. WHAT BUSINESS FITS YOU? 1. and experience? _______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 58 . List any technical or unique skills you possess. List five things other people say you do well. education. or things? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Do you like people.

Often they come in with a great idea. etc? ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 9._____________________________________________________________________ 4. chance to develop hobby._____________________________________________________________________ 10. Don't stop until you reach 20. Stretch your thinking._____________________________________________________________________ 12._____________________________________________________________________ 3._____________________________________________________________________ 8.) 1. What do you want in a business? Time freedom. in that process. more money. opportunity to help others._____________________________________________________________________ 9.____________________________________________________________________ 2. (This is a process I have used with high achievers for years._____________________________________________________________________ 5. Now list 20 business ideas that would allow you to incorporate these items._____________________________________________________________________ 7._____________________________________________________________________ 16._____________________________________________________________________ 15._____________________________________________________________________ 59 ._____________________________________________________________________ 14._____________________________________________________________________ 11. but I require that they come up with 19 more similar ideas before we create a plan of action. It’s uncanny how. a new option rises to the top as the best choice._____________________________________________________________________ 17._____________________________________________________________________ 13._____________________________________________________________________ 6.____________________________________________________________________________ 8.

but made. Are you typically a goal setter? Do you set goals at the first of the year? If not.___________________________________________________________________ 20. and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.18. John Schaar 60 . but one we create. What are 3-4 ideas you have had over the years that you did nothing to pursue but then saw someone else develop? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 11. The paths are not found.___________________________________________________________________ 19. it’s impossible to hit a goal you cannot see!) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ The future is not some place we are going. why not? (Just remember.___________________________________________________________________ 10.

IDEAS sketching calculating interpreting appraising keeping records visualizing counting compiling synthesizing translating researching evaluating comparing copying budgeting writing editing revising computing planning interpreting studying coordinating reporting programming working with figures inventing designing proofreading estimating thinking creating PEOPLE helping recruiting selling fund-raising negotiating exchanging ideas counseling listening tutoring supervising instructing speaking representing persuading consulting treating advising discussing needs answering questions handling complaints motivating managing coaching mentoring translating organizing entertaining inspiring designing events healing presenting promoting THINGS building operating delivering handling things organizing moving repairing improving installing restoring tending inspecting testing using tools painting keyboarding drawing crafting cleaning adjusting driving assembling growing remodeling carving sketching monitoring precision work setting up wrecking computing tooling MY FAVORITE SKILLS _________________ _________________ _________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ __________________ __________________ __________________ 61 .SKILLS MATCHING SURVEY Circle the characteristics that are most descriptive of you. See where you find the strongest grouping and then commit to having your business idea embrace those characteristics.

People have made fortunes with the pet rock. he simply asked to be a distributor for an existing product. Brand new products or services are usually very RISKY. “selling” a paper that we later found distributed free on the street corners. Ask your FRIENDS. and would sell to your best friend. • • • • IMPROVING an existing product or service is the surest and quickest way to success. He asked to be the U. As you TRAVEL. that paper prompted my thinking about a similar application for our city. Don't look for GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES.000 orders for this improved wheelbarrow. everyone has Ideas. If it sounds too good to be true.S. Pet products are extremely popular right now – and millionaires are being made with dog sunglasses. but you are the person who is going to put a Plan together. hula hoop. something you would buy yourself and use yourself. sports theme items. With only a $5. superior to what was then available in the United States. It was a fiberglass/plastic wheelbarrow. Even in our global economy. Orange Julius started on the West Coast. bandanas and health insurance. elaborate litter boxes.00 profit margin. politically related T-shirts and bumper stickers. EXPLORING FOR NEW IDEAS • Go to TRADE SHOWS. look.000 profit! Pay attention to passing FADS AND TRENDY IDEAS. I have distributorship agreements with several book publishers whereby I can purchase any of their products at 50% of retail. 95% of products produced are never sold outside that country. that’s $250. listen and learn. Remember. Check products being sold in FOREIGN COUNTRIES.DECIDE TO BE EXCELLENT AT WHATEVER YOU DO. we had a homeless man approach us. He did not invent it. and other fads that present a short window of opportunity. One time while traveling on a family vacation. Many times you can be a distributor just for the asking. • • • • • 62 . Look at the LONG-TIME PERSPECTIVE. Make sure you find SOMETHING YOU BELIEVE IN. Years ago a gentleman saw a wheelbarrow advertised in a magazine. He took one sample wheelbarrow to one home and garden show. Often there are products available where you can be a distributor. THIS PROVIDES MORE LEVERAGE THAN ANY OTHER FACTOR. did not patent it. However. The guy who recognized that as a growing phenomenon brought it back to the Midwest and made millions. and received over 50. distributor. it probably is.

D.95 for that list. There are hundreds of ways to have a business with residual. ACCOUNTING. NEGOTIATING. It is only the person who puts a plan of action together who will benefit. 63 . Don Lepre’s material at $39. F. Get input from everyone you know. She then did the same thing with 101 Ways To Fix Chicken. Get a prototype or sample. Go to flea market or trade show to test selling. You cannot build an MLM company from the comfort of your own home. recurring. TESTING YOUR IDEA A. Compare with other similar products or services.000 in about six months. Brad has been run out of town for all the misrepresentations. B. a lady ran a simple two line ad in the back of a couple of women’s magazines promoting her 101 Ways To Fix Hamburger. Don't be secretive. is one business format where you can learn vital business skills at very little cost and risk: SELLING. MAKING PRESENTATIONS. By running an ad in flying magazines he collected over $12. in fact. The successful person for this work model will be someone who is very outgoing and sociable. and analytical in your personality.• SHARE your ideas. talking to a lot of people day after day. AND COMMUNICATING can all be done in this format. Know production timelines. You must be out in the public. they are making a lot of money by selling us the information. So don’t try this if you are introverted. A few years ago. She collected thousands of dollars from people sending her their $2. Is it legitimate? Sure! Is it overpriced? Probably.95 is a pretty good value. but you can get their opinion and input on your idea. You must test small and then move up in the volume of your promotion. You have probably seen the late night TV ads with Don Lepre and Brad Richdale. • Mail Order is another method to explore a business with very little risk on the front end. Start small. ORGANIZING. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Obviously. • 85% of what you need to know to run a successful business you can learn from running a successful MLM. Keep it simple. TEAM-BUILDING. E. Everyone you know is too busy to do anything else. make a lot of money. Having information never made anyone any money. passive income other than in the MLM model. Just remember that not everyone is a candidate for network marketing. you can. MLM or network marketing. But the key is that any of this is legitimate if YOU create a plan of action. but if you find an idea and start experimenting. You can get the same information many other places. C. promoting their materials to teach you how to get rich by running newspaper ads. A client of ours once wrote a little 8 page pamphlet on How To Land An Airplane Safely.

they are simply guaranteeing a loan provided by your local bank. • Franchising With this model. You can check out the requirements and get help with your loan application from your nearest SBA bank or Small Business Development Center. • Customer Financing Many businesses are based on getting the order – and then perhaps 50% payment in advance and the balance on delivery.sba. having a major licensing agreement certainly strengthens your ability to get money from any of these other traditional sources. Also. it is very common to have a supplier or vendor provide the merchandise to you where you can display and sell it before actually paying for it.gov/ • Leasing Leasing equipment and office space can drastically reduce start up capital needed. Banks are not in the business of speculating on your idea. SOURCES OF MONEY FOR STARTING A BUSINESS • Banks Will normally want 2 dollars in assets for every dollar loaned. 13. This is the basic model that has been used by MLM companies for years. you may be able to get total financing for a location and inventory while you are getting started. You pay 50% of your Tupperware order and the rest when it arrives. you will be able to sell the shirts before paying the Bulls their share of the profits. The government is not making a loan. 64 . http://www. the boat manufacturers will be happy to help you with the leasing arrangements. • Supplier Financing In the same way. and personal guarantee. It Is A Function Of Imagination. If you are going to rent boats in the harbor. • SBA Requirements are much the same as with a bank.Creativity Is Not A Function Of Intelligence. • Licensing If you have an agreement to sell T-shirts with the Chicago Bulls on the front. 1-2 years history.

then send the wholesale cost to the publishers. ______Desire__________ 4. They will look more at you. the individual. They collect the total amount and keep the difference. ______Imagination______ YOU WILL ATTRACT MONEY. With my book distributorships. and also want big. • Factoring If you get a major order from General Motors. They invest in the person. than just at the business idea or product. money that people who know and trust you will provide. Financial resources don’t make as much difference as you might think. • Venture Capital You hear a lot about this form of financing.• Distributorships Often in distributorships. you can go out and sell the merchandise. but venture capital funds finance fewer than 1% of new businesses. 65 . Many people don't start their own business because they think lack of money is an insurmountable obstacle. Research shows that unless the person has a household income of less than $10. all entrepreneurs are pretty much equal. you can contact companies that will give you perhaps 85% of that money owed. If you have: 1. the receiving company pays the manufacturer who then pays you a commission. sell it and collect the full price. ______Energy_________ 2. ______Ambition_______ 3. I ordered the merchandise. Not because they think it is a great idea. but because they love you and believe in you. quick returns on their money – and ownership control.000. have it delivered. • “Love Money” More than 80% of new businesses are started with love money.

bowling alleys. ______No Money_______ We Are Told That Talent Creates Its Own Opportunities. the fastest growing businesses are: 47% Services 23% Manufacturing 15% Distribution 8% Retail 7% Construction 66 .999 4% needed $50.$249. information and technology may require little or none at all.$99.000 or more That shows us that 69% of all new businesses needed less than $10.$999.000 .000. This defies the common myth that it takes a lot of money to start a business. But Its Own Talents.000 to get started. service stations.000 .999 1% needed $1. 70% of the people on the street say they would like to start their own business.$49.000 9% needed $5. Why don’t they? There are three primary reasons: 1.000 . Eric Hoffer According to a recent INC.999 2% needed $250.$9.000 . Traditional businesses required lots of initial capital (restaurants.According to the most recent Bureau of Census data: 26% of business start-ups didn’t require any capital 34% needed less than $5. magazine article.000 .000 3% needed $100. ______Ignorance________ 3.$24. But It Sometimes Seems That Intense Desire Creates Not Only Its Own Opportunities. hardware stores) but today’s businesses in service.999 5% needed $25.000 .999 10% needed $10. ______Fear of Failure____ 2.

Copyright) 8% of your challenge – Is it a valid idea or product? 90% of your challenge – What is your Marketing Plan? Most people spend too much initial time. In a recent workshop with Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul author) he asked how many of us wanted to write a book. ASSESSING MARKET POTENTIAL The ultimate success of a business idea depends on whether enough potential customers in the chosen market area have the need or desire for the product or service. Marketing is an absolute necessity. Everything must be sold. etc. must determine whether there is such a need. ______Product_________ 2. This was his advice. Four components in marketing are: 1. and which competitors are currently meeting that need. You. and only 5% will be due to the actual product itself. the world will beat a path to your door. ______Promotion_______ These comprise what we call the marketing mix. If you have a new invention: 2% of your challenge – Protecting your idea (Patent. packaging. and not enough emphasis on Marketing. energy and money protecting their idea rather than selling or marketing it. ______Price___________ 3. whether there are enough potential customers in the marketplace that can or will buy the product or service. people usually put too much emphasis on developing the product or idea.” He went on to show that 95% of a person’s success will be due to promoting.14. as the business owner. SALES & MARKETING ESSENTIALS Your marketing skills will account for ____90%_____ of your success. Remember. Even with a new idea. He said. Now you’re 5% finished. Lots of hands went up. Trademark. ______Place___________ 4. Those days are over. nothing sells itself. “Write your book. 67 . Don’t delude yourself into believing that if you build a better mousetrap. pricing.

shipping schedules. I have seen too many horror stories about people who created a prototype. I cannot emphasize the need for doing this first before you concern yourself with manufacturing capabilities. Incidentally. I identified the dissatisfaction of the dealers based on poor service and delivery and was thus able to quickly position my USP (Unique Selling Proposition). and even refinement of the product. went to a manufacturer and produced a warehouse full of 10. rust proofing. Customers do business with a company for more reasons than price. As you look at your competitors. Based on the overwhelmingly favorable response. however. However. got a patent. roll bars. What makes you different? Why would people buy from you? Don’t think you have to be cheaper than anyone else. “Would you buy this if I had it available?” In 1978 I was exploring business ideas in Bowling Green. I then purchased a van. a small initial inventory of products and began to fulfill what they had already told me they would buy. Doing your “due diligence” will require that you check out the marketplace. running boards. Before investing one penny I went to all the major dealers in the area and simply asked them if they needed and wanted those products in a service provided at their locations. etc. That little business grew rapidly to a very successful enterprise.000 better mousetraps. You can patent a lovely wooden wheel if it is a new unique product.Do you understand the market for the particular product or service you want to provide? If your product is something new or different. to get the information about the potential market for your product or service. you need to have a sense of whether you will be selling an item that is wanted or needed in the marketplace. I seriously doubt that there is much of a market for wooden wheels today. only then to discover that the world did not need or even want what they had painstakingly produced. I also had talked to the competitors. doing a formal or informal feasibility study. don’t think you can take customers away merely by selling at a lower price. sunroofs. Kentucky. there is a close 68 . who discouraged me because of the slow market and the lack of loyalty from the dealers. Actually. Just because you can get a patent on something does not guarantee that anyone will want to buy it. One of the ideas I had was to provide aftermarket products to the new car dealers: stereo systems. Every business must identify its USP. Identify the following: • • • • • What is the need? Who is my customer? Where is my customer? How do I reach my customer? Who is my competition? Many times you can do your market research by simply going to potential customers and asking them.

quicker delivery. or a nicer personality. but just did something better or a little different. Dominos. Most people want to surprise the world with their great idea or service. your USP may be better service. price. buy their product or service. Be careful of trying to just sell cheaper. and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid of having competitors. While you may be eager to get started. Shop there. only to discover the world may not want what they are now presenting. Census Bureau (http://www. Their weaknesses may be your greatest opportunity.S. The time spent in this market research will add to your ultimate success like nothing else. Dominos. but they were the first to guarantee 30-minute delivery. Dominos did not focus on making better or cheaper pizza. providing free resources and services 69 .connection between Price and Perceived Value in our culture. don’t bypass this market study in advance. Check out your competitors.census. The following sources are also available to help you in your research: • • • • • • • • • • • Trade Associations Trade Periodicals U. and with that one difference went on to create millionaires across the country. An attorney who charges $40/hr. and Amazon. just do something 10% better or provide added value. Wendy’s. Look at FedEx.joint venture of Nation’s Bank and the Small Business Administration. Critically and honestly evaluate their product. is usually seen as not as good as one who charges $400/hr.gov/) demographics for retail site Chamber of Commerce Franchises Business Opportunities Distributorships SBA pamphlet “Researching Your Market” Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) usually located at major universities Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) free advice from retired business people – ask your local Small Business Administration office Small Business Resource Center -. Most information you need is available to you at no cost. McDonalds. and Mercedes.com all came into crowded markets. strengths. Home Depot. better quality. WalMart.

Today. You may be much more successful and honor your reasons for wanting your own business by taking your jewelry to the flea market once a month and having a site on the Internet. Mail Order 6. Take it one step at a time. Chain Stores 11. Direct Mail 5. you determine the business! 70 . Door-to-Door 8. she stated her desire to find a retail location for her baskets. As an advertising specialty 13. Personal Sales 2. And she continues to have evenings and weekends free to spend with her family. Retail Stores 3. Franchising 14. Party Plan 7. Fund raising organization Most of these are low cost. Manufacturer's Reps 10. After exploring Mary’s true interests and abilities. Mary agreed with these negatives that would cloud her satisfaction about making baskets. You should recognize that is only one specific way to market your jewelry. She literally has a global market with customers around the world because of her effective presence on the Internet. monotonous and unchallenging. you may immediately think of a pretty little retail store on Main Street in your town. If you want to sell jewelry. We discussed the implications of having a store. Co-op Mailings 9. with that comes the restrictions in who your customers would be and having to be there evenings and weekends when you want to be at your son’s baseball games. She normally receives orders for 100-500 baskets at a time rather than 1at a time. utilities. she has corporate customers in 8-10 major cities. she began making gift baskets. she described the daily routine of caring for needy people as boring. Don’t let the business determine you. have fixed overhead of building. and employees. While building her business and reputation quickly. Mary came to our office as a frustrated nurse. As a premium 12. I questioned the wisdom of that based on her initial desires for going into her own business. She made beautiful baskets and immediately had a positive response. and need to work evenings and weekends when retail sales are strong. Trade Shows 15. While others envied her work responsibilities. Don’t let your thinking go only along traditional lines. However.WAYS YOU CAN SELL 1. Newspapers 4. low risk methods. She would then have about a two-mile radius of customers.

2. These 100 tips can save you thousands of ill-spent advertising dollars and can explode your business. Inside Signs – 74% of all purchases made inside business – cross promote products 11. 5. GUERILLA MARKETING – 100 WEAPONS These guerrilla marketing weapons should all be considered for promoting your product. slogan 10. phone. Identity – be truthful and honest 6. Hair salon owners are often the nerve center of a community. Hours of Operation – people now want access 24 hours a day – Internet? 13. fax. 2000’s Innovation 16. 17. Stationary – tiny influence 9. Theme Lines – summarize what your company stands for. 3. Business Cards – list everything. 7. 4. If you recognize the importance of your marketing. “You’re in good hands with Allstate. Days of Operation – Make it easy for your customers 14. Window Display – be creative 15. Logo – points made to the eye are 70% more effective than to the ear. Community Involvement – work for your community on an unpaid basis.” “Be all that you can be. Have a Marketing Plan Have a Marketing Calendar Know your Niche – how are you unique? What do you stand for? Name of your Company. 1990’s Flexibility.MORE MARKETING HELP (Listed with permission from Jay Conrad Levinson ) Check out all the Guerilla Marketing books and resources at www. We are very fortunate to be able to include this section on marketing. Word of Mouth Marketing – check your MMS (Moment of Maximum Satisfaction) normally lasts maximum of 30 days. Don’t have a name that’s hard to pronounce or that reminds people of someone else. service or website offline. When are your customers most satisfied with what they purchased from you? Then think – who else do my customers patronize? Example: New restaurant – gave coupons for two free dinners to all area hair salon owners. you will be successful in your business. Outside Signs 12. People will be attracted to you. choose and consistently implement several. review this list of 100 ideas.com Mr.” “You deserve a break today. 1. Notice that more than half of them are free. 71 .” 8. The Business Concept – 1980’s Quality. Levinson has proved to be a master at identifying methods for low cost business promotion.gmarketing. web site. They ate there and told their customers.

Cause –related marketing – you are environmentally responsible. We recently offered a free CD for people who got three new people to subscribe to our weekly e-zine. 42. Between 25 – 50% will become customers if you can get them to watch or listen. make it the last thing you do. Gift Certificates – put up sign that says. listen. Give Public Relations stories a long life. Our 48 Days books are sold with a money-back guarantee. 28. Telemarketing – combined with advertising and direct mail. Neatness – if people see your premises NEAT. Reduces risk. Disney – 1st word in their plan is NEATNESS. 32. ask questions – respond to what they talked about. then for 3 more twice a year. A Mercedes dealer added $200. 41. Networking – put yourself with a group of prospects. 35. 39. Electronic Brochure – on video or audio. Sharing – Look for ways to benefit other businesses 21. Physical location is no longer as important. Quality – 2nd most important reason people do business with you. 22. Reprints – blow up newspaper articles. 24. If you are going to run ads. 27. 25. Referral Program – greatest source of new customers are existing customers. Run little ads and say. After training to treat customers like they were the most important thing. 19. the appointment rate went to 94%. Club and Association Memberships – to meet with peers and prove your conscientiousness.don’t need all the money now. pick up on problems where you have the solutions. 40. Flip Charts – give an order and flow to a presentation. 30. 90% of Americans have access to audio and video. All the other components will make the ads work. The Internet is in the low rent district. They were getting 71% appointments. 31. 38. 55% of all media purchases last year were bartered. you help humanity. Over 75% will become paying customers if it is done right. Advertising – by itself doesn’t do the job. Brochure – lets you put in all the details.000 in revenue by offering gift certificates for parts and service. 43. Free Seminars – about your topic or expertise. Partial Payment Plan -. This is 1% of what will make you successful. Nothing stays on the ground more than 3 minutes. Guarantee – remove the risk of doing business with you. they will assume you do your business in the same way. Then send brochure and a personal letter.18. etc. Get back with them within 10 days. 36. Even Time magazine offers 3 easy payments. Example: Midas Muffler gets 100% of their contacts by telephone. Toll Free Phone Number – makes huge increase in response rate. Barter – another entire world. 34. 23. “Call for our Free brochure”. People like doing business with companies who are helping others. 1278 new subscribers were added in one week. Contests and Sweepstakes – to get names for your mailing list. That’s called risk reversal. Telephone Demeanor – Tells whether you value your customer. 20. 37. Talk about the other person. Sales Training – this should be done weekly. Give brochures only to people who ask for them. the hurting. 33. Ask for 5 names immediately. Location – Internet is your most important location. “Ask about our gift certificates”. Use scripts for consistent performance. Opportunities to Upgrade – increase the size of each transaction. 29. Free Consultation – you may be able to offer a free first session. the homeless. 26. Free Demonstrations 72 . etc.

44. ask for referrals End of 12 month. 73 . All of Your Audiences. Check here for examples and a free trial: http://www. Fusion Marketing – I’ll put your company in our newsletter if you’ll put me in yours. They simply offered a free car wash once a week. Thank you note within 48 hours. send anniversary card Customers will buy 3 more times. Example: Doctor’s office cancelled newspaper and yellow pages ads by having one fulltime person give luncheon speeches. Look for businesses who have the same kind of prospects and the same kind of standards. Don’t tell your customers you are here – you will send them to see all your competitors. the more people will be attracted to you. 48. Writing Column for Publication -.qksrv. 59. send questionnaire. 58. including tattoos.” They answered all the questions and then said they provided those qualities. Chick-Fil-A skyrocketed to success by standing in the mall giving away free chicken. etc. Free Gifts and Ad Specialties 54. Also. 57. Service – 3rd most important reason people do business with you. Newsletter – 75% Information and 25% Services offered. Free Samples – The more things you give away free. Follow Up – 68% of business that is lost is because of poor follow-up. Marketing on Hold – hear music and announcements about your services. another questionnaire End of 10 month. very easy to do on the Internet – have links to other businesses. Example of Guerilla Marketing Yellow Page Advertising: A Chiropractor ran a small ad in chiropractor section simply saying. I write for several magazines and provide content for a national publishing house in their Sunday School curriculum. mailing announcing something connected with original purchase. 52. Do whatever you can to get your name and product in front of more people. promoting services. 55. 53. About 74% of the calls became clients. Proctor and Gamble thrives on this. Writing Article for Publication – doesn’t need to promote you directly but make sure you give address. Anyone who hears or sees you can be a potential customer. Don’t worry about the competition – look for who you can cooperate with.net/click-1373931-1668329 60. Yourself – people have to buy you before they buy anything you have. “Call for free information on how to choose a chiropractor. Anything the customer wants it to be. and Web site. End of 6 month. 51. Past Success Stories – tell everything you’ve done right. End of month. Catalog – Can you put even a short list of things together to give your customers a selection? Always give customers at least three options. Employee Attire – you will be judged by the employee with the weirdest attire. Yellow Pages Ads – you don’t have to be here.Big percentage of these listeners will patronize your business. Those articles are exposed to hundreds of thousands of readers and they pay me to write it. Offer Services as Speaker to a Club -. Service is simply providing what the customer wants. 46. phone number. Example: An apartment building stayed at 100% occupancy in a neighborhood where 71% was the average. “any questions?” End of 3 month. Lots of companies provide an easy set-up. 47. Prepare a 20-30 minute presentation related to your field. 50. Giver or Taker Stance – give whatever you can. 56. End of 9 month. 45. and will refer 4 more people. Don’t underestimate who may want what you have to offer. earrings.there are a lot of opportunities today to write for websites. Civic clubs are always looking for quality presentations. 49.

Planning – Why do I want to be here? 2. Direct Mail Letter – Use Strong Envelope. Your actual time with the customer prior to and during the sale will determine their satisfaction. you will find they will call you repeatedly. Movie Ads – cost is incredibly low. user groups. Can produce good spots for about $500. Follow-Up -. Selection.61. 76. no employees. 63. Classified Ads – 61% of people read magazines from back to front. CHANGE D. Get to know marketing – become an expert 2. Involvement – what will you ask visitors to do? Get them involved. etc. Promotion – how will you promote it Off-Line? 8. Radio Spots – foreground or background. check to see what your competition is doing. Production – how do you get it posted? 6. Do nothing that dates your ads and you can continue to use them: no dates. Benefits List – list of all the benefits someone gets from doing business with you. Magazine Ads – greatest credibility of any media. Contact Time with the Customer. Keep a customer list with personal information. 67. use e-mail to people who want information. 70. at the bottom of your letter. Content – what will we show here? 3.focus on: A. People will read the first line and then the P. Try to develop options. Would you get the message about your services with the sound turned off? 74. Become a resource of information regarding your products. 74 . 73. 75. Public Relations – news media needs you more than you need them. Alternate choice has always been a powerful selling tool. Recognize the power of repetition. Media Contacts – get to know the media people. Be in there 1x a week or use them to support a special event. Have to tell the story visually. 68. Necessary Truths about On-Line Marketing: 1. 7. Television – spots have dropped to about $20 per minute. 5. join forums. Infomercials -. Have Web site of your own -. On Line Marketing – will replace Television. 64. How you say Hello and Goodbye – use the customer’s name. Can target audience and hand pick movies.Immediately -. Public is learning how easy it is to buy on line. 3. PERSONALIZATION Eight Elements for Internet Marketing: 1. Give people at least three choices. SPEED OF REPLY C. 65. Maintenance – needs constant nurturing 69. There is no sweeter sound in all the world to them. 62. CONTENT B. What does On-Line Marketing mean. Once you establish yourself as an expert in a particular field. 66. Computer – mandatory weapon. Talk radio is foreground radio and ads are listened to more. Establish Links 4. 72. Newspaper Ads – still the mainstay of small business.S.55% of Americans have viewed an infomercial from start to finish. You can run regional ads in big publication like TIME for very reasonable rates.People expect immediate response when using the Internet. 71. Design 4. Use a P. Use a software program like ACT to track your customer contacts.S. Use the reprints forever in your own promotion.

but do them extremely well. Speed -. Guerilla Marketing helps each customer succeed at what they want. Buy your competitors products and compare to yours. Ask to have your card put on top. Special Events – Parties. Can you think of three places you visited this last week that were not easy to do business with? 96.gather a lot of information and knowledge and then ACT. 94. UNLESS you can say. free consultation. Next Exit. Audio-visual aids – show things to eyes 84.if people don’t trust you. 83.lots of opportunities for lost cost testing of your products. 82. Satisfied Customers -. people will almost always go to a name they recognize 97. easy to kill 92. 100. Marketing Insight – study this and you will make yourself more knowledgeable than 98% of the populaton.77. 81. etc. the better we can serve you”. Reputation – hard to build. “the more we know about you. Spying – on yourself and on your competitors. Designated Guerilla – Have someone in your business who focuses on marketing 98.ultimately the best source of new business. Fax On Demand – make it easy for your customers to get information. Trade Show Display -. Brand Name Awareness – Given a choice. Post Card Deck – no stamp needed. Be Easy To Do Business With – sounds so simple. Posters & Outdoor Billboards – help remind people but can’t sell by themselves. Competitiveness – your comfort in going after the business. 95. It’s not enough to just be there. 79. Enthusiasm – you’ve got to feel it for your business. you have to go after the business.) make the Hard Steps (Buying) easier. they won’t do business with you. Testimonials – ask your customers for them. 91. Low cost – high response. Use them on all your information. etc. 90. 78. no matter what the price. create a plan of action. Some people have a One-Way Brain -. Try All 100 – Eliminate those that don’t work for you – Just use a few. Competitive Advantages – what do you offer that competitors cannot? 88. 87. Passion – if you don’t have passion for your business – Change Businesses!! 93. Have questionnaire for customers.time is LIFE. Research Studies – librarians know how to find information. Prospect Mailing Lists 86. articles of interest to past clients. 89. Spare Time – use this time to send anniversary cards. 85. 80. The most important commodity for most people today. Credibility -. Customer Mailing List – Keep personal information about your customers 99.they gather a lot of information and knowledge Be a person with a Two-Way Brain -. Soft Steps (Free brochure. speeches. 75 . ACTION is the hallmark of Guerilla Marketing Guerillas make each customer feel unique. Direct Mail Postcards – have taken away option of having to open the envelope. Say.

Patience 2.be strong enough to continue when other’s doubt 5.7 Characteristics of Successful Marketing People: 1. 2 best times to launch Guerilla Marketing 1.Anything that generates profits for your company.Apathy After The Sale The definition of creativity in marketing -. Imagination – may use 11 stamps instead of one 3. Fusion Marketing Partners Greatest Killer Of Marketing -. The goal is not show biz – but results. competition. Customers 3. Prospects -. 20 Years Ago 2. Ego Strengths -. what is on customer’s mind? 4. Constant Learning 7. Aggressiveness 6. Generosity How many markets do you have? 1. Universe -.focus 60% of your marketing time and dollars here It costs 1/6th as much to sell to current customers as to find new customers. Customers -. Tomorrow 76 . Your greatest allies for new business: 1.focus 30% of your marketing time and dollars here 3. Sensitivity – to economy.focus 10% of your marketing time and dollars here 2. Employees 2.

com/index. windshield repair.. See examples here: http://www. Vending machines. others will require some sort of fee. electronic medical billing. Coupon books. and identified by a common trademark. Subway. and projected profits you can anticipate. Home inspection. There is a clear model and your success will come from duplicating what has already been done. Business opportunities tend to be far less expensive. You will be told how much inventory to stock.4997. Franchises are more highly regulated than business opportunities.com/bizoppzone/0. 77 . A franchise opportunity implies that you will receive ongoing help and instruction from the franchisor. with no required continuing contact with the parent company and having no royalty fees. Chem-Dry. FRANCHISES This is the most common form of selling a business venture package.00.html DISTRIBUTORSHIPS This is simply an agreement to distribute a product or service. Many distributor agreements can be gotten by asking. how many employees you will need. where and how much to advertise. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Franchising means a business plan is licensed.asp BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Business opportunities lack the ongoing assistance of a franchise. Business opportunities tend to be one-time sales of self-contained business start-up packages. Burger King. and most MLM companies are examples of distributorship arrangements.15.franchisehandbook. Agreements vary widely from company to company. Holiday Inn. A continuing relationship with the selling company is required and a royalty fee is assigned. The purchaser does not participate in a licensed trademark identity of a big company. and scores of others have taught the public about franchising. McDonalds. I love the possibilities here: http://www. There is no well-known name to pave the way for business.entrepreneur. AND DISTRIBUTORSHIPS These are just three of the most popular business options. They do not enforce the uniformity and control of operations that characterize franchise relationships. POPULAR BUSINESS OPTIONS FRANCHISES. personalized children's books. gift services and finding money for college are just a few of the most popular business opportunities. A franchise includes ongoing assistance from the franchisor. Merry Maids.

Each of these is an example of being able to start a business without having to come up with a brand new idea or having to create.48Days.Luck Is What Happens To People Who Have Clear Goals And Detailed Plans Of Action. business opportunities. here are some additional ideas to stimulate your thinking: Accounting Services Appliance Repair Vending Window Displaying Consignment Used Cars Nutrition Counselor Tree Removal Home Schooling Counselor Pet Sitter Internet Marketing Electroplating Senior Citizen Care Newsletters Home Inspection Auto Detailing Tutoring Chimney Cleaning Manners Instruction Real Estate Photos Import/Export Broker Delivery Service Landscaping Computer Services PR & Marketing Buy & Sell Recharging Printer Cartridges "How To" Books Animal Trainer Bed & Breakfast Proprietor Portrait Painter Gift Baskets Interior Decorating House Painting Child Security Systems Organic Gardening Kitchen Tune-Ups Mail Order Ideas Aerial Photos Sewing Alterations Wedding Planning Graphic Design Flea Market Vendor Ceiling Fan Installation Power Washing Jewelry Sales Decks & Coverings Balloon Vendor Discount Coupon Books Wedding Photography Lawn Service Roofing Web Site design Training Seminars Mobil Car Washing Sell Items on Consignment Event Planning Apartment Finder Business Consultant 78 . More possibilities pop up daily – the best way for me to keep sharing new ideas is through my free weekly newsletter: www. and distributorships being practiced as home based businesses. Many people miss the opportunity to do something on their own because they think they have to come up with something new and original. invent or patent something.com In addition to most franchises. One of the most popular methods today for structuring any business option is by implementing it as a: HOME BASED BUSINESS IDEAS.

Ray Bradbury 79 . Send for information from 20-30 companies and you’ll begin to see what makes sense. We’d never have a friendship. that’s nonsense. because we’d be cynical. we’d never have a love affair. We’d never go into business. there is a lot of garbage in there – but you find the great ones by getting familiar with a lot of them. If we listened to our intellect. Well. you can check the Internet list in the Appendix for many more helpful sites. -.Cake Decorating Custom Made Candies Hospital Flower Vending Window Tinting Catering Independent Sales Agent ***Add your own ideas to this list ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Used Stereo Equipment Hot Dog Sales Bicycle Repair House Cleaning Child Transportation Career Coach ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Be looking through the back of all those newsstand magazines. Yes. You’ve got to jump off the cliff all the time and build your wings on the way down. Also.

Federal Identification Number If your business will have even one employee. Therefore your county taxes for the year would be $187. you will need to request a Federal Identification Number (EIN). Request this through the IRS office closest to you and complete the IRS form SS- 80 . get a sales tax number. aside from your regular income tax. and due date. However. STATE AND LOCAL LICENSES. don’t panic! It is normally not nearly as complicated or painful as most people anticipate. the clerk’s office will assign a classification.50.16. The tax rate varies from 1/60th to 1/8th of 1% of sales. This classification will determine the tax rate. Check with your county clerk’s office to make sure. For many of you Eaglepreneurs this will be the extent of your tax obligation.000 you would probably be at the 1/8th of 1% bracket. The owners of all for-profit businesses. if you are going to work out of your home. PERMITS AND TAXES It is true that in starting your own business you will be dealing with a variety of regulations from your county. here is what you would need: 1. Basically. providing a graphic design and newsletter service. taxing period. The tax rate is applied to the gross receipts of the business. must pay this tax for each place of business within the city and/or county. When you apply for this basic license. At the end of your taxing period you will be mailed a business tax return. That’s it. Depending where you live. For example. The initial fee is normally about $20 for the county and the same if needed for your city. you may need to file both with your county and city. Stupid! Don’t make this a complicated part of your start-up. Here’s a rundown of possible taxes and licenses: Business Tax This tax is collected by your local government. It will allow you to open a bank account in your business name and allow you to file your annual taxes with your county. Our motto is KISS -. For example. and federal government. The minimum tax and recording fee for the first year of business is due 20 days after the business begins operation. state.Keep It Simple. A Business license from your county – normally about $20 annually. and that is only because it will make you appear more professional. FEDERAL. or file for a federal ID number. you may have a homebased business as long as it’s not noticeable (no signs) and has only one employee who is not a resident. if your graphic design business grosses $150. You would not need to form a corporation.

Check out these requirements before attempting to start this kind of business. Health Permits Owners of restaurants.7% or higher. Your rate will drop over time if your do not file claims against the insurance fund. be aware that the requirements for food preparation are fairly stringent. Be sure to discuss these with a trusted accounting professional. Don’t raise red flags unless there is likely to be a question. ** The complications of having employees are not easily covered here. A new business is assigned a rate of 2. Also.15% to 10% of gross payroll per employee up to the first $7. The cost of these permits normally range from $50 to $160 per year.irs. Proceed with caution when food is involved. if you have even one employee. you have a problem. motels. be careful of buying a building you want to convert to the coffee house you’ve been dreaming of. This may involve specific stainless sinks. you will need to pay this tax. Also. These requirements can be obtained from your county clerk’s office as well. Obviously. and commercial ovens. If you are going to bake brownies to sell at local restaurants. you will be required to have commercial kitchen features. Your neighbors are likely to enforce the codes about home-based businesses. These licenses come from your local county Health Department 81 . you do not need this number. If you will not have any employees. based upon the experience rating for your type of business. Home-Based Business All home-based businesses must comply with the Department of Codes Administration.gov/) They will issue you a number and then send you the SS-4 form. are operating as an independent contractor or are involved in a network marketing company.000 of wages. ( or online at: http://www. Sole proprietors and partners in a partnership are considered owners and not subject to this tax. daycare centers or any other type of business in food preparation must obtain a permit. If you live in a single family residence and provide consulting services. grease traps. keep it simple. State Unemployment Tax Like the Federal Identification Number.4 or by calling (404) 455-2360. The tax rate ranges from 0. if you live in an apartment complex and you are going to do auto repair with 8 customer’s cars arriving each morning. The cost of bringing an old building up to codes and to American Disability requirements may be prohibitive. Again. there is not likely to be any real concern. Your rate will be determined by the claims your business has experienced.

Doctors. Be careful here.Real Property Tax If you have any real estate in your business name. You can make copies of your resale certificate and provide them to your vendors so they can sell to you without collecting the tax. (Much to the chagrin of every state) Internet sales are not taxable ( Watch for changes here. some educational. Be careful of these assessments appearing automatically. There is no charge. Out of state sales are not taxable. Here are a few of those: 82 . accounting. This is a common problem area for small business owners. You have the right to dispute the valuation that is assigned to you. They collect the tax and then do not have it when it is due to be paid to the state. and non-profit groups do not have to pay sales tax. The money you collect is not yours. ** Be sure to clarify exempt businesses if you are unsure. You can then purchase your products wholesale. and simply collect your state and county tax when you sell the merchandise. you will be required to pay real estate taxes. State and County Sales Tax If there is any reason for you to collect sales tax. But don’t get behind. etc. Contact the county Board of Equalization. If you have only occasional sales of products you may be able to file only quarterly. Commercial property is currently assessed at 40% of fair market value. Some of your services may not be taxable and some of the organizations you sell to or provide services to may be exempt. Products provided as part of a service provided is a gray area. the state will lock your doors easily if you owe taxes you have collected and do not pay them timely. Check with your accountant if you are unsure. architects. consultants. Religious. Certain other professionals do not collect sales tax – legal. and veterinarians normally do not collect taxes on their services. You just request a license and you will be issued a resale number.) State Excise Taxes Nearly all states impose a number of excise and license fees on the production and sale of certain goods and services. This will also include equipment and furniture you may have in your business. you will be required to collect state and county sales tax. Make sure you understand the filing procedures. Ask for a pamphlet explaining how to collect and file the tax by asking your Taxpayers Services Division or the Department of Revenue. • • • • • • Medical equipment sold to the handicapped is tax exempt. dentists. massage therapists. You must obtain a Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Registration for each place of business. Trust me. get into trade shows as a vendor. This form may be obtained at your state Department of Revenue. There is too much growing revenue occurring here to be ignored.

• • • • Alcoholic beverages Gasoline Hotels and Motels Vending Machines For a complete list. contact your state Department of Revenue 83 .

In addition to withholding the FICA tax of 7.200. Employer’s Tax Guide. the withheld employee income tax. Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) This is the federal compliment to your state unemployment tax system.Unless you are very experienced and stay up to date on accounting practices. The withheld FICA. ** My Advice -. and the employer matching amount is then lumped together and paid to the IRS. you will need to use the services of a competent accountant. Very few people who start their own businesses are really proficient in all the ins and outs of these accounting requirements. You may never have any employees. When the IRS sends you your confirmation of EIN they will normally also send the Circular E. Don’t waste your time trying.45% on wages thereafter. that explains the system of collecting and paying these taxes. and 1. Income Tax If you run your business as a C corporation.. but you will need to use the services of other competent people.65% on wages up to $61. Understand the principle of strategic alliances. LLC. RECORDKEEPING. I tell people frequently there are probably 20-25 elements to running my business well. Learn the value of using people who are better than you in specialized areas. OTHER TAXES AND INSURANCE Social Security and Income Tax Withholding Once you start having employees. Your time is better spent on other things. you have essentially been appointed an agent of the federal government to collect Social Security (FICA) tax and income tax withheld from employees based on their W-4 statement. S corporation. FUTA tax deposits are made periodically in a manner similar to those of social security and income tax withholding.17. you as the employer must then pay an equal amount as your business contribution. Your income from the business will then be reported on a Schedule C on your regular income taxes. or partnership you will need to file the appropriate forms provided by the IRS. I probably do 2 or 3 pretty well. All but the C corporation will simply have the income pass through to you the individual. It really isn’t complicated in that way. You will probably be better off spending your time running your business. The rest are delegated to in-place systems or to 84 . selling your products and services than in spending your time trying to understand and stay abreast of all these regulations and details.

Don’t be a generalist.) Insurance Sure you will need basic insurance. • • • • • • • • • • • Fire Insurance Liability Insurance Automobile Insurance Business Income and Extra Expense Insurance Commercial Crime Insurance Glass and Sign Insurance Business Life Insurance Retirement Income Employee Health and Life Insurance Disability Insurance Workers’ Compensation Insurance 85 . (Michael Gerber’s book The E-Myth deals with this concept. trusted insurance provider and evaluate your real needs. The only way you will be able to be successful will be to work with other people You want to work on your business. You can cripple yourself by having more than is reasonably required. Learn to focus in your business. Many great businesses fail because the owner never learned to delegate things that needed to be done. don’t overdo. Be a specialist and be excellent in that. but as with all these technical areas. not just in it.competent people who perform those areas better and more quickly than I can or care to learn to do. Sit down with a competent.

Advantages: • • • • • • • Ease of Formation Subject only to individual income taxes No separate income tax returns to file Flexibility – allows quick changes and modifications Control and decision making exclusively that of the owner No outside boards. It is the simplest form of business organization and probably the most appropriate when there is only one owner or just husband and wife. Owner is responsible for all business debts. • It would be difficult to have any outside capital put in either through investment funds or borrowed money. Sole Proprietorship This is the most popular way people get started in their own business. artists. and home businesses Disadvantages: • Unlimited liability. LEGAL FORMS OF ORGANIZATION Typically. Liabilities extend to all personal property and assets in case of loss or lawsuit. You are limited to only the amount of money you can provide for start-up • Ownership is not easily transferable. the number of owners. • All net profits subject to federal self-employment tax (social security/medicare tax for self-employed) 86 . partners. the importance of limiting liability.18. Business would probably be terminated with illness or death of owner. the small business owner has several choices in evaluating structures for the business. wholesalers. The most common are: • • • • • Sole Proprietorship Partnership C Corporation S Corporation Limited Liability Company (LLC) Here is one of those times when you will need to sit down with a competent tax attorney or an accountant to see which of these structures will work best for what you want to accomplish. In general. and the tax consequences are the primary considerations for choosing the legal form. the complexity of the investment required. or investors to control direction Suitable for any professional service providers.

Profits just flow through to the partners in whatever percentage they have ownership Low overhead. Advantages: • • • • • Lower tax rates than individual tax rates Limitation of each owner’s liability to a fixed amount of investment Ownership is readily transferable Easier to borrow money or attract investors Business still has existence if one or more partners exit or die 87 . and responsibilities may seem less burdensome C Corporation This is a type of ownership set up under state law that provides some distance between the business and the person or people who own it. The partners just decide and move on Freedom from complicated governmental control Two heads are sometimes better than one.Partnership This is the association of two of more persons to act as co-owners of a business. Corporate resolutions are necessary to borrow money or to buy real estate. (Always avoid a 50-50% division) Personal liability of one partner will carry over to the other partners. labor or physical assets to the business. headaches. Obviously. If one does something illegal or unscrupulous. Records are straightforward and simple Flexibility in making decisions. there should be specific skills that each partner would bring to the business. the others will be responsible as well It is difficult to change ownership arrangements (Make sure there is a clear exit plan before starting any such agreement) Potential to ruin friendships and family relationships All income passes directly through to partners and is subject to federal selfemployment tax No extra taxation. Partners should provide capital. Corporations must have a board of directors and specific officers. There must be a record of corporate board meetings and minutes of those meetings must be documented. The corporation issues stock to represent ownership. Shared work loads. Advantages: • • • • • Disadvantages: • • • • • Two or more heads may find it hard to agree. This form may be considered when neither individual feels that he/she can operate the business on his own. knowledge of the industry. Normally. usually based on the individuals’ share of investment. the reason for forming a corporation is to provide some liability protection.

Disadvantages: • • • • • Double taxation of business income Many state and federal regulations to follow Special documentation and accounting required Expense of initial set-up and ongoing records greater Bigger is not always better

S Corporation
This is a variation of the C Corporation that differs only in tax considerations. No taxes are paid by the corporation, rather all profits flow back through directly to the shareholders. Therefore, the shareholders pay tax only once. The tax structure is thus very similar to the sole proprietorship or partnership. However, you still do have the liability distance and protection. Make sure that even if you have this kind of corporation as an individual, you really treat it as a corporation. If you have not been having documented meetings with recorded minutes, for example, any attorney would be easily able to “pierce the corporate veil” if there were any problem. Advantages: • • • • No double taxation As with a C Corporation, there is a limitation on personal liability Separate legal existence -- the business technically has a life apart from you Easier to secure investors or borrowed money

Disadvantages: • • • • Limited to 35 shareholders and all must be US citizens Activities are limited by the charter and state laws Extensive federal, state, and local laws and reports required Expense of forming and maintaining

Limited Liability Company
This is a relatively new business structure -- but with recent changes it does not differ much from an S Corporation. The LLC was established as an option because it is taxed as a partnership but has the liability protection of a corporation. Advantages: • May be member managed, like a partnership, or board managed, like a corporation


• • •

No individual liability for actions of the LLC No limit on number of “members” Profits taxed to individual members, based on percentage of ownership

Disadvantages: • • • • Not all states acknowledge the LLC status (You will be treated as a traditional partnership if your state does not recognize the LLC Filing fees are based on the number of members Must be carefully structured to clarify how decisions are made Must file “articles of organization” with state authority. Must have “operating agreement” if board managed

Before choosing any legal form, sit down and thoroughly discuss what you want your business to look like five years from now. It is difficult to change the structure once started. Going from a sole proprietorship to a corporation is fairly easy, but reverting from corporate status is usually difficult and can cause substantial tax consequences. Again, don’t get bogged down in these details; get some advice, make the decision and move on the real part of running your business.

Remember -- 73% of all businesses are sole proprietorships – no fancy corporation of any kind.
Keep it Simple!


"Without a plan, you cannot beat your competition." Fran Tarkenton I. Overview
1. A good business plan helps define a goal. You cannot hit a target you cannot see. A business plan is essential if you will need to raise any outside capital. Even if you do not, it will help you focus on what is unique about your business and will give you a roadmap for the first few months. 2. A plan addresses three basic questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to go? How will we get there? 3. A Plan: Provides a path to follow. A plan "creates" the future and makes it What you want it to be. Prevents just "going with the flow". Provides a tool to which you can add a "statement of purpose" and take it to the bank, investor, or buyer. Helps one develop as an owner/manager. It can give you practice in thinking about competitive conditions, promotional opportunities, and situations that are advantageous to your business. Practicing this over a long period of time can increase your ability to make good judgments.

II. Develop Answers To These Questions:
1. Why Am In Business? - to be my own boss - to make money - to control time and work hours - to help people - to serve community - to develop employees - to have business for my own use - _________________________________________________ - _________________________________________________ 2. What Business Am I In?


etc. Brief History. If you form a corporation. You can also do a quick check on the Internet. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 91 . Description of Business 1. describe how and why you came up with this idea. Management & Personnel D. Development of Plan A. You can trademark your business name for $5. They can usually do this while you wait on the phone.uspto. Description of Business B. products.com. this check will be done. Do I need to file a business name? Call the license division of your Secretary of State to check on the availability of a name. The Market C.00 in most states.? 3. Try www. If you are just starting your business. What Is My Business Plan? The key components of a plan are: A. What services do customers ask for that I do not offer? What is it I’m trying to do better than the competition? What are my basic services. Name of Business. Describe the Business ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2.switchboard. Financial Data & Plan III. A national trademark will cost $175.gov/ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3.Many business owners have difficulty because they are confused about this. Ownership Structure E.00 If you plan on doing business outside of your home state it is a good idea to do that. You can go directly to the United States Patent and Trademark Office to check on national availability of any name: http://www.

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 2. What is my Unique Selling Proposition? (USP) Remember. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 8. at the same time. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 6. but what are the other things I do extremely well? Prompt reply to phone inquires. wide selection of products. Hours of Operation. How do my customers view my business? If you don’t know. you cannot violate your personal and family priorities. guaranteed results. free shipping. What are my business' six greatest challenges? 92 . What are my business' six greatest strengths? Not just my USP. you only have to do something 10% better or provide added value to be successful. 24 hour delivery. ask them. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 4. Keep in mind you must make it easy for your customers. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 3.______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 5. etc. 1. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Unique Services Offered. Your customers can be your most valuable source of information about how you are doing. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5.

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 6.1. What type of business do I have -. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 5.what is my product? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 93 . __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 9. purchase equipment? __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ B. ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ Will I need to expand or change services. Goals for the Future: Where do I want to be 5 years from now? Every successful person or business has a vision of where they will be 5 years down the road. The Market 1. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 3. the facility.

Do they have any advantages over me? Pricing. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. go out. location. Age. Outline the demographics of my market: Size. Etc. reputation? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ C. and talk to them. What is my position in the marketplace? A. Geographic area. Outline the characteristics of my customers: Income level. Location. . Surprisingly. find your competitors. . Describe my market. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Social Status. how many of them are there: how many of them a re profitable? If you are unsure. .How many similar businesses went out of business in the last 3 years? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 94 .______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2.Who are my competitors. many business owners fail to do this. Etc. Age. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ B. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3.

or will I need new people each time? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 9. and then to customers? Will I have repeat sales to the same customers. How would I like to change my image in the community? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 8. .How many new ones opened up? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Do I have any market niches? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7.Advertising & Promotion (See the Guerilla Marketing material in Previous section. How am I attracting new customers? .______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ D.) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 95 . How many customers do I want? Is it more important to keep current customers or attract new ones? How can I move people from the universe to prospects.

Should I be going after new markets? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ C. What is the role of the sales manager? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4.) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 96 .this is where you can dramatically rise above the competition. and compensation? (Critical element -. 1. What does my organizational chart look like? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Management & Personnel The most critical components of the success of a business today are the management team and the supporting staff personnel. training.10. What are staff qualifications. What is the role of the owner/manager? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3.

) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7.5. how and when? If job descriptions are not clear. where. Are job descriptions and expectations clear? Who does what. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. you set people up to fail." Brian Tracy 97 . How are staff involved in goals and visions of the business? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ "People will only be committed to something to the degree they have been allowed to discuss it. How do I recruit new staff members? What do I need to look for? (Always value personal skills over technical skills.

partnership. "S" corporation. begin to think about it in terms of having a stand alone value. what would happen to your Business? If your partner decides to go live in the Rockies next year. what would happen to her ownership share? How would you determine a value? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 98 . Do I have an exit plan? If you died. What would happen if I were no longer around? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5.D. who makes decisions? Is there a management agreement or contract? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. If ownership is divided. What is my business worth? Even if your business is just starting. Ownership Structure 1. or C Corporation? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. Am I a sole proprietorship.

lawn mowers break parts.E.prepay.Can we generate more revenue per customer as well as seek new customers? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 99 . monthly. occasional flea market or street fair. etc? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Price options on goods or services? Payment options -. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. or can I identify multiple streams of income? You may have walk in sales. and corporate purchases. direct mail marketing. Be realistic here. Internet sales. What new equipment do I need in the next 3 years? Copiers wear out. Financial Data & Plans 1. How is money generated? Is there just one source of revenue. Revenue per customer or item sold. contracts? Can you increase sales by providing more options without risking costly receivables. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 2. computers become outdated quickly. .

poor financial controls are a major cause of business failure. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 8. Yes. Revenue per square foot in facility. Do I set and record monthly sales goals? Don’t just see what happens. If you are not good at this. Remember. How do I project and control monthly cash flow? What is my break even point? Don’t wait until the end of the month to see how you are doing financially. Set benchmarks and define what would have to happen each week and each day to achieve those goals. Put systems in place so you can see daily how income and expenses are doing. this is the way we look at any business.) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 100 . Who will maintain daily financial records? (Keep this as a priority. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 7.5. enlist the services of someone who is. Are you wasting space? How could you increase revenue per square foot? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 6.

9.287390.html 101 .) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 10. lease or rental agreements will need to be negotiated? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ For more complex business plans: http://www.com/Your_Business/YB_SegArticle/0. What they provide in keeping your current on taxes is invaluable.inc.00. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 11.com/guides/start_biz/20660. What insurance.entrepreneur. Should I buy or lease new equipment? Look at these options with your accountant.entrepreneur.gov/starting_business/planning/basic.com/howto/bizplan/0.sba. How will I withdraw my own compensation? What do I expect for a personal balance sheet? ( Even with no employees.html http://www.00. it’s wise to have a payroll company issue paychecks.4621. What options do I have for financing? How will I raise more money if I need to put more in before the business shows a profit? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 12.bplans.com/ http://www..5971.html http://www.html http://www.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. How to set clear priorities in your life. Old time favorite about how to treat people and gain positive influence. Bolles. Carnegie. Covey. Based on the premise. Expansion of one of the "7 Habits" books. Carnegie. Bolles. you need to be willing to look at new work models. Robert. Making It On Your Own. Laurence. Boldt. I use this with every client where we are working with an Internet site as part of their business. Multiple Streams of Income. Where Do I Go From Here With My Life? A very practical and effective life/work planning manual for all ages. Julia. Dale. Multiple Streams of Internet Income. How to change your thinking from employee to working for yourself. Halftime. this book can encourage you to look at where you are and move forward. “What's the worst that could happen?” This book teaches you to build from there. How to Win Friends and Influence People. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Dale. Robert. Another artistic way to look at the life you want. Updated every year. In today’s work environment. Stephen R. Edwards. Richard Nelson. and then to develop your career around that. Richard N. Stephen R. Rather textbookish – don’t get bogged down in the details.” Cameron. Many practical tips and processes for guiding through the search. First Things First. This book takes a Christian look at the change in life where we become more interested in “significance” than “success. Dynamic presentation of how to develop direction and a personal mission statement. Paul and Sarah. but you need to understand the principles. Allen.APPENDIX SUGGESTED READING LIST from Dan Miller's library Allen. How ordinary people make extraordinary money online. A delightful guide to re-discovering your creativity and authentic self. The Artist’s Way. Buford. 102 . A masterful guide to insulating yourself against corporate decisions by developing multiple streams of income. The best single source for the career process. If you’ve had a disaster in your life. Zen and Art of Making a Living. Julia shows how we are all artistic and creative – we may need to just rediscover those qualities. What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers. Covey. Bob.

Check their website for all current books. Identifies that even when everything else is taken away. Hanson. Jones. How to think yourself into a new way of living. Ken. It dispels a lot of American myths about how to be successful. Working From Home.html 103 . Rich Dad. One of the greatest bestsellers of all time. This may open your eyes to see how to be successful in work and business. A great resource for creating your Mission Statement for Work and for Life. A must read. I believe it opens our eyes to see more opportunities all around us in the process. Carol. Levinson. The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook. Influence with Honor. A classic work by a concentration camp prisoner. you will feel like a victim.Edwards. Their information is up-to-date. Mark Victor and Robert Allen. Check out all the Guerilla Marketing titles at: http://www.com/ Eikleberry. The Present. Johnson. Don’t expect things to always be the same. A timeless classic. Blaine. Presenting the enlightened way to wealth – not at the expense of others but by helping others in the process. Paul and Sarah. Living by the principles outlined here will do more for your true success than having a marketing strategy for a new product. Robert. Spencer. Napoleon. Everything you need to know about living and working under the same roof.homeworks. Guiness.gmarketing. Os. Poor Dad. Windows of the Soul. A modern allegory about changing work environments. Whereas 7 Habits of Highly Successful People will tell you the importance of a mission statement. The Path. Laurie Beth. The Path will show you how to do it. The Power Principle. Think and Grow Rich. Johnson. Updated every couple of years so you will find current information. we have the ability to choose. Who Moved My Cheese. Great tips for marketing yourself or your small business. A wonderful guide for applying your artistic. The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People. writing. Frankl. Hill. planning for the future. A gentle guide to help us see God in new ways. Man's Search for Meaning. Jay has several books on guerilla marketing. Gire. they are all very useful and practical for low-cost ways to build your business. Spencer. The Call. Viktor. Another great book from Covey Leadership Center. music or other creative skills in ways that can make you money. Kiyosaki. accurate and extremely helpful: http://www. One of my favorite books ever. A critical thinking book about how to find God’s central purpose for our lives. I read this one about every six months just to remind myself of what is really important. A quick read – shows the importance of learning from the past. Lee. but living in the present.com/books/books. If you are not prepared. The One Minute Millionaire. Jay Conrad.

This one tells the top common characteristics of truly wealthy people. Ziglar. Stanley. Pink. Zelinski. Thomas. Thousands of people have become debt-free and are running their lives and businesses with no debt. Zig. Daniel. The best all-around source for getting your finances in order. Wiseman. Anna. The Magic of Thinking Big. Free Agent Nation. The Millionaire Next Door. Howard. The Luck Factor. Andrew.McAlindon. A textbook manual on becoming a high-level consultant. Long-time favorite about positive thinking and winning attitudes. Marsha is a delightful writer who will challenge your thinking and convince you that doing what you love is possible. Shenson." The book that put coach Lou Holtz on the road to extraordinary success. Sinetar. Create The Work You Love. To Build The Life You Want. Financial Peace. They might surprise you. How to create your own "good luck. The Joy of Not Working. and adults. A Short Guide to a Happy Life. Does a great job of describing the changing model of “employee” to “free agent. Ramsey. This is a proven plan for financial fitness. rather than to just exist? This little book puts in perspective those things we often consider to be too important. What does it take to really live deeply and successfully. An excellent overview of wealth-building principles. Shenson On Consulting. Richard. The Millionaire Mind. See You At The Top. Luck is not something that just happens to some people. Marsha. This New York Times bestseller has transformed the finances of thousands of American homes. Harold. David. One of my personal favorites for children. This book tells you how you can do it too. The Total Money Makeover. Weiss. 104 . Dave. Million Dollar Consulting. A phenomenal follow-up to The Millionaire Next Door. Want to dramatically increase yours? Read this. Ramsey. Stanley. Chocked full of tips on releasing your creative thinking and seeing opportunities all around. Workable methods for thinking big. Wonderful quotations from the world’s most creative minds. An excellent guide to looking at your life and building priorities around values. The best overview of making the transition from a regular "job" to consulting. The Little Book of Big Ideas. teenagers.” Quindlen. Ernie. Dave. Schwartz. We create our own luck. A humorous look at the benefits of not working. Thomas.

Lead the Field. Denis. happiness. The best information I have found on starting your own business. Your Secret Wealth.nightingale. Laws of Inner Wealth. Rich Dad Secrets. Brian.com. Jay is an incredible thinker and innovator. Tracy. and achievement.Audio Tapes * Tapes are a powerful method of getting new information and increasing your ability to go to new levels of accomplishment. Business and Investing… and how you can profit from them. Tracy. An old classic. Don’t try to learn the lessons of life slowly. He is a master at showing people how to use leverage and optimization to multiply their income. What will you do with that time? Will you just spend it by listening to meaningless input or by yelling at the driver next to you or will you invest it in something that can dramatically change the results you are getting in life? These tapes can propel you to the success you are seeking. Brian. 105 . The Science of Personal Achievement. Kiyosaki. Napoleon. Sir John. Hill. Waitley. A wonderful collection of original speeches given by the author of Think and Grow Rich. Tracy. Getting Rich in America. The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement. Earl. If you travel 25. How to think like a winner. Used to train Olympic athletes. Brian. Secrets to Money. Principles for spiritual and material abundance. * Most of these tape sets are available from Nightingale Conant. The best compact training course in selling skills and techniques I have been able to find. you will spend approximately the same amount of time in your car as a college student does in an average year of class work. Nightingale.000 miles in your car each year at an average speed of 46 mph. Robert. Abraham. Jay. One of the best-selling tape sets of all time. Brian does a great job of overviewing the principles for success. learn from the masters who are willing to pass on the wisdom of the ages. The question then becomes. Templeton. The Psychology of Winning. 1-800-323-5552 or http://www. Call for free catalogue of sales and motivational tapes. used by thousands of salespeople. The Psychology of Selling.

000 people lost their jobs and millions more are just not happy. Massive amount of information and links 3. 106 .workingsolo. A must for mail order or any business with frequent mailings.boss.org SOHO 11.soho. Helpful Internet Sites for Business: 1.com A wonderful site by the National Federation of Independent Business. http://www. giving you daily information concerning legislation effecting small business and a great variety of daily tips for being more successful.entrepreneurmag. http://www. updates effecting your business 12. http://www.nationalbusiness.gmarketing. resources. http://www.org The American Association of Home-Based Businesses 6. Books. How to get your own postage system for your office.pitneybowes. http://wwwwomen. http://www. Small Business Administration site. http://www.disgruntled.hoaa.gov This is the U.com Painful recollections of “winners who work for losers” 14. Last year over 800. etc.org The National Minority Business Council 10. http://www. http://www. 4.aswe. 13. http://www. http://www. business building information. 5.S.B. http://www.org National Business Association 9.sba. chat rooms.com Home Office Association of America 8. http://www.aahbb.com Find a business for sale.200 business resources for those seeking self-employment 2.nmbc. http://www.com This site lists 1.com This really is a site for unhappy people to tell their work stories.com/soho Pitney Bowes Personal Post Office.sbaonline. business opportunities.nfibonline.com The complete Guerilla Marketing site.org/aswe The American Society of Women Entrepreneurs 7.

22. http://www. 19.latimes. Helps Asian American business owners gain access to economic opportunities. Assists small business owners with the services. 16.com/franchise/afa This is the American Franchise Association site.nase. financing. http://www.sbsc. http://www.org Small Business Survival Committee.org Asian American Economic Development Enterprises Inc. finance. Provides information an counseling to individual inventors. http://www. start. resources and benefits of large companies 23.org/ Hispanic Business Association International. http://www.org National Association for the Self-Employed. franchisees and suppliers 18. employment and enterprise. 27. http://www.vitalview.nsbu. Advocacy group for small business. legislative action. 17. Represents the interests of female entrepreneurs 24. Networking organization that also provides access to capital. Promotes members through marketing. Promotes the advancement and training of Hispanic businesses 21. 25. 26. http://www.franchise.nhba.infonews. Bipartisan advocacy association.infonews. This is “Entrepreneurship 101”.wcoeusa.aaede. plan and grow a business.com/franchise/wif Women in Franchising.15.org Women Construction Owners and Executives. Written by Debra Esparza.asianbiz.com/smallbiz The LA Times Small Business Web site. 20.nawbo.org International Franchise Association. http://www.com Women Incorporated. This is the membership organization of franchisers. Helps to create business and personal growth for Asian Americans and others through education. Assists women and minorities in franchising 107 . 28.com Asian Business Association. http://www. http://www. A tutorial on how to choose. http://www.womeninc.org National Small Business United. http://www. http://www. a faculty member at the Entrepreneur Program of USC’s Marshall School of Business. Lots of information about franchising.org National Association of Women Business Owners.com/ideahelp Inventors Workshop International. http://www.

and numerous other federal agencies. Some pretty good information and links for career and your own business. http://www.usccsbi.entrepreneurmag.business. services and transactions.gov U.paulandsarah.usatoday. disclosure documents. 37. the Social Security Administration.compusa. http://www. 34. http://www. Much information about all business questions.gov Patent and Trademark Depository Library. http://www.com Small Business Institute. Chamber of Commerce.S. http://www.S.com All secure shopping sites that feature both low-cost and high-end business computers. Business Advisor.bacchus. 30. Provides online catalog of resources to help build growing businesses.workingfromhome. http://www.compaq. http://www.dell.com A hilarious site for people to vent about work and bosses they hate.gateway. 35.edu/research/esc/welcome. Provides national certification for women-owned companies. 31.com http://www. 42. http://www.fedworld. 41. http://www. All patent information. including attorneys and agents. 39.uschamber.com http://www. patent searches. and links you to the Internal Revenue Service. http://www.anderson. Provides business online access to federal government information.com http://www. Provider for inventors groups.com/users/patent1info2.com 108 . Lots of great links for all business needs.htm UCLA Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.apple. etc. the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.uspto.myboss.wboc. Provides a set of academic and extracurricular experiences that advance the theory and practice of entrepreneurship. 33. http://www. there are some excellent links to good information about entrepreneurial business.smallbizsearch. http://www.com Paul and Sarah Edwards site on self-employment tips.com The Entrepreneur magazine web site.html More information on the patent process.org Women Business Owners Corporation. 32. etc. Can help you identify and comply with federal regulations.gov The US government site.com or http://www.com/careers The USA Today site. http://www. 36. You can also obtain any federal tax information by calling the IRS at 800-TAX-FORM. http://www. 38. Forms can be printed.29.com 40.en.org U.ucla. http://www. However.

patent search. run and grow your business. Whether you need start-up capital. 46.A massive site to search the world of small business in one place on the Web. 45. Search this database of more than 485 opportunities you can run from home.com/users/patent1/index.en. http://www. inventors groups.html Check this site for patent services. 43. You’ll find lots of tools to help you plan. 44. http://www. patent writing.hts Homebased 400.com A secure online shopping environment where you can peruse or purchase Entrepreneur’s Business Start-Up guides. patent application writing.com/bizopp500/home400. The Money Channel can help. http://www.smallbizbooks. patent services. 109 . etc.com/money Entrepreneur’s Money Channel. patent searches. investment insights or better ways to manage your finances.entrepreneurmag. inventor self-help.entrepreneurmag. http://www. inventors clubs. This will provide you with fast accurate results to most all your questions. design patents preparation.

and the farmer became one of the wealthiest men in Africa. The farmer brought it in to his farmhouse and placed it on the fireplace mantle as a curio. a visitor came to the farmer's home and noticed the unusual stone. ACRES OF DIAMONDS ( This is a marvelous little story about where we are likely to find the best opportunities." Further investigation revealed that the entire farm was covered with magnificent diamonds. a young black farmer in central Africa. week after week. He grasped the stone quickly and shouted excitedly at the farmer.C. At this time. However. the farmer who bought the land was working the soil one day and found a strange-looking stone in the small creek that ran across the farm. the promise of great diamond wealth soon possessed Lamar. back on the farm that Lamar had sold. he gave up everything he had to search for wealth that was available to him where he already was. and left his family in search of the magnificent stones. BRENTWOOD. was scratching out a moderate living on the land that he owned. He became sick. Lamar. Sleeping in the elements. In fact. He wandered throughout the African continent. The seeds of opportunity are usually in what we already know about and are already doing. Provided by THE BUSINESS SOURCE. Instead. but found no diamonds. How sad that Lamar had not taken the time to investigate what he had right at his own fingertips. "Do you know this is a diamond? It's one of the largest diamonds I've ever seen. when the first diamonds were being discovered in Africa. fighting insects and wild beasts.com 110 . Meanwhile. Later. fighting the damp and cold. so he threw himself in a raging river and drowned. He felt there was nothing more to live for. His search was long and painful. Just do what you already know 10% better or provide added value. diamond fever spread across the continent like wildfire. penniless. and one day he could no longer restrain his insatiable desire for diamonds and the lust to become a wealthy man. and they became millionaires overnight. this farm turned out to be one of the richest and most productive diamond mines in the world. He sold his farm. Lamar searched day after day. packed a few essentials.48DAYS. Don't think that "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" or that you must start something totally new and different to become successful. and utterly discouraged. ) ACRES OF DIAMONDS Years ago. TN (615) (615) 373-7771 (888) 373-7771 toll-free http://www. Many people struck it rich in their search for the sparkling beauties.

it wasn’t Moses. 111 . I said one is not a quarter. Yes.D. ANSWERS TO Stretching Your Thinking All but 9 people were killed. but one is a quarter. Our assumption is easily that a surgeon is a man. it was Noah! The two coins are a dime and a quarter. The surgeon was the little boy’s mother. thus there were 9 survivors – not 6! How many of each species did Moses take on the ark? Check your Bible.

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