My Usual Way Of Sharing Love

by Mohammad Khushnood Roomi
passing by an age old man my legs stepen & my body thrilled soul forced to have a chat eyes glittering & mouth locked hands shaking upon a wooden rod his bearded face had a lovely tale at once,i was close to him i can listen his gentle voice i can feel his lovely pride i holded him against my arms i enjoyed him to cross his path at ends,he put his hand upon my head and folded eyes in a lovely way a sparklng diamond in his eyes i never hoped a reward this way an uneven meet to angel of love my usual way of sharing love

Think It Over by Mohammad Khushnood Roomi if u hav realised me till now think it over right now i m your mother of past who made u live at last i had not given u birth even not milked and fed but i m your mother i hav seen you grown in the play ground of my own cannot forget your twitering voice that made me laugh & pride i taught u fight with words and everywhere to live with gutts i m an institution of love & care which everyone can happily bare if u hav realised me right now tell everyone with pride i m no one but your school .

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