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He's Back chapter 27: Taking my last breath

He's Back chapter 27: Taking my last breath


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Sequel to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is still a problem for Bella, and what will happen when Alice makes Edward and Bella go out? Human, OOC,fanfiction, R&R.
Sequel to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is still a problem for Bella, and what will happen when Alice makes Edward and Bella go out? Human, OOC,fanfiction, R&R.

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Published by: RF on Oct 17, 2010
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Chapter 27: Taking my last breath BPOV I couldn t believe my eyes. Mia.

The loving, caring, sweet girl I had gotten to know, that wasn t her. That wasn t the girl in front of me right now. Her ice blue eyes were gone, never returning, and instead replaced with red, monstrous eyes. And her skin, that used to have a small, glowing tan, was now pale, just like the others around her. Her features had become slightly more beautiful and perfect, like the rest of those damned creatures, but you could still recognize her. But the thing that was absolutely worst about her was her expression. Her face was dead and expressionless, and the smile that so often used to show on those before rosy lips was gone. It was like the life had gone out of her eyes, and I never knew if it would ever return. But it wasn t just Alice, Edward and I who were shocked. Smith, who a few seconds ago looked like he could take on a whole army, stared ahead with shocked, wide eyes, like he had seen a ghost appearing from the dead. Ironically, that was exactly what he had. You. He whispered quietly, staring at someone in the crowd. At first I thought he had reacted on Mia as well, but then I noticed that it was someone else in the mass that had caught his attention. The group had stopped, and a tall, pale man stepped up, grinning evilly as he did. Yes, it s me. I m glad you even remember me after pushing me into that fire. The vampire said smilingly, hissing the last words in anger. He looked a lot like Smith with his dark, curly hair, but his bright red eyes were a big difference. I had no idea what he was talking about; I wasn t really focusing on what they were saying. I was still busy staring at Mia. She looked angry as she stood there, beside him. Mia. Alice whispered with a weak voice filled with sorrow. Mia s eyes flashed to her, and I might have imagined it, but I thought I saw some sadness appear in her eyes as well. What s?! Edward asked Smith angrily with a frown on his face. He took my hand and squeezed it tight, and I answered him by squeezing it back. Smith didn t answer, and just stared ahead at the man in front of us. Then, the vampire s eyes flashed to me, and a smile entered his face. Ah, she does resemble Stacy a lot, doesn t she? he said, and I shivered as he spoke. There was something in his voice that made me uncomfortable. Smith growled; an animalistic sound that seemed to come from the back of his throat, and placed himself in front of me in protection. What are you doing here? You re supposed to be dead! Smith screamed, anger now showing on his previously shocked face. The man grinned, and took a few steps forward. Jake and the wolves growled in protest, which made him stop in his tracks. Whoa, take it easy! You ve got some new furry friends here, I see. He said, and laughed. Then, he looked at me again. Since they won t let me come any closer, I ll introduce me from here instead. I m Luigi Bianchi, an old friend of Antonio here. Or, as he now calls himself, Smith. His name instantly struck me, and I remembered who he was. Flashback *swoosh*

"It was on our last mission together, before I left the Volturi. There was a pair of crazy vampires just outside of Paris that we had orders to kill. We got them after a short chase, and we ripped them apart to make sure they wouldn't survive the burning. Then we began to fight. He thought it was wrong of me to leave the Volturi; that I had a future there, but I was still persistent to leave. I wanted to see the world more than just Europe. But he didn't want me to leave either him or the Volturi. "So after we had burned the bodies of the vampires, we began to fight. It wasn't just a verbal fight; we began to fight with violence. It was then I killed him. I gave him one last, hard push, which sent him into the fire. I didn't meant to kill him I just I just wanted him to agree with me on leaving. He instantly began to scream, and as soon as I realized what I had done, I ran away. I could hear his scream in my mind all the way to Volterra, to report what I had done. None of them was pleased with what I had done, not even me. End of flashback That s right, Smith told me about him that night when I slept at his house. He was the one that turned him into a vampire. But he said that he killed him. He saw how he pushed him into the fire. Vampires die when they get exposed to fire how can he be alive (Well as alive as they ll ever be)? You. I said, staring at him in shock. I couldn t believe it. This man, standing in front of me, was Smith s friend from the 16th-centruary who was supposed to be dead. Why was he standing in front of us, leading the group of vampires that were supposed to kill me? Oh! So he has told you about me?? he said, and then looked at Smith, raising one of his eyebrows. Impressive. What are you doing here?? What do you want? I .I thought I killed you! Smith exclaimed, and for the first time, Luigi s smile faded from his lips. A scary look entered his face, and as he spoke, I could hear the grudge he was holding against Smith. Kill me? Pushing me into a fire will hardly kill me. You will have to try better than that to get rid of Me. he said, scoffing at him. Then, he sighed. You can t imagine how I felt. My friend; my best friend was leaving and I wasn t even allowed to try to talk you out of it! You were so obsessed of seeing the world and experience new things . You just couldn t appreciate what you had right in front of you. For you, leaving the Volturi was the only option. But I couldn t just let you walk away without letting you get the consequences. So I started a fight with you, hoping to get you realize what a stupid mistake you were making. But it only seemed to fuel you stupidity. You stuck with your word, and my anger just grew. Nothing I said seemed to get through. And so, my anger finally got the best side of me, and we began to fight physically. Everything went well, and I was just about to give you a strike when you pushed me, sending me right into the fire. As he stopped talking, the field fell into silence. All of us stared at him, not knowing what to think. But how did you survive? I did push you into the fire. We all know vampires can t survive if they get exposed to it. Smith said, frowning. Luigi flashed a grim smile, and out of nowhere, fire bolts appeared in his hands, burning bright. His minions looked terrified by his power, and moved away from him, not wanting to stand close to him. Everyone except Mia, that is. She held her place beside him with the same, dead expression she had had the whole time.

Smith stared at him with wide eyes, which made Luigi smile even more. That s something you didn t know about me. I m like you. I m special, as Aro called you. I ve always been able to control the element of fire, and as you pushed me into the fire, I managed to keep the flames away from me. That s how I managed to survive. I m not exception to fire. I will die as easily as you I step into a field of fire. In a blink of an eye, the flames in his hands were gone, and his face was once again grim. But I never forgave you for what you did. I screamed at you, telling you to come back to me, but you didn t listen, you just ran you coward. He said, shaking his head. Then, his eyes cold as ice, he looked at me. But I will finally get my revenge now as I kill you all. My veins froze to ice, and as I stared at him, something that should ve been obvious hit my mind. You re the one who has been targeting me all this time. I said, and he chuckled. You really knew how to pick them, Smith. Not much brain, but surely entertaining. Smith growled at his words, and Edward squeezed my hand reassuringly. Then, he nodded. Yes, it was I who tried to assassinate you a few times. It just made me so frustrated. Killing one human shouldn t be that hard, right? he said, and then chuckled slightly to his words, like it was a joke. But, if you wanted to get revenge on Smith, why would you kill me? I asked, and he scoffed. As I said, she sure is smart. Well, you see- he began, but was interrupted by Edward, who screamed at him in rage. I had never heard him as angered in my entire life. No! You can t do that! She doesn t have anything to do with it! he yelled, and Luigi frowned. Then, in a split of a second, his face broke out in a smile of realization, and chuckled. That s right, you two kids are special as well. You re the mind reader, he said, pointing at Edward. And you must be the fortuneteller. He said to Alice, who was glaring at him angrily. Go straight to hell. She hissed at him, and he chuckled. Now, now, there s no reason of being rude. He said in a condescending voice, treating her like a baby, and Alice struggled not to yell back at him. Well, as I said before the mind freak interrupted him, I decided to kill you first since you mean the most to him. I value my life the most, and he values you. Since he almost took the thing I treasure the most, I will do the same thing to him. I only have one exception; unlike him, I will finish the job. The wolves growled, which made the vampires behind Luigi respond in the exact same manner. Luigi s smile grew, and he raised his hand. It was nice meeting you, but I m afraid you ll have to die now. And then he snapped his fingers. The hungry, crazy vampires attacked, running in their inhuman speed, and everything just seemed to happen in a blur around me. Pieces of fur moved around us here and there, but no vampires seemed to get close to us, no matter how hard they tried. Mia and Luigi stayed where they were, not moving. Luigi stared at the fight going on around us, and smiled contently. His plan was working. Screams accrued around us as the wolves ripped apart the newborn vampires, but the three humans on the scene stood in the middle, silent, not moving. What happened next is hard to explain. Suddenly, the smiling Luigi had disappeared from where he had stood, and the three of us got wary. Then, as fast as he had vanished, he appeared right in front of us, literary. It was like time froze. I

knew he only where there 2 seconds, but for me, it seemed like eternity. I could really study his face as he stood there. The red piercing eyes stared back at me thoughtfully, and a cruel smile was playing on his lips. His dark brown hair was slightly curly and was styled in a rather modern fashion and His face was (even though I don t want to admit it) very beautiful. Then, without a warning, he yanked me away from Edward s hold, making him lose it, and then ran. The run wasn t long, maybe a second or two, and I hardly understood what happened with me, until he had stopped. He was holding me around me waist, and together we were staring at the scene I just had been in. The fight was still going on, but it seemed like the air had frozen. The wolves growled, and I saw how Jake tried to run to me, but was stopped by 3 newborns vampires, who placed themselves in his way, making it impossible for him to get to me without sacrificing Alice and Edward. Edward. His face was twisted in rage, sorrow and absolute panic in the exact same moment, and I heard how he screamed my name over and over again. Smith, who was fighting of a newborn, looked at me with panicky eyes. None of us had been prepared for Luigi s move. Luigi chuckled to himself, making chills go down my spine. This was almost too easy. Let her go! She has nothing to do with this! Smith yelled, trying to get past the vampire, but he was too quick for him. That s where you re wrong. He said, and then looked at me. My whole body was frozen in fear, and I couldn t move an inch in his super strong hold. I m really sorry about this. He whispered in a lower tone, only for me to hear, and then I felt it; the unbearable pain in my stomach. I screamed in pain and saw how Luigi drew back his hand, covered in blood. Screams from the others were heard, and I fell down to the ground, fighting hard to breath. I could see them as I lay there, fighting for my life. The whole world looked like it was in slow-motion. The wolves growled loudly, and began to fight harder than ever. Smith, who was furious, fought off the vampire he had been struggling so hard with before like a fly, and then he got blurry. But it was Edward s and Alice s eyes that made my pain already worse. Both of them were watching me with shock and sorrow, like they could believe what had happened. I knew I was going to die, I could feel it. I had passed out at least a thousand times, but this was so different. I could feel everything. The pain, the way my heart beat, how my life simply slipped away from me My sight grew blurry, and my hearing too, but I always heard that sound of my heart throbbing. Boom! Boom! My body, which had been warm and content just a few minutes ago, was going cold. I could feel how the ground beneath me was soaked in my own blood. I had no idea how large my wound was, but I was sure it wasn t pretty. But as I laid there on the ground, I could only think of one thing; my friends safety. I was screwed, my life was over, but theirs weren t. They could still survive. It was getting hard to breathe now. My lungs felt like they were made of lid, and after each breath I drew, the weaker I seemed to get. The others were now only blurry figures in the distance, fighting for their lives that still were worth saving. Everything I did was painful, and as the minutes passed, I just wanted it to end. If ending my life would make this pain go away, then so be it. I breathed with difficulty now, and for every breath I took, the weaker my heart beat. Slowly but surely, its phase softened like a lullaby singing me to sleep. The scene in front of me was just colors blurring together now, some of them moving fast, others slow. And then, feeling like it had been an eternity since Luigi had wounded me, I heard how my heart beat for the last time.

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