Operational Styles of Broderick and Wilson

Carmen M. Pilette CJS/210 William Miller

Broderick¶s Police Operational Styles Enforcers Idealists Realists Optimists .

Broderick¶s Enforcers Role: Keep society safe Goal: Return to ³good old days´ Objective: Respect for law and order .

Broderick¶s Idealists Role: Keep the peace Goal: Understanding and respect Objective: Would like to have an impact .

Broderick¶s Realists Role: Police loyalty Goal: No attempt to affect the system Objective: ³Don¶t let it get to you´ .

Broderick¶s Optimists Role: People oriented Goal: helping people in trouble Objective: High value on individual rights .

Wilson¶s Police Operational Styles Watchman Legalistic Service .

Wilson¶s Watchman Style Role: Concerned with order Goal: Maintain order Objective: Use persuasion instead of arrests .

Wilson¶s Legalistic Style Role: Enforce the law Goal: Issuing summons and misdemeanor arrests Objective: Standard of conduct within community .

Wilson¶s Service Style Role: Helpers Goal: Assist in community groups Objective: Take all requests for service seriously .

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