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State of California 198 Form Order No.

802039 California Integrated Waste

Collection Log pg. 4/4 Management Board
Handler Name: Primary Contact Name: Telephone #:
Iosefatu Aulai E-Waste Handler Joseph Aulai 310-237-8886
Handler / Address (Address, City, Zip): Location of Collection Event (if different from the Collector's address):
14814 Inglewood Ave., Apt. 8 LAWNDALE, 90260
Material Received From Source1 Material Received
Describe Circumstances of Collection
For transfers of 5 or more units

Type of
and/or Attach Source Information of CRTs Other CEWs3
Date Name and Address of Source of Material: provide Contact Person & Phone see
CEWs if Received from Other
(m/d/y) Collectors and Handlers.2 Weight Units Weight Units
Name: John Farrar
03/15/08 Address: 32935 Poppy RD R Non-Working 2
City / Zip: Acton, CA 93510
Name: Afsaneh Safaei
03/15/08 Address: 7910 Menchen Ave R Non-Working 2
City / Zip: West Hills, CA 91304
Name: Mona Saraiya
03/15/08 Address: 4320 E. Cornwall Ave. R Non-Working 1
City / Zip: Orange, CA 92867
Name: John Graziano
03/15/08 Address: 4171 Tujunga Ave R Non-Working 2
City / Zip: Studio City, CA 91604
Name: Yvonne Purkey
03/15/08 Address: 4011 1/2 Spencer St. R Non-Working 2
City / Zip: Torrance, CA 90503
Name: Michael Tolliver
03/15/08 Address: 1797 N. Corona Ave R Non-Working 2
City / Zip: Ontario, CA 91764
Name: Lian Perera
03/15/08 Address: 15837 Cornerstone ST. R Non-Working 1
City / Zip: Chino Hills, CA 91709
Name: Adrian Salcido
03/15/08 Address: 1229 Grossmont Dr R Non-Working 1
City / Zip: Whittier, CA 90601
SUBTOTALS 0 13 0 0
Consumer: Indicate the type of California Consumer discarding the material. Use categories of consumers such as: R - Residential; B - Business; G - Government; NP - Non
(schools). Also enter O.C. if CEWs are received from another collector and attach appropriate collection logs. Note that other collectors and handlers are not considered cons
Sources: When an Approved Collector accepts discarded material from other collectors, the Approved Collector must describe how the CEWs were accumulated by the other
source information. The approved collector must also document the name and location of those other collectors.
Other CEWs: Other CEWs eligible for recovery payment within the SB 20/50 payment system.
Other Electronic Devices: Other materials managed as Universal Waste Electronic Devices (UWEDS) that are not covered by or are not elegible for SB 20/50 payment syst

NOTE: 18660.20 (i)(1)(B) states, "Approved collectors that are not California local governments, nor entities acting as an agent for a California local government, shall main
transfer CEWs to the approved collector, including the name and address of the consumer and the number of CEWs transferred."
Business; G - Government; NP - Non-profit; E - Educational

and handlers are not considered consumers or California

CEWs were accumulated by the other collectors and attached

ot elegible for SB 20/50 payment system.

lifornia local government, shall maintain a list of all consumers