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Final Draft 8

Final Draft 8

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Published by: nyc004 on Oct 17, 2010
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Use the Lock Pages command to override normal script pagination so that any changes to the
script that cause pages to overflow creates A and B pages. Normally, the script repaginates
whenever you add or delete text. Script locking keeps each page consistent with previous ver-
sions so that every page begins with its “original” text, as long as the pages remain locked.

To lock script pages:

1Choose Production > Lock Pages.

A dialog appears asking whether to enable revision mode (see above).

2Click either the Yes or No button, depending on the situation.

No matter which response you choose, Final Draft goes through the script and marks down
where each page begins. When you add new text, so that text is pushed to another page, the


193 - Production Menu

new text pushes to an “A” page instead of changing the pages break positions off all subse-
quent pages. Also, when you delete or omit text from a locked page, the text from the next
page does not flow back onto the current page.

3The menu command changes to Lock “A” Pages, and other locking and unlocking
commands are enabled (see below).

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