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mputer Shortcuts Se: Special Characters ‘Al's F Fle menu optonsin erent rogram ‘Al's Edit optonsn eurent program Ft Universal hel or al programs) Ci+A Sole al text Giri+X Cut slected tr ‘Shifts Det Cut selected tem +c Copy selected tem Ctrl + Ins Cony selected tem cil+V Paste Shift ins Paste Home Go to bogining of euet ine {rt + Home Go io begining of document End {Gof endo current ine Ctl +End Go lo endo document ‘Shift« Home. Hhigh tom cure poston to begiring ote Shit « End Hghight rom caret postion ond oie Cti+© Nove on word the et at aime Cis Novo one word the ight ata ima _ MICROSOFT® WINDOWS” SHORTCUT KEYS _ Alls Tab Swit betwen open aplizaons ‘Als Swit basowards between open Shit Tab appleaions ‘As Print A's Print Grate sen shot or urentprorem (tt At Del Aeboct Winds” task manager i+ Ese Bing up st mens Als Ese Swich between application on taskbar Rr Fename selected icon 5 Staind tom deseo Fs (ponte site slcion when bowing 5 Fetes contents AAI +F4——_Cose curent open program Cis FA Cos windowingopran C+ Plus Automata aust wd of cours ey in Windows Explorer ‘ts Entar Pn ropes window of slotedcon ar progam Shit'+ FIO Silat rght-clek on sles Shit Del Det programsties permanently sit rodeo a etnaieen, 200s mode or bypass system les Shit Wen puting in an aus CD, wil prevent Duting Boop CD Player rom paying __WINKEY SHORTCUTS WINKEY + Dring dskop tothe topo oer windows WINKEY + M_—Minimze a8 windows. WINKEY + Undo the miirize done by WINKEY + M SHIT+M ard WINKEY sD WINKEY +E Open Merosot Explorer WINKEY + Tab Cycle trough open programs on taskbar WINKEY + F Display he Windows® SearchFind fate VGREE'?—_Dispay the searen for computers window WINKEY + FI Dispiay the Mccsof* Windows" help WINKEY +R Open the run window WINKEY + a ck WINKEL a Openthe sytem propre window WINKEY + U. Open utity manager WINKEY +L Lock the computer (Windows XP®& ater) DES (Ot +A Select al cones of he page [Gi#B Bald ighighied selection (Copy selected tort (ex (ut selecod tort [HLENT 7 Open nowbiank document Ct+O Open opens ‘Gil #P Open the pint window t+ F Open find box [GiH+1 aici righightodseloction Che Insert ink ‘Gi'+U ——Underine highlighted eetecton (CHEW Paste [Geis odo thls acon seemed (GHZ Undo last action (GileG Find and replace options (Gt Find and replace options sty paragraph lgnent ‘gn selected tot not tlt ‘gn solected paragraph on et (CHE Align selected texto ine tothe canter Cei+R —Algn sole xo neo ight (Oil +M indent te praoranh (Cte Hanging indent (CHD Font options ‘GieShits Change the font ‘GaleShits> increase selected font +1 (Chile Increase selected font +1 Git Shit+< Decrease selected font-+ Cirlel Decrease selected font -1 (Girls Shift View or hide non pining characters Girls Move one word tothe et (Cie Move one word tothe itt (Cite Noveto begining ofthe ine or paegrah (Girls 4 Move tothe end of the paragraph [GtiDel Delt word ight of cursor ‘DifaBickipac Delete wordt et of cursor ‘Gt + End Move cursor to end of document ‘Gil «Home Move cursor to beghning of document ‘Girl¢ Space Reset righighted text to detauit font Sawjo-soace ines (Girl+2 Double space tines (Gils 1.5tne spacing (Cinh+At+ 4 Change text io heading 1 Ci +Alte2 Change tex io heading 2 Gi +AIt+3 Change toxin heading 3 Zz pen help |ShIREFS” | Change case of sete ext ‘Shift + Insert Pasio IFA Repeat ast action performed (Word 2000) FT Spol check sled ext andar donument ‘Shi’ FT. Activate the thesaurus FR Saveas Giles Save ‘Shits FIZ Save “Ait Shift+D_ inser the curent dato ‘Ate Shift+T Insert the current ime (GE) Close document 1 ECERE na F2 Edit he selected ell Fs Goto aspect cot F7 Spel check selected txt andor docurent Fi Create char Enter the curent ime Enter the cuenta Insert new worksheet (Open the ExceP formula window ‘tng uo searchbox Selet all carers of worksheet Bald highighed selection (Gil Haloize hghigted selecion (Cil+ Copy soectod text ile Paste cle Fil (Ctl+K Insert ink (Ct+ F Open find and pace options (Gt'#@ Open goto opions (Ctl Open find and epace options (Cil+ U——Underine highlighted selection (Cil+Y— Underine selected teat (Cil+S——Strketrough hghgied selection [Ctr'+0. Open onions (GtH6N Open new document (Open pint calog box Save Undo lst acon Minirize ouren window Maxinize cumenyselecid window ‘Switch between open wortbookswindows ‘Move between Exe wrkshoos inthe same document Move between wo o more open Exe? fs (reat formula to sum allot above calls Insert value of above cll ino curent ot Format number in comma format (t+ Shit + (i+ Shit +S) Format nurbe in curency fort (i+ Shit Format numb in date format ‘Orl#Shit 3%, Format number in percentage format (t+ Shit +. Format nurbein sini ormat (+ Shit+@_ oat numb ine format (Ctl+-* Move tonext scion of txt (trl + Space. Select entre column ‘Shift +Space Select ene om (Cie W. Close document (Alt+S Send the email Cirle © Copy selected text Cirle X Cut selected text Cirl+P Open print caiog box Citl+K ——_Congletenameiemal typed in adress bar Cirl+B Bold highlighted selection Cirl+l italicize righighted selection Cirl+U Underline highighted selection (Cirl+R Reply to an email (Cirle Forward an email (Cirle N Create a new email Ci +Shift +A. Create a new appointment to your calenda Cit Shift +9 Open the outbox Ci Shift +1 Open the inbox Cie Shit + K Add a new ask Cie Shift + © Create a new contact “Cit +ShiteJ Create a nw journal entry