Tip! You can add extra rows or columns, just by typing in the blank space.

This example graph shows the results from a science project. Notice that the information in the column on the left becomes the “key” for the graph. The top row becomes the labels across the bottom of the graph. Microsoft Word will automatically adjust the numbers on the left of the graph depending on the numbers you enter.

Step 9: On the CHART menu, choose CHART OPTIONS.

Step 10: Add a title, and label the x axis (the bottom) and the z axis (the left side)

Creating Graphs Using Microsoft Word


X Axis

1/25/06 ks graphs-in-ms-word-brochure.pub

Z Axis

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. You can use a new blank document for your graph. LeftClick your mouse inside the box you want to type in. or insert into your existing document.Step 1: Decide what information you need to graph. Step 6: Choose the appropriate type of graph. choose CHART TYPE. Step 8: Enter your information. Step 4: From the INSERT menu choose OBJECT Step 5: From the OBJECT menu choose MICROSOFT GRAPH 2000 CHART Step 7: Choose the type of chart or graph. From the CHART menu. Step 2: Gather your information for the graph. Step 3: Open Microsoft Word.

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