Voiceover Script

Voiceover Samantha Magney

INT. Classroom. Andy sits on chair talking into the microphone.

Andy Popplewell According to the institutes of alcohol studies, young people in the UK are the third worst binge drinkers in the UK. In January 2003, the cost of binge drinking was estimated at twenty billion a year. In January 2005, one million admissions to UK emergency departments were alcohol related. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest periods for ambulance services. Promiscuity and abortion incidents among teenage girls in the UK in are related to binge drinking. In a month, British 15-16 year olds binge at a rate of fifty four per cent. Fourty four per cent of eighteen to twenty four year olds are regular binge drinkers. These statistics and facts are shocking and many people do not realise the seriousness of binge drinking and its consequences until it is too late.


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