G.B.A Campaign

Nicole: It was just an average day. Nothing special. I woke up with a text from my boyfriend, Richie.. Then got ready. I m going out mum, see ya later!! (shouted) (Phone Rings) Hey, you alright babes.. Yeah.. Ok see you in a bit.

Richie: I knew what I was going to do as soon as I woke up. I texted my girl, Nicole, then jammed and played Fifa for abit. I called her later.. Have you got it? Ok cool, come round..Alright, Bye. Then I called my guy, Nathan. Yo what you sayin ? (Laughter) Your such a neek! I gotta do summin ina bit, come my yard. Ina bit! Nathan: Its crazy. I had no idea. I got a call from Richie, I was in the libary finishing up some coursework for Monday. Yo, Just in the libary doin my coursework.(Laughter) Ahh Shhh, yeah yeah, see ya inabit. We all met up and then Richie told us the deal.

Richie: You cool? (nudging Nathan) You arite babe? (hugging Nicole) Nathan/Nicole: Yhyh/I m good. Nathan: So what do you wanna do? Richie: Basically this guy Daniel, he beat up my little brother and try take his phone. Nathan: What so you just wanna go get it back? Come then. Richie: Yhh, I m gonna scare him aswell, init Nicole (Both look to Nicole) Nicole: Here babe (hands over knife) Nathan: Hmm aslong as you don t use it (looking unsure) Richie: Corse not why would I stab a yute, just wanna scare him init so he knows not to try anything

like this again. (all walk to Daniel playing football with friends) Richie: YO DANIEL! COME HERE QUICK! Daniel: (walks over) Whats up? Is there a problem? Nicole: Who do you think you are? Messing with Richie s little brother Daniel: He try get rude so I showed him the levels init (Daniel and friends laugh) Richie: Aye It aint funy ya know, picking on a kid Nathan: Calm down Richie... Daniel: Whatever you say Richie, listen to your pussyhole friend (slaps Richie s face, spitefully)

Richie: So I Pucnhed him! He try take me for a mug, thats when we started to fight. Nathan: RICHIE STOP! CALM DOWN! I tried to pull him of Daniel, but I couldn t, Daniel pushed Richie s buttons. Nicole: And thats when it happend. Nathan: It was so fast. Richie: I stabbed him. Nicole: I hear Feds! We gotta duck! (all characters run off) (police sounds and crying/shouting)

Richie: I stabbed him. I m guilty. Nicole: I supplied the knife. I m guilty. Nathan: I knew he had the knife, and I let it happen. I m guilty.

(cell doors slam) (black screen with logo)

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