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tong quan ve portal
tong quan ve portal

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Published by: quocbinh295 on Oct 18, 2010
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The Product Information feature is intended to be used as an area that the WebSphere Portal
Server administrator can go to quickly link to other valuable WebSphere Portal Server sites,
step-by-step guides, or other WebSphere Portal Server communities. The most powerful
component of this feature is the direct access to the WebSphere Portal Server newsgroups
and forums.

Using the WebSphere Portal Server forum is a powerful collaboration mechanism. By
accessing the forum, you now have access to the knowledge and experience of the collective
WebSphere Portal Server user community. Once in the WebSphere Portal Server forum, you
can post a question to the entire WebSphere Portal Server user community for advice or tips
and unleash the power of true collaboration.

For further details about the individual features offered by ISA, refer the document, “The
Support Authority: Getting help from the IBM Support Assistant”. The particularly useful guide
can be found at:


Attention: The WebSphere Portal Server forum is monitored by members of the
WebSphere Portal Server product teams. Active participation by our customers in these
user communities is strongly encouraged and recommended.

The newsgorups and forums are a great resource for planning, guidance, tips,
troubleshooting techniques, and, most of all, knowledge sharing.

Appendix A. Using IBM tools to find solutions and promote customer self-help 183

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