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tong quan ve portal
tong quan ve portal

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Published by: quocbinh295 on Oct 18, 2010
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Perform a backup after every major installation/configuration step. It may save time if
problems occur and may avoid a complete rebuild.

If you cannot perform a back after every major installation step because of time or
resource constraints, then back up after the initial install and before federating into cells if

–A Cloudscape install is a backup of last resort.

–Back up prior to federation, because most problems happen during federation.

Make backup copies of the wpconfig.properties file. In fact, make multiple copies and keep
them in multiple places.

–It takes time to configure the file correctly. Once done, you do not want to do it again.

Recommendation: Make backups after the initial install when WebSphere Portal Server is
using Cloudscape and after you have configured WebSphere Portal Server to use the
external database and LDAP servers. The point here is that it is a best practice to make
backups before beginning a major configuration change so that in case of serious
problems with the configuration you can fall back to the backup to restore the environment.

Appendix B. Maintenance: Fix strategy, backup strategy, and migration strategy 211

–Make a copy after every major configuration (Database server, LDAP server, Web
server, and so on).

–If all else fails, you can restore from the Cloudscape based backup, replace the default
wpconfig.properties file, and rerun the configuration tasks. The entire process is

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