DNA and RNA Label IT® Nucleic Acid Labeling Technology Labeling Non-enzymatic labeling of DNA and RNA
Are you still using the multi-step enzymatic labeling method for your experiment? Problems associated with enzyme-based labeling method including:
Multi-step laborious protocol Enzyme incorporation bias Uneven length on end products Not scalable Costly

In fact, many of the problems associated with enzyme-based labeling method can now be solved using Nucleic Acid Label IT® Technology.

Label IT® Technology: Simple Covalent DNA and RNA Labeling
Chemical technology is based on reactive groups that bind to nucleic acid and chemically attach labels to it. Label IT® Labeling reagents consists of the label, a cationic linker and an alkylating reactive group. Application examples include:

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Intracellular Tracking of Plasmid and siRNA Chromosome Analysis of FISH MicroRNA Labeling Microarray Labeling

Features of Label IT® Technology
Directly label native RNA and DNA of any length Chemical method eliminates enzymatic incorporation and replication bias Fast and simple reaction with one easyto-use reagent Cost effective-save up to 50% per reaction compared to enzymatic methods Scalable-label up to ug of DNA/RNA

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