For your essay, outline the pattern of thought. It may be helpful to follow the following outline. 3. Climax 2.

Rising Action 4. Falling Action 5. Denouement (Conclusion)

1. Exposition (Introduction)

On a separate sheet of paper, transcribe the following outline to fit your own story. You may go away from this outline, this is simply a guide to help you organize your thoughts. 1. Exposition (Introduction, here your will provide much of your pathos) A. Pathos (appeal to emotions) B. Present Counterargument C.Persuasive Thesis Statement 2. Rising Action (here you will provide most of your logos) A. Fact One (may be interview or external source fact) i. Commentary on Fact One ii. How Fact One relates to Thesis B. Fact Two i. Commentary on Fact Two ii. How Fact Two relates to Thesis B. Fact Three i. Commentary on Fact Three ii. How Fact Three relates to Thesis 3. Climax: A. Restate your Persuasive Thesis Statement 4. Falling Action A. Revisit Fact One, Two or Three B. Revisit Main Point or Counterargument 5. Denouement (Conclusion) A. Offer final thoughts (perhaps return to beginning concept)

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