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Since this guide caters for all players, we will start slow to make sure all the basics are fully covered. If you are confident in your skills as a Farmville player, feel free to skip to the more advanced strategies later on in the guide and come back to earlier parts for reference. All contents copyright 2008-2010 by ISearchQuick.com. All rights reserved. No part of this document or the related files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the publisher. Limit of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty: The publisher has used its best efforts in preparing this book, and the information provided herein is provided "as is." ISearchQuick.com makes no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this book and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose and shall in no event be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages. Trademarks: This book identifies product names and services known to be trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective holders. They are used throughout this book in an editorial fashion only. In addition, terms suspected of being trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks have been appropriately capitalized, although ISearchQuick.com cannot attest to the accuracy of this information. Use of a term in this book should not be regarded as affecting the validity of any trademark, registered trademark, or service mark. ISearchQuick.com is not associated with any product or vendor mentioned in this book. There was a lot of work that went into putting this document together. I can't tell you how many countless hours are spent putting together this information. That means that this information has value, and your friends, neighbors, and co-workers may want to share it. The information in this document is copyrighted. I would ask that you do not share this information with others-you purchased this book, and you have a right to use it on your system. Another person who has not purchased this book does not have that right. If your friends think this information is valuable enough to ask you for it, they should think it is valuable enough to purchase on their own. After all, the price is low enough that just about anyone should be able to afford it. It should go without saying that you cannot post this document or the information it contains on any electronic bulletin board, Web site, FTP site, newsgroup, or ... well, you get the idea. The only place from which this document should be available is the Farmville-Tricks Web site. If you want an original copy, visit the following address: http://www.farmville-tricks.net


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Everyday life is full of chaos and stress. We're always rushing to get our work done, get the kids to soccer practice, and get dinner on the table. There are cars and malls and big office buildings all around us. With this constantly hectic environment, it's not surprising that many people dream of escaping to a quiet place in the country for a while. That's just one of the reasons Farmville, a new game on Facebook, has been such a huge success in the short amount of time it's been online. Following in the fine tradition of other games by Zynga, Farmville allows players to design their own farm and interact with other players through Facebook. The tasks you can undertake on your farm include placing animals, planting trees, plowing fields, and harvesting crops. Farmville lets you create your own private oasis away from the chaos of everyday life. You have total control of how your farm looks and what crops you choose to plant. In Farmville, the sky is always blue, the grass is always green, and the sun is always shining. It's easy to see why so many people have gotten hooked on this game. Farmville isn't just about relaxing either. Running a farm is hard work and there's a lot to keep track of if you want your farm to prosper. The size of your farm, the rotation of the crops, and the other items you choose to incorporate will all have an effect on your overall success in this game. Spending some time in Farmville is a great way to relax, but it has its own challenges as well. Setting up your farm is also a commitment. You don't want to go to all the trouble of planting a bunch of crops only to let them wither on the vine because you didn't get back to harvest them in time. Farmville makes it necessary for you to plan ahead and consider the consequences of your planting and building decisions. But that's just part of what makes it an engaging game to play. You get to relax and be challenged at the same time, and what could be better than that?

Farmville is basically easy to play. You can gain valuable experience and cash in the game by helping your friends with chores on their farm. But there are a lot of tricks and tips that can make your farm a much bigger success if you're able to implement them from the beginning. Farmville gives you a new way to connect with those people on your contact lists that you may not talk to all that often.www. Whether you're a newcomer to Farmville or an experienced farmer. Adding more neighbors also allows you access to new options for advanced play in the game. Plus.Farmville-Tricks.net Copyright 2009 As with so many of the games you can play on social networking sites. Farmville is about connecting with your neighbors and helping them out. 5 . you'll no doubt get some helpful information out of reading this guide.

Once you harvest the crops that were ready and waiting for you. This way. The best way to maximize your growth and planning potential at first is to clear 10 more patches of land. You can clear more land right away. the more money you'll make by harvesting your crops. This doesn't mean you can keep expanding your farm indefinitely though. it will consist of six plowed patches. You'll also have 200 coins and 5 dollars worth of FarmVille cash in the bank. Therefore. Two of these will have crops that are fully grown and ready to harvest. you won't have enough money left to plant any crops and a lot of the land will just sit empty. You can add as many plowed patches to your farm as you want. and the last two will be all ready for you to plant on them. Plowing and planting aren't free. as long as you have the money to plow them. When you do this. and you'll be able to plant on all of it right away.www. you want to expand a little bit at a time so that you're able to fully take advantage of all of your available acreage. The first thing to do is start harvesting the crops that are ready for market. you earn coins that you can put towards plowing more land and planting more seeds. As counter-intuitive as it may seem. you have to take it slow. If you do that though. two will have crops that are half grown.Farmville-Tricks. You'll just be wasting time and money if you plow a bunch of fields and then can't afford to buy any seeds to plant in them.net Copyright 2009 Getting Started When you first set foot on your farm. you'll have more land to grow crops on. but there are several things you should take into account when you make these decisions. You can also choose which seeds to plant. 6 . You also won't be able to plant on as may clear parcels of land as you would have if you didn't clear so many to begin with. you'll have just enough money to clear that land and plant on it. if you want to get a big farm going fast. How Big to Get The more land you have to plant on.

For instance. but here are a few general tips to help you evaluate your options as you begin playing. will be ready to harvest 4 hours after you plant them. that only take a few hours. The faster you accumulate experience points. so you may want to consider planting these instead of strawberries if you're not going to be checking on your farm for a while. you get the best use out of your land and you get a bigger payoff at the end of the growing cycle.Farmville-Tricks. they'll wilt and you won't be able to make any money off of them. Most crops take at least this long to grow to maturity.www. and so different benefits. Which crop you decide to plant will have a lot to do with how often you're going to be checking on your farm. the faster you'll move up to the next level. for example.net Copyright 2009 What to Plant The only crop options available to you at first will be strawberries. eggplants take 2 days to grow. wheat. Each of these crops has several different characteristics. eggplant. Strawberries. You can find a complete breakdown of each crop and its attributes at the end of this guide. but there are some. You want to make sure you're not going to be planting a bunch of crops that will wilt before you can harvest them. and soybeans. That way. Crops that take longer to grow also generally sell for more coins at harvest time. These will only get you one experience point per plot of land planted. as well as how quickly you want to advance in the game. Crops that take at least a day to grow will grant you 2 experience points for each patch of land you plant them on. If you don't get back to harvest them within 8 hours though. Experience Another factor that will contribute to your planting decision is that different crops yield different benefits in terms of experience. like strawberries. Harvesting Time One of the many factors to take into account when deciding what to plant is how long you will have to wait to harvest it. 7 .

They cost only 15 coins to plant per plot of land. It all depends on how well you stay on top of your planting and harvesting cycles. For example. soybeans are the best of the crops you have available to you at the start of the game. on the other hand. 8 . This gives the strawberries a coin per hour rate of 8. Eggplants. as opposed to the eggplant's 1.83. If you're going to be able to check back on your strawberries and plant more as soon as the old ones are ready to be harvested. Of course.Farmville-Tricks. Dollars Per Hour Not only can you access a potential crop's value by how much of a return it brings on the initial investment. you can see that this isn't exactly a straightforward decision. and how quickly you want to be able to build up your cash stores. What all of this really means is that your decision about what crops to plant will have to take into account how often you want to check back on your farm. as opposed to the three and a half times return that strawberries provide.www. Investment Return Another factor to consider when you're deciding what to plant will be the relationship between the cost of the seeds and the price you get for your goods when you harvest them.net Copyright 2009 That doesn't mean you want to only plant the crops that give you 2 experience points though. This is a return of more than 4 times your initial investment. how quickly you want to level up. take 48 hours to mature and sell for 88 coins per plot of land. In this context. but you can sell your harvest for 63 coins per plot of land. the soybeans take longer to grow than the strawberries do. but you can also evaluate its earning potential per hour.75. strawberries take 4 hours to mature and sell for 35 coins per plot of land. you can actually get more experience points in a day with these types of crops. Because there are so many factors that go can influence your decision about what to plant.

They also only take a day to mature. Soybeans are the best one to opt for next though. assuming you’ll be able to check back on your farm in about 4 hours. all that careful planting will go to waste. your first priority needs to be getting some cash in the bank. At this point. I'd recommend plowing an area that's 4 plots by 4 plots and planting strawberries on the entire area first. you'll be able to branch out into some other types of crops. You can make the best planting decisions possible. so you'll be able to replant quickly and build up your experience points fast. but if you don't get back to harvest your plants in time.www. it's also very important to be realistic about how often you'll be able to check back on your farm. While taking the characteristics and benefits of each crop into consideration is important. Strawberries don't give you the best return on your investment. but they do give you enough so that you'll be way ahead by the time you harvest them. You should have just enough coins to complete this task.net Copyright 2009 Putting it All Together So how do you decide what to do first as you start to work on your farm? Well. Until you can advance and unlock some more crops. 9 .Farmville-Tricks. You also won't have to wait too long before you can harvest your crop and start again. This same basic theory will apply as you advance through the game and unlock more types of crops. these will give you the best return on your investment.

it's a good idea to plant in blocks. but you can help yourself by following a few simple guidelines for planting and organization.Farmville-Tricks. It's much easier to keep track of crops in various stages of growth if they're grouped together and not winding all over the place and around each other. and then all squash the next will make it much easier for you to remember what needs to be harvested when. you may want to plant a 3 by 3 section of eggplants. 10 . adjacent to a 3 by 3 section of soybeans. and continue on like that. For example. Planting all pumpkins at one time. It's also a good idea not to plant the same type of crop at two different times. This is easy to do. First. you may start to lose track of what is planted where and when it will be ready for harvest. By then you may have already lost your first crop. This means that you'll have a symmetrical section for each type of crop. That's because it's very easy to forget about one of them and not go back to harvest until the later one is ready.net Copyright 2009 Keeping Track As your farm gets bigger and you plant more and more different kinds of crops.www.

since they take 8 hours to mature. but you'll have an additional 4 days to harvest them. These will take 4 days to mature.Farmville-Tricks.net Copyright 2009 Rate of Rot This is especially important to keep in mind when you're planting crops that mature quickly. It's also a good thing to keep in mind so that you know what kind of window you have to get back to your farm before you first crop will start to wither. If you think you're not going to be able to check on your farm for a while. will start to rot 8 hours after they're ready for harvest. You'll have to make sure you get back to your farm within 16 hours of planting your pumpkins then. The window for harvesting any crop is the same as the length of time it takes that crop to grow. in order to keep from losing them. This means that pumpkins. you may want to consider planting crops like artichokes. This is a good way to keep your farm active if you're going to be away for a while.www. 11 .

but each time you milk it.www. you'll only get 6 coins from the milk you sell. That way. trees. They'll take day or so to be ready for you to milk again. You can ask your friends to give you some animals. a cow will cost you 400 coins.Farmville-Tricks. Some of these are worthwhile investments. animals. vehicles. and you'll get another 6 coins out of the deal. First of all. Animals The first animal you'll be able to buy is a chicken. You may be able to acquire some animals before you're able to buy them though because you will always be able to receive them as gifts. you'll be able to buy more and more items for decorating and enhancing the value of your farm. and many other types of decorations to your farm to give it your own personal touch. when you're friends come to visit. There are some animals too. Of course. really. that you can only receive as gifts. and then finally a sheep. For example. Animals are different from crops in several ways. As you advance in levels and build up your coin stash. although many are just fun to play with. 12 . they cost a lot and their products sell for very little.net Copyright 2009 Building Up Once you start to get a handle on your planting and harvesting cycles. followed a few levels later by a cow. you don't have to buy a new cow every time you milk one. It allows you to play at your own pace and turn your farm into exactly what you want it to be. they'll be able to see what a magnificent farmer you are. That's what makes this game so great. or they may just do it all on their own. you can begin exploring all of the other options FarmVille has to offer. like horses for instance. fences. You can add structures.

or wool they produce.www. Trees Trees work essentially the same way animals do (although they can't wander away). Plus. Once you plant a tree. And if you acquired them as a gift to begin with.Farmville-Tricks. eggs. They cost a lot and each individual harvest of fruit doesn't sell for very much. you can adapt. but you won't lose the fruit if you don't harvest it in a certain amount of time. then selling them just gets you some free money. Once in a while. but you'll get enough to help you out in a pinch. But over time. a stray animal will wander onto your farm. You also gain experience from buying animals and from selling the milk. You can also sell them if you're really strapped for cash. Otherwise they'll wander off and you'll take a loss on your investment. There are many different kinds of trees you can buy or receive as gifts. you can leave the fruit there to look pretty until you really need some cash. This is another nice feature because it means that as your farm grows. They like to go for walks and are very happy when they get attention from you. You do have to be careful to pen them though. 13 . This is another good reason to invest in some animals if you want to level up fast. they do pay for themselves because they start growing a new crop every time you harvest the old one. You can also sell trees just as you can farm animals. or you can sell it as soon as it's ready and wait for more to grow. It's also just fun to have them around. and you'll be able to help them find a new home. but it's still a good option to have if you suddenly find yourself short on cash. Depending on your preference. they're just a nice addition to your farm. and you can do more than just milk them. You won't get what you paid for them. They don't fetch a great price. but eventually you will. and each of them has a different type of fruit and different characteristics. They take different lengths of time to mature. you don't have to leave it in that spot forever.net Copyright 2009 It can take a while to make a profit off of your animals.

net Copyright 2009 If you find that you need the spot a tree is in for something else.www. or as substantial as a manor house. These items vary considerably in price and the options available to you will increase as you level up. Buildings It can take a while. Mostly though. to whitewash fences. You can choose from 30 different structures. But they deliver a ton of experience. You can always change it later. Just as with the trees and animals. Just put it where you think is best at the moment. these items are fun to collect and place to give your farm some character. and they do also have some resale value. but it also means that you don't have to spend a ton of time deliberating about where to put each tree you buy. but eventually you'll be ready to start building on your farm. but it's a good option to have when you're strapped for cash. You can move them any time you want too. Decorations There are literally dozens of items you can buy to add your own personal touch to your farm. so they're a good way to keep leveling up fast once you reach the higher levels of the game. This not only saves you from having to sell a tree if it's in the way of changes you want to make to your farm. These structures can be as simple as a tool shed or well. You'll gain some measure of experience points by purchasing any of them. which gives you endless possibilities for farm layouts and looks. and they do get pricey. you won't get nearly what you paid for a decorative item when you sell it. 14 . These can be anything from outhouses. you can simply relocate it. to bicycles.Farmville-Tricks.

but you'll also be paying out a lot for the convenience. 15 . not coins. You can certainly get the benefits of speedier harvesting and seeding. they add a nice touch to your farm. though. The vehicles themselves are not excessively expensive. so you'll need to consider if this is the way you want to spend this valuable currency.Farmville-Tricks. but you won't get nearly as much as you paid for them either. and a seeder. Vehicles Once you reach level 12 you can buy some farm vehicles to help you with the workload on your farm. You can also sell off your buildings later on if you don't need them or if you need money fast. The fuel refills can also only be purchased with FarmVille cash. Tractors will allow to you harvest at 4 times the speed since they can plow 4 plots of land at a time. It's up to you to decide whether or not you want to invest in some farm vehicles.www. These can greatly improve the efficiency of your farm. Your options include a red tractor. You want to be careful and choose the buildings that offer the most experience benefit relative to price because you will be spending so much money on them. a pink tractor. And these can add up fast. but that's still a lot of cash in most cases. It's best to wait to buy these until you have a big enough farm and income to support them. or you can buy fuel refills for your vehicles. You can also sell these if you decide you don't want to keep paying for their fuel. a harvester.net Copyright 2009 Either way. but you'll only be able to use them as long as you have fuel for them. They also sell for substantially less than you bought them for. This means that you can wait for the fuel to fill up on its own. but this does come with a price.

net Copyright 2009 Save or Spend One of the great things about FarmVille is that it's always up to you how you spend your money and use your land. You can also just pick the items you like best. After all.Farmville-Tricks. so you have to decide which ones will help you the most. It'll take you a while to build up a big reservoir of coins and farm cash if you spend all of your extra money after each harvest. It's a good idea to examine all of the items you'll be able to buy and then figure out how much you'll have to save up to be able to purchase those items. it's your farm and you're the one who'll be spending the most quality time there. you'll be stuck with buying a lot of the cheap items and you won't ever be able to afford the larger buildings and decorations. Otherwise.www. 16 . All of the items that you can buy will give you some benefit in the form of experience points. Figuring out what you want to buy can be tricky though.

or you can spend them on a variety of discretionary items in the market. These messages are pretty arbitrary. as are the amounts you win. After that. They're certainly a nice bonus though.net Copyright 2009 Cash As you start to play FarmVille.Farmville-Tricks. The FarmVille dollars are a bit harder to come by though. Coins You earn coins every time you harvest crops. There's no equivalency either – you can't convert your coins to cash. 17 . You'll occasionally get a message when you log in that you won a random number of coins in the daily raffle. you'll receive a message that they could use your help. but there are some items that you'll need cash to get. you'll have a relatively easy time accumulating coins. fruit from trees. If one of your neighbors hasn't been able to get to their farm for a while. so you can't count on them for consistent income. You can also go and visit your neighbor's farms on your own to see if they need any help when you're short on cash. You'll need some of these coins to re-plow and re-plant your fields. You can just let your coins accumulate in your account. There are some other ways you'll get a bonus in the form of coins. or goods from farm animals. but there won’t be any more chores for you to do.www. raking leaves. but you can only help out each neighbor once a day. You can use coins to buy most of the items in the market. or chasing crows away. you can visit all you want. Accepting this message will take you to their farm where they'll ask for your help with chores like pulling weeds. but after each harvest you should have some left over. You'll also earn a small bonus every time you help out one of your neighbors with their farm.

It's best to save your FarmVille cash until you're sure you know what you want to spend it on. or you'll have to find a different way of refilling your coin stores. but there are some items in the market that you can't get without it. you can purchase coins or cash with a credit card or PayPal account. 18 . You can get a lot for a little here. you just have to wait for your crops to be ready to harvest. the more you'll be able to do on your own farm. You get 1 FarmVille dollar for every new level you reach. Some of the cash-only items in the market are relatively cheap and you'll have enough FarmVille cash at the lower levels to afford these.www. If you spend your cash in small amounts this way though. After all. and the more chores you can do for coins and experience. In this section.Farmville-Tricks. Adding Coins and Cash There is another option for increasing your available coins and FarmVille cash. The more neighbors you have.net Copyright 2009 This is just one of the reasons it's good to have a lot of neighbors. the more access you have to coins. but it takes quite a while to earn any substantial amount of cash this way. and you have several options as far as how much you want to spend. FarmVille Cash FarmVille cash is much tougher to come by than coins are. Once you run out of money. you'll never be able to accumulate enough to buy the bigger items that are available later on. the more farms you can visit. You can click on the Add Farm Coins and Cash tab if you want to supplement your income a bit. FarmVille cash isn't vital to your ability to play the game the way that coins are.

You’ll start out by earning the Yellow ribbon in a particular category. this is probably the easiest way to go. The game keeps track of your progress in each individual area. Red. so all you have to do is check back from time to time to see which ones you’re close to achieving and what you need to do to get there. you get awarded a substantial sum of cash. but if you want to buy anything substantial with FarmVille cash. You'll wind up spending more in the long run if you buy small amounts of coins or cash multiple times. as well as a hefty chunk of experience points. the higher ribbons you earn will result in bigger and bigger payouts. but you get the most for your money this way. Ribbons Another way to get some coin bonuses is to earn one of the many ribbons available. There are actually 14 categories of ribbons. you’ll progress to the White. so you’ll likely earn some ribbons without even meaning to. As your performance and farming accomplishments increase. you can bring up a list of the available ribbons and what you personally have to do to earn the next one. 19 . you'll have to supplement your natural income. It's really never worth it to buy coins this way because they're so easy to earn in the game. Better to just get all you'll need at once rather than going back often for small purchases. If you want a quick and easy way to instantly add FarmVille cash. Each time you get a ribbon. and finally Blue ribbons. you're better off just going for the largest package. and each category has 4 levels.www.net Copyright 2009 If you're going to go this route though. As you advance in that category. It costs $40. These accomplishments span the spectrum of farm activity. It’s a good idea to pay attention to your ribbons though and what you need to do to earn more of them. By clicking on the ribbon icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.Farmville-Tricks.

make it possible for your friends to get a bonus as a result of your success. making progress towards earning ribbons can guide your decisions on how many of which type of animal to keep and how many buildings to put up. You do actually have a time limit for collecting these bonuses too.Farmville-Tricks. Sharing the Wealth Each time you’re awarded a ribbon. you’ll come out ahead every time. It’s always a good thing to do this because it costs you nothing and encourages your friends to return the favor. it is definitely worth doing it when you get a ribbon.net Copyright 2009 The required tasks may be as simple as “harvest fruit from 8 unique trees. it can play a role in determining what seeds you plant and what trees you buy. it won’t cost you anything at all. and so if you know what you have to do to get the ribbon. you’ll have to be sure and pay attention to the notifications your friends post so that you don’t miss out on any bonuses yourself. you’ll be asked if you would like to “share the wealth. In fact. It will. Check out the Resource Lists at the end of this guide for the full listings of ribbons. While it may not be a good idea to publish notification every time you advance to a new level. 20 .” or “harvest 10 unique crops.” This doesn’t mean that you’ll divide up your winnings among your friends or anything like that. however. There’s a ribbon for each of these. Similarly.www. You do have to publish your accomplishment on Facebook though for your friends to be able to get the bonus.” While neither of these tasks is particularly hard to accomplish. Conversely. so make sure you scan your news feed for the appropriate notifications every time you log in to Facebook.

www. You certainly don't need to go out and actively recruit your friends to play the game. so it's really up to you to determine how many you think you want to have. From there it's very easy to send a neighbor request to anyone you know who's already started working on their farm. It's very likely some of the people on your friend list play already. This is a good place to start. 21 .net Copyright 2009 Neighbors You can certainly work your own farm and earn enough to support yourself nicely. since you're playing this game on a social networking site. but it's not necessarily the most effective. But if you want to be able to expand your farm. simply use the private message function on Facebook to send a personal invitation to each of your friends. Expansion is made much easier and will cost you much less in terms of currency the more neighbors you have. and it's a good idea to invite everyone you know. If you'd like to expand beyond this though. the easiest thing to do is hit up your friends. Finding Neighbors There's no limit on the number of neighbors you can add. you'll want to send a more personal message to the people you know. you'll need to have some neighbors.Farmville-Tricks. Make it Personal Sending an automated message is certainly the easiest way to invite all of your friends. You can find out who by going to the My Neighbors tab when you're on your farm. You may very well be surprised who the most enthusiastic farmers turn out to be. the game does provide an invitation function that allows you to send automated messages to anyone on your friend list asking them to play FarmVille with you and be your neighbor. If you're really serious about recruiting as many neighbors as possible. To do this. Of course.

Most of the people you'll find on these forums are FarmVille players like you who enjoy playing and want to build up their farm as much as possible. you'll know which profile to remove from your friend list if you start receiving a bunch of meaningless messages in you inbox.Farmville-Tricks. This is because some of the profiles you will come across this way are spam. Here you'll find quite a few great FarmVille resources. Once your friends have set up their own farms. as well as a 22 . The best way to go about this is to only add one or two people you don't know at a time. They're also a great place to go to find answers to any questions you have while playing the game. They'll bring you quite a few benefits over time. it can be next to impossible to figure out which one to get rid of. Or they can be a great place to just socialize with other players. If you've added a bunch of strangers at once. Forums If you're not satisfied with the neighbor count you get off of your friend list. This is an excellent place to go to find more neighbors and meet people who share your interest in the game. but you'll be surprised how many more people respond to a message that you wrote yourself. If you only add a few at a time. the next place you should go is to the FarmVille Forums. There's no limit to the number of neighbors you can add. Because you have to add someone as a friend in order to make them your neighbor though. One of these is a forum called ADD ME for people who are looking for neighbors. you should always be cautious. there's no reason not to add as many as you can.www. FarmVille Forums aren't just good for helping your find new neighbors either. you can ask them to be your neighbor. and really.net Copyright 2009 You can use the same message for everyone. You can find these by clicking on the Forum link at the bottom of the page you're on when you're playing the game.

the more they'll be inclined to send to you (assuming they're good neighbors). About half of the available types of trees can only be acquired this way. For the first 20 neighbors you help in a day. it's great to have the option to go and help out on your neighbors' farms to earn some money fast. then. When you're short on cash. and it can be a great way to build up your collection of farm animals and trees early in the game.Farmville-Tricks. rabbits. You can help out each of your neighbors once a day. The more neighbors you have. you'll earn 20 coins and 5 experience points each. Having a lot of neighbors also means getting a lot of gifts. Also several kinds of animals like horses. but that can still add up to a lot of cash if you make a habit out of it. Once you get up over 20. The more gifts you send to your neighbors. Sending gifts doesn't cost you anything. but there are other reasons it's good to have neighbors. goats. and ducks can only be gifted. Even if you use them only sparingly. This is really the best way to get ahead in the game fast. There are other. these forums are a great resource to keep in mind when you have problems or questions about FarmVille. There are also quite a few items that you can only get if you receive it as a gift. Since your neighbors will likely all be at different stages of game play. 23 . pigs. you'll only be earning 5 coins and 1 experience point each. more practical reasons to want to have a lot of neighbors as well. the more gifts you'll get. One simple one is that going and looking at the ways other people set up their farms can help you get ideas about what you want to do with your own little plot of land. you can learn a lot just by looking at what they've done. They can’t be bought. Benefits of Neighbors You won't be ready to expand your farm for a while.www.net Copyright 2009 good source of information about updates and changes to game play.

Farmville-Tricks.net Copyright 2009 Plus it's just fun to be able to play this game with your friends.www. It can even prove to be a good way to connect with someone on your friend list that you don't actually talk to all that often. 24 . Breaking the ice by talking about your farms or helping each other out in the game is a great and easy way to rekindle an old friendship. You can even leave notes for your neighbors on their farms when you go to visit to let them know how great you think their farming is coming along.

but at some point in the future you will be able to expand to a 22 X 22 Big Ole Plantation. which will give you a significant amount of added space to work with. Once you decide you're ready to expand though.Farmville-Tricks. you'll need more space to work with. This means that your first step in expanding your farm will be establishing a Homestead. If you want to keep moving up and building your business. The reasons for wanting to expand your farm are pretty straightforward.www. You want to make sure you'll have at least 10. If you don't 25 . There's really no downside to expanding as long as you're financially stable enough to handle the larger space.net Copyright 2009 Expanding Your Territory Once you've made the most of the plot of land you started with. the 20 X 20 Plantation is the largest plot of land available. You have to buy the plots in order. You'll eventually max out your earning capability on your original plot of land.000 coins in the bank after you purchase your land expansion in order to be sure you're up to the task of managing a larger farm. At this point. This is a 14 X 14 plot. you can pay in coins. you may want to spread your wings a bit and get some more space to work with. You'll also have to have a Homestead before you can take the next expansion step and buy a 16 X 16 Family Farm. but neither of them is particularly cheap. and even a 24 X 24 Mighty Plantation. There are actually two ways you can do this. Deciding to Expand and Weighing the Cost Expanding before you're ready can make it hard to maintain a positive cash flow. you'll need to be able to pay for the extra land. You can't just jump to the 20 X 20 however. You can expand your farm incrementally from the 12 X 12 plot that you start with up until you have a 20 X 20 Plantation. If you have enough neighbors.

26 . they never have to come back to their farm again. After that. you can also buy the Homestead for $20 in FarmVille cash. This isn't a particularly large number when you think about it. you either have to have a lot of FarmVille dollars on hand or you'll have to seek out some new neighbors. All they have to do is open the application and set up their character.000 coins as long as you have at least 8 neighbors to help you with construction. Once your friends know this. You may think that $20 FarmVille cash isn't that much in the grand scheme of things.www. The 14 X 14 Homestead can be bought for 10. and it will save you a lot of money in the long run if you just go out and recruit some friends to help you. If you don't have that many neighbors. Since the coins are so much easier to come by than the cash. you'll have to pay in FarmVille cash.net Copyright 2009 have as many neighbors as is required for the plot of land you want to buy. you'll be wise to try and recruit those few extra neighbors so you can pay in coins. they may be more inclined to help you out. You'll need $20 more each time you want to expand though. Even the largest plot of land currently available only requires that you have 16 neighbors. So if you want to expand fast.Farmville-Tricks. It really isn't as hard as it might seem to get people to be your neighbors either because they don't actually have to do anything to help you.

And remember to always be good to your neighbors. you’ll be hooked on FarmVille for a long time. but it’s infinitely harder to accomplish the things you want to quickly.net Copyright 2009 Conclusion One of the best things about FarmVille is that it doesn’t matter if you’re very involved in it and log in all the time. You can check out the new structures and decorations you’ll want to build on your farm. you’ll have a hard time resisting the urge to check on your farm as often as possible.Farmville-Tricks.www. That way you’ll be able to afford the things you really want later on. The endless possibilities for rearranging and building on your farm make FarmVille a very engaging game to play. and then work your land until you have enough money to pay for them. once you start farming. I have no doubt that once you get your hands into that soil once or twice. 27 . Success in FarmVille is really mostly the result of common sense. Just remember to plan ahead and you’ll do just fine. It’s always a good idea to check out the forums and stay up to date on any new changes or developments in the game because it’s still in Beta. Chances are though. or if you just feel like doing some occasional hoeing and seeding. You can succeed in FarmVille without neighbors. This guide is designed to be a good resource that can help you make wise decisions about how to spend your money and time in FarmVille. It’s still a great way to spend some time and catch up with fellow farmers. The benefits they give you are immeasurable. You need to be sure to always weight your options and spend your money wisely.

3 1.Farmville-Tricks.4 8.3 1.5 7.7 8.6 28 .3 8.www.8 0.3 7.8 3.7 4.5 4.1 2.7 3.7 9.1 2.6 0.6 3.net Copyright 2009 Resource Lists Crop List Seeds Strawberry Eggplant Wheat Soybeans Squash Pumpkins Artichokes Rice Raspberries Cotton Bell Peppers Peppers Aloe Vera Pineapple Blueberries Watermelon Grapes Tomato Potatoes Carrots Coffee Corn Sunflowers Cabbage Blackberries Green Tea Red Wheat Sugar Cane Peas Yellow Melon Onions Broccoli Asparagus Cost 10 coins 25 coins 35 coins 15 coins 40 coins 30 coins 70 coins 45 coins 20 coins 75 coins 75 coins 70 coins 50 coins 95 coins 50 coins 130 coins 85 coins 100 coins 135 coins 110 coins 120 coins 150 coins 135 coins 140 coins 75 coins 105 coins 180 coins 165 coins 190 coins 205 coins 170 coins 200 coins 220 coins Maturity 4 hours 2 days 3 days 1 day 2 days 8 hours 4 days 12 hours 2 hours 3 days 2 days 1 day 6 hours 2 days 4 hours 4 days 1 day 8 hours 3 days 12 hours 16 hours 3 days 1 day 2 days 4 hours 10 hours 3 days 8 hours 1 day 4 days 12 hours 2 days 16 hours Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 0 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 1 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 3 Experience 2 Experience 1 Experience 4 Experience 2 Experience Sell For 35 coins 88 coins 115 coins 63 coins 121 coins 68 coins 119 coins 96 coins 46 coins 117 coins 108 coins 162 coins 85 coins 242 coins 91 coins 348 coins 270 coins 173 coins 345 coins 200 coins 243 coins 380 coins 315 coins 388 coins 117 coins 191 coins 449 coins 239 coins 381 coins 528 coins 268 coins 473 coins 357 coins Profit / Hour 6.7 3.2 10.2 7.3 13.5 8.0 1.1 10.2 5.8 5.0 3.5 5.7 9.0 0.3 2.9 7.

Blueberries 1092 coins/week 4. but it’ll take you a while to reach a high enough level to be able to plant them. Potatoes 455 coins/week 15. Ultimately. This doesn’t mean the new seed is necessarily better than what you were already planting though.net Copyright 2009 It’s good to plan your planting around your schedule so that you’ll know when you can get back to check on your farm and harvest your crops. Strawberries 420 coins/week 29 . Red Bell Peppers 539 coins/week 11. Red Wheat 592 coins/week 9. Almost every new level you reach will unlock one more type of seed for you to try. Yellow Melon 539 coins/week 10. so do not be mislead with crops such as raspberry which give no exp. Broccoli 903 coins/week 8. Rice 504 coins/week 12. Raspberry 924 coins/week 7. Also remember that every time you plough you also gain more experience. Coffee 1080 coins/week 5. Tomato 1218 coins/week 2. Pineapple 462 coins/week 14. Best Seeds in Earnings Per Week Assuming Crops are Harvested At Maximum Efficiency These earnings take into account the cost of ploughing (15coins). 1. Sunflowers 1155 coins/week 3. Corn 501.Farmville-Tricks.www.7 coins/week 13. because they end up giving you the same exp as 4 hr crops when the experience gained from ploughing is also taken into consideration. so you’ll have to reevaluate your options each time you decide to re-plant. this is very important since crops with shorter harvesting times must be ploughed more times giving many players an “invisible” cost. Carrot 1050 coins/week 6. peas will be the best crop to plant.

25 coins/week 22. You’ll have to take into account how much you spend on the seeds for each of them.www. Yellow Bell Peppers 324 coins/week 18.67 coins/week Of course. Eggplant 168 coins/week 23. as well as how soon you’ll be able to get back to harvest them before you can decide which is the best for you to plant at any given point in time.Farmville-Tricks. Artichokes 208. Squash 231 coins/week 21. this is not the only attribute each of these crops possesses.25 coins/week 17. Wheat 151. Trees Tree Acai Cherry Apple Orange Plum Peach Lemon Lime Fig Avocado Apricot Grapefruit Banana Passion Fruit Pomegranate Date Olive Cost $27 FarmVille 225 coins 325 coins 425 coins 350 coins 500 coins 475 coins 750 coins Gift Gift Gift Gift Gift Gift Gift Gift Gift Experience 0 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 7 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience 0 Experience Maturity 2 days 2 days 3 days 4 days 3 days 4 days 3 days 5 days 3 days 3 days 4 days 3 days 3 days 5 days 5 days 3 days 4 days Profit 158 coins 18 coins 28 coins 40 coins 30 coins 47 coins 41 coins 75 coins 33 coins 37 coins 56 coins 50 coins 56 coins 93 coins 108 coins 69 coins 112 coins Resale 47 coins 11 coins 16 coins 21 coins 17 coins 25 coins 23 coins 37 coins 18 coins 21 coins 30 coins 23 coins 32 coins 46 coins 53 coins 40 coins N/A 30 .net Copyright 2009 16. Watermelon 355. Cotton 273 coins/week 19. Soy Beans 231 coins/week 20.

rabbits. Animals Animal Cow Chicken Sheep Cost 300 coins 400 coins 700 coins Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 7 Experience Time 1 day 1 day 3 days Sell for Cost 6 coins 8 coins 28 coins Resale 15 coins 20 coins 35 coins There are several other animals you can acquire for your farm. but they can only be received as gifts. You can also adopt stray animals that wander onto your friends’ farms. not only because they create another cash flow. Pigs. Otherwise. and goats can round out your livestock families nicely if you can persuade your friends to give them to you. This way it will be easier to keep track of which ones will be ready to harvest and when. 31 . ducks. It’s a good idea to stay all of your animals unless they’re penned in though.Farmville-Tricks. If you’re going to be focusing on acquiring trees and harvesting them regularly. horses.www. they may wind up wandering away themselves. you may want to keep each type in its own section. This even includes the occasional black sheep. but because they give your farm a lot of color and character.net Copyright 2009 Trees are great to have around.

Some decorations will be locked until you reach the higher levels of the game.000 coins 100 coins 125 coins 150 coins 150 coins 150 coins 200 coins 400 coins 500 coins 1. 32 . but many will be open to you from the beginning. There are also quite a few decorations that can only be purchased with FarmVille dollars.000 coins 1. They all follow the same pattern of cost to experience and resale value though.000 coins 600 coins 4. You just have to choose the items that you like the best and that you feel give your farm the look you were after.www. That way.000 coins 3.Farmville-Tricks.000 coins Experience 5 Experience 50 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 5 Experience 10 Experience 10 Experience 5 Experience 6 Experience 20 Experience 30 Experience 6 Experience 40 Experience Resale Cost 15 coins 250 coins 5 coins 6 coins 7 coins 7 coins 7 coins 10 coins 20 coins 25 coins 50 coins 50 coins 25 coins 30 coins 100 coins 150 coins 30 coins 200 coins This is actually a rather small selection of the available decorations you can use to beautify your farm. It’s a good idea to look through the available items in the market from time to time and pick out the cash only items that you’re interested in.net Copyright 2009 Decorations Decoration Whitewash Fence Small Pond Hay Bale Barrel Crate White Stool Brown Stool Mailbox Butter Churn Wood Pile Wagon Picnic Table Stone Mailbox Wheelbarrow Covered Wagon Hay Wagon Hedge Barrel Wagon Cost 300 coins 5.000 coins 500 coins 600 coins 2. which means that no one item is a particularly better investment than the others. you’ll be able to save up for the things you really want and avoid splurging on something else you don’t really need.

You’ll start out with the Yellow ribbon once you’ve made 50.5 million coin mark. To get the Blue ribbon. Since that’s what you’re trying to do anyway. you can invest some time in planting and harvesting Raspberries over and over again. Again. you’ll make it to your Blue ribbon in no time. you have to acquire as many neighbors as you can. this shouldn’t be too difficult. so you don’t have to focus too much on it. and you won’t get the Blue until you’ve helped your neighbors 1500 times.net Copyright 2009 Ribbons Local Celebrity – To earn this ribbon. You’ll need to get up to 50 to earn the Blue. you have to reach 1 million coins.000 coins.Farmville-Tricks. Of course. To get the Yellow ribbon. You’ll get your Yellow ribbon when you’ve spent 50. you’ll earn all of these ribbons eventually through normal game play as well. and your Blue ribbon will come at the 1. all you need to do is earn money. Since these crops grow so fast.www. Better get to work! High Roller – To get this ribbon.000 coins. you need to have 4 neighbors. (This is over the entire time you’ve been playing the game. for example. Good Samaritan – You can get this ribbon by doing as many chores as possible for your neighbors on their farms.) A Pretty Penny – You get these ribbons by spending that hard earned currency. But if you want to acquire these ribbons faster. You have to do 50 chores for the Yellow ribbon. it will take you a while to get this ribbon if you don’t have a lot of neighbors. Since you can only help each neighbor once a day. You don’t have to have it in the bank all at once. Cream of the Crop – This ribbon is a reward for harvesting massive amounts of crops. 33 . this is something you’ll be doing naturally as you play the game.

Farmville-Tricks. you’ll be limited to a certain degree by lack of empty space. Green Thumb – This ribbon is awarded as a result of your growing a certain number of different crops. Of course. 34 . the quicker you’ll be able to collect these ribbons. and you’ll earn ribbons as you go which isn’t so bad either. the more Architect ribbons you’ll be taking home. but just keep squeezing the small decorations on there and you’ll be collecting these ribbons in no time. Of course. The more trees you harvest. and you’ll have no problems bringing home these ribbons. The more variety you have on your farm. don’t forget to collect from your animals as soon as they’re ready. When your friends find stray animals on their farm. Just like with the trees. Architect – As the name suggests.www. this never hurts you to do because it’ll mean more goods for you to sell. you earn these ribbons for putting up buildings on your farm. the easier it will be to get these ribbons.net Copyright 2009 Knock on Wood – You earn these ribbons by harvesting fruit from your trees. It doesn’t matter what kinds of trees they are – they can even be all the same. the more ribbons you’ll get. Pack Rat – All you have to do to earn these ribbons is decorate your farm. Animal Shelter – These ribbons are a reward for your kindness to lost animals. Zoologist – These ribbons are rewarded as a result of collecting goods from animals. you’ll have a chance to help them out by adopting the animals. You just have to remember to keep harvesting them as soon as they’re ready and you’ll be all set. The more animals you have on your farm. The more buildings you can set up.

The more different types of gifts you receive. That makes it a little different from the Knock on Wood ribbon because you are able to earn that one by harvesting fruit from one kind of tree exclusively. you’ll need some friends to send you the animals that can only be gifted. but after that.net Copyright 2009 Tree Hugger – You get this ribbon by harvesting multiple different kinds of trees. These ribbons are a reward for having a certain number of unique items in your Gift Box. the more ribbons you’ll earn. Otherwise you’ll never be able to diversify enough to get to the Red or Blue ribbons in this category. You’ll be able to get the Yellow ribbon on your own.Farmville-Tricks. You’ll have to have just about every type of tree on your farm in order to get to the Blue ribbon in this category. Not Spoiled. Really it’s your friends who do all the work. Noah’s Ark – You earn these ribbons by collecting products from as many different types of animals as you can. 35 . Gifted! – It might not be fair to say you earn these ribbons.www.

36 . and Orange trees. and a Hay Bale. a Barn. Eggplants. Level 4 : Able Farmer 90 – 200 Experience points You can buy Chickens and send them as gifts. and Soybeans.30 Experience points Field Hand You can buy seeds for Strawberries. Cherry trees. Wheat. Level 5 : Handy Farmer 200 – 350 Experience points You can buy seeds for Pumpkins.net Copyright 2009 Levels and Titles Level 1 : 0 . You can buy Cows. Level 3 : Amateur Farmer 60 – 90 Experience points You can buy Barrels and give Fig trees as gifts. You can buy Rest Tents and Crates.www. You can buy Mailboxes. You can buy White Stools and Brown Stools.Farmville-Tricks. Level 6 : Nimble Farmer 350 – 550 Experience points You can buy seeds for Artichokes. You can send Avocado trees as gifts. You can buy Apple trees. Level 2 : Kinder Farmer 30 – 60 Experience points There is nothing additional available on this level.

You can send Apricot trees as gifts. Level 10 : Splendid Farmer 1800 – 2300 Experience points You can buy Lime trees.net Copyright 2009 Level 7 : Savvy Farmer 550 – 800 Experience points You can buy seeds for Rice. a Butter Churn.Farmville-Tricks. You can buy Sheep. and a Well. Level 8 : Fancy Farmer 800 – 1300 Experience points You can buy seeds for Raspberries. You can send Grapefruit trees as gifts.www. You can send Pigs as gifts. 37 . You can send Sheep as a gift. You can buy a Stone Mailbox. a Wood Fence. Level 9 : Sophisticated Farmer 1300 – 1800 Experience points You can buy the seeds for Cotton. Level 11 : Farming Magician 2300 – 2800 Experience points You can buy seeds for Bell Peppers. You can buy a Picnic Set. You can buy a Wagon and a Bike. and a Fruit Stand.

or a Pink Tractor. You can buy Covered Wagons and a Workshop. You can send Banana trees as gifts. Blue. or Green Fence. Level 15 : Professor of Agriculture 4500 – 5500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Pineapples. Level 16 : Hot Shot Farmer 5500 – 6500 Experience points You can buy a Lil Red Wagon. You can buy a Black. Level 13 : Jolly Rancher 3300 – 3900 Experience points You can buy a Grain Silo.Farmville-Tricks. You can buy a Harvester.net Copyright 2009 Level 12 : Farming Wizard 2800 – 3300 Experience points You can buy seeds for Peppers. Level 14 : Produce Professional 3900 – 4500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Aloe Vera. You can buy a Wheelbarrow. You can buy a Seeder. a Tractor. 38 .www. You can send Rabbits as gifts. You can send Ducks as gifts. You can buy a Pink Fence and a Wood Bench.

You can buy a Hedge and a Bird House. You can send Horses as gifts. You can buy Hay Wagons. Level 18 : Super Grower 7500 – 8500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Watermelons. You can buy a BBQ. Level 20 : Green Giant 9500 – 11500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Tomatoes.www. You can buy Barrel Wagons and a Hedge Arch.Farmville-Tricks. You can buy a Lawnmower and a Sandbox. 39 . You can send Goats as gifts. Level 19 : Professional Plower 8500 – 9500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Grapes. a Black Cottage. You can buy a Cottage. or a Pink Cottage.net Copyright 2009 Level 17 : Super Shoveler 6500 – 7500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Blueberries. You can send Passion Fruit trees as gifts. Level 21 : Rockstar Farmer 11500 – 13500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Potatoes.

Farmville-Tricks. Level 24 : Cream of the Crop 17500 – 20500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Corn.net Copyright 2009 Level 22 : Barnyard Behemoth 13500 – 15500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Carrots. You can buy a Water Pump.www. Level 23 : Magnificent Farmer 15500 – 17500 Experience points You can buy seeds for Coffee. Level 25 : Sensational Sower 20500 – 25000 Experience points You can buy seeds for Sunflowers. and an Axe and Block. You can buy an Iron Bench. a Wagon Wheel. You can buy Windmills. You can buy a Hedge Gate and a Light Post.40000 Experience points You can buy seeds for Green Tea. Level 28 : Master of Pasture 35000 . 40 . Level 27 : Thrill of the Till 30000 – 35000 Experience points You can buy seeds for Cabbage. You can buy a Log Cabin and a Telephone Pole. Level 26 : Sultan of Soil 25000 – 30000 Experience points You can buy a Farm House.

Farmville-Tricks. take sunflowers for instance. Level 30 : Lord of the Plow 46000 + Experience points You can buy seeds for Red Wheat. Before I reveal the secret you must understand a few things about why leveling fast is good: 1. you are also doing only 1/12 of the work compared with raspberries.www. 41 . which only need to be harvested and ploughed once per day and compare them with raspberries. You can buy a Greenhouse. you will notice if you scroll up to earnings per week of each crop (page 35). the more access you get to higher end crops. Not only do the sunflowers give you more coins per hour. that many of the highest earning crops also have very generous harvesting times. This is why I advocate leveling as fast as possible till you can reach a crop that earns good exp/week but at the same time has a long harvesting time so you can relax. and save you huge chunks of time. 2. Leveling AT Light Speed Here is a trick only a few people know about Farmville but can help your farm grow immensely. This is very important since it will make your schedule much more flexible. which need to be harvested and replanted every 2 hours. many of the crops with the highest earnings are only obtainable at the highest levels. The faster you level.net Copyright 2009 Level 29 : Sensation of the Plantation 40000 – 46000 Experience points You can buy seeds for Blackberries. It is also important to notice.

Higher Level = More land = More Crops = Faster Leveling = More Coins/More Free time As you progress throughout Farmville the plot of land available to you also increases. Whenever I check through my friends Farmville’s and see this happening I will always take the time to give them some friendly advice. If you are VERY SURE (EXTRA STRESS ON THIS POINT) that you will be able to harvest your crops in time. the following trick will really bring your farm to new heights: 1. you want to make sure you have access to all the things Farmville has to offer. 42 .www. if you have loads of money in the bank. it’s being wasted! If this is you. earn more experience. Calculate the amount of coins needed to plant and plough your desired crops. This is only done when a player is saving for something expensive such as the million dollar villa. earn more coins. This means you can plant more crops. Basically. To be put simply. and save you time! What a game breaker! The Secret to Leveling Faster If you have played Farmville for quite some time you have probably come into a situation where your farm really isn’t leveling as fast as you would like.Farmville-Tricks. Cosmetic Purposes – If you’re playing Farmville to impress your friends and make your farm grand and beautiful. This amount should be kept with you at all times in case your current crops wilt and you receive no income from harvesting them.net Copyright 2009 3. 4. and are slowly stockpiling thousands and thousands of coins. and you’re not saving for something. if there is a huge stockpile of gold that isn’t being spent there should only be one reason. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with tons of coins but unable to buy that villa just because you’re level is low.

You should do this whenever you have spare cash to level in the fastest possible way with one exception. therefore giving you 5 experience for 95 coins. The formula for calculating how much will need is: (Price of crop + 15 Plough Fee) X Total Area of Farm Using a 14x14 Farm with tomatoes as an example: (100+15) X (14X14) = 115X196 = 22540 3.net Copyright 2009 2. first find out the size of your farm (eg 14x14). This occurs when you have the opportunity to increase the size of your farm plot. Spend all your remaining coins on buying Hay Bale (located under the decorations tab in the market).www. at 100 coins per piece they will give you 5 experience points and can be sold for 5 coins. If you notice you are making sizeable amounts of money that will contribute to expanding your farm in the near future.000 coins sitting there doing nothing. To Calculate the amount of coins you will need. by all means save up to expand your land! Remember. Just imagine you have 100. This means you will gain an instant 5000+ experience! For some people this may even be sufficient to gain a level. more land = more crops = more coins = more experience! 43 .Farmville-Tricks. next choose what crop you will be planting next (eg Tomatoes).

Listed below are some recommended crops which you should always try to plant depending on your time schedule. the crops you will plant and harvest will change.net Copyright 2009 Star Crops As you progress through the game.Farmville-Tricks.www. Levels 1-5: Can Harvest every 4 hours: Strawberries Can Harvest every 8 hours: Soy Bean Can Harvest once per Day: Squash Levels 6-16: Can Harvest every 2 hours: Raspberry Can Harvest every 8 hours: Rice (this is better than planting strawberries for coins but will net you less experience) Can Harvest once per Day: Cotton Levels 17-24: Can Harvest every 4 hours: Blueberries (Change to Tomatoes at level 20) Can Harvest every 8 hours: Tomatoes Can Harvest once per Day: Red Bell Peppers Levels 25+ Can Harvest every 4 hours: Tomatoes Can Harvest every 8 hours: Tomatoes Can Harvest once per Day: Sunflowers 44 .

You should always lock your farmer before the process of harvesting. you could be better off planting a crop with a longer harvesting time.Farmville-Tricks. and cross reference it with the one on page 35. This way. You can. rather than a shorter one. for example. By locking I mean trapping him between fences or objects so he can't actually move to the arable terrain. you can trap him in the center square. the farmer will be trapped and you don't need to do anything else. Therefore.There is one technique you should be aware of before you start harvesting your farm. every time you log in to FarmVille. it doesn’t take into account the efficiency of crops of other times. Best Crops by Harvesting Time Best 2 hour crop: Raspberries Best 4 hour crop: Blueberries Best 8 hour crop: Tomato Best 12 hour crop: Carrot Best 1 day crop (24 hour) crop: Sunflowers Best 2 day crop (48 hour) crop: Broccoli Best 3 day crop (72 hour) crop: Red Wheat Best 4 day crop (96 hour) crop: Yellow Melon Lock your Farmer . To avoid this.www. Notice that every time you log in your farmer shows up in the middle of the farm so you have to do this every time you login. Be very cautious with this list.net Copyright 2009 Best Crops by Harvesting Time Below is a list of the best crops to be planted for different time frames. plowing and planting. Or you can trap him between 8 hay bales. Use this list on special occasions when you know you only have a very small window of time where you can plough and harvest. put him inside the cow’s area and then close the area with fences before starting to harvest. 45 . Since the list provides the best crop to plant for different harvesting times.

farmvillebot. It helps me automate the Harvesting.www.net Copyright 2009 Sample Crop Rotations Depending on Schedule and Level (Assuming 8 Hours of Sleep) Starting Levels: Lots of Time: After waking up. Low Levels: Lots of time: Plant Raspberries like crazy once you wake up. It sells for $6.Farmville-Tricks. Little Time: Plant pumpkins full time. choose to plant either pumpkins or rice depending on your schedule. I recommend it very highly. if not plant coffee/carrots/sunflowers. Medium Levels (At level 17): Lots of Time: Use your whole day to plant blueberries. Higher Levels (20+) Lots of Time: At this point planting tomatoes is the most efficient crop for you to plant even though it only needs to be harvested every 8 hours. Little Time: Plant Rice. before you sleep.com/?rid=1737 46 . harvest them every 2 hours until you sleep.99 a great buy. http://www. Planting and Plowing process. Little Time: Tomatoes might be an option for you. I use a program called Farming Extreme Manager. plant strawberries until it’s time to sleep. Little Time: Still plant pumpkins full time. try to manage your time so that you can plant it twice per day. the last time you harvest before you sleep plant pumpkins. Before you turn in for the night plant pumpkins. Please click or copy and paste the following link to order it.

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