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Published by: Betty Kainz on Oct 18, 2010
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Welcome, Let’s Paint the World Red

What Will You Discover Today?

How to have: • Longevity with vitality • More energy without stimulants • Greater stamina all day long • Greater immunity • Higher level of health and well-being

“The United States spends more per person on health care than any other country, yet in overall quality, its care ranks 37th in the world .”
(June 21, 2000 World Health Organization Survey)

40 percent of American meals are eaten outside the home .

000 on soft drinks in 2000 The average American consumes 53 gallons of soft drinks annually Source: National Soft Drink Association .Americans spent $60.000.000.

Which is the most popular? .Americans only consume two servings of fruits or vegetables per day.



The same process that rusts metal.Poor lifestyle choices create excess free radicals and accelerate oxidation at the cellular level. .

Free Radicals damage cells as they search for lost electrons. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals .

cancer. heart disease. low energy. inflammation. and lead to aging. worse memory. restless sleep. and more. .Unchecked free radicals (oxidation) mean poorer vision.

Healthy Blood Cell • Strong Membrane Integrity • Transports Nutrients Easily • Strong Cellular Communication .

Oxidized Blood Cell • Cellular Membrane Compromised • Clumping • Poor Nutrient and Oxygen Transfer • Poor Communication .

.Free Radicals There are a wide variety of oxide free radicals but SUPEROXIDE is the most common free radical in the human body and has triple the harmful effect.

Antioxidants Whole fruits and vegetables contain some of the highest levels of the most important antioxidants. .

.” World Health Organization *2.7 million lives could be saved annually with sufficient fruit and vegetable consumption.“Up to 2.7 million is more people than live in the whole state of Kansas.

Are fruits and vegetables created equal? .

Dr. Dr. Chao. Young.Dr. McKell .


Centenarians per Million 80 60 40 20 0 80 5 China Ningxia Province Xinhua News Agency 10/22/04 .

Ningxia doctor Chinese medical doctor. age 101 .


Wolfberry Facts • EYE – 11 times the level of eye-protecting zeaxanthin than raw egg yolks (No. 2 source) • MUSCLE – 23 percent more protein than raw eggs • HEART – 91 percent more fiber than raw oat – 10 times the magnesium of raw strawberries .

Wolfberry Facts VITAMIN C – 3 times the vitamin C of oranges • BLOOD PRESSURE – 4 times the potassium of bananas • LIVER – Highest level of liver protecting compounds (cerebrosides) .

000 µTE/100gram. Wareham.Comparing Antioxidants Carrots Onion Oranges Beets Brussel Sprouts Spinach Strawberries Blackberries Blueberries Pomegranates Ningxia Wolfberry 0 5.000 15. Data from Brunswick Laboratories.000 20.000 30.000 25. MA .000 35.000 10.

“When I imported the first container-load of Ningxia wolfberry products into the United States in 1995, it was quarantined by US Customs as an unknown substance.”
D. Gary Young

Introducing NingXia Red The Ultimate Nutrient Infusion .

pulp) • Powerful antioxidant • Rich in immune-stimulating polysaccharides • Cell protective. anti-inflammatory .NingXia Wolfberry Puree • Whole fruit (skins. seeds.

Raspberry Juice • Powerful antioxidant properties • Protects cell DNA and membranes • Prevents blood from becoming oxidized • Ability to stop cell mutations .

Pomegranate Juice • 3 times the antioxidant activity of green tea • Protects the cardiovascular system • Reduces oxidized cholesterol .

Blueberry Juice • Promotes healthy brain function • Protects cell DNA • Supports thyroid function .

. and stems. Not a cheap grape juice filler.Grape Pomace Grape pomace is a preparation using the nutrient-dense seeds. skins.

Apricots The Apricotstaple food of the Hunza people is legendary for longevity .

Agave Nectar • Safe for diabetics • Lowest glycemic index of any sweetener • 50 percent sweeter and fewer calories .

Orange and Lemon Essential Oils • Orange oil is 91 percent limonene • Lemon oil is 65 percent limonene • Combats cell mutation • Anti-microbial • Immune and circulatory stimulant .


The Villain Superoxide .

Introducing Our Hero SOD Super Oxide Dismutase .

arthritis. asthma. cardiovascular disease. and cataracts all have in common? Low SOD levels . allergies.What do people with AIDS. Alzheimer’s. cancer.

CNS.the most important disease defender. by virtue of the fact that each and “One dietary ingredient stands out as every cell manufactures it and depends upon it to prevent disease and aging: Superoxide Dismutase. RD.k. SOD. a.a. LDN . ” Carl Germano.


8 1.79 68.92 1.SOD Nutrient Level Comparison d Re a gXi ibe Nin V ji Go Vie ona i M ca Xo o ang X o ang X e ent i ia V i V on N ian it Tah 86.11 32.05 363 9.05 SOD activity per ounce 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 .73 13.08 1.


For energy. Americans are using simple sugars and stimulants. 18 1906 2007.78 percent in the last 100 years. Consumption of Sugar 200 150 Pounds of 100 Sugar 50 0 1907. 176 1907 2007 1907 1907 2007 . The average annual sugar consumption increased 977.

Diabetes • Will cut 17-27 years off your life • One in three children will develop diabetes • 8 percent of the population has diabetes .

High Glycemic Food • Baked Potato • Whole Wheat Bread • Brown Rice Pasta .

Low Glycemic Food • Yogurt • Green Beans • Lentils • NINGXIA WOLFBERRY!! .

No spikes and no crashes.NingXia Red provides sustainable. 210 Diabetic 1 190 mg/dL serum glucose 170 150 Glucose .CML Ningxia Red 130 110 90 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . long-term energy.

Glycemic Response of Various Liquid Supplements 130 125 120 Ningxia Red VIA VIENTE G3 NuSkin mg/dL serum glucose 115 110 105 100 95 90 85 80 11 :37 AM 11 :55 AM 12 :08 PM 12 :26 PM 12 :42 PM 1:3 2P M 1:3 7P M .


Ningxia Wolfberry Puree Blueberry juice Pomegranate juice Apricot juice Raspberry Juice Grape Pomace Agave Nectar Orange and Lemon Essential Oils .

human cancer cells 88 percent inhibition of human gastric cancers 73 percent inhibition of human cervical cancers .Ningxia wolfberries vs.

New York. USA (breast) Nagoya City University Medical School. Indiana. USA Medical College of Ohio. India (liver) Purdue University. Iowa City. Japan Dept. Toledo. of Oncology.Over 50 clinical studies on the anti-cancer properties of limonene – – – – – – – Institute of Life Sciences. USA American Health Foundation. Karolinska Hospital. Sweden University of Iowa. USA .

Researchers at the Osaka Medical Center in Japan found that food supplemented with just 2 percent limonene cut cancer risk by 50 percent .

Lemon Oil Improves Liver Detoxification 2500 • Gary Posner at the Johns Hopkins University found that limonene dramatically boosts glutathione in the liver 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Control Limonene .

NingXia Red Increased Immunity 81 percent .

MORE . . . YOUTH .

000 1.280 3.The Ningxia wolfberry has 67 times the levels of anti-inflammatory beta-cryptoxanthin than oranges 27 nectarine (Spain) kumquat (Israel) blood orange orange (Spain) clementine orange (Italy) minneola (turkey) tangerine (Spain) orange (Tunisia) persimmon chili (red.000 2.000 500 0 beta Cryptoxanthin µ g/gram .500 1. round) 91 99 143 238 69 55 49 46 45 40 38 28 27 26 peach tangerine (Mor) papaya pepper (orange) 894 chili (red.500 2. sharp) Ningxia wolfberry 3.500 3.

Beijing Medical University.1998 Ningxia wolfberry polysaccharide –Reduces systolic blood pressure by 23 percent –Reduces diastolic blood pressure by 21 percent • Hypothesized that the wolfberry polysaccharide relaxes blood vessels and decreases vasoconstriction by boosting levels of endothelium-derived relaxation factor (EDRF) .• Department of Pathophysiology.

NingXia Red • Protects – Heart. cell mutation. early aging. sustained energy. positive mood. and balanced blood sugar – Healthy sexual function • Prevents – Illness. and obesity . cell DNA • Supports – Healthy circulation. eyes. immune system.

Every member of your family (including your pets) will greatly benefit from a daily intake of 1.6 oz. of NINGXIA RED! .

.Let’s Get Started! • You can order wholesale or retail. • Save 24% by opening a wholesale account! • Simply purchase one $40 membership kit to open a wholesale account.

A savings of over $60!! – Kit Includes: • $40 Starter Kit • 4 liters of NingXia Red • 10 one ounce NingXia Red singles • SAVE even more—join the Essential Rewards program. .• SAVE with the NingXia Red Start Living Kit for just $185.

Essential Rewards • Free Products • Discounted Shipping • Flexibility .

Essential Rewards 10% 15% 20% First 6 Consecutive Months (30 maximum credits per month) Second 6 Consecutive Months (50 maximum credits per month) Month 13 and Above (75 maximum credits per month) .

• Call 1-800-371-2928 • Online www.youngliving.us (go to Sign Up on the bar across the top).

Click sign up in the navigation bar

Click here to become an Independent Distributor

Read the distributor agreement Click on the agree button .

Enter the appropriate ID number Click the continue button and follow the additional instructions .

• You will set up a user name (4-15 characters. and a 4 digit code. so you can access your account easily. • Now you are ready to follow the prompts and place your order! . no spaces). a password (8-12 characters). You will want to write these down.

Welcome to the Young Living family! .

Commit to use NingXia Red for 90 days .

I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and NingXia Red.” Shannon Hudson March 2007 At 315 Pounds September 13. impaired night vision.“In 2005. brain fog. I weighed 315 pounds and a major stroke left me with paralysis on my face. my future looked very bleak. extreme weakness. Within seven months my stroke symptoms have completely disappeared. This power infusion drink has completely changed my life. The added blessing is that I am now earning a $2. In February of 2007. my energy level is soaring.000 monthly bonus with Young Living and it keeps growing every month. 2007 At 210 Pounds . I have lost 108 pounds. and my depression is gone! NingXia Red is the foundation for my health program. and depression.

I love not driving in rush hour traffic. and network marketing to every home in America. NingXia Red.Enjoy Early Retirement “After commuting 10 years to a job 125 miles roundtrip from our home.’ I get up in the morning excited to work with my dedicated team leaders. I say let’s pave the way for the next generation and bring the power of Young Living. My expensive gas bills are gone and I have three extra hours in my day. Each time a customer shares a great health result I am reminded of why I love these products. They love it when Nana gives them ‘essential oil backrubs. Each time a business builder on my Young Living team sponsors a new member I am convinced again of the brilliance of network marketing. Spending more time with our grandsons is a highlight of my week. I now work in my home office.” –Janice Weger .

The NingXia Red Promise • Drink NingXia Red and see how much better you feel! • Get on Essential Rewards to save money on shipping and earn free products! • Share with others so that they can experience the joys of a longer. and happier life! . healthier.

Abundance Create an abundant life with Young Living! .

Living Your Life to the Fullest • Tired of financial stress? • Are you living your financial dream? • Do we own our time? .

ABUNDANCE Start Living Your Life By Design! .

Old Thinking • Get a degree • Get a job with benefits • Create a nest egg in 35-40 years. (pension. Medicare . 401K) • Social Security.

New Thinking • Be an entrepreneur and business owner. . • Have time to do what you want. • Be financially secure in 10 years. • Use your natural gifts and talents to further the success of your enterprise. • Create multiple streams of income.

National Headlines .

000 monthly bonus to people who share their favorite products with others. Young Living was offering a special $2. I purchased a poster board and made a drawing of the structure I needed to build to earn this bonus. It was a frightening experience. my husband died very suddenly. something caught my eye.Freedom “A few years ago. thanks to this great bonus. One day. This left our family without his income from one day to the next. NingXia Red is one of my favorite products because it has allowed me to get rid of my glasses! So I began sharing NingXia Red with my colleagues. easy to understand plan. while I was reading some Young Living literature. Today. It was a very simple. I can now pay cash for my daughter’s college education and my income keeps growing!” –Debra Raybern .

your day begins and ends with freedom! .Why a HomeBased Business? When you own your own home-based business.

• 30 billion dollar industry • Entrepreneurs • 66 percent of all small businesses are started by women .

Business Professor at the University of Chicago . Charles King.THE BRILLIANCE OF NETWORK MARKETING “Network marketing is the most brilliant method of moving goods and services the world has ever known” Dr.

Freedom to Choose • • • • Your Style Your Income Your Hours Your Team .

NingXia Red antioxidant infusion is the starting place. is now a passion we share with baby boomers worldwide. we are focused on longevity with vitality. It’s not enough to live to the proverbial ‘ripe old age. The ‘secret’ is simple: The best products at the most affordable prices. and compensation with limitless goals.Enjoy Early Retirement "As aging baby boomers well over the ‘50-yard line’ of life.’ Having watched our parents live out their senior years in nursing homes. in wheelchairs. The ultimate lifestyle of health with vitality and financial freedom to support it. unlimited prosperity is only a pipe dream. Without the energy to take us to the future. vision.” — Joe and Janet McBride . and ever-increasing drugs. and prosperity. NingXia Red and Young Living have enabled us to envision the future with hope. vitality. on dialysis. we are committed to a different future.

Common Desires • Better Health • More Freedom • More Security .

Young Living • Founded 1992 • Annual Sales Exceed $100 million • 25 Percent Growth • World Leader in Essential Oils • A Company For All Interest .

by fostering a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness. essential oils.Mission Statement “We honor our stewardship to champion nature's living energy. and abundance. purpose.” .

The Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ standard exceeds all world standards for oil purity and potency. .

Young Living Farms • The Future • Research and Discovery • Opportunities .

• Help them set up their own accounts and place an order so that they can re-order easily. and products with family and friends.Building a Successful Young Living Business • Share your experiences. information. . whenever they want.

• Show them how to save even more money by being on Essential Rewards. • Stay in touch with them and teach them how to share with others when they’re ready. . • Call them when they receive their order to answer any questions they may have.

$100 .

$500 .

$2.000 .

Cruising 2009 March 2009 .

Convention 2009 • Minneapolis. Minnesota • September 16-19. 2009 .

LET’S REVIEW YOUR ROADMAP TO ABUNDANCE 1. You earn dollars to spend on every Essential Rewards order that comes to you . Your personal investment to start your business: $185 2. Your monthly four-pack of NingXia Red is $150 (includes 10 free travel packs) 3.

and happier life filled with wellness. healthier. and abundance! . purpose.Join Us! Help yourself and others live a longer.

Welcome to the World of Young Living! .

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