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Mba Admission Essay

Mba Admission Essay

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Published by: suzina45 on Oct 19, 2010
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As far as I am concerned, I have seen myself as a hardworking person who will constantly try to push her limits of education

. This is the exact reason; I could complete Intermediate of Science as well as Bachelor in Industrial Engineering with good percentage. The one thing which is the most striking is the true commitment to the work /project I am part of. Over my college years, I have always been sincere towards my study, project works and assignment. Every MBA aspirant will have great dreams and I am no different. My involvements in various projects works, seminar presentations, field visits and involvements in various organizations has provided me opportunity to work as team. I believe MBA is the best enhancement to supplement my skills at this time of career to make the most of unforeseen opportunities. Although Industrial engineering incorporates management, the core engineering subject has overshadowed the management aspect as a whole. Combined with my in-depth technical knowledge, I believe MBA degree will propel my career to new heights. The professional reputation of Kathmandu University is the factor that makes

me sure that my career goals absolutely comply with what the University provides outstanding knowledge and great practice. Having roots on technical field, after MBA, I can pursue career in engineering projects as project manager or I can serve as a Chief Executive Officer in leading organizations. I am strongly of the opinion that technical knowledge coupled with good managerial and business administration skills will enable me to successfully manage technical resources, handle business aspects of technical company as well. One of the most important aspects of MBA is learning techniques in area of finance, economics and marketing. Leadership is also a skill developed that will teach the ability to work well with others, communicate, and share my desire to excel through collaboration teamwork. Finally the M.B.A. provides an opportunity to meet other interested and highly qualified individuals from different backgrounds. I felt that through an MBA degree I will be able to gain exposure to both theories and practices. I will attain a deeper understanding of management concepts and will be able to apply those concepts to real life situations on the job.

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