I have been sincere and dedicated to my studies throughout my lifetime.

This is the exact reason why I have decided to pursue MBA. My family is middleclass working family . My elder brother is the sole earning person in the family . Besides looking over family,he has the responsibility to finance for my younger brother s college. Nowadays, the cost of pursuing higher studies has grown sky rocketing and so it is difficult to finance for both of us. If I am granted even a partial scholarship for MBA, it would relieve huge economic burden. I am willing to involve in assistance program for the tuition fee I am waived off. I have completed my bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering . Throughout the presentations, projects works, trainings, workshop and seminar, I have learned the spirit of teamwork and perseverance. After completing engineering education, I had a strong urge to become successful manager .So I decided to pursue MBA. I have volunteerily involved in many social activities like teaching orphan chlidren, donating clothes to them and helping the people who have fallen victim of natural calamities like flood. I have also volunteered in variou social program and functions . All these experiences have helped to shape me.I have always striven for academic excellence. If provided with partial scholarship, it would provide me a golden opportunity to complete MBA and become a successful manager cum entrepreneur.

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