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SAP Business One

SAP Business One

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Published by: princefrog on Oct 19, 2010
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In This Chapter

Getting Started
Understanding the Personality of SAP Business One
Knowing Where You Are
Finding What You Are Looking For
Getting Where You Want to Go
Finding Answers to Your Questions

Getting acquainted with a new software application is like trying to find your way around a city you
have never visited before. In New York City, for example, once you understand the grid of numbered
streets and the way avenues are numbered, named, and lettered, you can figure out pretty quickly
where any address is. In Paris, you need to know that the arrondissements go clockwise starting from
the center of the city so that you can use your Plan du Paris to consult a map to find the street and
the closest metro stop.

But the geography of a city is only a start. An enjoyable day in the city starts with a visit to one
destination, then moves from one spot to the next: from breakfast at the hotel, to a museum, to a

This chapter is all about helping you get your bearings so that when you look at an SAP® Business
One screen, you know what you are looking at. Getting to know the SAP Business One application
means understanding the map of the different types of information stored (the geography) and also
knowing how a business transaction is recorded and tracked (the enjoyable trip).

Innovative features such as Drag&Relate™, user-defined fields and tables, and user defined values
will quickly give you control over your business processes and real-time insight into your company’s
performance. We are sure that you’ll find SAP Business One easy to use with its intuitive navigation
and familiar look and feel. And before too long you’ll learn just how flexible and integrated it is.


The Personality of SAP Business One

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