Bieber meets Jonas - Part 1 (Running Away) "The name's Bieber, Justin Bieber" (insert hot hair flick

here) "More like, Douche, Gay Douche" said my best friend, Nick " Shut up Jonas, just 'cos your jealous of me" I pouted "Psh! Me? Jealous of you?" "Yeah 'cos I'm more famouserer than you" "Justin, Famouserer isn't a word" "I made it up, 'cos I'm smart" "You are not smart" "Okay, give me one good reason why" "Uh..." "Because" said my mum, walking through the door, " you just failed year 8. again !" my mum thew my end of year test paper in front of me. "how did you manage to fail year 8 at the age of 16?" asked a very surprised Nic k. "Just read his answers" replied my mum furiously. Nick grabbed the paper and fli cked through it. "Justin, some of your answers are just stupid" "Like..." I asked him. "Like" he said reading one of my answers out "Who is the most infulential woman in the world? Kim Kardasian, have you seen those boobs? They can convince anyone !" I stifled a laugh, but my mum just glared at me. "Nick, honey could you go and w ait in Justin's room? Justin and I need to talk" She gave me the You're-in-troub le-young-man look. "Sure Pattie" said Nick. He got up and went into my room. "Mu-" I began "No, hear me out first Justin. You are getting really spoilt and I think it is t ime you cancelled your upcoming tour and go to a boarding school. I can't stand the sight of you!" yelled my mum. "So you are embarrassed to call me your son?" I asked on the verge of tears. " Justin, don't go there" warned my mum. " No mum, I will go there! Answer the fucking question!" " Justin Drew Bieber! Mind your language!" " Not until you answer the question!" " Yes, I am embarrassed of you, I only put up with you for the money" "Thanks mum" " No that's not all, I think you are the biggest mistake ever, I lost so much be cause of you, do you know how much easier my life would be without you?" " Well you are about to find out how easy it will be without me" I turned around and ran out the door but not fast enough to not hear my mum say " I hate you Ju stin! Never come back to this house again!" Nick heard the whole argument and ran out after me. He pulled me into his car a nd drove me to his house. On the way I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. T hey broke free and I cried all the way to Nick's house. Before we got out, Nick put his arm around me and said "It's going to be fine, y ou can stay with us and we will show you how important you are" I managed out a thankyou before we went in to face the Jonas family. " Hey Nick, I thought you were sleeping over Justin's. Oh hey Justin... what's w rong sweetie?" asked a concerned Denise. " Mum" began Nick " Justin was kicked out of home, he needs to stay with us" sai d Nick on my behalf. "Of course Justin. How about we sit down and you can tell us about it. I'll call the family down" said Denise " Thanks Denise your great!" I managed to croak Soon all the Jonases were on the table and were eying me worriedly. This family was truly great, they cared about me so much and I wasn't even part of the famil y. Kevin sat next to me and asked " Hey buddy, I know it will be hard but how about you tell us what happened"

" Nicholas. another son for you" Denise and Paul were quite happy with that idea they asked me "So what do say Ju stin? Want to be a Jonas?" Bieber meets Jonas .. I'm awesome" (insert triumphant music here) " No fair. don't take this the wrong way." Oh no! I thought. but they ran into the room screaming "SHOP PING!" "How on earth did you two hear?!" asked Nick.. "I wanna talk to Justin" "Fine" grumbled Kevin. We all got into the car and headed for the mall. bye guys! I'm going shopping" I told them. we should take Justin in" Kevin was next" Yeah. " So Justin. you'll never see her again" I then made my decision.. I'd be such a burden!" I was quite surprised when Frankie spoke up " No way! I want you as my brother. stop calling me Nicholas. and don't worry about your mum. stop strangling the poor boy and show him to his room!" said Denise " Mum." Bieber meets Jonas . they actually care about me unlike my mum. " Chill Justin.Usually I'd be skeptical about opening up to people but not this family. "You are my brother!" And he gave me a big bear hug.Joe and Kevin " are great but I would love you to be my brother as well!" How could I say no to that kid? Besides I want to be a part of the Jonas family. " Don't touch the hair" said Nick running upstairs grabbing me on the way. we're going shopping" yelled Nick as we were going out the door. "well. your cool.. Frankie ran up when he heard we were going shoppin g. "I need some advice about girls and well you seem to be really good with them" a . I told them the whole story and then I looked at all of them nervously after I finished my recount of my altercation with my mum earlier. don't get me wrong these three monkeys" he pointed at Nick . "Of course we do!" They all shouted. This time Denise was the one to comfort me " I think you deserve a good family J ustin. take Frankie!". I wanna be awesome too" whined Joe " Newsflash! You are both gay!" said Nick in a matter-of-factly voice "Hey!" They both yelled. "Kevin your driving!" said Joe. "Bye mum. this is your room" said Nick. only if you want me" I said. " Well.Part 2 (Wanna be a Jonas?) "So what do you say Justin? Want to be a Jonas?" I was speechless. could be a part of our family. slapping my h ead with my hand. They immediately stopped figh ting and followed me out.. Joe was the first to speak " Mum. Wow! " I couldn't ask that of you. now get Justin to his room" replied Denise ruffling Nick's hair. " Okay honey. "So what do you want to talk about?" I asked Joe. showing me to a massive room " but th ere is one problem. here it comes. my name is Nick" whined Nick " You'll always be my baby Nicholas. "Meh. we're just cool like that" said Joe "Correction." Oh no." I'd love to be a part of this family. The thought of her sent me off cryin g again. And then they all began tackling each other. this just means that we get to go shopping!" I don't know how Joe and Kevin heard. don't take this the wrong way. They actually wanted me to be a part of their family.. I thought " You don't have any clothes to wear!" " Crap! Whast do I do? I'm not going back to mum's house" I cried.Part 3 (Shopping) "well. "so that's that" said Nick.

it's just that. "Give it back. That's. My eyes grew wide and so Nick looked a t the caller ID. Nic k pulled out his phone and asked Big Rob to meet them in the parking lot and 10 minutes later the big guy came up to our black SUV and let us out. I need to talk to her!" I yelled at Nick " Please"." said Frankie "What's up Tank?" asked Nick. Just then my phone rang. When you told me to get out of your life. "Hi mum" I said. "Sure Joe" I laughed "But don't you think it's kinda weird getting advice from a 16-year-old?" " It's better than asking his teddy bear Justin" added Kevin. "Ok now I'm scared" I said. I swear someone will get hurt if you do. mum you listen to me. please" "Why? So you can take more of my money?" "Justin I wasn't meant to say those words to you. Joe looked down as his face turned a deep scarlet. Mum" "Good luck" said Frankie. "This looks like a job for Big Rob!" said Kevin "I've always wanted to meet Big Rob. . I can never show my friends my true emotions in fear of them thinking that I'm a big baby. I'll return them in a few days. " Is there something wrong with her?" Joe asked " No. "How the heck did they find out?" asked Kevin "Beats me. Ever.. I wrote a song for Taylor. . he looks so cool!" I wondered out loud.Part 4 (Call from Home) "Don't pick it up!" He yelled pulling the phone away from me. did you mean what you said" "But.. back when I had a crush on her. "so you should be" said Nick opening a hidden compartment in the car that I didn 't know exsisted. "Time to get the emergency disguises out" said Joe and he laughed evilly. yes I did mean it" "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't hang up now" I was trying my best not t o cry infront of everyone. We all cracked up laughing. I figured these clothes needed a wash so I put them in the laundry. My eyes grew wide. didn't you? " That's not the poi-" "It is the point. Frankie pointed oustide and we saw that we had arr ived at the mall but there was a mass of 600 girls. " And yes Joe I di d see that". and I never released it so you could sing it to her if you wanted to" " Really? Can I?" " Sure Joe. Bieber meets Jonas .. Love. come back home. "Anyway Joe. I'll teach it to you when we go home" " Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!" "Guys. never try to contact me again. Nick saw the look in my eyes and handed the phone over. don't worry I don't like her in that way anymore. they do it every time" I replied. "Guys. "Let's go boys!" said Big Rob "Hi Justin" "Hey" I replied. That was one weird thing about me. "Justin. I really was scared. "Justin please listen to me" "No. we have a problem" said Nick. "Don't pick it up!" He yelled pulling the phone away from me.. It's true they always managed to fi nd out where we were at all times.sked Joe very hesitantly. I'm so sorry!" " But you meant everything that you said. who's the girl?" "Taylor Swift" he replied. He pulled out a note that read: "Boys. it's called Favourite Girl.

But that feeling w ent away as soon as it came. you only g et one shot. But it turned out funny because I was crying and laughing at the same time. "Um. calm down Kev. No matter how much it hurt me to go. " Guys" I asked. We all took off into the mall together and everything looked good until I realised something. I knew that he knew what I meant by that. this is the last time I want to tell you goodbye. so either release Frankie now or you get arrested. It maybe hard but you just have to Justin".Part 5 (Crazed fans) " Guys" I asked. intervening in the fight. "They are looking for Frankie" I said. This made my laugh. At that moment I didn't care about the fact that I was Justin Bieber and that pa parazzi pobably would be recording me now." said Big Rob. " I promise to make your life lots of fun" said Frankie.I had every intention of doing just that. Nick had enough of them screaming at hi s brothers . you just gotta pick it up and move on" I then recognized that person as Kevin. were huge Jonas fans. "Well tell them we have their brother and that he will get it if they don't come right now". unwillingly giving away their location. "Life is like a bullet. "You have no right to touch my brother!" He yelled " If you and your brothers take off your clothes and let us take photos with you naked then we will release Frankie" " That is outrageous" screamed Kevin " DO IT!" They yelled " The boys won't do it and we just called the police. or that I was in the midlle of a park ing lot. "And I have another saying for you" said Joe. One of the girls punched Joe screaming " You are the worst guy ever . Around Frankie I saw about 4 girls who. or even the fact that I was surrounded by 5 guys including a 9 year old. Bye mum" "Ju-" Despite my heart telling me not to hang up I did. "Frankie" I shouted. It is less painful for both of us. forget about your mum. running towards us. very relieved to have finally found him. I didn't respond. I went back ou tside and before long I saw his unmistakable green t-shirt. Nick obliged and I saw the three boys along with Big Rob. we'll find him" said Big Rob. you can't even do what you are told!". " You have to. "Sometimes when life dumps a pile of shit on you. "Thanks guys. So please. "Okay. I told him to gather up his brothers and come d own right now. I mean he can't have gone far can he?" asked Nick nervously "Can he?" asked Joe. so give it your best" "Exactly. but Kevin wasn't convinced. " Where's Frankie?" Bieber meets Jonas . judging be their clothes. "Let's go!" I said wiping my tears away. I knew that I had to get away from you for good. angelic face made me pick up my phone and dial Nick's number. I looked at Frankie and his small. "I doesn't matter. " Where's Frankie?" "OH MY GOD! WE LOST FRANKIE!" cried Kevin. When they arrived Joe demanded the girls to leave Frankie al one. "What is you don't wat to pick it up?" I asked. we all do sometimes" said Kevin "Now come on let's go shopping" said Joe. Just then all hell broke loose. I felt som eone come and sit down next to me but I didn't care about that either. let's split up and that way it will be easier" I said " Yeah. And the pain was too much. wow I've been doing a lot of crying today" I said. I knew it would be the l ast time I would ever see or hear from my mum. And we all sprinted in different directions. and enjoy life with us" said Nick. When they saw me they demanded to know where the boys were.

house without another sound." I waved goodbye and left for the car. The doctor s imply nodded and returned to the theatre to sheck on Nick. could you and the boys along with Big Rob go home? You all need to get cleaned up and I don't want Frankie staying here and watching Nick. Can you get it for me?" he asked. I thought to myself. "Sure. "Yes. The fight then erupted when all th e boys and the girls got into it. noticing that Big Rob and my brother s weren't in the room. It helped that my mu m had me learn karate when I was a kid so I was now a fully fledged black belt. bye Denise. interuppting my thoug hts. We all looked up and the doctor at these words. Soon enough an ambulance came and Joe got in with Nick. When we got in we all went up to our rooms except f or Frankie.amd he slapped all of the girls on the cheek. Punches were thrown and soon I had enough. My mum. but he has to stay there for a while" said Joe. He followed me into mine but I didn't notice until I saw him standin g in my doorway. T he rest of us got back into the black SUV and headed for the hospital. but we will begin in about 30 minutes. "Where's Nick? Is he dead?". The se were the boys that stood by me so it's time I did the same for them. Frankie seemed to understand this very well and got out of the car. Big Rob also had a couple of bruises but not as bad as Joe and Kevin's. I thought. Thankyou doctor" said Paul. so he is at the doctors. "Alright. doctor?" asked Paul. everyone then looked at me and I pointed at Nick " I think he is unconscious. "Nicholas has internal bleeding and will have to have surgery immediately. I asked him "What's up Tank?" "I can't reach the t-shirt I wanna wear. He th en will have to stay in hospital for a month and won't be able to do much physic al activity for two weeks after that.. "They are in the car waiting for you." asked Denise. "Justin. where are they by the way?" I asked. I'll call when Nick is up so you can come back" she told me. "He's sick. the procedure will take 2 hours. What should I tell him? I couldn't explain that he won't come home for a month. where's Nick I thought to myself. retrieved the top and returned to my own room before I realised that we never really bought any clothes and I still don't hav e anything to wear. it's too muc h for a nine year old.. Big R ob called the hospital and Kevin called their parents. I looked around and I saw him lying o n the floor a few metres away. we'll go and get the papers now. "Oh no" I said. Hang on." "But will he be alright?" asked Denise with tears streaming down her face." Bieber meets Jonas . I didn't . "He should if we get the surgery done" replied the doctor." "Okay. The whole drive home no one said a thing until we pulled up when Frankie asked u s. Man! Today is such a bad day. Enough I told myself let the stupid woman go and concentrate on helping your bro thers.. "Well can you do it as soon as possible. We all followed suit and entered the lifeless. I went around doing my thing until all the girls were black and blue with bruises and let Frankie go. who also had a few bruises hugged Frankie so tightly you'd think the kid would explode. Then the doctor came out and looked at us and said " Bad news. Kevin and Joe..". the nurses are getting him ready now and you need to sign some papers.Part 6 (Truth or Dare) Then the doctor came out and looked at us and said " Bad news." We all ran over to him and sure enough he was unconscious. When we g ot there Nick was being checked over inside by a doctor. I lau ghed and followed him to his room.

noticing me walk in. Oh. then one day she gave all of my clothes away to charity 'cos I forgot to clean my room. "I told all of you guys in the afternoon" I answered hoping to get away. I headed back to my room and got cleaneed up and then put on the clothes. "Um. but remember no one knows this. lack off sleep" he lied. My mum started to care less about me. and she told one of my girlfriends that I was cheating on her and had 2 other girlfriends behind her back. honestly the re's no saying how dangerous Joe could get." Bieber meets Jonas . "Justin. "You can't have run away after just one argument. your turn. I didn't understand but it did hurt me and pulled my self-esteem down. luckily. you can wear Nick's clothes they might be a bit big but I can't help that" he offered kindly. boredly "How about Truth or Dare. But I got over it telling myself it was nothing. Kevin" I replied." Ok I wasn't expecting that . he said handing me some clothes. I sighed and began my story. so you can't tell a soul. like forgetting my birthday or grounding me for no r eason. We decided to just go around the circle because spinning a bottle was too girly. tell us the whole story about why you ran away. I didn't worry my until one day she randomly told me I was fat. oh good they fit" said Kevin. you okay?" "What?" he asked. caught offguard by my question. She beli . I figure they don't call him DJ Dan ger for nothing. "Our lips are sealed" Frankie assured me. But now my dad wants nothing to do with me 'cos I'm famous. My dad saw me and I stayed the night with him." asked Joe. I picked Truth 'cos. Then sometimes.know who to ask so I went and knocked on Kevin's door. When he opened it for me. "Sure" they all agreed. He saw me point to his eyes. hey looks like the power's out" I stated. "they should fit you" "Thanks Kev" I smiled. "Here we are". Although I don't even remember them. Do I have to keep going?" I asked not sure if I was able to keep going. "Ok. "Hey. they fit perfectly. "They are red" I told him "Oh. j ust simple things at first.. tell us the whole story about why you ran away. She just said Ju stin. "We're here for you" Joe assured m e. They all nodded glumly. I had to spend all of the money I was saving up to buy my girlfri end a necklace with to buy new clothes. Truth or Dare?" asked Joe. why did I pick Truth? More importantly why did I suggest a stupid girls' game? "Fine. not even Nick. "He y. I then headed down to the living r oom and saw everyone else so I decided to join them. I gave him an embarrassed smile and told him my problem. "It all started about the time I was 12.Part 7 (Justin's life story) "Ok.. Then she started blaming me for things I knew nothing about. before noticing that his eyes were red and puffy." I said giving in. she used to tell me that I was a huge failure and if I hadn't been born she would have done more with her life than sit around and babysit me. your getting way to fat. you have to lose some weight I can't keep buying new clothes for you. Dammit. "Yeah. "Well how about we play a game?" piped Frankie "Like. "Okay. but I didn't push him.Then she left me locked outside of the house one day after school until 9pm 'cos she didn't gi ve me the house keys and went shopping. it will help us get to know each other" I asked. like missing several important parties with friends she hadn't seen in 19 years for m e. Then another time she told me to go and live out on the streets for a night after an argument abou t what to watch on TV. "Thanks. No such luck.

as Nick was still unconscious. But then she told me that I should've died when I tried to commit suicide because it wou ld make her life a hell of a lot easier. We went up to Nick's room and waited for the doc tor to return with the news. my mum made me move to a different city just because my grade point average came down to 4. and not only dumped me but told every girl in the town the lie my m um made her believe..8 and she thought it was because my friends were a bad influence on me! Then once I almost committed suicide 'cos she told me I was a worthless piece of crap that was good for nothing. Um.eved my mum. Frankie gasped at Joe's language. "Joe!" Screamed Kevin. Then. Finally. that's all that I can really rememb er.Part 8 (Selena Gomez) . this time it was Denise telling us that Nick's surgery was o ver and that we could come back. the doctor came in and said. "I'd like you to meet someone. "Wow! Your mum's a bitch!" said Joe. but there's more" I finished. not able to continue. Joe realised that Frankie was there and apologised..0 from 4." Justin and Nick . Just then my phone rang. So we all returned to the car and went back to the hospital.

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