Date: September 21, 2010 HEMATOLOGY Test WBC count Result 6.87 Reference 5.0-10.

0 x 10g/l Cinical significance ↑ = signs of infection Functions A leukocyte(leucocyte), known as a white blood cell, is a type of cell of the immune system that protect against foreign material and Hemoglobin 126.0 120140g/dl ↓ = anemia, liver and kidney disease ↑ = primary and secondary polycythemia, COPD, CHF, burns Hematocrit 0.37 .37-.40 ↓ = anemia or hemodilution ↑ = dehydration, polycythemia or RBC count 4.56 4.20-6.10 hemoconcentration ↓ = anemia, acute and chronic haemorrhage, leukemia, and chronic infection ↑ = primary and secondary polycythemia, RBC’s transport oxygen bound to haemoglobin; also transports small amount of carbon dioxide. infectious diseases. Hemoglobin is responsible for binding oxygen in the lungs and in transporting the bound oxygen throughout the body where it is used in aerobic metabolic pathways. Hematocrit is a measure of the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by RBC’s.

gout and uremia. some parasitic. . and renal disease ↑ = neutrophilia – in acute localized and general bacterial infections. one group (B cells) produces antibodies. number increases rapidly during short-term or acute infections. other group (T cells) involved in graft rejection. immune system dysfunction.erythropoietinsecreting tumors. and activating B lymphocytes. aplastic. acute hemorrhage. and severe or debilitating disease Lymphocytes are part of immune system. blood. anaphylactic shock. fighting tumors and viruses. and pernicious anemia. Neutrophils are active phagocytes. Differential Count: Neutrophil 62 55-75 and renal disorders ↓ = neutropenia – in acute bacterial infection. viral infection. myelogenous leukemia and tissue Lymphocytes 28 20-35 necrosis ↓= lymphocytopenia / lymphopenia – gastrointestinal tract and in aplastic anemia. and hemolysis of RBC’s.

and disorders with neutropenia ↑ = eosinophilia – are caused by allergies. increase during allergy attacks. and some infections and collagen diseases Basophil Platelet count 1 275 0-1 150-400 ↑ platelet level= anemia due to iron deficiency. Platelets are non-nucleated Eosinophils kill parasitic worms. might phagocytise antigen-antibody complexes and inactivate some inflammatory chemicals. immunodeficiency disorders. asthma. Disc-like components of the blood. . chronic skin infection. CHF. hay fever.of any kind ↑ = lymphocytosis – occurs in certain chronic diseases and during convalescence from acute infection Eosinophil 3 1-6 ↓ = eosinopenia – results from increased adrenal steroid production that accompanies most conditions of bodily stress as in acute infections. Non nucleated.

pulmonary tuberculosis ↓ platelet level= acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) . acute lymphocytic leukemia. cancer of liver. . They play an important role in blood clotting.cancer of colon. congenital afibrinogemia. chronic renal failure. fragments of large bone marrow cells. cancer of testis.