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Published by: Nishtha Jain on Oct 19, 2010
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Brand positioning
The simplest expression of what an organization wants its products or services to stand for in the mind of a target audience. It is the nuts-and-bolts idea upon which a marketing message is built.

Brand Attributes 2.FIVE FACTORS OF BRAND POSITIONING 1. Competitor attributes 4. Price 5. Consumer perceptions . Consumer Expectations 3.



1973 Pizza Hut went international with restaurants in Japan. 1972 1000 restaurants are open throughout the USA. Kansas. Canada &England. London. 1980 Pan Pizza was introduced .1958 Frank and Dan Carney open the first Pizza Hut in Wichita. The first UK Pizza Hut opened in Islington. 1977 PepsiCo bought Pizza Hut.


there were 100 restaurants in the UK and 5000 worldwide. 1988 The UK's First Delivery Unit was opened in Kingsbury. 1984 Over 50 restaurants so far in the UK. 1987 an average of one restaurant opened each week in the UK. 1986 by now. London. .1982 The UK joint venture started between PepsiCo and Whitbread.

1997 PepsiCo decided to focus on their drinks business. 1993 there were 300 restaurants and delivery stores in the UK.000 restaurants in 84 countries. Tricon Global Restaurants was born. creating the largest restaurant brand in the World.1992 there were 9. As a result. 1994 10.000 Pizza Huts were open for business. . Tricon became the partner company with Whitbread.


2006 Whitbread sold their share of the joint venture to Yum! Brands Inc. . Pizza Hut UK Ltd was now 100% owned by Yum! 2008 we bought Godfather's Pizza in Ireland with 28 stores.1999 Pizza Hut had over 400 restaurants. 2002 Tricon Global became YUM! Brands Inc. employing 14000 people.


Pizza Hut's Mission .

R.S PASSION for excellence in doing everything EXECUTE with positive energy and urgency.A. respond to the voice of the customer. RECOGNIZE the achievement of others and have fun doing it. LISTEN and more importantly.E.P. . ACCOUNTABLE for growth in customer satisfaction and profitability.L.


weakness.SWOT ANALYSIS: Every organization has its strengths. the SWOT analysis for pizza hut is as under: . opportunity and threats. So.

Pizza Hut can market too many different segments that other pizza chains cannot. quality products with qualified staff. Because of the restaurant. Another big Strength and even a Competitive Advantages the fact that they have a full service restaurant as well as delivery services.Strengths:     Pizza Hut is the market leader in providing different products of pizzas as there are no competitors in this sector. Most of Pizza Hut's competitors do not have restaurants. good atmosphere and hygienic environment. For example. There good image makes the organization more strong. Pizza Hut is providing good taste. Pizza Hut can market to families much easier than Domino's or Little Caesar's .


Another result of higher overhead costs is higher prices Pizza Hut must charge.Weaknesses: However. . They are providing less range of products comparatively with high prices. due to the restaurant that other competitor don't have to deal with. They rely on their quality pizza and good service to account for their higher prices. Pizza Hut has higher overhead costs. the fact that Pizza Hut does have a restaurant to run is also a weakness. They are more focused on Western taste instead of Eastern.

Opportunities: New markets can be explored and new opportunities they can gain. . They can reduce their prices because of more resources. Pizza Hut can come up with the new products considering the Eastern taste of the people as like McDonalds. Diversification of new products can increase their market share.


Threats: i. Their closest competitor is Domino's Pizza and their main competitive advantage over Pizza Hut is their Lower price. iii. New entrance like Dominos pizza in India market can affect their market share. . Other local restaurants can affect their market share by providing pizzas with lower price. ii.

as they can be changed with the changes in the market conditions as well as the targets. . The timeperiod is mostly a year.CONCLUSIONS Pizza Hut has many targets which it has achieve in a given period of time. It can be concluded that these strategies have been successful and there is flexibility in the strategies. in order to fulfill the targets different strategies are adopted by Pizza Hut. Therefore.


which is rung by customers who as they leave wish to thank the servers for yet another memorable visit. it was the first pizza chain to open a 100% vegetarian restaurant in India in Surat and later in Ahmedabad and Chow patty. . where it offers a Jain menu sans all root-based ingredients.CONSUMER PULL FACTORS y y Pizza Hut has a unique tradition. A bell hangs at each Pizza Hut restaurant. Besides offering an extensive range of vegetarian pizzas.

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