For My Four By G.

Dolan Day after day, I marvel at them all, Awe inspiring creatures, lively, yet small, They grew out of nothing, except for a seed, Planted with love and not out of need. First there was one, then quickly another, We brought home a third, soon followed her brother, Calamity was king, in a home full of passion, Silence rarely heard, for that was our fashion. They grew up in warmth, wrapped in affection, The crumbling foundation, had no detection, Close to this day, they still love and fight, For all we did we wrong, they came all right. Rebellious youth they are not, they lead with their heart, My absence forgiven, we re together when apart, Their spirits are sunshine, a day at the beach, Their wishes attainable, not out of reach. Those glorious days, now seem so long ago, Yet the memories shine, of that home all aglow, If I look really hard, some glimpses I see, When happiness reigned, our love was so free. Change is abrupt, with startling force, Can derail a family, throw them off course, Times can be trying, just hold on for the ride, Check egos at the door, cry on the inside. They ve come through it all, healthy and strong, Never placed blame, just helped me along, They ll soon be grown, and I ll be alone, With my memories banked, of the love in that home.

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