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WH HW 10

WH HW 10

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Name_______________________________ Wuthering Heights Homework #10 pages 232-258, chapters 18, 19, 20 9 points Please answer the following questions

in complete sentences. 1. What aspects of Cathy’s appearance and personality reflect her mother?


2. What aspects of Cathy’s appearance and personality reflect her father?

3. On 242 we have another natural world metaphor, this time to describe Hareton. Explain what this metaphor says about his personality? It is a positive or negative comparison? Why?

4. Explain how Joseph contributed to the negative aspects of Hareton’s personality.

5. What is ironic about Linton’s appearance and personality, given who his father is?

6. Do you agree with Nelly’s choice to lie to Linton about his new life at Wuthering Heights? Why or why not?

7. Why will Heathcliff endure and care for Linton? What end is he looking towards?

8. These three chapters were about the next generation or Heathcliffs, Lintons and Earnshaws. Why do you think Bronte wanted us to meet them as adults before we learned their histories and how they came to be such morose people? Why did the author do this?

9. Poor Nelly has several instances where she cares for a young child, only to then have he or she sent off elsewhere out of her care. Why is it appropriate that she narrates part of this story given the role she has played as caretaker?

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