Assignment 4


Running head: Whistle Blowing

Whistle Blowing and the Professional Syed Tajmul Hussain Concordia University Wisconsin

MBA 575 ± Business Ethics Professor Thomas P. Walsh September 30th, 2010

because simply it is not the matter of money but it is the fight between right and wrong. remember Barbara Reznik told the truth in the public interest which she think could save lot of tax payers money which was looted by the officers in the transport department. I don¶t think the state should cut her claims by simply adding the public interest in it.e. No. By telling the truth in reward she is been fired from the job she hired an attorney and borrowed 1 million from one of her friend and bear personnel loses and mental tension. Whistle-blowing is one of the most effective means of fighting with corruption and identifying the fraud in organizations. When a bad behavior or wrong doing is going on in the organization and if an employee came to know about this misconduct then he or she will be left with two choices either to turn a blind eye i. If I were in her place I will not accept the offer of the state. . In whistle blowing employee who finds out the corporate misconduct and chooses to bring it to the attention of others.Assignment 4 2 Yes. either to keep their mouth shut or to reveal the misconduct which would be beneficial for the organization. I think she should not be let down by the process of negotiation. She should be awarded well so that it should set of an example for others to challenge the corruption if not nobody will come forward to highlight the corruption in their department if she does not get her stake what she deserves. I think Barbara Reznik has a very right to expect the state to pay full 20. because she serves the country and its department by Whistle blowing to the fraud and corrupt practices which were going in the department.4 millions. she was fighting against the corruption which was very in the interest of the society. The person with the concern must be affiliated with the organization.

It will be in the best interest of society. . If she is CMA or CIA she should take strict action any wrong doing in her organization.Assignment 4 3 I think it is unethical on part of Reznik when she choose not to speak against financial wrong doing no matter on what position she is or the person who is committing the fraud.

Assignment 4 4 References Businees Ethics 2e Andrew W. Ghillyer pg -178 .