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2010 General Election Endorsements
With the 2010 General Election nearly upon us, we here at ReLegalize Indiana would like to announce the following official endorsements of the best candidates available who represent our views on the subject of relegalization of cannabis. First, we would like to officially endorse all 34 candidates for Indiana Senate and Indiana House running as Libertarians.For a complete list of candidates please visit the Libertarian Party of Indiana website.. Second, we have determined through public statements and known positions on issues, as well as verification via data on public websites the following candidates and 2 incumbents deserve our support as well. ● Senator Karen R. Tallian (D) - Indiana Senate District 4 (incumbent) ● Robert D. 'Rob/Bob' Couse (D) - Indiana Senate District 19 ● Michael J. Oxenrider (D) - Indiana Senate District 22 ● Brian Jacobs (R) - Indiana Senate District 25 ● Ted Metzger (R) - Indiana Senate District 47 ● Bethany Hayes (G) - Indiana House District 99 ● Representative John Day (D) - Indiana House District 100 (incumbent) Third, in the race for US Senate one choice stands clearly in favor of our efforts to relegalize cannabis nationwide and that candidate is Libertarian Rebecca Sink-Burris. Her position on the legalization issue is quite clear and favorable to our position in every way. We whole heartedly endorse and support Rebecca Sink-Burris for United States Senate. Finally, we offer endorsements to all 9 Libertarian candidates running for US House in Indiana. No major party candidates for Congress are willing to go on the record unequivocally for our interests like these Libertarians. ● Jon Morris - US House District 1 ● Mark Vogel - US House District 2 ● Scott Wise - US House District 3 ● John Duncan - US House District 4 ● Chard Reid - US House District 5 ● T.J. Thompson - US House District 6 ● Dav Wilson - US House District 7 ● John Cunningham - US House District 8 ● Greg Knott - US House District 9
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