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Revit 2010 MEP Tutorial

Revit 2010 MEP Tutorial

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Revit MEP 2010 Imperial Tutorial Guide
Revit MEP 2010 Imperial Tutorial Guide

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Published by: jbfive on Oct 20, 2010
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In this exercise, you modify the settings that control your local Revit MEP working environment. These
settings control the graphics, selection default options, notification preferences, journal cleanup options,
and your username when using worksharing.

Set graphics settings


➤ Options.

2In the Options dialog, click the Graphics tab.

3Under Colors, select Invert background color, and click OK.


➤ New ➤ Project to open a new project.

5In the New Project dialog, under Template file, click Browse.

6In the left pane of the Choose Template dialog, click Training Files, and open

7Click OK.

Notice that the drawing area is black.


➤ Options.

9In the Options dialog, click the Graphics tab.

Modifying System Settings | 35

10Under Colors, click the value for Selection color.

11In the Color dialog, select yellow, and click OK.

NOTEYou can also specify the Alert Color. When an error occurs, the elements causing the error
display using this color.

12Click the General tab.

13Under Notifications, specify the following options:

■For Save reminder interval, select One hour.

■For Tooltip assistance, select None.

14Click OK.

15Click Architect tab ➤ Build panel ➤ Wall drop-down ➤ Wall.

16Sketch a straight horizontal wall in the center of the drawing area.

17Press ESC to end the command.

18Select the wall.

Notice the selected wall is yellow rather than the default red.

19Press ESC to end the command.

20Place the cursor over the wall but do not select it.

Notice that a tooltip is not displayed. However, the Status Bar displays information about the
highlighted element.

21Close the file without saving it.

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