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Revit 2010 MEP Tutorial

Revit 2010 MEP Tutorial

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Revit MEP 2010 Imperial Tutorial Guide
Revit MEP 2010 Imperial Tutorial Guide

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Published by: jbfive on Oct 20, 2010
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In this exercise, you create a panel schedule report for panelboard MDP-1.

Training File

■On the Quick Access toolbar, click


■In the left pane of the Open dialog, click Training Files, and open Imperial\03_Electrical

Create the panel schedule report

1Verify that the Level 1 Power Plan is open.

2Click Analyze tab ➤ Reports and Schedules panel ➤ Panel Schedule.

3In the Select Panels dialog:

■Click Clear Selection.

■Select PP-2B.

■Click OK.

The Panel Schedule Report appears in a new window.

Creating a Panel Schedule | 213

NOTEIf a panel schedule has already been created for a panel, the panel will not appear in the Select
Panels dialog.

4Close the report.

5In the Project Browser, expand Sheets (all), and open E601 - Panel Schedules.

6In the Project Browser, under Reports ➤ Panel Schedule, drag PP-2B onto the sheet.

7Select the schedule.

8Click Modify Schedule Graphics tab ➤ Element panel ➤ Element Properties.

9In the Instance Properties dialog, under Other, for Appearance, click Edit.

The Panel Report Appearance dialog displays. This dialog allows you to control how the panel
schedule report displays when it is included on a sheet.

10In the Panel Report Appearance dialog:

■Under Header Text, for Font, select Berlin Sans FB.

■Under Header Text, for Font Size, enter 1/8.

■Under Header Text, select Bold and Italic.

■Under Body Text, for Font Size, enter 3/32.

11Click OK twice.

12Close the file with or without saving it.

Next you use the System Browser to check your design.

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