The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass I.

In his narrative, Frederick Douglass uses many different persuasive techniques to target his white readers and change their views on slavery by showing the harsh conditions and mistreatment of slaves, showing how slaves are dehumanized into “Brutes” and by expressing his events in a non accusatory, factorial way that allows him to inquorate events that show the defying of slavery in a positive manor. II. The main point of this first section is to give examples of the dehumanization of slaves from Douglass' narrative. A. “White children could tell their ages. I could not tell why I ought to be deprived the same privilege”. (pg-1) a. This quote relates to the sections idea of ways that slaves were dehumanized by Whites to become more animal like and less human like, this quote gives an example of one of the many ways that slaves were deprived of humanly rights with something as common as age. b. The quote uses two of the three arguments given in my thesis. One being that slaves were dehumanized and second, how Douglass uses a matter of fact tone that does not accuse anyone. B. “If you give a nigger an inch, he will take an ell. A nigger should know nothing but to obey his master...It would make him discontent and unhappy”. (pg-42) a. The quote shows how Whites use slang to deprive slaves of social dignity and helps identify the standard for slavery that whites enforce and strive to make their slaves obey. They want them stupid and loyal like a horse or oxen. b. This shows the White's point of view of how they view slaves and how they expect them all to be like. C. “...He was only able to buy one slave; and, shockingly as is the fact, he bought her, as he said, for a BREEDER”.(pg:80) a. This is an example of the ultimate disrespect and dehumanizing prospects of slavery done by slave owners. Mr. Covey has bought a woman and has disregarded her sexuality and is using her as a breeder much as a dog breeder would breed animals for personal benefit or money gain. b. Using someone as a breeder would be a way of depriving them of their humanity which in turn might cause some sort of effect from a White reader. D. “...The cheerful spark that lingered about my eye died; the dark knight of slavery closed upon me; and behold a man transformed into a BRUTE”.(pg:82) a. This shows that the dehumanizing aspects of slavery effect slaves much more greatly than physically depriving them of rights but also mentally depriving them so that they have no chance to be anything mentally and physically expect for a puppet of the slave driver. c. The transformation from man to Brute is done through the harsh mistreatment of slaves, all hope is beaten, frozen, starved, dehydrated and overworked out of them. E. “ The mode adopted here to disgust the slave with freedom , by allowing him to see only the abuse of it...”.(pg:97) a. This again shows that dehumanizing can be mental and physical, because the slaves are physically Brutes and mentally Brutes from never being taught to think they can be easily

”. This is an example of mental as well as physical dehumanization. Someone has to be extremely dehumanized and mistreated to agree that living under such conditions are correct and right. “It was a moment of highest excitement that I ever experienced... starvation. Because of the different ways that he presents his arguments and snakes his persuasions into his story the fact that he is a black slave is almost forgotten. b.”. A. they have to be overpowered in all aspects of decision making and mentality.. If a slave just came out and said that they fought their master and were filled with a drive to escape slavery and defy slave owners they probably would have been killed.(pg:48) a. It is a way to force slaves to agree with slavery because the aren't mentally capable of deciding for themselves because the slave owners have deprived them of intelligence as well. torture and enslavement is just and right they have to be deceived and lied to for a extended period of time to live in a paradigm. b. but because Douglass uses multiple forms to sway his readers point of views I believe that he made Whites support him. III. At this point in the story most people in out class were very excited and glad that Frederick fought his master and now has a drive for freedom. b.. to make a content slave. “Mistress.. “ They came because they wished to learn. Their minds have been starved by their cruel masters. B. it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. b. to annihilate the power of reason.(pg:125) a. They have been shut up in mental darkness. “I have found that. and revived within me a sense of my own manhood. and. The slave owners have deprived their slaves of any kind of mental growth in their lives.. resulting in a person who is not mentally compatible to freely think. it is this and mistreatment of slaves because it is not the truth of the matter it is only the partial truth that the slave owners decide to let the slaves see. It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision.(pg:104) a. G. In order to force someone to believe that their imprisonment. did the other persuasive elements Douglass used work? b. Whites may not have realized the mental aspects of the lies of slavery. C. If Douglass would not have other forms of showing the horrible conditions and mistreatment of slaves I believe that White readers would have not have been in support of the actions done by Douglass in the book.manipulated . He must be made to feel that slavery is right”. Slave owners mistreated slaves from the time the enter slavery so they will never be able to develop mentally on their own meaning they have fallen victim to many different kinds of mistreatment.I say let him place himself in my situation -without home or friends-without money or credit-wanting shelter and no one to give it. Covey was the turning point in my career as a slave.”. The main point of this second section is to give examples of how Frederick expressed the different events in a unbiased faction in which allowed him to give events that present the defying of slavery in a positive and White supported manor. I believe that if I were a slave owner I would have begun to support and long for Frederick's freedom.. “This battle with Mr. . F. (pg:93) a. It rekindled the few expiring embers of freedom. in teaching me to read had given me the inch and no precaution could prevent me from taking the ell”. I wonder if White's saw this as a good thing when they read it..

b. and receive upon his naked toil warn shoulders more than 30 lashes at a time”. IV. This is a scene where there is quite a bit of mistreatment but also he uses this mistreatment topic as another form of persuasion that emphasizes on how truly horrible this is to do to anyone slave or not. The main point of this section is to simply provide an account for all of the brutal beating and mistreatment sections in the book. D. and blood and brains marked the spot at which he had stood”. the rapture of which can be understood only by those who were slaves”. b. Frederick uses Barney's old age to emphasize on the wrongness of this mistreatment. This is kind of the conclusion to his persuasion. on the part of the slave. word. Once again because of the different ways he persuades his audience he is able to say that he has successfully escaped the jaws of slavery and it is seen as a positive thing not a weak point in slavery. into impudence.(pg:145) a. and would treat it accordingly”. But after Frederick's carefully planned story I think it made him deserve his freedom and satisfaction after such a hard life full of the torturous conditions of slavery. b. This is the ultimate form of mistreatment. all of the examples of mistreatment and dehumanization better have paid off for the reader's point of view by now if they are going to accept that he is happy or wish he would get arrested and re-imprisoned. it was a happy moment. B. I feel that in those days when a White person thought of a slave they imagined a strong young man who is more than capable than being beat every once in a while. well at least some of them thought it was a good thing.(pg:27) a.(pg:137) a.(pg:29) a. Frederick made Whites think that his escaping slavery was a good thing and not something that they had to look out for. it is shocking to see the murder of a slave from . Hearing about this unfair use of the slave owner's power made you want to stop the slave owner from being able to treat the slaves with such unfair ways. b. causing the blood o run half an hour at the time and this too in the midst of her crying children. “But I went at it with a glad heart and willing hand.(pg:14) a. I was now my own master. so in turn his persuasion is working. The slaves never got a chance to become anything other than an abused Brute. “His mangled body sank out of sight. not a elderly man who must endure this on a regular bases. A. This is a strong image to think of and him stating that her children were there witnessing this and crying for her release is even stronger. “I have seen him whip a woman. D. Douglass does not simply say slaves were beat he takes it a step further and makes you dig into your morals and provides an image that is not commonly thought of but what is the truth. In those days if a predigious white person knew of a run away slave working for his own gain and being happy it probably would have made their stomachs turn. C.(pg:22) a. or gesture. “I have seen Colonel Loyd make old Barney a man of 60 years kneel down upon the cold damp ground. b. This shows a form of mistreatment that gives you an example of how a slave had no way to get out of being brutally beat. “He was one of those who could torture the slightest look. He not only expresses his happiness at his escape but then goes on to force the reader to sympathize at his lonely and scary situation. for their mother's release”.

If someone is not persuaded by hearing about someone's unjust murdering then I don't know what would persuade them. . it makes you fear for them because being whipped is one thing but being killed is the complete worst thing that can happen.another slave's point of view. and it is seen by Whites as common and acceptable. b.

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