OVERVIEW OF THE SERVICE Perfect Bride is a service firm which helps the would-be brides or girls who are about to get married to learn and train themselves to better adapt to the change that they are about to witness in their lives. We conduct sessions where in girls are trained in various aspects of married life like: y y y y y y Inter personal relationship handling Time management Personal grooming Fund management Inter cultural training House hold learning

We also provide services of wedding planner which will take care of all the activities of the wedding including decorations, various rituals planning, guests handling, caterers, venue handling, wedding couture, bridal make up, etc. One of the striking features of our service is that we give inter cultural training to girls having inter caste marriages where in we train them in various aspects of the new cultural that they are being married into like dress, food type, rituals, language, etc.

The company needed to develop a concept about the service to describe it to its customers . employees. The idea in the group of promising ideas was then researched by the committee. the cost of development rises. Various informal sessions were also conducted where customers talked about their needs and wants. interacting with various groups or top management. marginal ideas and rejects. Thus various ideas were generated. competitors. IDEA SCREENING The basic need for idea screening is to eliminate poor ideas as early as possible because with each service development step. There was a brain storming session conducted by the company with the top management discussing about various customer requirements. The ideas were then divided into groups of promising ideas.STAGES OF NEW SERVICE DEVELOPMENT IDEA GENERATION The new service development process starts with the search for ideas. New service ideas can come from customers. All the ides were submitted to the idea manager which was then reviewed by the idea committee. The committee reviewed the idea against set criteria like: a) Will the service meet a need? b) Can the service be appropriately advertised? c) Does the company have enough capital for the service? CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT In this stage the service had to be described in detail.

. cost and profits projections to analyze the entire service. it prepared a sales. After considering various questions for developing a concept for the service. The more the tested service resembles the final service. BUSINESS ANALYSIS After the management developed the service concept and tested the feasibility of the service. when will people use this service? After being engaged. Concept testing involved elaborating the customers upon the concept of the service and getting their reactions and acceptability of the service. Third.To develop a concept for this service the company had to think about many questions like. CONCEPT TESTING Concept testing involves presenting the service concept to appropriate target customers and getting their reactions.who will use this service?? Teenage girls or would be brides. the better it is. Second. after graduation or after marriage. We elaborated on the concept as providing services that will help girls who are about to get married to learn about the various aspects of being married and leading a happy married life by training them on handling relationships. time management. our company finally formed the concept of an opportunity for would be brides who want overall knowledge and experience sharing about marriage life for leading a happy married life. what benefit will it provide them? Better adjustment after marriage or experience sharing about married life. wedding planner and many more. adapting to new cultures in case of inter caste marriages. personal grooming.

We went to few of our friends and one of our relative who were about to get married and explained them about our concept.e. they decided to go for market testing where the consumers are offered the product and its acceptability can be checked. We went in for alpha testing where we tested our service within our organization. people keep getting married and thus customers demanding such a service will not go down to zero. Before the service is launched in the market. So sales are estimated to be favorably good in this kind of a service. COMMERCIALISATION Now is the time to finally launch the service in the market. This is a repeated purchase service i. The customers we approached to were quite excited about this service and wanted to enroll for it. hiring teachers and experienced work staff to train the people who enroll and collaborating with various people who will be needed to ultimately plan the wedding for their clients. Estimating costs and profits: The initial cost of this service would include the cost of advertising and marketing the service. several decisions are to be taken like: . MARKET TESTING After the management was satisfied with the concept of the service and the business aspect of it.Estimating total sales: Sales in term of this service would mean as to how many people avail this service and enroll for such programs. profits are expected to be good over a period of some time. Profits are expected to be fairly good because as in a country like India where people spend lavishly for weddings.

PRICE: The price list for our services is as below: We have courses in: Relationship handling: Rs. WHERE: During our initial launch.4000 for 10 classes twice a week Fund management: Rs. fund management. The marketing strategy has been explained in terms of the following: PRODUCT: Our product is basically a service that provides would-be brides with a detailed learning experience about the new life they are about to enter. As this is a very new service concept which does not exists. Secondly. It provides services like relationship handling. WHOM: Our target customers will be upper middle class and upper class society people who can afford to and will be willing to spend lavishly at weddings. as this is the time when the wedding season which is considered auspicious in our country is about to start. Thus it will be a good time to start this service.WHEN: This involved deciding upon the market entry timing. time management. we will be starting up with our service in Delhi and Mumbai which are big metropolitan cities and have population who might be willing to avail such a service. 4000 for 10 classes twice a week . 6000 for 15 classes twice a week Time management: Rs. HOW: this decision basically includes how the service will be launched. we will surely enjoy the first mover advantage by way of grabbing key distributors and customers. PLACE: We have decided to start our service in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai where the population will be willing to spend on wedding planning and learning courses. It requires deciding upon the marketing strategy and promotional techniques of launching the service in the market. personal grooming and wedding planner. we have decided to come out with this service in the month of September.

Personal grooming: Rs.7000 for 15 classes twice a week Wedding planner: as per requirement Household learning: 3) Promotion by setting up stalls at wedding exhibitions like and vivaah. time and fund mangers who will train clients. bridal asia.25000 + taxes as applicable Entire package cost with wedding planner: Rs. interior decorators and planners for wedding planning.bride and groom.5000 for 10 classes twice a week Cross cultural training: Rs.etc 4) Printing ads in wedding magazines 5) Radio jingles 6) Printing brochures and pamphlets 7) Advertising at various popular beauty salons PEOPLE: Our services will be provided by people who have been specially trained to provide relationship counseling.4000 for 19 classes twice a week Entire package cost without wedding planner: Rs. cross cultural training incase of inter caste marriages.25000 + cost as per wedding requirement+ taxes as applicable PROMOTION: The various promotion techniques that will be used for promoting the service will be: 1) Newspaper advertisement in matrimonial section of the newspaper 2) Online marketing on matrimonial sites like shaadi. .

Practical learning sessions will also be conducted for personal grooming sessions which would include cooking classes. PROCESS The entire course will be conducted by experienced trainers who would create real life situations for clients and then teach them and help them deal with situations. personal make up sessions. . For the purpose of relationship handling. any personal queries and will also be used to track class records and take back up classes.PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: All the members who enroll for our service will be given an automated i-card which will serve as an identity proof for them and which can be used for entering personal data on our website. etc. counseling sessions and open discussions will be conducted where personal queries can also be taken.

MARKETING PROJECT SUBMITTED TO: Mrs. Vibha Arora SUBMITTED BY: Swati Arora 09BS0002500 Section A .

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