SALADS Green salad, Tossed salad, Green Sprouts, cucumber salad, Aloo chana chat, Rajmah chat & Mixed salad etc…. 2. ROTI VARIETY Chapathi, Phulka, Poori etc... 3. SPECIAL RICE VARIETY Vegetable biryani & pulao, Bissi Bela Bath, Tomato pulao, Zeera rice, Capsikum lime rice, Pulihora, coconut rice, veg-fried rice ,veg soft noodles and etc… 4. PLAIN RICE (SONA MASOORI) 5. VEGETABLE CURRY (NORTH INDIAN / SOUTH INDIAN) Veg-chatpat, kadai vegetable, aloo Palak mixed veg-khorma, Stuffed tomato & Capsicum khorma, Phool Makhani khorma, Gobi Mutter khorma, Bagara Baigan, Guthi Vankayala Iguru, Mirchi Ka Salan, Paneer Butter Masala, Sorakaya Pulusu, Veg Kofta Curry, and Vadala pulsu Sorakaya pulusu, Drum stick pulusu, kandagadda pulusu,tomato pulusu,Vankaya batani pulusu, Kakarakaya pulusu etc..... 6. VEG CURRY (DRY) Bhendi Do Paez, Dum aloo, Vegetable fry, Donda pakoda, Cabbage with fresh coconut fry, Aloo Casicum, Aratikaya Vepudu, Yam Fry, Crispy vegetable, Snake gourd poriyel, Carrot beans poriyel, Aloo-65, Veg Manchurian etc… 7. DAL ITEMS Totakura pappu, Palak Dal, Yellow Dal Tadka, Kaddu Dalcha, Tomato Dal, Bachalakura Pappu, Turai Dal, Chinta chiguru pappu, Mamidikaya Pappu etc…

8. RASAM / SAMBAR Ulava charu, Pepper rasam , Tomato rasam, Pappu charu, Pachchi pulusu, Chow Chow sambar ,Munagakayala sambar , Bendakaya sambar, Onion tomato sambar etc… 9. CURD 10. PAPAD Fryums, Gold fingers, Moong Dal Papad, Saggu Biyyam Papad ,variety chips etc… 11. FRESH PICKLES / CHUTNEY Gongura, Mango, Lemon,Tomato,Ginger and Mixed veg pickle etc… Birakaya, sorakaya, Kottimera, Dondakaya, Karevepaku, Gongura onion, Allam, Tomato etc.... 12. DESSERT Sweet/cut fruit

***: Please choose one of the above given items for a day:***

We hereby quote for the above menu at a competitive of price Rs.35/- per head, Plus taxes extra .Looking toward for a positive response

OUR PRESENT CLIENTS 1ICSA India Limited. 2Vytech Systems Asia p limited. 3Excel Academy Security Training Institute. 4Central research Institute of Unani Medicine. Please feel free to ask for any further details and clarifications. Thank you for your interest in FLYING CHEFS.

Thanking you. Yours Truly, V.NARASIMHA SWAMY

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