Invest in Halal and Profitable Unit Trust Funds (Malaysia) - Syariahcompliant mutual funds with proven track records


Islamic Unit Trust Funds managed by CWA (CIMB Wealth Advisors) are proven to provide excellent returns over the years.

The following is the actual performance of CWA Syariah Funds (equity funds) - YTD ended Sep '09:

[Fund Name] (fund code) - (% p.a)

CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific Equity (fund code: 45) - 55.40% p.a CIMB Islamic Equity Aggressive (fund code: 44) - 50.51% p.a CIMB Islamic Equity (fund code: 26) - 44.50% p.a CIMB Islamic DALI Equity (fund code: 15) - 39.81% p.a CIMB Islamic Balanced (fund code: 08)- 34.35% p.a CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Theme (fund code: B7) - 32.94 p.a CIMB Islamic Small Cap (fund code: 13) - 32.61% p.a CIMB Islamic DALI Equity Growth (fund code: 05) - 31.63% p.a CIMB Islamic Kausar Lifecycle 2022 (fund code: B5) - 30.18% p.a CIMB Islamic Kausar Lifecycle 2027 - 29.16% p.a

CWA a top asset management company, a subsidiary of CIMB Group...the most valuable listed company in Malaysia (more than RM80 billion).

Sources of investment: CASH investment or withdrawal from EPF (KWSP) - account 1 Minimum investment: RM1,000 Investors: Individuals or corporation from Malaysia or other countries.

For further info please contact your professional Islamic investment and financial consultant based in Kuala Lumpur.

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