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Where Do You Work

Where Do You Work

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Published by: Blog_royaltyuniverse on Oct 20, 2010
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Where do you work?

Posted by admin On February 27, 2010 1:00 PM Do you work at an electronics outlet? If so, are you sick and tired of dealing with all of those pesky, uneducated customers? Are you tired of responding to ?urgent? house calls only to find out that you have to reprogram yet another VCR clock? Well, wake up! It?s time for you to make a life-altering change with our new, wonderful product: the Electronics Outlet Automatic Helper Robot. Our Helper Robot is going to be able to make your aches and pains a thing of the past!
Don?t believe me? Well, hear me out! First of all, our Automatic Helper Robot looks just like a real person! Well, let?s say that is looks enough like a real person to fool those pesky senior citizens who keep asking you about your printers / scanner combos! Simply place your Automatic Helper Robot in the isle of your choosing and wait for it to kick into gear! It?ll automatically flag people over and make sure that you don?t have to lift a finger! Having trouble explaining the concept of flash memory to your elderly customers? No problem! Our Automatic Helper Robot can be customized to meet your needs?and your attitude. If you want to teach your customers a little lesson, simply flip a switch and set your Robot to ?aggressive? mode. Before you know it, your robot will be insulting your elderly customers right out through the front door. When they ask about your memory, your Automatic Helper Robot will ask about theirs, and that?s guaranteed to offend! Are those pesky senior citizens clogging up your monitors isle? Is their constant squinting and yammering beginning to grate against your very soul? No problem! Simply flip a switch and set your Automatic Helper Robot to ?clearance? mode. It?ll make its way over to the isle of your choosing and begin raising your prices at an astonishing rate. If that doesn?t clear out those pesky senior citizens, your Helper Robot will begin to remind them of how much they used to pay for a loaf of bread ?back in the good old days?. Soon, they?ll be too angry to stay in your store, and your section will be cleared! Are PC laptops and PDAs the bane of your very existence? Are you sick and tired of explaining that their size does not connote their power? Does it drive you to the point of insanity when your senior citizen customers mistake the fish tank screensaver for an actual fish tank? Well, your problems are as old as they are! With our Helper Robot, you can make sure that senior citizens don?t congest your isles! If your fish screen saver is mistaken for an actual fish tank, your Helper Robot will falsely explain that it is an actual fish tank, and that if they aren?t looking to buy a fish tank, they?ve come to the wrong store! Never before have you seen customers leave with such blinding speed! Just ask one of our many happy customers! ?Yeah, I never really liked dealing with customers. I mean, I know it?s my job to help people find the products and services that they?re looking for, but I?m fairly certain that it?s not in my job description. And I mean, I?m not just some guy that they hired off the street! I mean, I have actual qualifications! I went to the community college; I dropped out, but I went! Anyway, my Helper Robot solved all of my problems. I guess that?s why they fired me and kept him on board?? Don?t let another minute go by! Call now and buy your Helper Robot today! Brought to you by : Shopping Stories : http://blog.royaltyuniverse.com/category/fictional-stories/shopping-fictional-stories/

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