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The Berkeley Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Law (JMEIL), one of the few US-based law journals
dedicated to scholarship in the areas of Middle Eastern, Islamic, and comparative law, is currently seeking
contributions for its 4th volume (to be published in Spring 2011). JMEIL seeks to serve as a resource for
academics, jurists, practitioners, students, and others interested in Middle Eastern and Islamic law and
society. For our Spring 2011 issue, JMEIL is particularly interested in the following topics, although all
articles related to Middle Eastern or Islamic law are welcome:

● Issues related to contemporary Iranian law and society, particularly in the wake of the June 2009
general election.
● Issues related to the jurisprudential impacts of September 11th on the development of Islamic law.
● Issues related to Islamic law and society in South or Southeast Asia.
● Issues related to the legal and political treatment of refugees originating from or displaced in
Muslim societies.

In the past, JMEIL has published articles on a diversity of issues, including religious laws governing
Israeli adoption, Islamic finance, the treatment of Palestinians in U.S. federal courts, Coptic personal
status law in Egypt, Islamic historiography, and legal pluralism in the Middle East.

In this tradition, JMEIL welcomes submissions of articles and comments by students, scholars, and
practitioners in the fields of Middle Eastern and Islamic law. To submit an article, please e-mail the
manuscript to:

V ictoria Lee & Aria Safar

Submissions Editors

The deadline for consideration in the Spring 2011 has been extended to October 24, 2010. Submissions received
after this date will be considered for our following issue. Please include a C.V. and a brief cover letter alongside the
manuscript. JMEIL follows the transliteration system as established by the International Journal of Middle Eastern
Studies. However, manuscripts should not contain any diacritical marks, except for ‘ayn and hamza. Citations should
conform to THE BLUEBOOK: A UNIFORM SYSTEM OF CITATIONS (19th ed. 2010). For more information
about JMEIL, please visit us online at, or e-mail us at