BY:- Miss. Aparna S. Dhanave

Organizational Behviour finition:. .Organizational behviour is the systematic study and careful applicatio owledge about how people –as individuals and as groups-act within organizations.

Empowerment Concept:Most of the organizations have a number of employees who believe that they are dependent on others as they are less efficient. the concept of empowerment raised to over come the problems of low self efficiency and feeling of imposter phenomenon. so. . This feelings of low self efficiency can caused the damage to the individual and ultimately to the organization.

Definition owerment:- The concept of empowerment can be defined by as. “ Empowe process that provides greater autonomy to employees through the sharing of vant Information and the provision of control over factors affecting job performa .

. § . encouragement and verbal feedback designed to raise self confidence.Allow them to observe the person who already done the job sucessfully.By giving them discretion over job performances and holding them accountable for outcomes §Providing successful role models. §Using social reinforcement and persuasion.providing reduction of stress and anxiety.By giving proper training and coaching §Allowing more control..Approaches § §Helping employees to achieve job mastery.. §Giving emotional support.Giving praise...

Empowerment Process Remove conditions of powerlessness Perception of empowerment Enhance job-related Self-efficiency Satisfaction Effectiveness .

Empowerment Process •Remove conditions of powerlessness:• •Changes • •Leadership •Reward system • •Job .

vEnhance job related self efficiency:•Job mastery •Control and accountability •Role models •Reinforcement •Support .

vPerception of empowerment:•Competence • •Autonomy • •Job meaning • •Sense of impact .

these four dimensions are necessery to produce the effective and effi rganization with individual’s satisfaction. competence. autonomy and control and sense of personal impact on utcomes.Conclusion. . So. mpowerment is the result of four cognition by employees – meaning and purpose to ne’s work role.