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Mooney Phone: (301) 620-0200 *** PRESS RELEASE *** 19 October 2010

Young Revisits Frantic Personal Attack from 2002 Campaign
FREDERICK, MD Democrat Ron Young launched a personal smear against the Mooney family in his latest mailing. Young s mailing assaults Senator Mooney for being uncaring on the issue of domestic violence. Young launched this personal attack, knowing the personal history of Alex Mooney and his family, as the issue came up in the 2002 Senate election, when Sue Hecht used the issue and it backfired and cost her the election. I am used to people disagreeing with me," Senator Mooney said. "But this latest attack by Ron Young is a disgrace. He distorts the issue so he can turn it into a hurtful and personal attack on me and my family. His willingness to exploit domestic abuse and accuse me of being unconcerned about victims of domestic violence proves he lacks integrity. For Ron Young its all about winning votes." As reported in 2002 in both the Frederick News Post and Gazette, Lala Mooney, Senator Mooney s mother, suffered from an abusive husband when Senator Mooney was growing up in Frederick. This political attack is very offensive, Lala Mooney explained. This is a deeply hurtful and personal attack. Senator Mooney continues to be a strong advocate for victims of domestic violence. In 2006, Mooney worked closely with then-Secretary of State Mary Kane to pass the Maryland Safe at Home Act (Senate Bill 25), which establishes an address confidentiality program which allows victims of domestic abuse to shield their contact information from their abuser by registering with the Maryland Secretary of State. To date, 437 total participants have utilized the program to protect themselves from their attacker. ###

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