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3. 4. 2. Definition of persuasion Routes of persuasion Six basic tendencies to say ³YES´ Persuasion in Corporate 2 .INDEX 1.

PERSUASION AS DEFINED BY WEBSTER¶S  The act of persuading or the power to persuade Process that change attitudes. opinions or behaviors. beliefs.   3 . Co-creation of a state of identification between a source and a receivers.

Changes tend to be more permanent due to effortful processing. 4 . figures. Leads to superficial and temporary change. and thought.ROUTES OF PERSUASION   Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) ± Petty and Cacioppo Two routes can be used to persuade ± ± Central: relies on facts. Peripheral: attempts to persuade you without thought occurring. Relies on emotion.

4. Reciprocation Consistency Social Validation Liking Authority Scarcity 5 . 5. 2. 3. 6.SIX BASIC TENDENCIES TO SAY ³YES´ 1.

± ± ± Food stores Exterminators free samples free in-home inspections free workouts Health clubs. as well. so I will be nice to you. English courses 6 .1. RECIPROCATION  You are nice to me.

direct future action. CONSISTENCY ‡ We behave consistently Public commitments. 7 . even seemingly minor ones.2.

CONSISTENCY  Example at a restaurant ± to avoid ³no show´ on reservation.2. I will. no-show ³Will you please call if you have to change your plans?´ + [pause and wait for the client¶s response] ³YES.´ 3 out of 10 people: no-call. no-show ± 8 .´ 1out of 10 people: no-call. ³Please call if you have to change your plans.

3. 9 . SOCIAL VALIDATION ‡ We follow the lead of similar others.

SOCIAL VALIDATION  Experiment by City Univ.3. at nothing in particular. of New York ± On a winter morning. a man stopped on a busy New York City sidewalk and gazed skyward for 60 seconds. 10 .

I should do something about it. LIKING  My grandchildren are hoping to have items for the school¶s auction.4. 11 .

Dressing style is of paramount important for a salesman.  12 . AUTHORITY  A man could increase by 350% number of pedestrians who would follow him across the street simply by wearing a suit and tie.5.

SCARCITY   Items and opportunities become more desirable as they become less available. Available only while stock lasts. 13 .6.

it aims at promoting or selling symbolic ways to meet people¶s physiological and emotional needs. PERSUASION¶S AIM  In today¶s changing world. 14 .7.

GOLDEN RULES OF PERSUASION Use open questions to: ± ± ±  involve the other person search for areas where your offering will benefit them probe so you & they can understand the full benefits they will receive from your offering.  Present what you have to offer in terms of those benefits 15 .

and Persuasion Simplicity/Clarity Know the audience and its predispositions Salience Storytelling Reciprocity/Concession Liking: Similarity and Empathy 16 . 7. 6. Payment.SELECTED PRINCIPLES OF PERSUASION 1. 3. 4. 5. 2. The Three P¶s: Power.

Persuasion is an innate skill. but not in practice. and that may be decisive. selfAnswer: Conceptually that is true. are neither inherently good nor evil.BIGGEST CHALLENGES TO PERSUASION 1. Answer: The techniques of persuasion. 17 . 3. However with sustained practice most of us can improve our persuasion skills. Some people are natural born persuaders. Persuasion is too easy. Answer: That is true. most aren¶t. Persuasion principles are self-evident. Persuasion is unethical. 2. like many other technologies. It is mere manipulation. Persuasion is too hard. They can be used to advance noble or pernicious purposes.

the pharmacist at Village Pharmacy. this is Susan Stone. Smith. the pharmacist at Village Pharmacy. I know you are very busy. Smiths prescription for Prozac. this is Susan Stone. I¶m really sorry to bother you. Smith. I wanted to ask you about Mrs. I¶m calling to verify the dose on Mrs.EXAMPLE Dr. 18 . Smiths prescription for Prozac. I could call back later if you want. But. Dr.

IN CONCLUSION: What do we do next? Where do we go from here? y The two responsibilities of persuasion: To be ethical and to be effective y An answer to the biggest challenge: Is persuasiveness fundamentally innate? 19 .

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