Umer Shoaib Pirzada Roll No: 35 Comsats Institute of Information Technology Internship Report

Servis Sales Corporation

Presented to: Mr. Ilyas Janjua
Controller Examination, CIIT.

& Mr. Fahim Akbar Mian,
Manager HR (SSC)


Internship Report







3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14)

EXECUTIVE SUMMERY INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY VISION AND MISSION STATEMENT Internship Departments Factory Outlets Department Corporate Sales Department Supply chain Department Whole Sale Department Marketing Department BCG Matrix SWOT Analysis Recommendations

Internship Report




It is the requirement of the MBA course Comsats Institute of Information Technology Sahiwal campus that all students of MBA have to spend two months in any organization to get practical exposure and to get familiarized with the ways to live in the organizational environment which is dramatically different from the educational environment. That two months period called “Internship Period “, if spent properly and sincerely, enables the students to be more confident, more knowledgeable, more responsible and, above all, more committed to its work in the practical field. I have also been assigned to do internship of six weeks period in Servis Sales Corporation, which is a Pakistani local company and have 60 years experience in the market. This internship period in Servis Sales Corporation has enabled me to understand the practical scenario and sharpen our decision making power and utilizing the resources in an effective manner, so that by using our resources, how we can maximize our profit. In preparing this internship report, I have put all of my best efforts and tried my level best to get maximum knowledge about SSC. Despite of my all the coherent efforts, I do believe that there will always be a room for improvement in the efforts of learner like me.

Umer Shoaib Pirzada

Internship Report




The whole praise is to almighty ALLAH, creator of this universe. Who made us the super creature with great knowledge and who able me to accomplish this work. I feel great pleasure in expressing my deepest appreciation and heartiest gratitude to my Teachers of Comsats and to the staff of Servis Sales Corporation for their guidance and great help during the internship period. I would like to express my deepest affection for my parents and friends who prayed for my success and encouraged me during this internship period. I appreciate and acknowledge the patience, understanding and love provided by employees of SSC. A token of special thanks to the following people who had been very friendly, co-operated with me throughout my internship period in Servis Sales Corporation and made it possible for me to learn and gather all the information needed for my internship report with as much detail as I could. These are the people who in spite of their busy scheduling took time out to explain to me the procedures and mechanics of work in the organization. My internship report would not have been possible without friendly and helpful attitude of following people. Mr. Fahim Akbar Mian Mr. Younas Mr. Usman Barkat Mr. Mudassar Ikram Mr. Attique-Ur-Rehman Mr. Asim Majeed Manager HR Merchandise Planner Supply chain Category Analyst FOL Senior Manager Corporate Sales Asst. Manager Corporate Sales

Business Manager FOL

Mr. Rashid Rafqiue Corporate Sales Officer

Internship Report



and Skooz.Mr. The Company has strategic relationships with Group companies which offer world class footwear manufacturing facilities in Pakistan. is the country's largest retailer and wholesaler of footwear. CAT and exclusive franchise of ECCO in Pakistan. It has further established some of the most loved footwear brands including Don Carlos. Its Group Company. It also has distribution alliances with leading international brands in footwear including NIKE. The Group invests actively in CSR initiatives and projects – nationally as well as abroad. Toz. SSC is respected for its innovation footwear designs which are a result of its considerable invest in merchandising and product development departments. Adnan Akhtar Category Manager Whole sale Executive Summary Servis Group is Pakistan's largest footwear manufacturer and exporter. Cheetah. The Group was set up in 1958 and today has sales of more than PKR 9 billion. SSC a part of Servis Group Which has a rich heritage spanning over half a century and is today regarded as one of the most respected corporate citizens. This has proven to be a driving engine for the business that has produced millions of satisfied customers. Internship Report MBA 5 . It also has interests in retailing. The Company runs its footwear retail business under Servis brand as Servis Shoe Stores. Calza. SSC Private Limited. Liza.

Servaid Pharmacy as the name mention is dealing in Pharmacy and has a good name in the field of Pharmacy and this is now a growing business of Servis. Like there are three two outlets yet of Shoe Planet in Lahore and Karachi where there are imported brands with Servis shoes are available. Agencies. The business is now eyeing Large Format Stores and Franchise Stores as its future growth engines. Shoe Planet is a really a big outlet. and Factory Outlets. There is a wide range of ladies shoes is available all the time on Soul Collection and Soul collection has their own network. Internship Report MBA 6 .SSC Retail Business currently comprises Company Operated Stores. Servis Group employs close to 8000 people in its following Group Companies: • • • • • Service Industries Limited SSC Private Limited Shoe Planet Soul Collections Servaid Pharmacy Above all are separate entities and work their own. Soul collection is dealing in ladies shoes and same like Stylo.

Nothing compares to a pair of shoes that are trendy and comfortable. Servis enjoys a rich history of excellent performance. Popular Servis brands include Cheetah. Calza. Servis and more. going for a formal meeting or simply shopping on weekend. superb quality and an amazing ability to satisfy the ever increasing needs of its clients are some of the qualities that make Servis your unbeatable partner. Don Carlos. a shoe company par excellence. Toz. Liza. Skooz. unmatched products. Unshakeable trust. Winner of FPCCI trophy for best export performance six times. Servis Sales Corporation is the flagship company of the group with headquarters location in Lahore. running on a track. Internship Report MBA 7 . Servis today has become the most sought after name in the shoe industry. Servis offers a new product range twice a year at the beginning of summer and winter seasons. Making its debut in 1964 in the footwear industry of Pakistan. one thing is an imperative for you. You can bank on Servis for your requirements. Servis started its operations with a small factory in Gujrat and established its second factory at Muridke Seikhupura Road in 1987.Introduction Walking on the roadside. climbing the rocks. Today Servis is the largest footwear exporter of the country. product innovation is the most important element in company’s marketing strategy and that is what makes Servis. That’s footwear. and this is where Servis comes in.

rewarded and provided with greater opportunities. Internship Report MBA 8 . Mission Statement SSC will:  Maximize value for its shareholders and business associates.  Leverage technology to gain competitive advantage.Vision Statement Be the fastest growing company in every market we enter.  Strive to provide an environment where employees will be developed. distribution and retailing strengths.  Continue to improve the quality of life of it’s employees and their families.  Become a 10 billion rupee company by 2012 through leveraging its brands.  Ensure product innovation and a buying experience that consistently exceeds customer’s expectations.

Mudassar Ikram who is supply chain analyst then two weeks in corporate sales department with Mr. • • • • Factory outlets Department Corporate Sales Department Supply Chain Department Whole Sale Department Schedule I divide my 6 weeks according to letter plan given by HR Manager. Rashid Rafique who is Corporate Sales Officer then two days in Supply chain (Retail) with Mr. Internship Report MBA 9 .Departments The following are the departments where I worked as an internee and experienced a good time with the Servis employees. Adnan Akhtar(Category Manager) and Awais(Category Analyst). and spent two weeks in Factory Outlets Department with Mr. Qaiss Aslam(Merchandise Planner) and then finally two weeks in Whole Sale Department with Mr. Usman Barkat (Senior Merchandise Planner) and Mr.

Factory Outlets Department Hierarchy of Factory Outlets Department: Business Manager Mr. FOL strategy is to sale the rejected material of factories special low price articles. According to management FOL is very small part of their business however retail is big Giant. FOL strategy is very simple. Servis Sales Corporation which is working under Servis industries Private Limited is doing its business in retail which is further divides in FOL and A pair. dead articles which are not giving sale on the shops and also some A pair Internship Report MBA 10 . Younas Supply Chain Analyst Mr. Ghulam Muhammad There are 33 factory outlets in all over the Pakistan. Mudassar Ikram Supply Chain Analyst Mr.

and Faisalabad. 1. Karachi. The Supply chain Analyst according to their need place the order after checking out all the needed factors like closing stock. Service Industries Limited Muridke There are 3 LPO’s (Local Purchase offices) which is now known as Sourcing Office. Reference: Mr. Younas (Business Manager) Servis Sales Corporation has 6 sources from where it takes delivery of shoes. There are two Servis Factories. In FOL there are 4 types of shoes. 1 A-Pair 2 Rejections Internship Report MBA 11 . As Servis has 2 factories in Gujarat and Muridke which are full pack means these factories produce fully according to their maximum capacity. Faisalabad. Service Industries Limited Gujrat 2. Imports. demand and last fortnight sale and the sourcing department make shoes from the local venders and then Supply chain analyst allocate the dispatches according to their factory Outlets need. And the last source is: 6. Karachi. Lahore 5. 4. I understood from this that the main purpose of FOL is to help out the company and save from losses which may be company have to bear because of rejection without existing of FOL. 3. Working of these LPO’s is to develop the vendors.articles which are specially prepared on order from Local venders. but this production is not enough for Servis retail so then Servis go towards outsource from their Sourcing offices which are in Lahore.

sometimes FOL have to face a problem like sometime there is less rejection in the factories which do not fulfill the need of factory outlets then FOL makes estimates and give orders to Sourcing offices according to their needs and sourcing offices from the venders make articles according the production order of FOL. Development Servis retail shops are going to become online in coming days but now all the shops managers send their data to Mantaq solutions who converts this data into soft copy.3 Imports 4 Low Price Articles The purpose of factory outlets is to promote the Retail (A pair) and grow customers and to sale the rejection. Mudassar Ikram (Supply chain analyst) Franchising The interesting thing is that Servis does not give Franchise of FOL to Public. Target Customers. Internship Report MBA 12 . so our targets are low income people who cannot purchase imported brands and costly shoes. All the 33 Factory outlets are SSC owned. Reference: Mr. Basically Factory outs is working on rejection and special low price articles. But Servis is giving Franchises of Retail (A pair articles). Source of FOL From the production of the factories when there is some rejection(not 100%) means error up to some extant occur in the pair then these articles go towards factory outlets then Factory outlet sale these articles at low price.

Brands of FOL The following are the brands of Factory outlets Cheetah Liza Calza Skooz Toz Don Carlos.Working of a Supply Chain Analyst Mantak Solutions(Computer related company who is working for SSC)send the soft data to supply chain analyst which they receive from outlets then supply chain analyst analyses this data and make their estimates that how much they have need for their outlets and how much they should give order and how much articles and for which outlets. Then they send Po (production order). 24-28 Internship Report MBA 13 . Categories and Ranges There are different categories and different ranges of sizes.5-10 French size 39-45 36-41 35-38 29-34 29-35 20-23 . English size 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Men Ladies Youth Boys Girls Child 6-10 3-7 2-5 11-1 11-2 4.

The following are the sub categories of above categories. income of the people of that area . 1st six month of the year is not so much running and profitable and maximum sale is related with the last six months. Product Development FOl receive photographs or samples of articles from the LPO’s and then choose different articles which like most and then order for the production according to need.M Khan (Category Analyst) Targets and Profit FOL targets are 140% of previous year. Price Range The FOL’s articles price is very economical and for low income people and FOL’s price ranger is less than 700-800 rupees. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Sports Shoes and Moccs Chappals Sandals Canvas EVA PVC Hawai Reference: G. Only FOL targets are 39 karores in 2008 of which round about 15 karores have achieved. competitor in the area . location etc. Cash prize through scratch card to every customer who consumes more than 500 RS. Internship Report MBA 14 . Promotional Strategy The recent promotional activity which Servis has introduced is “Jeet Ka Shashka” A scheme for the end user. Distribution Channel SSC is very choosy about place and open their outlets after determining many aspects like population of the area .

this year planning.Future Planning Servis plans before the beginning of the year and the season. following is the detail. Like June is going on and the Management is planning for Eid and winter. and think about the coming event round about 6 months like now Eid is coming and we have made all the plan about Eid because our 38% target sales come from Eid. seasonal planning etc. In the retail shops Servis sales their A pair articles through the advertisement then near the off season through sales then through reduction in prices and if some articles are blocked(not sale) then company stop to the production and send these all articles from retail to FOL and sale these articles on low prices in FOl and they plan like 5 years planning. Reference: Business Manager 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Districts Peshawar Rawalpindi Gujrawala Gujrat Sargodha Lahore1 Lahore2 Faisalabad Number of FOL’s 2 3 4 3 2 4 4 4 MBA 15 Internship Report . next year planning. Event planning.Servis divides the cities in different districts and this is their own setting for understanding.

The business manager and the team visit China and give them order according to their need so in this way Servis imports. there are only three main persons who are working and giving business of billions to the company. Skooz 270. and Liza 429 etc. Company was not showing its interest in FOL and shops were old. not decorated and not giving sales. Now the question is … why there is need of Imports? Because in Pakistan they have to bear much cost and also Production is also not fulfilling the need. one who watches LPO’s and one is the business manager who watches all the things and also plans how to generate profit and make all the decisions. then there is a slab of this article which tells that at which price to sale this article. but two years ago company changed its thought and gave value to FOL like now our FOL shops are same like A pair shops. Servis outlets have above 80% articles available all the time. Two years before when the name of Factory outlet was B pair shops at that time there was some difference in shops. There are different slabs of different articles like if article Calza 350 has become a dead item in retail shop then if company wants to sale this article on FOL. these are also renovated and furnished and giving different schemes like now “Jeet ka Shashka”. 12% from new opened shops and the left target from sale or reduction. One who watches factories. Targets set by Management himself by estimating their sale to check out last year performance and by new opened shops. There is no duplication chance in FOL and Retail shops. Like if target increases by 40% then 20% target from old shops. Internship Report MBA 16 . Servis like its competitor ‘BATA’ imports shoes from venders.9 10 11 12 Sahiwal Multan Sukkar Karachi 2 2 2 2 All the Servis articles have different codes like Calza 350. In FOL dept.

998.013.013 888.572.572. Target sale Pairs.374 In first row there are target sale pairs which the company assigns to sale minimum pairs.713.713. We can understand easily from the following graph. Last year Sale value(achieved value) 184.900 target sale and they achieved more than the target which is 280. 240.548 Target Value for this year 240. Internship Report MBA 17 .Reference: Mudassar Ikram (Supply chain Analyst) This is some facts and figures of last year.900 Target Sale value(achieved value) 280. In second column there is the value of target sale which the employees achieved on the base of this value the company assign them RS.

000 Targ Valuefor et thisyear Targ S et ale value(achieved value) Internship Report MBA 18 .000.000 270.000.000 240.000.000 260.000 250.000 230.290.000 220.

Manager Asim Majeed Corporate Sales Assosiates Mr Rashid Corporate Sales Assosiates Faisal Imtiaz Internship Report MBA 19 . Country manager Shahid Iqbal Senior Manager Attiq—ur-Rehman Asst.Corporate Sales This is the hierarchy of this department.

Unshakeable trust. unmatched products.Today. No matter how big the consignment is or how fast it has to be delivered. Don Carlos. Liza. Rubber sandals and slippers. Gas masks Products 1) Safety Shoes. Servis is fully geared to deliver the best to its corporate customers. You can bank on Servis for your requirements. Skooz. Internship Report MBA 20 . Popular Servis brands include Cheetah. Servis and more. Corporate sale department is very small department as compare to Retail and wholesale but here the working is interesting because the main reason is there is direct interaction with the customer. superb quality and an amazing ability to satisfy the ever increasing needs of its clients are some of the qualities that make Servis your unbeatable partner. Servis offers a new product range twice a year at the beginning of summer and winter seasons. Safety shoes. Servis is always there. Product Range • • • • • All categories of leather footwear and sports shoes. Servis enjoys a rich history of excellent performance. Toz. Canvas shoes. Calza. From safety shoes to trendy sandals. from highly quality joggers to matchless formal footwear nothing compares to Servis.

We can say that this is the smallest department of Servis Sales Corporation and we can easily determine this thing from their targets as we had seen the Factory Outlet. Reference: Mr. oil factory. Internship Report MBA 21 . The main source of the corporate sales business is Tenders. Reference: Mr.2) Law and Forces shoes for Army and Police. There are two types of bids in tenders one is Technical Bid other is Commercial bid. They observe every tender specially bulk quantity tenders which give them a good business. 3) Third one is all the simple shoes like Cheetah and Don Carlos etc. 800 to1800 per pair. Attique who is the senior manager of corporate sales told me that the last year target of corporate sales department was 100 million which they easily achieved and now we are looking for 140 million minimum. Corporate sales department actually based on the concept of Customization. sugar mills etc. But to run this department seriously is really necessary because to stand in the market and not to give way to the competitor. Attique Ur Rehman Price Range Rs. this is also a source of advertisement also up to some extant and company is gaining a heavy profit from here. Rashid Rafique Mr. To change the product or to make the product on the demand of their customer which fulfill the customer's need? Safety shoes is a shoes which is actually for the safety of the employees of any organization especially who are working on the sensitive places like People who works electricity department.

Reference: Faisal (Corporate Associate) I also learned how to send faxes to customers and interact with them and which companies are the customers of Servis. I have complete list of the customers and I mention some of the customers below. Direct inject technology is a technology by which company makes the shoes as a single piece. there is no any kind of stitches etc in these shoes. As we can see Servis has covered all the major companies of Pakistan by mentioning this latest technology. and this technology is in the Gujrat factory not anywhere else.Strength Servis has a main strength which makes the Servis superior than other footwear's that is Direct Inject technology. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) Adam Jee Insurance Pakistan Air Force Air port Security force Chevron Coca Cola DHL Pakistan Engro chemical Pakistan Limited Attock Petroleum Limited Atomic Energy Mineral center Atlas Honda Limited Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited NLC Multan Electric Supply Company Millat Tractor Limited Lahore electric supply company Limited Indus Motors Frontier Corps Internship Report MBA 22 .

I also checked all the files of these companies their quotations. The above are some famous and major clients of corporate sales.18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) FFC Ltd Okara Army Orient Pak American Fertilizer Pak Arab Fertilizer Younas Textile Mills U. Categorized these customers. Invoices and Goods receiving notes and make the filing of the new ones.E. Process • • • First of all search of the customers from different sources like the main source is internet then newspaper. Then contact to these customers through phone and get the information.T Sindh Police Rescue 1122 Rangers (Punjab) (Sindh) PSO Punjab Police Peshawar Electric supply Company Pakistan post Office Pakistan Steel Mills Karachi Pakistan Air force. tenders etc. Internship Report MBA 23 .

• Then senior manager Mr. Like if they don’t want laces on the shoes then remove the laces. if they say that soul should be like this then soul must customize like that etc. Receive the Query from customer. • • Introduce the product to customers. Check availability. Then customize the shoe according to customer need. Attique-ur-Rehman meets these customers. Then give the quotation to customer • • • Internship Report MBA 24 .

Internship Report MBA 25 .This is an example of an original Quotation which company sent to its customer Engro Chemical-Pakistan-Ltd.

Internship Report MBA 26 .

Engro chemical sent to the department. The following is an example of a Purchase order which customer. Internship Report MBA 27 .] • Then customer send purchase order to company.

Internship Report MBA 28 .

Follow up the factory because time is the main factor in all the process.• • • • Then corporate department give Production order to factory. GRN is that when the customer receives the product sign on the note and the delivery person submit the copy to Logistic. Internship Report MBA 29 . Then send a copy of GRN (Goods receive notes) to the factory and a copy to Logistic department.

Tender Sales Data/Listing Tender add/Information Telephonic/Introduction Letter Collection of Tender Form Query/Requirement Making of Earnest Money Quotation and Samples/Catalogue Samples Purchase Order from Customer Quotation Production Order to Source Tender Participation Confirmation of Production of required Convincing Visits Shoes GRN/Supply Bilty Invoice from Source Signed GRN from Logistics Sales Tax Invoice from A/Cs for customer Payment Tax challan Letter of Intent Purchase Order Return of Earnest Money Security Deposit Production order to source Confirmation of Production for Inspection call Inspection Approval Inspection Certificate GRN/Supply Bilty Invoice from Source Signed GRN from Logistics Sales Tax Invoice from Accounts Deptt. Payment from Customer Return of Performance after Completion of Period Direct Sales Supply Chain Hierarchy of this Department Internship Report MBA 30 .Document Process for Sales There are two types of sales.

All stages involved. marketing Internship Report MBA 31 . suppliers. the supply chain includes all functions involved in fulfilling a customer request (product development. retailers. transporters. In actual Supply chain is about the planning and distribution of Retail. warehouses. Within each company. directly or indirectly.GM (Abbas Ali Sherazi) Senior Planning Manager Planning Manager Planning Manager Planning Manager Merchandise Planner Yousaf Muneer Qiass Aslam Fahad Sadaqat Sheraz Baig M Usman - Sara Tufail Zaid Bin ShahRu Supply Chain department. Including the manufacturers. in fulfilling a customer request. and customers.

and products in both directions. Boys. suppliers. Subcategories are: Men. Ladies. YBGC Support Shoes Shoe Moc Chappal Sandal Canvas Havai PVC EVA Maximize overall value created. finance. but also includes movement of information. Supply chain value: difference between what the final products is worth to the customer and the effort the supply chain expends in filling the customer’s Internship Report MBA 32 . distributors. AbuBakar. Includes movement of products from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors. manufacturers. Customer is an integral part of the supply chain. Reference: (Mr. distribution. All stages may not be present in all supply chains.operations. Each category is divided in subcategories which are the responsibilities of the other members mention in the hierarchy. customer service. Probably more accurate to use the term “supply network” or “supply web” Typical supply chain stages: customers. Ladies look after by Miss Samia Saleem and YBGC look after by MR Usman Barkat. Qaiss Aslam) 3 Categories: • • • Men Ladies YBGC (Youth. funds. retailers. Children) Men category look after by Mr. Girls.

backup locations Inventory policies Timing and size of market promotions Must consider in planning decisions demand uncertainty. Planning decisions: Which markets will be supplied from which locations Planned buildup of inventories Subcontracting. Usman Barkat and Mr. Fixed by the supply configuration from previous phase. Value is correlated to supply chain profitability (difference between revenue generated from the customer and the overall cost across the supply chain) Supply Chain Planning • • • • • • • • • • Definition of a set of policies that govern short-term operations. Starts with a forecast of demand in the coming year.request. competition over the time horizon Reference: (Usman Barkat) Feedback I spent only two days here in supply chain department and this was the cooperate of Mr. Qaiss who guide me so well that I am able to know about the Supply chain department only in two days. exchange rates. Whole Sale Internship Report MBA 33 .

Wholesale Department Company Corporat e Retail Wholesal e Dealer Network Retailer Brands Cheetah -------.Formal/Casual Shoes N-Dure--------.Open Chappal Liza-----------.Casual Shoes Maximus-------Formal Shoes Calza----------.Men/Ladies/Youth/Boys/Girls/Children Internship Report MBA 34 .Joggers Don Carlos-----.Ladies Slippers Skooz---------.

Internship Report MBA 35 .

Hierarchy of the Department Country Head 4 RSM Operation Manager Senior Manager Planning& Development Zaher-ud-Din Babar (North) Azhar naeem(Central !) Iftikhar hussain(Central 2) Syed Urooj(South) Category Manager Category Analyst Internship Report MBA 36 .

Who pay the fees is registered and who do not unregistered. Reference: manager) Mr. There are 13 Depots in all over the Pakistan. Every Depot has a big store behind the show room.Depots are the channels from where whole sale department distributes or sales shoes to dealers. Registered dealers have a benefit of discount and credit facility more than non-registered. There are two types of dealers. Awais (Category Targets and achievements Last year target of whole sale was 1. Requirements to become a Dealer To become a dealer first of all the candidate has a place of his own and then he have to fill a form and submit a non-refundable amount of RS.61 billion. Dealers come and make choice of their own and place the order that this article we need in this quantity then if the stock is available at the store then the store keeper dispatches otherwise make order to the wholesale department and the wholesale department according the present and future need place the order towards the factory. 500. one is registered and others are non-registered dealers. Internship Report MBA 37 . The department achieves 1. There are round about 2000 registered and non registered dealers.56 billion rupees.

stock. In case of Local. That was PB05 and PB01. I visit Barkat Market shop and Y block market in Defense I checked the new articles of Skooz which recently come from Local purchase these were Skooz 328. I asked about the best article of the year. 367. In Barkat average price of article was 1000 RS.Process Whole sale department receives APD from Depots 3 months ago. give allocation for one month. On the basis of previous. In Defense average price range was 2000 RS. Internship Report MBA 38 . Whole sale department with their own will and demand send order in case of imports. Market Survey Then on 17th July 2008 I went to market on two shops on a survey. In case of factories there are daily dispatches. Then when the consignment comes distribute in the field total consignment through the depots order and own forecasting. and 366. I checked their sales but that was nil because these were recently coming articles. sale. In ladies GL06 chappal was most selling item. In case of imports no involvement of Depots exists. demand etc send order for production.

y Totally % Ag.1 4 64.8 5 90.3 386070054 33040474.62 973775658.33 47337804 216246094. Jan.y Sale From 1St.7 7 57.9773 1181546918 1 108.0 4 121.5 1221945.39 10433859. Pairs L.732 1 131.93 162301976 7659129 1173470.81 3192178 1266008.1 300141 415074 1031258 55282 59028 29343 9737 20950 1920813 419197 431445 1250243 58346 56462 15467 19 11721 2242900 210797446.58 1828512 1784 782489. Value T.1 6 133.72 11494546.7 3 108.8 729 115662 625783 24515 3556 145603 851846 17920 366928 36090763. L.3 Total Men 4 319. Jan.2 8 0.4 5689143.8 469946722. Sale From 1St. Value L.5 4 121.y Sale From 1St. Jan. Jan.5 307999764 354588600.2 4 74.y 146.y Sale From 1St.6 326693004. Pairs T.2 8 Men Sports+Cheetah (PU) Shoes/Moccs Chappals Sandals Canvas PVC EVA Hawai Ladies Sports Shoes/Pumpies Chappals Sandals Internship Report MBA 39 .The following are the facts and figures of previous and this year in which we can see last year sales pairs and last year sale value with this year sale pairs and this sale value with total %age comparison of this year with previous year.2 35965185.

83 29392149.5 2050 49477 1171 65477 954235 10716601 577896 15435280 6 144.4 23141 64984 50329 12807 5381 0 2296 0 158938 32311 80922 89397 11424 5011 0 734 0 219799 10103600.93 0 196659 0 48591994.5 1 #DIV/0! 31.39 7 123.8 9 167.6 7 #DIV/0! 109.Canvas PVC EVA Hawai Total Ladies 89.9 0 61157 0 71919273.9 2 161.64 514914.26 2889124 741006.78 210849290.93 102 541346.6 4 129.75 0 126303 0 31209119.31 5048984 22812658 1939249.65 273927464.5 4 182.1 20565 64154 12395 12496 6680 0 1736 0 118026 13040 84955 13856 13632 9498 0 243 0 135224 8397632 17323900.4 9 60.91 1200236.9 5 108.4 22521207.1 0 #DIV/0! 148.11 1721936.5 21794 2 5935 10179 804599 20242 0 55 7349 1046571 3374129.45 2921710 717637.95 18229835 16130815.7 Youth Sports+Cheetah (PU) Shoes/Moccs Chappals Sandals Canvas PVC EVA Hawai Total Youth Boys Sports Shoes/Moccs Chappals Sandals Canvas PVC EVA Hawai Total Boys Girls Sports Shoes/Pumpies Internship Report MBA 40 .6 8 112.2 5 #DIV/0! 13.07 0 17265 0 34170640.0 3 3 0.38 3248171 682912.2 1 88.26 16314628.6 2 107.3 3020765.7 3152247.156 0 3764.836 456421.0 1 60.1 0 88.68 2 131.

05 4592122 0 0 0 0 24113185.5 14215 52497 30172 24017 0 0 0 0 120901 166 8298 68175 43717 31772 0 0 0 0 151962 -2231 5809420 10134248 3577395.06 6143467.Chappals Sandals Canvas PVC EVA Hawai Total Girls 527.05 0 3752059 14144786 5433118.64 0 0 0 0 29473430.7 8 #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! 122.8 7 133.9 3830 1277 0 0 0 0 56634 25467 323 0 0 0 0 92438 807159 214718 0 0 0 0 12692713 4261346 58452 0 0 0 0 20332974 4 27.5 7 151.7 0 9 139.8 1 3 Internship Report MBA 41 .2 2 #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! #DIV/0! 160.2 3 #DIV/0! Childrens Sports Shoes/Moccs Chappals Sandals Canvas PVC EVA Hawai Total Children Total B-Pairs G/Total: 3180077 3886663 130123196 0 161137070 123.1 9 64.

Last year one person won a car who belongs to from Jhelum then company advertise him through ads photographs and print media. One time entry on every 500 consumed in the shop.Marketing Competitive Advantage Servis has competitive advantage on it product range. Every customer who consumes 1500 RS to purchase some article can become a loyal customer and can get Loyalty card by filling a form and then after some process company dispatches the card. Internship Report MBA 42 . Customer Relationship Management To develop customer relationship management Servis provide Loyalty cards to their Loyal customers. Customer Services Servis provide Customer Services through give them warranty and guarantee on shoes. its brands name. and Price. Company also sends catalogues on customer’s addresses. Company also provide after sale services.

BCG Matrix SSC Internship Report ? MBA This was not difficult for me to find that where SSC falls in BCG matrix. different campaigns and promotional activities so their competitor is so far from them on this side.Marketing Strategy SSC use aggressive marketing and take advantage through give ads on TV channels. Advertising There is a team who plan that when there is need of advertisement and how to advertise or running a campaign but there is no advertising agency of Servis so Servis use outsourcing from different advertising agencies. SSC falls in Stars situation because Stars generate large amount of cash because of their strong relative market Cash Cow Dog 43 .

The portfolio of a diversified company always should have stars that will become the next cash cows and ensure future cash generation. Geographical coverage Variety of products Image of durable shoes Strong market share in sports and school shoes Internship Report MBA 44 .share. therefore the cash in each direction approximately nets out. SWOT Analysis Following are the strengths. but also consume large amounts of cash because of their high growth rate. Strengths: Largest footwear group in Pakistan 60 years experience Old employees Accessible to all income segments in country. opportunities and threats which I personally observe in the company. If a star can maintain its large market share. weaknesses. it will become a cash cow when the market growth rate declines.

Need to find ways to build on the strong equity of the brand. Different market segments have been targeted by competition. Opportunities: Penetration in the female segment Creation of innovation and customized products Further segmentation within sports segment Improve shopping experience at retail outlets Major portion of market untapped Threats: Stiff competition in the market from local and foreign brands Aggressive marketing tactics by other shoe manufacturers. Don Carlos Weaknesses: Female market penetration is weak Low aspiration value in high income group Don Carlos communication seems to be static. Weak corporate image of Servis group Distribution network as compare to Bata is little bit weak.Brand name like Cheetah. Internship Report MBA 45 .

So there should be such team who operate marketing information system. so now there is need to be reduce the prices.  Prices are high of SERVIS articles because now in the market there are China shoes and local companies. because when FOL or Retail sets their articles prices they should be aware of competitors prices so I will recommend that they should also study to their competitor that what are Bata’s strategy like which campaign or pricing strategy Bata is going to launch.  MIS system is weak.Unbranded small players competing against different brands of Servis Recommendation  Servis sales corporations is weak in its competitors analysis. Internship Report MBA 46 .  Promotional activities are same which were 10 years ago. like a low quality ball with every Skooz so there is need to change them in this modern Era.

Internship Report MBA 47 . so there should be such rewards and benefits that if employees achieve the targets then they should be satisfied.  In the outlets of Servis there is no availability of all the articles that’s why positioning of Servis in general customer is that there is no development in the shoes or the young generation thinks that there is no funky shoes which will attract them so Servis should make positioning in the mind of customer about their developed articles and fleets.  Budget of FOL is not enough. Rewards and compensations are not satisfying to its employees. budget should be increase because FOL is targeting low income people and giving a good business to company.  Servis should allow some degree of freedom in its policies and work procedures and policies according to the environment and conditions of Pakistan without having to ask for permission every time.

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