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Joe’s Cleaning Services

El Monte, CA. 91732

626-422-1027 office
626-542-3414 fax
Employment Application

Personal Information: social security # / / DOB / / Fecha de nacimiento

Name: Last Name First Middle Name

Address City State/Zip

What position are you applying for?

Have you ever worked For Joe’s ____yes ____ No
Cleaning Services before? if yes what city and state and dates:

Can you upon employment, submit

verification of your legal right to work ____yes ____ No
in the US and documentation verifying
your identity? Salary Desire:$-----

Have you ever been convicted of a

criminal offence ____yes ____ No
If yes please explain:

We screen our applicants carefully….If your ever got convicted of petty theft, robbery, obtaining property by deceptions, id
do not apply we will not consider your application. No application will be denied solely on the grounds he/she has been char
criminal offense.

When can you start:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


School Name of School City & State Graduated De
Employment History

Company /address Contact Number From – To Position held Reason for leaving

References Name/relationship Number

I declare under penalty to perjury that I personally completed this application and that to the best of my knowledge that
all information on this application is thru and complete. I understand that any false information may result in the
termination of my employment.

Applicant signature
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E mail address:_______________________________

Tipo de Transportacion:____________________________

Numero de emergencia/emergency phone number:__________________

Specify the cities where you are interested in working:

Por favor especifique las ciudades donde esta interesado/a en trabajar: