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Qur'anic Subject Index
From the Nur al-'Irfan of
Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Na'imi

Translated by Muhammad Aqdas

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The Qur'an is the final revelation of Allah Õ which was revealed upon His final Messenger Muhammad  

. The main

subject matters of the Glorious Qur'an are 3:
(1) Allah, (2) His Messengers and (3) The afterlife.

However, apart from these major themes, the Qur'an is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and subjects. It is a guidance for
mankind in all aspects of life. The subject matters that have been listed below are those that deal with the beliefs that the
Qur'an teaches.

A great scholar of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah of the past century, Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan Na'imi (1906-1971), wrote
a tafsir (commentary) of the Holy Qur'an by the name of Nur al-'Irfan. This is a short tafsir, a marginalia, and covers the
most important aspects of the Qur'anic verses. He also wrote a detailed tafsir consisting of 18 volumes which cover 18
parts out of 30 of the Qur'an. This is known as Tafsir-e-Na'imi which he failed to complete due to his demise. His short
commentary, Nur al-'Irfan, is published alongside Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Barelwi's (1856-1921) translation of the Holy
Qur'an, Kanz al-Iman fi tarjumat al-Qur'an, which is well known by its short name, Kanz al-Iman. The Kanz al-Iman is
without doubt the best Urdu translation of the Holy Qur'an which all Urdu speakers should read.

Included in Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan's Nur al-'Irfan is a Qur'anic Subject Index. The subject matter is the heading and the
relevant verses are then listed. However, the verses do not include Sura (chapter) and Ayah (verse) numbers. The index
only gives the page they are on. This is not very useful as not everyone has access to the Nur al-'Irfan. Hence, I located all
the verses mentioned in the index and derived the corresponding Sura and Ayah numbers. These are what are included in
the index below.

In my index, only a small portion of the verse and its Sura and Ayah number are given. The tafsir is not present. For this,
you should refer to the Nur al-'Irfan of Mufti Ahmad Yaar Khan. One may be confused as to how a certain verse is related
to the subject. For example, 39:33 mentions

gm¹M¿e@ fi ¼xe)“@ jÐH d¯Ð¥ “ d¯Ð¦ÐeAÐÐH ÈAÐÐT S°Ðe@“. Here, there is no clear

mention of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq ¥. However, if the Nur al-'Irfan is read, we learn that this verse is referring initially to Abu 

, however,
Bakr al-Siddiq. In another place, it says nÐmл)Ðֿн l›mÐË ŽÐ¾ , there is no mention of Prophet Muhammad 
when the tafsir is looked into, it says that Imam Mulla 'Ali Qari writes in his Mawdu'aat al-Kabir that wherever the Qur'an 

says ›mÐÐÐÐË, this refers to the Prophet Muhammad 
. Hence, for detailed explanations of how each verse corresponds to
the subject it is listed under, please refer to Nur al-'Irfan or Sayyid Na'im ad-Din Muradabadi's Khazain al-'Irfan.


This booklet is available at Qur'anic Subject Index Prophet Muhammad  is the Final Prophet  33:40 hQQI‡e@ fLAs“ Ï@ Àm±› h»e)“ 5:3 f»‡PÔ f»e Nο½@ ÉmQe@ 2:89 33:45 fk¾ A¿e d¯¦¾ @¯DAÕ ¼‡)α›@ AË@ Prophet Muhammad  is a Prophet for all creation  34:28 ŸA‡Îe o³A½ ©@ ¼‡)α›@ A¾“ 25:1 @€P°Ë hQ¿eAÎe gm»Qe 21:107 hQ¿eAÎe o¿X› ©@ ¼‡)α›@ A¾“ 2:58 108:1 AQ¿T f»Qe@ Ï@ Àm±› RË@ €m»e@ ¼‡)QB²@ AË@ Prophet Muhammad  is Noor (light)  24:35 hQI¾ KAM½“ ›mË Ï@ h¾ f½ ÈAT ¯¸ nm»)Ö¿½ l›mË Ž¾ 33:46 @€Q‡¾ AT@€± 9:32 Ï@ ›mË mxµBP g@ g“¯P€P 61:8 Ï@ ›mË mxµBP g@ g“¯P€P 5:15 Prophet Muhammad  is Allah's Dhikr (remembrance)  65:10 ©m±› @€½˜ f»Qe@ Ï@ ÀÁË@ ¯¸ 13:28 Kmιe@ hx¿BL Ï@ €½°H ©@ 88:21 €½°¾ NË@ A¿Ë@ 68:52 hQ¿eAÎe €½˜ ©@ mi A¾“ 3 .

uk Prophet Muhammad  is Allah's proof  4:174 f»H› h¾ gAi€H f½ ÈAT ¯¸ 48:28 jem±› Ž±›@ S°e@ mi Prophet Muhammad  is Haadir wa Naadir (€ÓAË “ €…AX)  48:8 @¯iAÕ ¼‡)α›@ AË@ 2:143 @¯QkÕ f»Qβ Àm±› gm»P“ 4:41 @¯QkÕ ©mi) R)β ¼H A‡xT“ 9:128 f»ÄµË@ h¾ Àm±› f½ ÈAT ¯¹e 4:64 ž“ ÈAT fkĵË@ m¿ÎÓ ˜@ fkË@ me“ 33:6 fkĵË@ h¾ hQ‡¾m¿e@ AH R)e“@ RI‡e@ 8:33 fkQ³ NË@“ fkH°Qe Ï@ gA½ A¾“ 73:15 f»Qβ ¯iAÕ Àm±› f»Qe@ A‡Î±›@ AË@ 3:101 jem±› f»Q³“ 9:103 AQ¿T Ï@ ŽIYH @m¿¦M²@“ Prophet Muhammad  was given 'Ilm al-Ghayb by Allah Õ  72:27 h¾ ©@ @¯X@ jIQ R)β €k•P –³ 3:179 JQbe@ Rβ f»ÎBQe Ï@ gA½ A¾“ 4:113 fΝL h»L fe A¾ ¼¿Î²“ 6:38 ÈRÕ h¾ KAM»e@ R³ A‡¬€³ A¾ 16:89 ÈRÕ Ž»e AËAQIL KAM»e@ ¼Qβ A‡eÁ˓ 10:37 jQ³ JP› © KAM»e@ ŽQ¦µL 55:1-4 g€¹e@ fβ h¿)X€e@ 81:24 hQ‡¡H JQbe@ Rβ mi A¾“ 6:59 hQI¾ KAM½ R³ ©@ «HAP ©“ J¬› © 4 .co.aqdas.This booklet is available at www.

uk Respect for Prophet Muhammad  is part of Iman  48:9 l“€¸mL“ l“›ÁL“ 49:2 f»L@m¥@ m³€L © @m‡¾ hP°e@ AkP@ AP 49:1 jem±›“ Ï@ S¯P hQH @m¾¯¹L © 33:53 g˜mP g@ ©@ RI‡e@ OmQH @mÎs¯L © 4:65 f»¡H ÈA²¯e f»‡QH Àm±€e@ ÈA²Ô @mΝUL © fk‡QH €UÕ A¿Q³ žm¿»YP RM)X 33:36 @€¾@ jem±›“ Ï@ R¡¸ @˜@ 7:157 @mIL@“ l“€¦Ë“ l“›Á²“ 5:12 fim¿L›Á²“ Rα€H fM‡¾“ 8:24 f½A²Ô @˜@ jem±€e“ Ï mIQUM±@ 24:63 Disrespecting Prophet Muhammad  is Kufr  2:104 A‡²@› @mem¹L © 49:2 g“€ÖL © fMË@“ f»eA¿²@ ÒIkL g@ 9:66 f»ËA¿P@ ¯H fL€µ½ ¯¸ @“›°ML © 9:61 fQe@ K@°² fke Ï@ Àm±› g“˜mP 33:57 Ï@ fk‡e jem±›“ Ï@ g“˜mP hP°e@ g@ 38:77 fQT› ¼ËA³ Ak‡¾ W€s@ The words of a Prophet always become true 20:97 ŸAľ© Àm¹L g@ nm)QYe@ R³ ¼e gA³ 12:41 gAQMµMÄL jQ³ S°e@ €¾©@ R¡¸ 10:88 fke@m¾@ R)β «¿¬@ A‡H› 2:126 A‡¾ @¯ÎIe@ @°i ŽT@ K› 2:129 fk‡¾ ©m±› fkQ³ H@“ A‡H› 14:37 RMP›˜ h¾ N‡»±@ RË@ A‡H› 71:26 ś©@ Rβ ›°L © K› 5 .This booklet is available at

co.This booklet is available at Whoever is connected with Prophet Muhammad  is esteemed  15:72 fkL€»± Rµe fkË@ ž€¿e 90:1 ¯ÎIe@ @°k)H fĸ@ © 95:3 hQ¾©@ ¯ÎIe@ @°i)“ 93:1-2 RU)± @˜@ ŽQÎe@“ RY)¦e@“ 3:110 o¾@ €Qs fM‡½ 2:143 AB±“ o¾@ f»‡)ΝT ¼e°)½“ 33:32 ¯XA½ hMÄe RI‡e@ șćP Allah Õ wants to please Prophet Muhammad   2:144 93:8 Ak…)€L oÎI¸ ¼‡Qem‡Î³ R…)€M³ ¼H› ¼QBP ·mÄe“ Merits of the Sahaba 2:137 jH fM‡¾ A¿½ Ž¿H @m‡¾ gA³ 2:13 ŸA‡e@ h¾ A¿½ @m‡¾ fke ŽQ¸ @˜@“ 2:218 @“€TAi“ @m‡¾ hP°e@“ 49:7 gA¿P©@ f»Qe@ JIX Ï@ h»e)“ 4:113 fkĵË@ ©@ gmΡP A¾“ 5:7 A‡¬@“ A‡¿± fMθ ˜@ 2:129 fk‡¾ ©m±› fkQ³ H@“ A‡H› 62:4 fkH m¹YÎP A¿e fk‡¾ hP€s“ 63:7 h¾ R)β @m¹µ‡L © gmem¹P hP°e@ fi 9:117 hP€TAk¿e@“ RI‡e@ Rβ Ï@ KAL ¯¹e 3:155 fk‡² Ï@ Aµ² ¯¹e“ 57:10 f»‡² Aµ² ¯¹e“ R‡)ÄYe@ Ï@ ¯²“ –½“ 48:29 ›Aµ»e@ Rβ È@¯Õ@ j¾ hP°e@“ 59:8 hP€TAk¿e@ È@€¹µÎe 59:9 ›@¯e@ “mIL hP°e@“ 3:152 6 .

uk 8:4 A¹X gm‡¾m¿e@ fi ¼xe)“@ 34:4 fP€½ d­›“ n€µb¾ fke 49:3 2:2 98:8 9:100 S)m¹MÎe fkHmθ Ï@ hYM¾@ hP°e@ ¼xe)“@ jQ³ JP› © KAM»e@ ¼e˜) j‡² @m…›“ fk‡² Ï@ R…› N‡)T fke ¯²@“ Merits of the Ahl al-Bayt 33:33 «T€e@ f»‡² Ji°Qe Ï@ ¯P€P A¿Ë@ 3:61 A‡vA‡H@ a¯Ë @meAL Ž¹³ 33:56 @€T@ jQβ f»Îx±@ © Ž¸ RI‡e@ Rβ gmΦP jM»xÎ)¾“ Ï@ g@ 20:82 h¾“ KAL h¿e ›Aµbe RË@“ 3:103 AQ¿T Ï@ ŽIYH @m¿¦M²@“ 4:54 Ï@ fiAL@ A¾ R)⠟A‡e@ g“¯ÄYP 42:23 93:5 fkQ³ NË@“ fkH°Qe Ï@ gA½ A¾“ R…)€M³ ¼H› ¼QBP ºÄe“ 99:7 oP€Ie@ €Qs fi ¼xe)“@ 37:24 gmemxľ fkË@ fimµ¸“ 8:33 The wives of Prophet Muhammad  are Ahl al-Bayt  33:33 NQIe@ Ži@ «T€e@ f»‡² Ji°Qe 3:121 ¼Îi@ h¾ O“¯ ˜@“ 28:8 gm»Qe gm²€³ À jB¹MeA³ 28:29 «Ë“ jÎiAH ›A±“ 20:10 NÄË RË@ m»Ä¾@ jÎi© ÀA¹³ 21:76 fQ•e@ K€»e@ h¾ jÎi@“ lA‡QU‡³ 11:73 NQIe@ Ži@ f»Qβ jLA½€H“ Ï@ o¿X› 2:196 É@€Ye@ ¯UÄ¿e@ S€…AX jÎi@ h»P fe h¿e ¼e@˜ 7 .This booklet is available at Merits of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq ¥ 39:33 jH d¯¥ “ d¯¦eAH ÈAT S°e@“ 9:40 ›Abe@ R³ A¿i˜@ hQ‡e@ RËA 33:43 hQ‡¾m¿e@ [eA¥“ ŽP€IT“ l©m¾ mi Ï@ gA³ jM»xÎ)¾“ f»Qβ RΦP S°e@ mi 46:15 AËAÄX@ jP¯e@mH gAÄË©@ A‡Q¥““ 7:43 Ž h¾ fi›“¯¥ R³ A¾ A‡²Á˓ 24:22 oÄe@“ f»‡¾ Ž¡µe@ @me“@ ŽLAP ©“ 92:17 jeA¾ RLmP S°e@ R¹L©@ AkI‡UQ±“ 55:46 gAM‡T jH› ÉA¹¾ ·As h¿e“ 66:4 92:1-21 €¾©@ R³ fi›“@­“ RÖ)bP @˜@ ŽQe@“ 2:274 ›Ak‡e@“ ŽQÎeAH fke@m¾@ gm¹µ‡P hP°e@ 48:29 OAYeA¦e@ @mﲓ @m‡¾ hP°e@ Ï@ ¯²“ 3:159 28:60 Àm¹e@ gm¿MÄP hP°e@ R¹)H@ “ €Qs Ï@ ¯‡² A¾“ 49:3 Ï@ Àm±› ¯‡² fkL@m¥@ gm¡bP hP°e@ g@ 57:10 ŽLA¸“ [Mµe@ ŽI¸ h¾ ǹµË@ h¾ f»‡¾ SmMÄP © 39:18 Merits of 'Umar al-Faruq ¥ 8:64 hQ‡¾m¿e@ h¾ ¼IL@ h¾“ Ï@ ¼IÄX RI‡e@ AkP@ AP 2:187 ³€e@ ÉAQ¹e@ oÎQe f»e ŽX@ 2:125 h»¹Î¬ g@ jH› RÄ)² RÎ)¦¾ fQi@€H@ ÉA¹¾ h¾ @“°rL@“ 61:13 hQ‡¾m¿e@ €ÖH“ JP€¸ [M³“ 8:62 hQ‡¾m¿eAH“ l€¦‡H ž¯P@ S°e@ mi 66:5 Merits of 'Uthman al-Ghani ¥ 2:261 33:23 Ï@ ŽQI± R³ fke@m¾@ gm¹µ‡P hP°e@ Ž¾ jQYË R¡)¸ h¾ fk‡¿³ 8 .co.This booklet is available at www.

This booklet is available at 39:9 57:7 87:10 ŽQÎe@ ÈAË NËA¸ mi h¾@ €QI½ €T@ fke @m¹µË@“ f»‡¾ @m‡¾ hP°eA³ RÖ)rP h¾ €½°Q± Merits of 'Ali al-Murtada ¥ 76:7 @€QBMľ l€Õ gA½ A¾mP gm³ArP“ ›°ËAH gm³mP 58:12 f½m)UË S¯P hQH @m¾¯¹³ Àm±€e@ fMQTAË @˜@ @m‡¾ hP°e@ AkP@ AP Merits of 'Aisha al-Siddiqa ¥ 33:32 ÈAće@ h¾ ¯XA½ hMÄe RI‡e@ ÈAÄËAP 4:43 AIQ¬ @¯Q¥ @m¿¿QM³ 24:11 24:26 f»‡¾ oI¦² ¼³©@AH mvAT hP°e@ g@ n€µb¾ fke meA¸ A¿¾ g“ ȀI¾ ¼xe)“@ The Khilafa of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq 5:54 j‡PÔ h² f»‡¾ Ô¯L€P h¾ 48:16 ¯P¯Õ ŸAH Re“@ Ém¸ R)e@ gm²¯M± 24:55 fk‡µÎrMÄQe NY)Φ)e@ @mο² “ @m‡¾ hP°e@ Ï@ ¯²“ 59:8 hP€TAk¿e@ È@€¹µÎe The ummah of Prophet Muhammad  is the best ummah  2:143 AB±“ o¾@ f»‡)ΝT ¼e@°½“ 4:115 jemË hQ‡¾m¿e@ ŽQI± €Q `IMP“ 3:101 Ak‡¾ f½°¹ËA³ ›A‡e@ h¾ n€µX AµÕ R)β fM‡½“ 9 .co.aqdas. Merits of the Awliya (saints) 10:62 fkQβ ·ms © Ï@ ÈAQe“@ g@ ©@ 8:34 gm¹M¿e@ ©@ l ÈAQe“@ g@ Miracles of the Awliya are true 3:37 A¸­› Ai¯‡² ¯T“ K@€Y¿e@ AP€½­ AkQ⠎sÔ A¿Î½ 19:25 oÎr‡e@ aÁUH ¼Qe@ SÁi 27:36 KAM»e@ h¾ fβ l¯‡² S°e@ ÀA¸ 18:71 Ôm¸› fi“ AÓA¹P@ fkIÄYL o‡QµÄe@ R³ AI½› @­@ RM)X A¹ÎBËA³ 18:84 ś©@ R³ je A‡»¾ AË@ 18:18 Relics of the pious people remove difficulties (ȖIe@ `³@Ô) 38:42 K@€Õ “ ԛAH ŽÄMb¾ @°i) ¼ÎT€H ½›@ 12:93 lm¹eA³ @°i) R¦Q¿¹H @mIi˜@ 19:26 A‡Q² S€¸ “ RH€Õ@“ Rλ³ 2:248 OmHAMe@ f»QLAP g@ j»Î¾ oP g@ 20:96 Àm±€e@ € h¾ o¡I¸ N¡I¹³ The Believers have many helpers 66:4 @€Q¦Ë ¼Ë¯e h¾ ŽT@“ €QkÓ ¼e@˜ ¯H o»xÎ)¿e@“ 3:52 Ï@ Re@ S›A¦Ë@ h¾ 5:55 @m‡¾ hP°e@“ jem±›“ Ï@ f»Qe“ A¿Ë@ 8:64 hQ‡¾m¿e@ h¾ ¼IL@ h¾“ Ï@ ¼IÄX RI‡e@ AkP@ AP 5:2 Sm)¹Me@“ €Ie@ Rβ @m˓AL“ 26:89 fQα JιH Ï@ RË@ h¾ ©@ 26:100 fQ¿X ÇP¯¥ ©“ hQ³AÕ h¾ A‡e A¿³ 17:80 @€Q¦Ë AËABα ¼Ë¯e h¾ Re ŽT@“ 4:75 10 .This booklet is available at 2:87 Ÿ¯¹e@ _“€H jË)¯P@“ 18:95 nm¹H RËm‡Q²@ The Unbelievers have no helpers 42:44 Re“ h¾ je A¿³ Ï@ ŽÎ¡P h¾“ 18:17 @¯Õ€¾ AQe“ je ¯UL hγ Ï@ ŽÎ¡P h¾“ 42:46 Ï@ g“Ô h¾ fk˓€¦‡P ÈAQe“@ h¾ fke gA½ A¾“ 29:22 €Q¦Ë ©“ Re“ h¾ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ f»e A¾“ ›A‡e@ f½“)A¾“ 30:29 Ï@ Ž…@ h¾ S¯kP h¿³ 3:91 hP€¥AË h¾ fke A¿³ 2:270 ›A¦Ë@ h¾ hQ¿eA•Îe A¾“ 4:52 @€Q¦Ë je ¯UL hγ Ï@ hÎP h¾“ 22:71 €Q¦Ë h¾ hQ¿eA•Îe A¾“ 33:65 @€Q¦Ë ©“ @¯H@ AkQ³ hP¯eAs 40:18 `QµÕ ©“ fQ¿X h¾ hQ¿eA•Îe A¾“ 40:21 d@“ h¾ Ï@ h¾ fke gA½ A¾“ 4:173 @€Q¦Ë ©“ AQe“ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ fke g“¯UP ©“ 4:145 @€Q¦Ë fke ¯UL he“ 9:74 €Q¦Ë © “ Re“ h¾ ś©@ R³ fke A¾“ 17:97 jË“Ô h¾ ÈAQe“@ fke ¯UL hγ ŽÎ¡P h¾“ 11:113 ÈAQe“@ jË“Ô h¾ fke gA½ A¾“ 33:17 @€Q¦Ë © “ Re“ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ fke g“¯UP ©“ 42:8 €Q¦Ë ©“ Re“ h¾ fke A¾ gm¿eA•e@“ 3:91 hP€¥AË h¾ fke A¾“ 4:123 @€Q¦Ë ©“ AQe“ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ je ¯UP ©“ 22:71 €Q¦Ë h¾ hQ¿eA•Îe A¾“ 6:51 `QµÕ ©“ Re“ jË“Ô h¾ je «Qe 2:107 €Q¦Ë ©“ Re“ h¾ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ f»e A¾“ 41:16 g“€¦‡P © fi“ 2:120 €Q¦Ë ©“ Re“ h¾ ¼eA¾ 9:74 Re“ h¾ ś©@ R³ fke A¾“ 32:4 `QµÕ ©“ Re“ h¾ jË“Ô h¾ f»eA¾ 11 .This booklet is available at www. 13:34 d@“ ©“ Re“ h¾ Ï@ h¾ ¼eA¾ 11:20 ÈAQe“@ h¾ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ fke gA½ A¾“ The dead can hear 43:45 A‡Î±› h¾ ¼ÎI¸ h¾ A‡Î±›@ h¾ Žx±@“ 7:79 'ɖÄe@ jQβ [eA¥( f»MbÎH@ ¯¹e Ém¹P) ÀA¸“ fk‡² ÀmM³ 7:93 'ɖÄe@ jQβ JQÕ( f»MbÎH@ ¯¹e Ém¹P) ÀA¸“ fk‡² ÀmM³ The righteous can help others even after their demise 3:81 jˀ¦‡Me“ jH h‡¾mMe 34:28 hQ¿eAÎe o¿X› ©@ ¼‡)α›@ A¾“ @€P°Ë “ €QÖH ŸA‡Îe o³A½ ©@ ¼‡)α›@ A¾“ 2:89 @“€µ½ hP°e@ Rβ gmYMµMÄP ŽI¸ h¾ mËA½“ 21:107 The righteous can hear and see from afar and help 27:19 Akem¸ h¾ A»XA… fÄIM³ 12:94 º±mP [P› ¯T© RË@ 27:40 ¼³€¬ ¼Qe@ ¯L€P g@ ŽI¸ jH ¼QL AË@ 3:49 f»LmQH R³ g“€s¯L A¾“ gmνAL A¿H f»xIË@“ 7:27 fk˓€L © QX h¾ jÎQI¸“ mi f½€)P jË@ 32:11 f»H Ž½“ S°e@ Om¿e@ ¼Î¾ f½A³mMP Ž¸ 22:27 VYeAH ŸA‡e@ R³ g˜@“ 6:75 ś©@“ Om)¿)Äe@ Om»Î¾ fQi@€H@ S€Ë ¼ÎP°½“ 12:24 jH› gAi€H S@› g@ ©me AkH fi“ The Awliya are removers of difficulties and distributors of blessings 12:96 lA¹e@ €PIe@ ÈAT g@ A¿Î³ 12:24 jH› gAi€H S@› g@ ©me AkH fi“ 3:49 ¤€H©@“ j¿½©@ S€H@“ 12 .This booklet is available at www.aqdas.

co.This booklet is available at 2:60 €UYe@ žA¦H K€…@ A‡Î¹³ 19:19 AQ½­ A¾– ¼e Ji© 48:25 @“€µ½ hP°e@ A‡H°e @mÎPÁL me 51:35 hQ‡¾m¿e@ h¾ AkQ³ gA½ h¾ A‡T€sA³ 8:33 fkQ³ NË@“ fkH°Qe Ï@ gA½ A¾“ 2:248 A¿¾ oQ¹H“ f»H› h¾ o‡Q»± jQ³ Supplications are accepted when made near the righteous 3:38 jH› AP€½­ A²Ô ¼eA‡i 2:58 oBX @mem¸“ @¯U± KAIe@ @mÎsÔ@“ 4:64 Ï@ @“€µbM±A³ ž“ ÈAT Holy places must be respected 2:58 @¯U± KAIe@ @mÎsÔ@“ 20:12 Sm)¬ Ÿ¯¹¿e@ Ô@meAH ¼Ë@ ¼QÎË `ÎsA³ 90:1-2 @°k)H ŽX NË@“ ¯ÎIe@ @°k)H fĸ@© 2:125 hQ¾©@ ¯ÎIe@ @°i)“ RÎ)¦¾ fQi@€H@ ÉA¹¾ h¾ @“°rL@“ 2:158 Ï@ €vAÕ h¾ n“€¿e@“ Aµ¦e@ AË@ 95:3 Making remembrances is important 10:58 @mX€µQγ ¼e@°I³ 14:5 Ï@ ÉAQH fi€½˜“ 5:114 Aˀs“ A‡e“@ © ¯Q² A‡e gm»L 5:7 f»Qβ Ï@ N¿Ë @“€½˜@“ 97:1 ›¯¹e@ oÎQe R³ lA‡eÁË@ AË@ 2:185 ÀÁË@ S°e@ gA¡¾› €kÕ 13 . booklet is available at Punishment of the grave is true 71:25 @›AË @mÎsÔA³ @m¸€@ 40:46 AQÖ² “ @“¯ AkQβ gm…€P ›A‡e@ 8:50 ÇP€Ye@ K@°² m¸“˜“ 45:10 f‡kT fkv@›“ h¾ 53:47 ¼e@˜ g“Ô K@°² @m¿ÎÓ hP°e@ g@“ Taqlid is necessary 21:7 gm¿ÎL fM‡½ g@ €½°e@ fi@ mÎx±A³ 4:83 jËmBI‡MÄP hP°e@ j¿Îe 9:122 @mT› @˜@ fk¾m¸ @“›°‡Qe“ 9:119 hQ¸ÔA¦e@ `¾ @mËm½“ 1:7 fkQβ N¿Ë@ hP°e@ Ñ@€¥ 31:15 Re@ KAË@ h¾ ŽQI± `IL@“ 22:78 ŸA‡e@ Rβ È@¯kÕ @mËm»L“ 4:115 jemË hQ‡¾m¿e@ ŽQI± €Q `IMP“ Taqiyya is Haram 3:64 gm¿Îľ AËAH @“¯kÕ@ @mem¹³ 5:67 ¼Qe@ ÀÁË@ A¾ ¶ÎH Àm±€e@ AkP@ AP 2:14 A‡¾ meA¸ @m‡¾ hP°e@ @m¹e @˜@“ 63:2 j‡T fkËA¿P@ @“°rL@ 4:97 j±@“ Ï@ ś@ h»L fe@ 7:21 hQY¥A‡e@ h¿e A¿»e RË@ A¿k¿±A¸“ 21:52 gmµ½A² Ake fMË@ RMe@ ŽQA¿Me@ l°i)A¾ 10:104 R‡PÔ h¾ ¼Õ R³ fM‡½ g@ ŸA‡e@ AkP@ AP Ž¸ 14 .

uk Mut'a is Haram 4:24 hQY³Aľ €Q 70:31 g“ÔAe@ fi ¼xe)“A³ ¼e@˜ È@›“ Rb)MH@ h¾“ 24:33 hP°e@ ºµMÄQe@“ The Mi'raj (ascension) of Prophet Muhammad  was physical (bodily)  53:8 ŸA‡Îe o‡M³ ©@ ¼‡)P›@ RMe@ AP Ȁe@ A‡ÎT A¾“ hQ±m¸ KA¸ gA»³ R)e¯M³ RË)Ô f 33:45 @¯iAÕ ¼‡)α›@ AË@ RI‡e@ AkP@ AP 17:1 S)€±@ S°e@ hY)I± 17:60 Homosexuality is Haram 7:80 2:222 23:7 @€B¾ fkQβ AˀB¾@ oÖXAµe@ gmLAL@ ÈAće@ @meÁM²A³ S˜@ @mi Ž¸ g“ÔAe@ fi ¼xe)“A³ ¼e@˜ È@›“ R)bMH@ h¾“ There are 5 daily prayers 30:17 2:238 hQX“ gmÄL hQX Ï@ gAYIij RB ±me@ lm)Φe@“ lm)Φe@ Rβ @m•³AX We are all the servants of Prophet Muhammad 33:6 33:36   fkĵË@ h¾ hQ‡¾m¿eAH R)e“@ RI‡e@ Ï@ R¡)¸ @˜@ o‡¾m¾ ©“ h¾m¿e gA½ A¾“ 15 .This booklet is available at

uk The punishment for a murtad (apostate) is death 2:54 f»ÄµË@ @mÎM¸A³ 4:89 fim¿L¯T“ QX fimÎM¸@“ fi@“°r³ 48:16 gm¿ÎÄP “@ fkËmÎLA¹L Negation (nafi) also requires proof 27:64 fM‡½ g@ f»ËAi€H mLAi Ž¸ 6:150 fk¾ ¯kÖL –³ @“¯kÕ gA³ Having the hadith is necessary 3:32 Àm±€e@“ Ï@ @mQ¬@ 2:129 o¿»Ye@“ KAM»e@ fk¿ÎP“ 4:80 59:7 Ï@ aA¬@ ¯¹³ Àm±€e@ `BP h¾ l“°r³ Àm±€e@ f»L) A¾“ 4:65 vAIre@ fkQβ ɀYP“ žm¿»YP RM)X gm‡¾mP © ¼H›“ –³ 5:15 hQI¾ KAM½ “ ›mË Ï@ h¾ f½ ÈAT ¯¸ 2:26 @€Q½ jH S¯kP “ @€Q½ jH Ž¡P 43:52 fQ¹Mľ Ñ@€¥ R)e@ S¯kMe ¼Ë@ 7:157 Invoking the dead is allowed 22:27 VYeAH ŸA‡e@ R³ g˜@“ 2:260 AQ± ¼QLAP hk²Ô@ f 43:45 A‡Î±› h¾ ¼ÎI¸ h¾ A‡Î±›@ h¾ Žx±@“ 7:93 Ém¹P) ÀA¸“ fk‡² R)emM³ The descent of Prophet 'Isa  is a sign of Qiyamah 43:61 j²AÄÎe fΝe jË@“ 16 .co.aqdas.This booklet is available at www.

This booklet is available at Prophet Muhammad   is present in the homes of believers 24:61 Ï@ ¯‡² h¾ oQYL f»ÄµË@ R)β @m¿Îij Yaguth ( mbP) and Ya'uq (dmP) are idols not Awliya 71:23 dmP “ mbP ©“ Beating the chest and head is the way of the Kuffar 36:52 A˯¸€¾ h¾ A‡H h¾ A‡ÎPmP) 5:31 K@€be@ @°i) Ž¾ gm½@ g@ OÁU²@ RMÎP“ AP The friend of the Kuffar is Shaytan 2:157 OmABe@ fi ÈAQe“@ @“€µ½ hP°e@“ 7:27 ÈAQe“@ hQ¬AQÖe@ A‡ÎT AË@ 16:63 K@°² fke“ ÉmQe@ fkQe“ mk³ 18:50 ÈAQe“@ jMP›˜ “ j˓°rMM³@ The Sinners gain blessings due to the Pious 18:82 AYeA¥ A¿imH@ gA½“ 52:21 gA¿PAH fkMP›˜ fkMIL@“ 4:69 fkQβ Ï@ fË@ hP°e@ `¾ ¼xe)“A³ Intercession is for the believers 9:103 fke h»± ¼Lm)Î¥ g@ fkQ⠎¥“ 2:255 j˘AH ©@ l¯‡² `µÖP S°e@˜ h¾ 78:38 h¿)X€e@ je g˜@ h¿e ©@ gm¿Î»MP ©“ 34:23 je g˜@ h¿e ©@ l¯‡² o²AµÖe@ `µ‡L ©“ 17 .co.aqdas.

This booklet is available at 20:109 ©m¸ je R…›“ h¿)X€e@ je g˜@ h¾ ©@ o²AµÖe@ `µ‡L© 4:64 Ï@ @“¯Tme Àm±€e@ fke €µbL@“ The word Rabb (Lord) is used for a Murabbi 12:50 ¼H› R)e@ `T›@ 12:42 ¼H› ¯‡² Rˀ½˜@“ 17:24 @€Qb¥ RËAQH› A¿½ 12:23 S@m¾ hÄX@ RH› jË@ There is no intercession for the Kuffar 2:254 o²AµÕ ©“ oÎY¾ ©“ jQ³ `QH © 74:48 hQ³AÖe@ o²AµÕ fkµ‡L A¿³ 39:43 ÈAµÕ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ @“°rMe@ É@ 40:18 `QµÕ ©“ fQ¿X h¾ hQ¿eA•Îe A¾“ 26:100 hQ³AÕ h¾ A‡e A¿³ 19:87 @°rL@ h¾ ©@ o²AµÖe@ gm»Î¿P © 63:6 fe É@ fke O€µbM±@ fkQβ È@m± 'Abd (¯I²) can mean helper 24:32 f½ ÈA¾@“ f½ÔAI² h¾ 39:53 R)β @m³€±@ hP°e@ SÔAIP) Ž¸ The Kuffar are deaf. dumb and blind 17:72 gmT€P © fk³ R¿² f»H f¥ n€s© @ R³ mk³ R¿)²@ @°i) R³ gA½ h¾“ 16:21 ÈAQX@ €Q O@m¾@ 2:18 47:23 R¿² fkQβ mi“ €¸“ fkË@˜ R³ gm‡¾mP © hP°e@“ fi›A¦H@ R¿)²@“ fM¿¥A³ Ï@ fk‡e hP°e@ ¼xe)“@ 27:81 ÈA²¯e@ f¦e@ `¿ÄL © “ R)Lm¿e@ `¿ÄL © ¼Ë@ 41:44 18

This booklet is available at 41:44 ¯QH gA»¾ h¾ g“ÔA‡P ¼xe)“@ The Prophet Muhammad  and the Qur'an give guidance  43:52 fQ¹Mľ Ñ@€¥ R)e@ S¯kMe ¼Ë@“ 17:9 Ém¸@ Ri RMÎe S¯kP g€¹e@ @°i) g@ 14:1 ›m‡e@ Re@ N¿)Εe@ h¾ ŸA‡e@ W€r‡e 3:164 o¿»Ye@“ KAM»e@ fk¿ÎP“ fkQ½ÁP“ 9:103 AkH fkQ½ÁL “ fi€kBL Isaal al-Thawab is true 9:98 Àm±€e@ Om)Î¥“ Ï@ ¯‡² OAH€¸ ǵ‡P A¾ “°rMP“ 51:19 ɓ€Y¿e@“ ŽvAÄÎe ÇX fke@m¾@ R³“ 52:21 4:69 ÈRÕ h¾ fkο² h¾ A‡Me@ A¾ fkMP›˜ fkH A‡¹Ye@“ fkQβ Ï@ fË@ hP°e@ `¾ ¼xe)“A³ All Prophets are faultless and sinless 17:65 gABα fkQβ ¼e «Qe SÔAI² g@ 38:83 hQ¦Îr¿e@ fk‡¾ žÔAI² ©@ 12:53 RH› fX› A¾ ©@ ÈmÄeAH n@€¾© «µ‡e@ g@ 7:61 Sm) A¾“ f»IXA¥ Ž… A¾ Àm±› R‡»e)“ oe–… RH «Qe 6:124 jMeA±› ŽUP QX fΝP Ï@ 69:44 ŽP“A¸©@ ÂQH A‡Qβ Àm¹L me 17:74 O¯½ ¯¹e žA‡IL g@ ©me 12:38 ÈRÕ h¾ ÏAH ž€ÖË g@ A‡e gA½ A¾ 11:88 f»k)Ë@ A¾ RË@ f»µeAs@ g@ ¯P›@ A¾“ 2:124 hQ¿eA•e@ S¯C² ÀA‡P © 3:33 fQi@€H@ À “ AXmË “ ÉÔ Rµ)B¥@ Ï@ g@ 33:21 o‡ÄX nm±@ Ï@ Àm±› R³ f»e gA½ ¯¹e 53:2 19 .

This booklet is available at The ranks of the Prophet's are different 12:76 ÈAÖË h¾ OAT›Ô `³€L 2:253 fk¡H A‡Î¡³ Ž±€e@ ¼ÎL In actual the Prophet's are equal 2:285 jα› h¾ ¯X@ hQH d€µË © 4:152 fk‡¾ ¯X@ hQH @m¸€µP fe“ The animal released in the name of the idols is Halal if slaughtered with the name of Allah 5:103 ©“ n€QYH Ï@ ŽT A¾ 8:69 AIQ¬ ©–X fM¿‡ A¿¾ @mλ³ 6:145 16:116 f²A¬ R)β A¾€Y¾ Re@ RX“@ A¾ R˯T@ © Ž¸ @°i)“ À–X @°)i KAM»e@ f»M‡Äe@ º¦L A¿e @mem¹L ©“ Animals slaughtered with other than the name of Allah are Haram 2:173 Ï@ €Qbe RH Ži@ A¾“ 5:3 J¦‡e@ Rβ [H˜ A¾“ No one has knowledge without Allah's granting 27:65 ś©@“ Om)¿)Äe@ R³ h¾ fΝP © Ž¸ 46:9 f»H ©“ RH ŽµP A¾ S›Ô@ A¾“ 7:188 €Qre@ h¾ O€»M±© JQbe@ fβ@ N‡½ me“ 31:34 JQbe@ fβ@ ©“ o²AÄe@ fβ l¯‡² Ï@ g@ 5:109 KmQbe@ ɖ² NË@ ¼Ë@ A‡e fβ © 20 .

uk Nothing can happen without the will of Allah Õ 7:188 AµË ©“ @€… Rĵ‡e ¼Î¾@ © Ž¸ 12:67 ÈRÕ h¾ Ï@ h¾ f»‡² R‡@ A¾“ 2:107 €Q¦Ë ©“ Re“ h¾ Ï@ g“Ô h¾ f»e A¾“ 1:4 hQMÄË žAP@ “ ¯IË žAP@ 12:68 ÈRÕ h¾ Ï@ h¾ fk‡² R‡bP gA½ A¾ Remembrance of the Mawlid is the practice of Allah 9:128 f»ÄµË@ h¾ Àm±› f½ ÈAT ¯¹e 5:15 hQI¾ KAM½ “ ›mË Ï@ h¾ f½ ÈAT ¯¸ 3:164 hQ‡¾m¿e@ Rβ Ï@ h¾ ¯¹e 9:33 S¯)keAH jem±› Ž±›@ S°e@ mi 62:2 ©m±› hQQ¾©@ R³ H S°e@ mi 19:16 fP€¾ KAM»e@ R³ €½˜@“ 61:6 ¯¿X@ j¿±@ S¯H h¾ RLAP Àm±€H @€ÖI¾ 28:7 jQ…›@ g@ R)±m¾ É@ R)e@ A‡QX“@“ 4:174 f»H› h¾ gAi€H f½ ÈAT ¯¸ Knowledge is a blessing of Allah Õ Õ 2:31 Akν ÈA¿Äe@ ÉÔ fβ“ 3:18 ÒĹeAH A¿vA¸ fΝe@ @me“@“ 20:114 A¿Î² RËÔ­ K› Ž¸“ 39:9 gm¿ÎP hP°e@ SmMÄP Ži Ž¸ 9:122 hP¯e@ R³ @mk¹µµQe oµvA¬ f»‡¾ o¸€³ Ž½ h¾ €µË ©mγ 18:66 h¿ÎL g@ R)β ¼IL@ Ži 4:113 fΝL h»L fe A¾ ¼¿Î² “ 55:1-2 g€¹e@ fβ h¿)X€e@ 18:65 A¿Î² A˯e h¾ lA‡¿Î²“ 27:16 €QBe@ ÇB‡¾ A‡¿Î² 35:28 ÈA¿Îe@ lÔAI² h¾ Ï@ RÖrP A¿Ë@ 21 .This booklet is available at booklet is available at 26:197 ŽQv@€±@ R‡H ÈA¿Î² j¿ÎP g@ 21:7 gm¿ÎL fM‡½ g@ €½°e@ Ži@ mÎx±A³ 2:269 @€Q½ €Qs RL“@ ¯¹³ o¿»Ye@ OmP h¾ Calling the Prophet's 'Bashar' (€ÖH) is the way of the Kuffar 18:33 €ÖIe ¯U± © h½@ fe ÀA¸ 23:24 f»Î¾ €ÖH ©@ @°i) A¾ 23:33 f»Î¾ @€ÖH fM¬@ hxe 36:15 A‡Î¾ €ÖH ©@ fMË@ A¾ meA¸ 64:6 @“€µ»³ A‡Ë“¯kP €ÖH@ Allah Õ cannot lie 4:87 AP¯X Ï@ h¾ d¯¥@ h¾“ 4:122 –Q¸ Ï@ h¾ d¯¥@ h¾“ 3:9 ÔAQ¿e@ ºÎrP © Ï@ g@ 3:194 hQH˜A»e@ Rβ Ï@ o‡e 3:61 hQH˜A»e@ Rβ Ï@ o‡e ŽU‡³ The Sinners avoid punishment by the virtue of the Pious 8:33 fkQ³ NË@ “ fkH°Qe Ï@ gA½ A¾ 48:25 @“€µ½ hP°e@ A‡H°e @mÎPÁL me 51:35 hQ‡¾m¿e@ h¾ AkQ³ gA½ h¾ A‡T€sA³ 71:27 @›Aµ½ @€TA³ ©@ @“¯ÎP ©“ 22:38 @m‡¾ hP°e@ h² `³@¯P Ï@ g@ The Wasila (intermediation) of the Awliya is important 17:57 K€¸@ fkP@ oÎQ±me@ fkH› R)e@ gmbMIP 2:89 @“€µ½ hP°e@ Rβ gmYMµMÄP ŽI¸ h¾ @mËA½“ 2:144 AiA…€L oÎI¸ ¼‡Qem‡Î³ 22 .

aqdas.This booklet is available at 2:37 OA¿Î½ jH› h¾ ÉÔ R)¹ÎM³ 7:134 ¼e h‡¾m‡e ÁT€e@ A‡² NµÖ½ hxe 7:134 ŽQv@€±@ R‡H ¼¾ hဇe“ 9:103 AkH fkQ½ÁL“ fi€kBL 5:35 @“¯iAT “ oÎQ±me@ jQe@ @mbMH@“ 3:38 jH› AP€½­ A²Ô ¼eA‡i 2:61 ś©@ NI‡L A¿¾ A‡e W€rP ¼H› A‡e aÔA³ 18:21 @¯U± fkQβ g°rM‡e 3:164 o¿»Ye@“ KAM»e@ fk¿ÎP “ fkQ½ÁP“ All things are permissible in the first instant (oXAH©@ ÈAQÕ©@ R³ Ž¥©@) 2:29 AQ¿T ś©@ R³ A¾ f»e ÇÎs 6:145 A¾€Y¾ Re@ ś©@ R³ ¯T@ © Ž¸ 66:1 ¼e Ï@ ŽX@ A¾ ɀYL fe 5:101 f½ ÈmÄL f»e ¯IL g@ ÈAQÕ@ h² @mÎxÄL © 6:119 f»Qβ ɀX A¾ f»e Ž¦³ ¯¸“ 6:140 È@€M³@ Ï@ fk¸­› A¾ @m¾€X“ 6:142 Ï@ f»¸­› A¿¾ @mν 6:144 hQQË©@ É@ ɀX hP€½°e@ È) Ž¸ 6:150 @°i) ɀX Ï@ g@ g“¯kÖP hP°e@ f½ È@¯kÕ fÎi Ž¸ 7:32 Ï@ o‡P­ ɀX h¾ Ž¸ 5:87 Ï@ ŽX@ A¾ NI)Q¬ m¾€YL © Imparting of the soul is for everyone 39:30 gmMQ¾ fkË@“ NQ¾ ¼Ë@ 3:144 ŽM¸ d@ OA¾ g ÈA³@ 3:185 Om¿e@ o¹v@˜ «µË Ž½ 55:26 21:34 gA³ AkQβ h¾ Ž½ g“¯Îr)e@ fk³ N¾ g ÈA³@ 23 .co.

This booklet is available at are alive 2:154 AQX@ ŽH O@m¾@ Ï@ ŽQI± R³ ŽM¹P h¿e @mem¹L ©“ 34:14 AL@m¾@ Ï@ ŽQI± R³ @mÎM¸ hP°e@ hIÄYL ©“ ś©@ oH@Ô ©@ jLm¾ R)β fke)ÔA¾ 33:53 jT@“­@ @mY»‡L g@ ©“ 43:45 ¼ÎI¸ h¾ A‡Î±›@ h¾ Žx±@“ 3:170 @m¹YÎP fe hP°eAH g“€ÖIMÄP“ 32:23 jvA¹e h¾ oP€¾ R³ h»L –³ 3:169 Elderly women are given children by the Du'a of the Pious 3:40 15:54 37:99-100 €¸A² RL@€¾@“ €I»e@ R‡bÎH “ fÎ) Re gm»P R)Ë@ K› ÀA¸ g“€ÖIL fI³ €I»e@ R‡Ä¾ g@ R)β RËm¿L€ÖH@ ÀA¸ jË)€ÖI³ hQYeA¦e@ h¾ Re Ji K› 3:36 ArQÕ RΝH @°i) “ ­mU² AË@“ ¯e@ È fQT€e@ hB QÖe@ h¾ AkMP›˜“ ¼H Ai °Q²@ RË@“ 19:7 R)QYP j¿±@ g fÎ)bH ž€ÖIË AË@ AP€½ÁP) 11:72 24 Some people take misguidance from the Qur'an 2:26 @€Q½ jH Ž¡P 5:64 @€µ½ “ AËAQb¬ ¼H› h¾ ¼Qe@ ÀÁË@ A¾ fk‡¾ @€Q½ g¯PÁQe“ 43:52 AËÔAI² h¾ ÈAÖË h¾ RH S¯kË 74:31 ÈAÖP h¾ Ï@ Ž¡P ¼e@°½ The Prophet Muhammad   only gives guidance 23:73 fQ¹Mľ Ñ@€¥ R)e@ fim²¯Me ¼Ë@“ 42:52 fQ¹Mľ Ñ@€¥ R)e@ S¯kMe ¼Ë@“ 33:46 @€Q‡¾ AT@€±“ j˘AH Ï@ Re@ AQ²@ԓ 3:164 o¿»Ye@“ KAM»e@ fk¿ÎP“ fkQ½ÁP“ 14:1 ›m‡e@ Re@ N¿)Εe@ h¾ ŸA‡e@ W€rMe The soul permanently leaving the body is for the Awliya .

co.aqdas.This booklet is available at The Prophet's have authority of Shar'i rulings 3:50 f»Qβ ɀX S°e@ H f»e ŽX©“ 7:157 vAIre@ fkQβ ɀYP 9:29 jem±›“ Ï@ ɀX A¾ gm¾€YP ©“ 7:157 fkQβ NËA½ RMe@ À–©@“ fi€¥@ fk‡² `¡P“ To join Allah and His Prophet's is belief 4:59 Àm±€e@ @mQ¬@“ Ï@ @mQ¬@ 33:71 ­A³ ¯¹³ jem±› “ Ï@ `BP h¾ 9:74 lm…€P g@ ÇX@ jem±› “ Ï@“ jΡ³ h¾ jem±› “ Ï@ fk‡)@ g@ 9:80 jem±›“ ÏAH @“€µ½ 4:100 jem±› “ Ï@ Re@ @€TAk¾ jMQH h¾ W€rP h¾“ 9:105 jem±› “ f»Î¿² Ï@ S€Qij 9:62 9:59 jem±›“ Ï@ S¯P hQH @m¾¯¹L © jem±› “ Ï@ fkL) A¾ @m…› fkË@ me“ 9:59 jem±› “ jΡ³ h¾ Ï@ A‡QLmQ± 33:29 jem±› “ Ï@ gԀL hM‡½ g@“ 33:37 jQβ N¿Ë@ “ jQβ Ï@ fË@ 33:36 @€¾@ jem±› “ Ï@ R¡¸ @˜@ 49:1 To separate Allah and His Prophet's is Kufr 4:150 jem±›“ Ï@ hQH @m¸€µL g@ g“¯P€P“ The Shar'i rulings do not apply to the insane 4:43 S€)»)± fMË@“ nm)Φe@ mH€¹L © 7:150 jQe@ l€YP jQs@ Ÿ@€H °s@ “ _@me©@ R¹e@“ 7:143 A¹¥ R)±m¾ €s“ 12:31 hkP¯P@ hB¸“ 25 .

aqdas.On Qiyamah. people will be with their leader 11:98 o¿Q)¹e@ ÉmP j¾m¸ ɯ¹P 17:71 fk¾A¾AH ŸAË@ Ž½ @m²¯Ë ÉmP 48:10 Ï@ gmPAIP A¿Ë@ ¼ËmPAIP hP°e@ g@ 48:18 60:12 ¼ËmPAIP @˜@ hQ‡¾m¿e@ h² Ï@ R…› ¯¹e ¼‡)PAIP N‡)¾m¿e@ ž ÈAT @˜@ Some people are in charge of Takweeni Ahkam by the will of Allah 79:5 @€¾@ O@€H¯¿eA³ 38:36 l€¾AH S€UL [P€e@ je Aˀrij 20:97 ŸAľ © Àm¹L g@ nm)QYe@ R³ ¼e gA³ Ji˜A³ ÀA¸ 19:25 oÎr‡e@ aÁUH ¼Qe@ SÁi“ 3:49 Ï@ g˜AH R)Lm¿e@ RX@“ Õ Shi'a is the name given to Kafir and treacherous nations 28:4 AQÕ AkÎi@ ŽT“ ś©@ R³ –² gm²€³ g@ 6:159 AQÕ @mËA½“ fk‡PÔ @m¸€³ hP°e@ g@ 6:65 AQÕ f»ÄIÎP “@ 30:32 AQÕ @mËA½“ fk‡PÔ @m¸€³ hP°e@ h¾ hQ½€Ö¿e@ h¾ @mËm»L ©“ 34:54 JP€¾ ¼Õ R³ @mËA½ fkË@ ŽI¸ h¾ fk²AQÕAH Ž³ A¿½ 55:51 f»²AQÕ@ A‡»Îi@ ¯¹e“ 37:83 fQi@€H© oQÕ h¾ g@“ 19:69 ¯Õ@ fkP@ oQÕ Ž½ h¾ h²°‡‡e f The Awliya are the owners of and have authority of Allah's domain by the will of Allah Õ 3:26 ÈAÖL h¾ ¼Î¿e@ RLmL ¼Î¿e@ ¼eA¾ fkÎ)e@ ÀA¸ 38:36 KA¥@ QX ÈAs› l€¾AH S€UL [P€e@ je Aˀrij 108:1 ¤@m “ ÈA‡H Ž½ hQBQ)Öe@“ €m»e@ ¼‡)QB²@ AË@ 21:81 AkQ³ A‡½€H) RMe@ ś©@ Re@ l€¾AH S€UL oµ¥A² [P€e@ h¿)QÎÄe“ 38:37 26 .This booklet is available at Ba'yah is important .co.

uk 18:84 ÈRÕ Ž½ h¾ j‡)QL “ ś©@ R³ je A‡»¾ AË@ 4:34 ¼Î¿e@ h¾ R‡MQL ¯¸ K› A¿Q•² A»Î¾ fk‡)QL“ 3:49 Ï@ g˜AH R)Lm¿e@ RX“@“ 3:49 €QBe@ oxQk½ hQBe@ h¾ f»e ÇÎs@ RË@ 34:13 ŽQA¿L“ JP›AYL h¾ ÈAÖP A¾ je gm¿ÎP 12:101 The veil is necessary for women 24:29 @mÄËAMÄL R)MX f»LmQH €Q ALmQH @mÎs¯L © 24:30 fi›A¦H@ h¾ @m¡bP hQ‡¾m¿Îe Ž¸ 24:31 hkMemIe ©@ hkM‡P­ hP¯IP ©“ 24:59 @m˘AMÄQγ fÎYe@ f»‡¾ ÀAµ¬©@ ¶ÎH @˜@“ 33:59 hkIQH–T h¾ hkQβ hQË°P 55:56 Àm¹eAH h¡rL –³ ·€Be@ O€)¦¸) hkQ³ 55:22 ÉAQre@ R³ O@›m¦¹¾ ›mX 33:33 h»LmQH R³ g€¸“ 33:53 A²AM¾ him¿MeA± @˜@“ 24:31 h¡¡bP OA‡¾m¿Îe Ž¸ 24:60 hke €Qs hµµMÄP g@ 65:1 hkLmQH h¾ himT€rL © 4:15 OmQIe@ R³ him»Ä¾A³ 33:32 The dead become alive due to the Du'a of the Pious 2:243 @mLm¾ Ï@ fke ÀA¹³ 2:259 ÉA² ovA¾ Ï@ jLA¾A³ 2:260 AQ± ¼‡QLAP hk²Ô@ f 2:56 Ï@ g˜AH R)Lm¿e@ RX“@“ f»Lm¾ ¯H h¾ f»‡)H f 7:155 oµT€e@ fkL¯s@ A¿Î³ 3:49 27 .co.This booklet is available at www.aqdas.

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