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LandBank - Cash Card Form

LandBank - Cash Card Form

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Published by Pete Rahon
LandBank - Cash Card Form
LandBank - Cash Card Form

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Published by: Pete Rahon on Oct 21, 2010
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LANDBANK Cash Card Enrollment Form

Name of Agency/Overseas Remittance Officer (ORO).Branch Address: Contact No/s. : Authorized Signatory (Agency/ORO) Verified by ORMSD: Endorsed by:

Last Name First Name Middle Name


Name to Appear on Card (Maximum of 23 Characters) Address in Philippines:
Zip Code

Home Abroad:
Zip Code Sex: Female Male / month day / year

Contact Number:

/ Office

/ Mobile

E-mail Address: ____________________________________Date of Birth: Mother’s Maiden Name:
Last Name Type of ID presented: First Name ID Number: Middle Name TIN:

Philhealth ID Number:________________________ Pag-ibig ID Number:______________________________ (Mandatory) (Mandatory)

Any existing account with LBP?
Cardholder’s Signature


No If yes, pls. specify Account No. _________________
Date signed


Card Link to Phone







Yes No


Cash Card Released by:

PIN Mailer Released by:

Approved by:

Date: _________________ Cash Card/ Pin Mailer Received by: Date: _______________

Date: ___________________ Card Linking Assisted/Witnessed by: Date: ___________________

Date: _______________



The Card. LANDBANK Cash Card is a card with stored value also known as a PREPAID DEBIT card. It is a non-interest bearing account. 2. Card Value. The stored value in the PREPAID DEBIT card expressed in Philippine currency. 3. Cash Card Activation. Landbank OFW Cash Card is activated upon the issuance at designated LANDBANK Units or authorized Agency/Banks. The cash card can be linked to SMART mobile SIM and can be activated using the mobile phone. 4. Validity and Renewal. Unless earlier terminated by LANDBANK or returned by the cardholder, the card is valid from date of issuance/renewal and shall be deactivated at the end of the second year. The Card shall be placed inactive if without credit transaction after a period of one hundred eighty (180) days from date of last remittance. The Cardholder may request for reactivation by visiting his/her branch of account or thru phone banking facility subject to existing policies on client identification. If no request for reactivation is submitted/called in after one (1) year from date of deactivation and the card value becomes zero, the card shall be closed. However, if there is a remaining amount in the account, the amount shall be retained in the account but the card shall be put in an inactive status until the cardholder request for the reactivation/renewal of the card subject to reactivation and/or renewal fees. Renewal request at the branch of account/issuing unit shall be subject to banking policies. Approval thereof shall, in all cases, be at the sole discretion of LBP. 5. Loading Value. The cardholder loads PESO value into the cash card either through: LANDBANK units – cardholder personally hands over the amount (Philippine/Foreign currency) to any authorized/accredited loading agency/bank for credit/load to the cash card. Account to Account Transfer – cardholder transfer Philippine Peso amount from OFW Cash Card to beneficiary cash card or to another OFW cash card using the SMART mobile phone. 6. Withdrawals. The cardholder can withdraw from any LBP or ExpressNet, Megalink, BancNet member bank’s ATM. No bank charges shall apply if withdrawals are made at LBP ATMs. 7. Loss of the Card. The cardholder is responsible for the card PIN’s confidentiality. In case of loss/theft, the cardholder shall immediately call LBP (phone banking or branch of account) to report the loss/theft. Any loss incurred prior to complete blocking shall be for the account of the cardholder. 8. Captured cards. LANDBANK OFW Cash Card captured at any LBP ATM shall not be perforated and can be claimed by the cardholder. A captured card that remains unclaimed thirty (30) days from the date of transmittal to the issuing branch shall be perforated for security reasons. Purchase of a new card shall be required. However, cards captured at any Expressnet, Bancnet, Megalink member banks shall be perforated subject to bank’s policy on disposition of unclaimed cards. 9. Replacement of Card/Mobile SIM. LBP will replace a card with inherent defect in the magnetic stripe at no cost within 30 calendar days from date of issuance. Replacements due to loss/theft, wear and tear shall be subject to replacements fee. The cardholder must surrender the damaged card or submit an affidavit of loss. The replacement card shall be replaced with a new account number and may be claimed after five (5) banking days for Metro Manila branches and fifteen (15) days for Provincial branches/issued by ORO from receipt of the request and compliance. The remaining PESO value in the cancelled cash card shall be transferred to the replacement. Mobile SIM shall be replaced by SMART at the cost of the cardholder. 10. Service Charges and Other Fees. LBP may increase or impose additional charges/fees in providing this service. The cardholder agrees to pay the increase and/or additional charges/fees that may be imposed in the future. The cardholder also agrees that applicable roaming and VAS fee shall be charged against cardholder’s mobile load. 11. Change of Telephone Number/ Residence. The cardholder shall immediately notify LBP through written notice of any change in residence, office mailing address and or telephone number. 12. Limitations on Liability. LBP is not liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature in connection with the use of the card such as, but not limited to the following instances. a. Disruption, failure or delay relating to or in connection with the ATM and Point-of-Sale (POS) functions of the card due to circumstances beyond the control of the LBP. b. Fortuitous, events and force majeure such as, but not limited to, prolonged power outages, breakdown of computers and communications facilities, typhoons, floods, public disturbances and other similar or related cases. c. Loss or damage which the cardholder may suffer arising out of any unauthorized utilization of the card due to theft or disclosure of PIN or violation of other measures with or without the cardholder’s participation. d. Inaccurate, incomplete or delayed information received due to disruption or failure of any communication facilities used for the card; and e. Indirect, incidental or consequential loss, loss of profit or damage that the cardholder may suffer or has suffered by reason of the use or failure/inability to use the card under the terms hereof. 13. Insurance. THE CASH CARD FUND IS NOT INSURED WITH PDIC. 14. Escheat. Laws on unclaimed balances apply. 15. Rules and Regulations. The cardholder agrees to be bound by the rules, regulations and official issuances applicable to this service now existing or which may hereinafter be issued, as well as, such other terms and conditions governing the use of this service. 16. Agreement to the Terms and Conditions. The cardholder’s signature herein or the cardholder’s receipt of the card from the purchaser constitutes the cardholder’s agreement to the above terms and conditions.

Cardholder’s/Purchaser’s signature: _______________________

Date ___________________

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