Flat No - 3,


Sudhamini Residency,


Chellekere, Kalyan Nagar Bengaluru - 560043


Apply my skills as a content expert to a new challenge with a company focused on quality, dedi and ingenuity and seeking a position to utilize my skill and abilities in the challenging industry t an efficient professional growth. Course BE HSC SSC Year 2006 -2010 2006 2004 Institution
B.E.R.I, Bhopal Delhi Public school, Nighai Christ Jyoti school, Singrauli

Percentage 65.01% 61.70% 69.00%

Completed B.E. in Electronics and Communication from BERI, BHOPAL.


ULTRASONIC QUALITY CONTROL UNIT 4 Months Planning & Development

Project Title Duration Role

: :

Description : The properties of any wave will be affected by the medium through which it trav the help of electronic circuitry, the change in the properties of ultrasonic wave is used to the the irregularity in material surface, which is displayed on the LCD screen.

Operating Systems : Languages
: Windows 98/NT/XP elementary knowledge of C

Shot put. Hindi DECLARATION I hereby pronounce that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. Kabaddi. Discuss Throw. handball 3) Participated in CRICKET at BITS. BHOPAL ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS • • • 1) Participated in ROBOWARS EVENT at IIT DELHI 2) Participated in School Level Football. Bhopal PERSONAL DETAILS Father’s Name Mother's Name Date of Birth Sex : Nationality : Mother Tongue Interest and Activities Languages known : : Mr. Kusum Singh : 12 September 1988 Male Indian : Hindi : Learning anything new especially in my field of interest English. Surendra Singh : Mrs.SINGRAULI TRAINING ON VLSI FROM CRISP.ACADEMIC INTERESTS • • DATA COMMUNICATION ATM Vocational Training • • Minor training Major training : : TRAINING IN NETWORKING FROM NCL. Date: Place: Saurav Kumar Singh .

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