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Awaken Your Inner Power!
A Simple Path to Personal Mastery

Robert Morgen

ii Awaken Your Inner Power

Mystic Wolf Media

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About the Author
Robert Morgen experienced a near-death kundalini awakening in 1992 and spent over a decade discovering what happened and how to adapt to the changes in his life. He’s the author of “Awaken Your inner Power!” and “The Spiritual Entrepreneur”. He’s a Reiki Master who holds a Black Belt in Hoshinjutsu and a Deputy Black Belt in Combat Hapkido. He’s the founder of The Inner Power Online Community, the Inner Power Meditation Meetup Group, host of The Inner Power Radio Show and creator of 4 CDs on meditation and energy work. You can download over an hour of free Guided Meditation MP3’s at his website. www.Inner-Power.net The Inner Power Podcast Robert Morgen produces a FREE Podcast in which you may download many of the exercises from this book as guided meditations. You may access this Podcast, The Inner Power Online Community, The Inner Power Radio Show and see Robert's workshop and seminar schedule at the Inner Power Blog at: www.Inner-Power.net

iv Awaken Your Inner Power

For Anya, for standing by me when it didn’t make any sense. For Jake for being so much fun. For my sister Karen, for all the years of wondering what was wrong with me. ☺ For Andy for being so cool. For Jeff, Lynda, Jan, Doug Bueckert and Jen Brown-Cutrell because good friends are nice to have and when you can list them all that easily then you should. For Glenn Morris for making things make sense, even when it hurt (a lot ☺).

An unexpected side effect to writing a book has been the interesting people who've looked me up after reading it. Thanks to Scott Malone, Robert Weiland, Tom Lux, Brad Feaster, Brian Earnest and all the others who've come along to lend a hand and offer support. A special thanks to Margie Casados! Margie did a great job helping me get my radio show and some other projects going.

...... 97 Complete Self Acceptance ....................................................... 144 Damo’s Cave ......................................................................................................................................... 30 Intro to Meditation .................................................................................................................................... 92 Finding your ‘Inner Gods’ ........................................... 16 Closer to Bliss . 157 Living in Abundance .......... vii What is Inner Power? ................................................................................. 150 Travels in the Void ............................................................ 74 Feeling and Seeing Energy ............................................................ 189 Becoming who we’re Supposed to Be .................................. 108 Healing ...... 1 In a Perfect World ........................................................................... 134 Opening the Chakras ..................................... 154 Becoming Your True Self .................................................................................................................................. 64 Basic Exercises..................... 180 Death and Reincarnation ..... 199 ......................................................................................................................... 105 The Chakras ............................................................................Table of Contents   WHO are You? ........................ 193 Setting Boundaries for the Universe ......................................... 9 Creating Your World ...............................

.................................................................................................................... 206 Epilogue: The Beginning ............. 211 Resource List for Inner Power ........................ 213 ...vi Awaken Your Inner Power 1% for Inner Peace ........................ 203 How to Achieve Inner Peace ........................

I’ve laid this book out in a simple progression of concepts and exercises that would’ve helped me immensely when I started meditation and energy work. Your physical/mental/spiritual self is like an onion. the more energy you have available to focus on your goals.Introduction: WHO are You? Inner Power is the combination of your basic energy and what you can do with that energy to accomplish your goals in life. This awakening will cause you to deal with every aspect of your life. or this energy awakening will force you to do it. I occasionally use the phrase 'when your Inner Power awakens' and I mean it exactly that way. but rather it’s about using the energy you have more effectively. like smashing the onion with a sledgehammer. When your Inner Power awakens it travels up the spine and sends a blast of energy throughout your system and this event can alter the way you look at the Universe and everything in it. and how many people do you know who do all they can to avoid just that? My experience has shown that you can take the time to cleanse and balance your life on your own terms. The exercises and principles in this book are all designed . Of course it’s not just about having more energy. Known as Kundalini in Sanskrit. this energy is blocked by the stress. You can peel it back. clean it up and balance it one layer at a time or this energy cleansing will do it all at once. Human beings have a pool of dormant energy that lies at the base of the spine. mental inflexibility and poor physical fitness of the average person but with a little training and a lot of practice anyone can access this pool of energy. The more energy you can generate. I'm going to refer to the Kundalini as Inner Power or energy from this point on.

Some of these took me years to learn on my own and I’ve included links to some free Guided Meditation MP3’s of some of these exercises that you can download and share with friends. The meditation exercises will help you learn to see and feel energy as well as move it around in your body and even in other people. The goal with meditation is to help you reduce the internal and external resistance to your energy by reducing stress and toxicity. Scientists have now proven beyond a doubt that everything in the universe is connected and we as observers/participators have much more control over our lives than we ever believed possible. like a vast computer. in many ways. Many of the principles in this book will help you take control of that programming. Take your time with the meditation exercises. The Human Energy System is a fascinating piece of biotechnology and we’re fortunate to live in a time when science and spirituality are becoming sister sciences. Like many programs. The Universe functions. or what you’ve programmed it for. The concepts in the first part of the book will help you get your head around what this means to you on a personal level. After that we move into meditation and energy work. primarily by showing you how to get out of your own way. The Chakra chapter introduces some of the energy vortexes on . yours can run automatically once you know how the system works and what you want to accomplish.viii Awaken Your Inner Power to help you make gradual. incremental changes to your life rather than a shocking spiritual awakening that completely changes who you think you are. rather than what you want. The less resistance you have the more energy you can use. This section will help you develop and increase your energy levels. Like any computer it gives you what you ask for.

feelings and especially emotions can give you much more control over your life. We’re all a collection of thoughts. regardless of religion or spiritual path. personality and emotions. The latter part of the book includes more concepts and lessons I’ve learned the hard way. an ancient Sanskrit word for wheel.your body. feelings and emotions that may have piled up for years without any cleansing or direction. but this chapter isn’t meant to be a comprehensive training course. Much of the bio-technology in this book is based in Eastern sources because that’s what survived the religious purges of the Dark Ages. The attunements give you a jump start but if you use it consistently your body will attune itself. I’ve included references to some good books for further study. I’ve included instructions for Reiki and contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need to be ‘attuned’ to Reiki in order to use it. The Healing chapter that follows will help you balance your energy and clear more energy blocks. I’ve included enough about chakras to get you started. Chakra. The concepts and exercises here can be used by anyone who wants to develop a better mind/body/spirit connection and done properly will enhance any spiritual path. While much of what I cover in this book could be called ‘spiritual’ in the sense of ‘dealing with the spirit’ I want to make a point that this is a bio-technology. . I’ve tried to minimize the Eastern terminology as much as possible but in some cases there are no Western words for the concepts. This means it’s a technology that’s available to everyone with a biology. refers to an interface for aspects of your energy. I’ve proven this repeatedly with my own students and in classes and seminars. When working with the chakras we can take much more control over our lives while healing deep mental and emotional trauma and even wounds from past lives. The Reiki exercises here will help you cleanse and balance your body and energy fields. Learning to take control of those thoughts.

As your energy awakens you’ll see that we tend to come back to the same concepts repeatedly. but I’m confident that if . I'm not a guru or an expert or any type of 'Master'. I stress safety in this manual and made it a point to provide several exercises and principles that can make your journey significantly safer. hurt. You’ll learn something and later you’ll come back to that subject at a higher level and learn more about it. depressed and angry. I'm just a guy who has screwed all of this stuff up for long enough that I can now share some things that will help and maybe give you some examples of what not to do. dedication and the courage to face your most dangerous opponent head on. Usually this happens in a spiral. I’ve used that idea in the layout of this book. These changes can affect all aspects of your life. When you embark on this path I assure you that you will be afraid. confused. I also repeat some concepts because the human mind can’t store a new concept the first time it’s encountered. but I also promise that if you pay attention to the principles and do the exercises in this book you'll have all the tools you need to handle those moments. New Age version of sitting and staring at the wall are in for a shock. One side effect of intense meditation and energy work can be extreme changes to your perceptions. Like any warrior path this one requires discipline.x Awaken Your Inner Power You’ll notice that I repeat some of the concepts throughout the book because some of these concepts are extremely important and can’t be stressed enough. Those who think of meditation as a fluffy. This type of training should definitely be considered a ‘warrior path’ and it’s not at all what many people think of when you mention meditation. Frequently I’ll mention a concept and say a few words about it and then get into it more deeply later on. No book can be everything to everyone.

you approach this one with an open mind and a willingness to go somewhere new you'll find that this book can take you there… and you’ll probably be someone new when you get there. .


At the same time it’s not just about having more energy. Our body has a measurable field of bioelectrical energy that flows through it. This energy is in everything that we see. go. feel. go all the time and still not get anything done. The food we eat. There is a difference. however. Hence my definition of Power is ‘The ability to use what you have to accomplish your goals’. the environmental toxins we come in contact with and especially our emotions can add resistance to . In order to use your energy most effectively you have to reduce the amount of resistance that has to be overcome. When we look at a piece of electrical wire we see that it has a rating that allows electricians to know how much energy it can carry and how much resistance is on the line. but using the energy you effectively have more effectively. When we look at our body we can see a lot of ways we add resistance to our energy. but rather about using the energy you have more It’s not about having more energy. You can be extremely energetic and go. between energy and Power. The more energy you can generate. experience or imagine. the more energy you have to focus on your goals.Robert Morgen 1 Chapter 1 What is Inner Power? Think of the human body as a piece of electrical wire.

and like a computer it will give you exactly what you program it to give.2 Awaken Your Inner Power our energy leaving us drained and powerless. I’ve laid them out in a progression that would have helped me greatly in my own studies in the hopes that it can trim some years or trials off your journey. . but in some cases there is no good Western counterpart. The human brain processes billions of pieces of information per second. deleted or reprogrammed to help you get the results you want from your life. Take your time with the concepts and exercises that follow. Programming Your System The Universe works like a huge computer. I’ve tried as much as possible to replace the Eastern terminology. rather than trying to think about every piece of information that comes to you each moment. Your brain handles this information overload by using various filters or triggers that are your basic programming for how you handle certain situations or events. I’ve used what I’ve learned from studying the Eastern methodologies primarily because those methodologies survived the religious persecution suffered by Western energy workers over the last couple of thousand years. rather than what you think you want. Learning to take control of that programming can allow you to put much of your growth process on autopilot. Many of these filters can be adjusted. There are many paths to increasing your Inner Power and the methods and tools in this book are by no means the only way. Even if you wanted to you couldn’t focus on each bit of information you process. The principles.

is not what the Universe speaks. a primitive version of English in my case. but who also hates ‘rich people’ and uses words like ‘Eat the Rich’. but for right now I’m going to give you some simple keys to how your programming works. so as long as you believe that rich people are bad. Learning to use the language of emotion allows you to get better results more quickly. A good example might be a person living in poverty who wants to be rich. If you have the key. and that’s how we communicate directly with it. Contrast – You have to know what you want in order to get it. Your subconscious can’t manifest what you don’t believe. I was consistently asking and feeling for what I didn’t want because I didn’t have good control over my programming. One of our primary problems is that our physical language. Many people get wrapped up in the feeling of what they don’t want and therefore send out a message ‘bring this’ to the Universe. Whenever you experience an event you can look at that event and break it into what you want and what you don’t. the lock has to open”. it brings you what you feel. Emotion – Your body is your interface between the ‘real’ world and the Universe. . The Universe speaks emotion. The Universe doesn’t bring you what you ask for. Your subconscious will never let you become that which you despise. you’ll always be poor. Belief – Your beliefs are some of your most basic and powerful programming. Some Keys to the Program I’m going to get into much more detail as we go along.Robert Morgen 3 concepts and exercises in this book will help you take control of that programming. I came to a shocking realization a few years ago that I always get what I ask (feel) for. However. Jack Canfield points out that “The Universe is like a giant lock.

For now just keep them in mind. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ and these energy centers correlate to the physical. environment and stress. exercise. Working with your chakras can directly affect your energy and the various parts of your life. flows through long channels called meridians. The feeling of doubt is also the feeling of NOT having what you want. This is both a pain in the butt and a safety. decide that it’s good for you and that you should have it. This electrical energy can be measured with modern medical equipment and influenced by healing modalities such as qi qong (chi kung). spiritual and emotional aspects of your being.4 Awaken Your Inner Power Doubt – You can ask for anything you want. but if you doubt your ability to get it then you block the manifestation of it. There are energy centers on your body called chakras. Your energy can be felt with the bare hand and seen with the naked eye. I get into a better description of the chakras in a later chapter. . all you have to do is know that it’s on the way and allow it to come. The Human Energy System Energy. How often. From the meridians your energy flows into all the parts of your body. do we ask for things that are bad for us? Once you decide what you want. I’ll cover these keys in more detail later on in the book. ki or prana in various cultures. also called chi. through bad programming. Your energy can be affected by many things including diet. acupuncture and Reiki as well as martial modalities such as Dim Mak. With training and practice you can have a large amount of control over the energy in your body and even affect the energy in other people.

in our body can become blocked or stagnated. emotional and spiritual health problems. There are a lot of ways to release energy blocks. with the same type of results. Depending on where it blocks this can manifest in mental. Energy follows thought – Energy will go to whatever you are thinking about. What you focus on is what you get. Many of us however. hence the concept of contrast. Energy will go wherever you send it and the more intentional you can be the better your results will be. Energy flows like water – Energy always takes the path of least resistance. Think about where you send your energy. Your subconscious only sees what you focus on and tries to bring that into reality.Robert Morgen 5 There are a few simple things to remember when it comes to energy work. fall into patterns of focusing on what we don’t want when presented with contrast. How much of your energy goes either into the past or into the future? A lot of people spend their time thinking about what they wish they had done differently in the past or thinking about what they would like to do in the future. Energy blocks can have an extreme effect on your entire being. This is one of the reasons I stress keeping a positive attitude and having faith. it doesn’t know the difference between ‘want’ and ‘don’t want’. When that happens your energy is impeded in the same way that a dam impedes a river. The energy pathways or meridians. How much of your energy is spent thinking about what you don’t want? It’s important to know what you want and what you don’t. When your energy backs up behind a block what develops is a pool of stagnant energy. which is why I’m giving you exercises on how to keep your energy moving and release these blocks. physical. Exercise is one of the best but it has to be something you love. If you love to dance and .

Chiropractic and Reiki can do wonders for helping to cleanse them more rapidly as part of an overall health plan.Just as energy can block up in your meridians. There’s 2 ways to have more energy. If you start off by spending part of your energy thinking about the past. think about the future or indulge your imagination. make more or use less – For now think of your energy levels as you would a bank account. get your lymph moving and increase the amount of energy you have available. Exercise can also do wonders to help your body eliminate toxins. Energy doesn’t flow through tight muscles . Exercise. When a muscle is tight it can’t move and you have to relax it before you can do anything with it. which is why so many people buy gym memberships that never get used. Acupuncture. and then spend another chunk daydreaming about the future or your fantasy world then how much is left for the present? Don’t misunderstand me and think that it’s never ok to remember the past. has to be a part of your lifestyle. .6 Awaken Your Inner Power hate the gym then an hour of dancing will do more for you than 2 hours in the gym. to be effective. If you have $100 worth of energy budgeted throughout your day then the more efficient you can be the more you’ll have left over at the end of the day. and then blow some more thinking about what you don’t want. both organic and environmental. Stretching and flexibility are about more than being able to kick high. Yoga and Qi Qong are forms of exercise which help energize and cleanse your meridians slowly. Exercise you love can relieve stress. The more loose and relaxed you can be the faster and more easily you’ll be able to move. active body will more efficiently eliminate them from your system. it can be blocked by tight muscles. In the modern world it’s impossible to avoid the toxins in our food and environment and a healthy.

. but here’s an example. The goal of The Secret Smile is to make you feel relaxed. Invest rather than splurge. If you can develop a lifestyle of being happy and relaxed then many of the common energy blocks will be avoided and your energy will flow easily and unencumbered. Play with this. green energy straight out from his heart chakra it drastically cut down on the number of conflicts he had with the people he dealt with. allowing you that split second of warning when it’s needed. If you have a training buddy then practice sending energy out this way and see what you can both feel. He began experimenting with people while he was on duty and discovered that when he opened up and sent loving. competent. happy and sexy. An interesting side effect of this technique is that it keeps you focused in a compassionate stance while dealing with conflict. Using Your Energy We’ll get into a lot of different tools and ways to develop and use chi. My best friend is a former street cop for a small town in Colorado. which is opposite of how many of us feel throughout the day. It also keeps you more relaxed and in tune with people.Robert Morgen 7 My point is simply to do those things in a more mindful and purposeful way. rather than mirroring the anger and frustration of the person you are dealing with. Energy flows best through a happy body – One reason I stress guided meditation exercises like The Secret Smile is because these exercises let you take more control over the movement and feel of your energy.

. That’s Inner Power. The more you learn about it and how to use it the more you’ll be able to relax and allow your will to direct the course of your life.8 Awaken Your Inner Power Energy is all around you and a part of everything you do.

all you need is a shift in perspective. smart. Come along and prove it for yourself. How often have you heard someone say “In a perfect world I’d be ______. if you only had the ability. You can put this process on autopilot just by integrating a few simple principles. Well. Reality as you know it is the result of everything you've done up until now. you do have the ability right now to take charge of your life and turn every moment of every day into a miraculous journey beyond anything you've ever dreamed of. female. "Holy Crap!" you might think. so if you want to change the reality of your life then you have to those moments. you have a list of things that you’d change about your life. etc ad Your reality is the sum of every moment of your life.Robert Morgen 9 Chapter 2 In a Perfect World If you’re like a lot of people. rich. so if you want to change the reality of your life then you have to take control of those moments. male. Your reality is the sum of every moment of your life. It's ok if you don't believe me. take control of . "You mean that I have to be constantly aware of every single thing that happens all the time?" Fortunately it's easier than that.”? Insert whatever you want. Here's the key.

in perfection.10 Awaken Your Inner Power infinitum. HMO’s and so on. I’m sure there are a couple of galaxies hanging crookedly in the cosmic distance and folks who would straighten them the way you’d adjust a picture on the wall. is exactly as it’s meant to be in this exact moment! You are a living example of the perfection of the Universe. I have some exercises and meditations that can help you along. War. Blues Traveler. Those who look for strife and conflict will find it. is absolutely perfect. If the Universe is perfect then everything in it is also perfect. For those seeking love and beauty and who have an open mind and heart. If everything in the universe is perfect then YOU at this moment. for untold eons after our last descendant fades into memory. All you have to do is accept that as fact and it will be so. We see what we look for. One of my big realizations is that we do live in a Perfect World in this moment. I’m sure there are those who’d clean up the Asteroid Belt or get rid of that red spot on Jupiter. planned obsolescence. right now in this moment. It existed in perfection for billions of years before our earliest ancestor crawled out of the primordial ooze. . every pimple or blob of fat or unwanted hair. violence. It will exist. rape. taxes. Recognizing Perfection The universe. Here’s a curve ball for you. are absolutely perfect! Everything about YOU. as will those who look for love and beauty. Whenever I bring that up I get a plethora of imperfections that people are currently experiencing.

develop and grow into who we’re supposed to become. You’re limited only by your willingness to go inside and seek your own answers. Everything that happens in this universe is part of someone’s growth process. The area between comfort and effectiveness is called growth. self-awareness and a willingness to listen to your internal voices are the keys here. Every breath brings a lesson in how to live in higher awareness. ‘Awakening’ is simply adapting your perceptions to see the perfection in each event. our most heroic deeds and our most inspiring examples of compassion and teamwork. Learning to take control of your attitudes. That’s not meant to demean anyone’s suffering or victimization. feelings. Positive/negative. My experience shows me that we’re here to learn specific lessons and there are simply too many lessons for any one lifetime. The horrible events that occur daily give rise to some of our greatest discoveries.Robert Morgen 11 Part of the Process Many people believe in reincarnation. It's a way to classify something that happens. to learn. in this life. Simply see the moment from the perspective of acceptance without any . Meditation. Every negative feeling is a call to action and a chance to get involved at some level and you can get involved in any way you are guided. good/bad and right/wrong are all subjective qualifiers that we place on a moment or event. thoughts and actions can allow you to feel the perfection in every moment. Each life we live is an incremental process as we learn. Along the way we’re learning lessons in harsh conditions and in pleasant conditions. I didn't say the positive in each event. Often these feelings are moving us towards the realizations that we came here. and we each have different comfort zones and growth lessons. For every outrage there is an inspiration.

Once you’ve experienced that perfect moment then you can start to string those moments together to create your perfect life. We each have to find our own. Take away the judgment and you'll see that Mars simply IS. Mars for example. One of the things I notice is that most of the systems that provide answers tend to require you to accept the external answers provided rather than going into yourself and looking for your own answers. . It's only big or small when we compare it to something else. Looking for Answers An interesting aspect of being human is that we constantly search for answers. With that in mind I’m not going to write about ‘truth’ in this book. My feeling is that there are over 6 billion people on this planet and there seems to be a different correct answer for each of us. isn't good or bad. philosophies and political organizations willing to supply the answers. you’re restricting your perceptions of the event. a moment that simply IS. like Jupiter or your left foot. With a little training and a lot of practice anyone can learn to live in a perfect moment. throughout our entire lives we’re constantly indoctrinated into one system of answers or another. Why are we here? What’s it all about? Where do we go when we die? You’ll find there’s no shortage of religions. In fact. I’m simply going to expound on some of the things that I’ve learned and been shown and let you make up your own truth.12 Awaken Your Inner Power judgment or classification. When you judge.

You can grab the soldiers AK-47 and send him back to Start and hope he wants to learn something else in his next life. I'm not condoning rape. and growth is uncomfortable. Chinese soldiers or Buddhist nuns when I say that every event is a lesson. You can’t see the ultimate cause and effect of what’s happening. The difference between comfort and effectiveness is called growth. and frequently our experience tends to be labeled either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. "Sure" you might respond.Robert Morgen 13 Acceptance and Growth 97% of the people in this world operate in the comfort zone. as is your response to that event. You can wait until he leaves and do what you can for the nun. You don't have to like. What a wonderful perfection. Maybe the nun volunteered to live this moment because it's a turning point in the soldier's life and he's going to change and spend the rest of his life helping people." We’re here to learn lessons that develop us into who we’re meant to be. – Krish Dhanam For many of us growth comes with experience. condone or agree with any events you experience. brutality. try to find help or take photos for your Pulitzer and ALL of those will be the right answer depending on what you’re here to learn. do the best you can in any situation and . take up the pen and enlighten the world on the struggles of the Tibetan people. 3% of the people in this world operate in the effective zone. All you can do is have faith. you just have to accept them as they are at that moment and realize those events are exactly perfect. Maybe the soldier and the nun both volunteered to come back to this life and live this moment just so you could be outraged. "So a Chinese soldier is beating and raping a Tibetan Buddhist nun.

Go for it. It Just Doesn’t Matter Once you’re comfortable with the Perfection of the Universe then you’ll realize you’re completely free. with whomever I want and do whatever I want for as long as I want". Good and Evil The more I'm shown about concepts like Good and Evil. In fact. You can't do anything about that.14 Awaken Your Inner Power realize that every moment is a perfect lesson in itself. You’re free to jump off a building but be aware that the Law of Gravity comes into play and you are going to hit the ground. self worth. Many of us see Freedom as the ability to. If you are led in that direction then by all means embrace your lessons and empower yourself in every way possible. when I want. There will be for awhile yet. "Go where I want. . Since you ARE perfect you can follow your voices in any direction that you’re led. knowing oneself is what the journey is about. love. what we have is Freedom and Restriction. with Freedom we have responsibility and the realization that even when we are totally free we are still subject to certain Natural Laws. However. Some of us are here to learn the lessons of peace. Rather. those who need to come back to this plane of existence and learn the lessons of poverty. “Know thyself” as Socrates said. and you’ll be able to figure out your purpose. loving one’s self and embracing the infinite abundance of the universe. as Anthony Robbins says. the more strongly I believe they don't exist the way we think. Maybe you feel called to be a relief worker or a soldier or a tyrant or a martyr. although you can step up and do your best to eradicate those issues. hunger and war.

Learning to integrate these concepts into your life on a moment to moment basis can help you put much of what you want to create on autopilot.Robert Morgen 15 You’re free to treat others badly. . but be aware that the Law of Attraction comes into play and you’ll attract exactly what you think and feel. To experience true growth always requires one to get out of ‘the comfort zone’. but not how you see yourself. love or fear. but discomfort isn’t the same as pain and suffering. you can just DO it. When you can feel better about all of your experiences you have the ability to prevent the manifestation of the ‘bad’ energy that many people feel all the time. My suggestion is that you spend some time looking at the events in your life from the perspective of freedom or restriction. but also a responsibility to yourself and those around you. You won’t have to think about it. Learning to feel Perfection on a moment to moment basis allows you to make that Perfection part of your reality. So the idea of BALANCE becomes important. or more restriction?" How you answer that question determines how the people around see you. With the above Universal Laws in mind the question becomes "When I exercise my freedoms am I creating more freedom for myself and others. Your ability to accept your situation exactly as it is. but be aware that the Law of Reciprocity comes into play and the Universe returns exactly what you send out. This is about changing your programming for how you feel about everything that happens to you. You have a great degree of Freedom. You’re free to live your life with a negative attitude. can be the deciding factor between growth and misery. in this moment.

I do point out that when you look to an external source for creation and validation you are giving away all of your power and ability. I base that belief on my personal experience as well as a growing volume of modern scientific evidence. and I never argue with that. If I’m not creating my world and my reality then who is? People frequently give the answer “God”. 2. the car. If I’m NOT creating my world. No matter how you feel about responsibility. the dog. Who cares if the sun was in your eyes? . in order to create your world you are going to have to accept 100% of the responsibility for everything you create.16 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 3 Creating Your World I believe each of us has the ability to create the world we live in and change it as we see fit. There go all your excuses! You can't blame the system. is why I subscribe to this belief. If I’m creating my world then I have the ultimate responsibility for it and I can change it and adapt it as I wish. 1. then I don’t have the ability to change it! Reason #2. I’ve seen nothing at all in the Bible to make me think I’m wrong and quite a handful of references that make me think I’m right. the judge or the weather. I believe we create our world for 2 simple reasons. more than anything else.

always going to be giving away your power to anyone else who wants to take that responsibility away from you! We live in a world where we have far more power than we think. Later on I've shown exercises for how you can project your energy and move it around your body. Before you can do that however. It wasn't the government." Have you ever heard that thoughts have power? There are several ways that you can begin to use the power of thought and harness that energy. always. my spouse or my school teachers fault. You are going to have to say "I created this debt. this miserable lifestyle or this depressing day. Acknowledging that you created your life is the first step. you have the power to change it and make it better.Robert Morgen 17 Until you can accept 100% responsibility for everything that you do then you are always. I take complete responsibility for my life from this moment on. you have to take responsibility for it. This is scientific fact and all you have to do is experiment with it and . If you don't admit to yourself that you created whatever situation you want to change then you are never going to be able to give yourself the power to rearrange it the way you want it to be. This is not pseudo-science or New Age fluffiness. Concept – Energy Follows Thought Your energy flows directly to whatever you think about. No matter what you are unhappy about. We have the ability to take 100% of the control over what happens to us and it’s all built into the system. the system. my parents. This came about through my actions and the decisions and choices that I made. this lousy job.

Most people can learn it in just a few minutes. with the caveat that the less you know about what you’re getting into the more drastic the changes you’ll experience may be. Teachers have doled out the information piecemeal over a long period of time partly as a safety measure for their students. How much time do you spend thinking about events in your childhood that angered or frightened you? How much time do you spend mentally arguing with or telling off someone at work? How much time do you spend worrying about other aspects of your life. that court date or . Another scientific fact is that you and the Universe are made of exactly the same energy. You just sent part of your energy to that person! If you stay mad at them you are sending a constant stream of energy and the energy in your account just keeps draining. For a long time much of this process has been kept in the realms of the esoteric and mystical. We're fortunate that we live in a time when pretty much all of this information is available. You perceive your Self to be separate from the Universe.18 Awaken Your Inner Power you'll probably be able to do it. so therefore you are. You get out on the street and someone cuts you off and you get mad and BANG! There goes $10 out of your bank. As you begin working with your ego and taking more control over your life you'll find there is a radical shift in perception in which the blocks and separations between you and the Universe begin to disappear. All you have to do is find a source you like and start to use the information. you have $100 in your energetic bank account from Chapter 2 and you are doing just fine as you get ready to go to work and head out the driveway. The only differences are perceptual. So with that thought.

.Robert Morgen 19 those bills? What you think about and feel about is what you create simply because you are sending the energy for it to manifest! You've heard that you can't create something out of nothing. Personal Empowerment is all about finding the power to make the changes in your life. I want to emphasize that you have all the power you need to begin making that change right now. When you send energy to something you are in fact. the question at this point is how to use that power. or into your past or into your worries. what do you have left over to use to create CHANGE? Empowering Your Life We use the word empower a lot. I believe you already have all the power you need. If you send all your energy to the things that make you angry. All too often we want to put off making changes. This book is about how to make changes in your life and you wouldn't have started reading it if you didn't have something you wanted to change. and no one manifestation of that which you think about. creating it! You are providing the building blocks for the You already have all the power you can ever take it away from you! need. or have more money or more time. We want to wait until we’re in better shape. You have everything you need right now! This is a key point.

Pick something small and give it a try. or accomplish anything you want to accomplish as long as you let yourself do it. Maybe you took a vow of poverty." . Therefore the first step to making change is to give yourself permission to make that change. a shovel or a beer when you are building a house. It's like shaking up the Etch-A-Sketch in your subconscious. It’s not that you shouldn't take a vow seriously. I'm saying that a vow is a good tool and when you're done using the tool it's ok to put it down and pick up another one. Use the right tool at the right time. Many of us are operating under old vows we've taken in this life or another. You must be if you are going to take responsibility for it. It's a way to give energy to your intent and a great tool to help you manifest whatever change you needed at the time you took the vow.20 Awaken Your Inner Power Giving Yourself Permission You are the ultimate authority on your life. Just because you started building a house with a hammer doesn't meant you have to use the hammer all the time. It's possible for a vow from another life to still affect you in this one. Grab an index card and write. "I give myself permission to receive every good thing that comes my way today." Or maybe. A vow is a good tool. Giving Yourself Permission is a tool that lets you break out of subconscious ruts and start over. Sometimes you need a saw. "I give myself permission to forgive every person who makes me angry today. All you have to do is give yourself permission to do something different. YOU can do anything that you want to do. or a vow of celibacy (shudder).

We’re told we must do this or that and believe this or that otherwise we face eternal damnation. YOU have the power to take the ultimate responsibility for your actions. It only matters that you start doing it. or Zoroastrianism or Corn Tortillaism or any other ism. Giving Yourself Permission is also a tool for erasing the doubt that blocks our manifestation. or Islam. thoughts. WHY would any person. For some people the ism's are great tools and exactly what is needed at that point. . In Western culture we are taught that we need someone's permission for almost anything. For now. manage. just get started with it. In the sections on Abundance and Law of Attraction I'll get into much more detail about this as we'll be using it a lot more. One of the most amazing tools that humans can use for good or ill is the concept of belief. desires and dreams and no one can take that away from you unless you let them. You need a license to drive. YOU have the power to change. a permit to hold a parade or add on to your house. You even need permission to marry the person you love and there are laws that restrict your choices! YOU are your own ultimate authority. if given a choice. Punishment and Rewards Many of us grew up in a restrictive religion using the carrot and stick method. When you are constantly told something by people you trust and you have it drummed into you repeatedly of course you are going to believe it. I'm NOT against Christianity. create and develop your life in any direction you wish. choose to live in that sort of a system? Most people are never given the choice! They are indoctrinated into it from birth and it becomes the only system they know.Robert Morgen 21 It doesn't matter what you give yourself permission for.

except you create your own prison and you judge and convict yourself. otherwise what are we getting punished for? It's a bit like the Income Tax in the US. When you start giving yourself permission to delete and remove old vows one of the first things that pops up is the thought 'If I do this is God going to be angry with me? Am I going to get punished or blackballed or struck by lightning?' Sin If we're going to talk about punishment we have to get into the subject of sin. There is no Law (let me repeat that!) there is no Law that says you have to pay income tax. However.22 Awaken Your Inner Power There are other people. who are trying to break out of that restrictive paradigm. This is relatively easy to prove and a slight bit of research on your part will turn up a ton of information on the 16th Amendment and the creation of the Federal Reserve. One of the advantages to connecting to the Universe and creating your life is that you get feedback. if you don't pay your taxes the IRS will take everything you own and put you in prison (welcome to the Land of the Free). I spent the best part of a decade struggling with this after I realized there were other ways and other paths I could take. You'll know fairly quickly whether what you are doing is working and then you can continue developing your Self in the ways that work best. The concept of sin is a bit like that. . and you may be one of them.

You get what you focus on so if you’re going to focus on a sin make sure it’s one you enjoy! A key concept in many religions is salvation. politicians or anything else you focus on.Robert Morgen 23 You can find the word 'sin' used in various contexts going back nearly 10. The Universe brings what you focus on and it doesn’t understand words. My early research on sin was experiential. That’s why it’s impossible to stamp out sin. abortion. Documents from Jesus’ time (as opposed to the modern Bible which was created hundreds of years later) show He taught “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and you are responsible for your own salvation.000 years. so when you think of sin and you have a feeling either good or bad. Most forms of the word have to do with guilt. . The word translated from Greek versions of the Christian Bible to mean 'sin' means 'to miss the mark or target'. but a bit of academic research turns up the word in Hinduism where sin or pāpa is used to describe actions that create negative karma. If you sin you are without the grace of God. This was a big controversy in the early days of Christianity. guns. You need the priests/middle men in order to be saved and without them you’ll burn in eternal damnation. or you've missed your You get what you focus on so if you’re going to make sure it’s one you enjoy! focus on a sin goal of not sinning. the result of that feeling is what you get. Various religions have interesting lists of sins in order to free their converts from having to think too much about this.

24 Awaken Your Inner Power Creating Your World (the way you want it) “It’s all YOU. Our physical form gives us limits we have to overcome and can make us feel cut off from the larger energy of the Universe. for instance. When times get bad you realize YOU have created the trials you’re going through. As Dr. In hard times you can wrap religion around you like a warm blanket on a winter night and be comforted. only you” – Esther Hicks When you take responsibility for creating your world you may think you have to give up the ability to go to the outside sources when times get hard. If you’re having a tough time remember that all the energy you’ll ever need is available and you can just ask for it. We're taught about the Law of Gravity in school. The Universal Laws We are subject to number of Laws until we develop the internal power to break them (Google Milarepa). The route is inside you rather than ‘out there’. It may sound contradictory after some of my rants on religion. but there is a form of higher energy you can connect with. . When we say it’s ALL you we mean it exactly that way. It would be so nice at that point to stop and pray to some outside authority for help. The Universe is filled with unlimited energy and you can allow that energy to flow into your physical self simply by willing it to be so. Michael Beckwith says in the movie 'The Secret'. So many people stick with religion because it answers all the questions and gives firm guidelines. Everything in the Universe IS you. Many of us are familiar with these Laws in a general sense.

If you fall off a building. . In his book 'Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master' Dr. If you want more time then give freely of your own. The moment you say "I can't afford to give because I don't have enough" you are restricting yourself and cutting yourself off from the same flow of energy you are looking for. The Law of Attraction – The short version is that what you think about. In his excellent book 'Rich Dad." There are other Laws you may be familiar with that you haven't seen put into this same perspective. If you want money then you have to give money. and then wondering why they keep getting more of that. Unfortunately most people spend a lot of time thinking about what they don't want and feeling things that they don't want to feel. This leads us right into the next Law. you're gonna hit the ground. Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki points out that you have to give that which you want to receive. what you feel. and more importantly. Comes Around".Robert Morgen 25 "I don't care if you're a good person or a bad person. is what you are going to get. When you integrate the fact that you will receive exactly what you give you have a much greater degree of control over your life. I can assure you that these Laws are even more influential on your life than gravity. The Law of Reciprocity – "What Goes Around. Glenn Morris lists about 20 different versions of this Law from almost every major religion and philosophical path. You have the ability to attract anything that you want if you take conscious control of the process and develop the ability to control what you are thinking and feeling.

"I don't care if you're thinking 'get out of debt' or 'get into debt'. 4. If you want $10. 2. you’ll find a penny on the sidewalk. but leave yourself open to get more. Know what you want – contrast exists to show you the difference between what you want and what you don’t. Remember that the Universe is you! You are creating this as you go and you can open up to unlimited streams of wellbeing if you have a few simple rules. I’ve been shocked by the way people hate this movie. if you're thinking about debt that's what you're going to get". Believe you can have it! – This may be the most important part of the combination. Here are the parts of The Law of Attraction. We’ve been cut off from using this part of the combination by beliefs like . How often do we ask for things we know we can’t get only to say “This stuff doesn’t work!”? You have to take the time to build up your belief patterns. Be open to receiving – I see so many people who give all the time but can’t allow themselves to receive. Start small and take little victories on a consistent basis. Some of the controversy also comes from some of the people from the movie selling their programs giving you ‘the missing parts’ of The Secret. You can complicate this as much as you want beyond this.000 then ask for it. be specific but also leave room to get more than you asked for – You can say “I want more money” and the Universe will bring it to you. Ask for what you want. 3. 1. Jack Canfield points out that the Universe is like a lock and all you need is the right combination.26 Awaken Your Inner Power In the 2006 movie 'The Secret' Bob Proctor says it this way. although I’ve only seen the version with Esther Hicks and I realize that some of that hatred may be political.

When you open to receiving you are allowing others to give and it’s equally as important to be able to receive as to give. 6. Get into alignment with what you want – You must take steps to achieve what you want. Be open to receiving this guidance and then make a commitment to following it. 5. The key here is to hold that emotion of gratitude consistently until after what you want arrives. no matter how much you apply all the other keys. but if you don’t take acting classes or get a sex change then it’s never going to happen. Take the time to explore your doubts and you'll probably find some programming that you can change or delete. You must be 100% sure that what you want is on the way otherwise you are blocking it.Robert Morgen 27 “It’s better to give than receive”. You can put out the intention to be the world’s greatest actress. a. Be Grateful – Once you put the above parts of the combination into play then just know that what you asked for is already on the way. Part of what you receive will be the how that makes your desire possible. Those feelings of doubt are telling you that you have something to think about or resolve concerning whatever you are asking for. . Once you receive the how from step 4 you can get on with getting into alignment. You can be wide open to 'receiving' but simultaneously block your manifestation with doubt. b.

You cannot manifest something that you don’t believe you should have. Gregg Braden points out that the Universe is like a computer. Like a computer. It doesn’t give you what you want. it gives you what you ask for.28 Awaken Your Inner Power The Safety is built into the System The word consistent might be the single most important word I use in this manual. You have to believe in what you ask for and believe that you can have it and deserve it. For example. the Universe also gives you an ‘Are you sure you really want this?” window. You have to be consistent with what you want and the more steps you can take to get into alignment with what you want the more feedback you are sending the Universe. The Universe starts lining up this new want and since you’ve stopped focusing on the old one it stops bringing it to you. If you hold what you’re asking for in your focus then the Universe has its clarification and can bring it. Many . called time. Belief Belief plays a huge part in manifestation. There is a safety built into at this level also. You simply cannot become that which you despise at a soul level. your subconscious will never let you win the lottery or have a lot of money. but if it doesn’t show up quickly enough then you change your want and ask for something else. Just like a computer what you want takes time to get here and it may not show up in the form you expected. This is to prevent you from having random thoughts and having those random thoughts manifest instantly. your subconscious won’t let it happen. You can know what you want and put it out there. if you hate rich people.

Most of us have been influenced in one way or another by the Big 3 religions (Christianity. . or any others for that matter. The route to your Divinity can only be internal. or at least a burning bush. hence the non-manifesting. Looking externally for your Divinity is like going to your next door neighbor and asking if they’ve seen your liver lying around anywhere. There are a lot of routes to your specific Divinity and all of them will teach you something so take time and explore. just waiting for us to knock on the door and ask. At a spiritual level this book is about helping people learn to connect to that internal Divinity. At the universal level it's all the same thing! It's that little bit of Divine Energy that propels us through the myriad lifetimes that we spend trying to learn why we came here when all the time the answers are right there within us. Judaism and Islam) all of which share a common root and all of which have been perverted to teach people to look externally for their answers.Robert Morgen 29 times we ask for the right thing at the wrong time and we know this subconsciously. It's that spark that we are trying to fan into a larger flame and eventually into a bonfire. I'm not against these religions. God-Consciousness Each of us has a spark of Divinity within. the Goddess. Holy Guardian Angel and the Great Spirit. There are a lot of names for that spark including God. but those of us who were heavily indoctrinated into them usually have to spend quite some time just cleaning that stuff out in order to get on with finding the real divinity that exists within us rather than worshipping the power structures that have been created externally. the God-Force that we all have within that we simply need to learn to listen to.

sign me up. ecstasy. from Old English bliss. right? My personal definition that I like to use is simpler and easier to grasp. spiritual joy. 1. Extreme happiness. Not necessarily because I’m a good speaker. The ecstasy of salvation.thefreedictionary. Phrasal Verb: bliss out Slang To go into a state of ecstasy. from bl ths. but because they want to know more about it.30 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 4 Closer to Bliss bliss (bl s) n.com/bliss. [Middle English blisse. Oh yeah and give me a side order of “Extreme happiness” also. joyful. Take the above example which I found at www. . OK. yet these concepts tend to be ill-defined and abstract more often than not. see blithe. In the metaphysical arena we tend to throw around words like bliss and enlightenment. ‘cause if a little bliss is good then twice as much is better. “The ecstasy of salvation” sounds good. from bl the. 2.] Bliss is a concept that people bring up during my classes and presentations.

ever happen to you.Becoming less judgmental Events in and of themselves are rarely good or bad. I must have missed a memo). These tend to be much more judgmental and subjective. One person might look at an event and think “Wow. The combinations vary with each of us. Rather it’s our judgmental position that assigns the value to it. that’s great!” while another may look at the same event and think “Man. this really sucks!” Step 2 . which is why living here is so interesting.Robert Morgen 31 ”The ability to live each moment with a sense of gratitude and tranquility and enter into a state in which you’re always happy and bad things never. this really sucks!” Yet I look back and see that event as a pivotal point in my life and realize I learned much more from it than the obvious “Don’t dive into shallow water” (Apparently most people already knew that. completely paralyzed. . Light/Dark and Male/Female tend to be relatively stable as far as abstracts go and we all have those energies in some combination. If I haven’t lost you by this point the come along and I’ll see if I can explain it in a way that makes sense.” Does that sound silly and improbable? I don’t think so. I was holding my breath and wondering if I was ever going to get another and thinking “Man.Dealing with the dualities Yin/Yang. I remember lying face down in the ocean. Other dualities are less solid and much more subjective. With just a few subtle shifts in our consciousness it becomes easily attainable. Step 1 . such as Good and Evil or even Good and Bad.

. It’s the way we respond to them that make them good or bad. Once again I have to mention the concept of Faith. able to see them immediately obvious. Learning to look for the good side effect or positive lesson in everything that happens is a major step to developing a sense of tranquility. Sometimes it's only years later that events make sense and we're in perspective.Developing a positive attitude Once you cease judging each event as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you can begin to look for the positive lessons. positive or negative. Sometimes it's only years later that events make sense and we're able to see them in perspective.32 Awaken Your Inner Power Often the events that happen to us are much less extreme. From that moment on you’ll be moving with more positive energy and drawing more positive energy to yourself. How many times have you gotten stuck behind an annoyingly slow driver only to discover the Highway Patrol speed trap up ahead? Events are simply events. The moment's good events side may of not this be The good side of this moment's events may not be immediately obvious. This will have an immediate effect on your life. Step 3 . Living a period of tragedy is hard no matter who you are or how well trained and experienced in these mystery schools. The ability to step outside of your judgment of the situation is a very important skill and it doesn't come easy for most people.

sincere smile to the next 10 people you meet.) Feel the energy within you change as you smile. How many people have .The Joy of Gratitude Now that you feel good. Can you feel the energy between you and the person you’re smiling at? Does it feel good. bad. be thankful. making it easier to continue doing so. This is a meditation exercise and it’s homework so let go of your normal daily worries and stresses and give an honest. The universe will agree with anything you tell it. mistrustful? What does that tell you about the person you’re smiling at (or about the way you’re smiling)? Do this exercise with regularity as it really can help build your awareness of the energy. as well as brighten the world a bit. that’s when the corners of your mouth turn upwards. you’ll find that life really is getting better. Step 4 .” It’s OK if that sentence is not exactly true. Smile.Robert Morgen 33 Here’s an exercise for you. say it to your friends. so if you constantly reaffirm how good your life is you might be surprised to find that it really is improving a bit each day. but as you consistently think it to yourself or even better. possibly even revealing the teeth and part of the gums. If you don’t feel good then you should also be thankful as the feelings of dis-ease are really warning signs that we need to make some changes. (For you grumpy buggers out there. It also affects and tightens the muscles of the cheeks and studies have shown that the mere act of smiling releases chemicals into the brain that make you feel better and happier. Few feelings are more powerful than looking around and thinking “This is really Great! My life has never been this good before. Now use that smile on the next 10 people you meet.

Another reason to keep a journal is because our thoughts are energy! When someone ticks us off we tend to walk around with that energy for awhile before it finally clears. In this moment. smile and be happy. as I look back on all that's happened and the places I’ve been. I realize that as usual. that energy will build up in your muscles as well as your brain. Journaling can be a good way to release stress. but learning to look beyond the judgmental reactions and find the positive lessons will allow you to smile (or at least grimace) through the pain and see that the events had a different meaning. Just because you . at the end. while the signs for change were all around them and they just didn’t understand? It can be really difficult to be thankful and express gratitude when life deals you pain and heartache. Depending upon the strength of the emotions you've experienced. judge our lives as having been ‘good’ or ‘bad’. you’ll wish you had. It’s how we approach each moment that determines whether we can. Someday when you try to write a book to explain how you got to be the way you are (or at least the way you’ll be then). Two decades later.34 Awaken Your Inner Power thought “I’d change if I just had a sign”. In the meantime. but rather a collection of individual moments. Our lives aren’t made up of days or years. Dr. Glenn Morris states that you’re going to be making extreme changes to your life and therefore should keep a journal. Keeping a Journal In Path Notes of an American Ninja Master. he’s exactly right. You’ll see many instances where I learned the hard way rather than just following the advice of someone who’s already been where I’m trying to go. so when I urge you to begin keeping one right now it’s through my own bad example. I didn’t keep a journal however.

if you experienced it that makes it real. You are the only person who can decide what you’re feeling and categorize it properly. Once it's written down the mind can release the thought and let new stuff flow in.Robert Morgen 35 journal something doesn't mean that you can't immediately shred it. . this may just be bullshit. Thinking about something creates it at a small level.” Many of these exercises and concepts are about helping you access and learn to use your internal energies. There IS NO external validation for a lot of this stuff! It’s all about learning to feel things and then trust your feelings. This is about building your own personal catalog of experiences. what you love and what you'd like to see happen. Write about what you want. When I work with writers I advise them to journal for exactly this reason. recognize what’s going on and understand what’s happening to you. Acting on it adds even more energy and helps to ensure that it manifests in your life. Writing something down is an act of creation that goes beyond merely thinking it. writing it down adds more energy and creates it at a larger level. and say “Well. When we write we are opening up to a flow of energy and often we'll have an idea that floats around in our heads for awhile before we write it down. but this is what I felt…” After about the third or fourth time I stopped him and said “Look. As we talked about his experiences he’d start to describe them and stop slightly embarrassed. Journaling can also open up your creative process and help develop a flow of information. by the way. Nobody has the right to say you didn’t. Creating your Personal Catalog of Experiences I was at a Reiki Share where a young man was clearly experiencing some awakening energy.

Once you begin to . You have been surrounded by amazing and miraculous If you have an awareness of karma what you really have is a form of balance. Often it takes a long time to feel your connection to the energy and understand that connection. It’s the only way to discover what it feels like. I did the Microcosmic Orbit for over 2 years before I felt the connection and began to figure it out. with this stuff. I'll be writing extensively later on about feeling and seeing energy and you'll have a lot of exercises that will help you build up your catalog. It's a tool to help you with your moment to moment awareness of how you're treating yourself and others.36 Awaken Your Inner Power What makes teaching subtle energy difficult (and so easy for the charlatan) is that the energies are subtle. energies your entire life. I can tell you what something feels like for me. but may not have recognized the energy for what it was because you had nothing to compare it to. but I can’t tell you what it should feel like for you. This is something that you will be doing for the rest of your life and you'll be amazed at how much attention you'll be able to give a pine cone or a flower or to your mate while making love. That’s why I repeatedly stress keeping a positive attitude and playing rather than working.

Robert Morgen


develop your inner catalog then you'll never be bored again as there is always something new to discover or experience.

Karma We hear a lot about Karma. This is good karma, you have bad karma. People think karma is the result of your last life coming back to bite you in this one. I only partially agree. I also think we make our own karma as we go and have to deal with it during this life. Karma is simply the result of our actions. If you frequently use anger as a tool you have to expect to be put in positions where anger is necessary. You create that circle and then perpetuate it. In part it goes back to the Laws of Reciprocity and Attraction and in part it has to do with our subconscious. Awakening your Inner Power breaks the wheel of karma in that it forces you to examine yourself in such detail that you’ll have to clean up your messes, even those carried over from past lives. I don’t see Inner Power as some karmic ‘get out of hell free’ card. Rather it’s like a huge mirror that doesn’t lie to you and won’t let you lie to yourself. As you cleanse and balance your chakras you’ll have the opportunity to look at yourself and your life very closely. Make the time to do this on your on and begin the process yourself rather than having it dumped on you all at once. It’s part of the self-awareness training that you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. As you develop the level of self-awareness that allows you be in constant control of your actions you’ll be able to move your karma in positive directions. To use the earlier example of anger, by showing more compassion to angry people you’ll be given more compassion on those occasions you slip off the wagon and become angry yourself.

38 Awaken Your Inner Power

If you have an awareness of karma what you really have is a form of balance. It's a tool to help you with your moment to moment awareness of how you're treating yourself and others. Karma gets a little deeper on a subconscious level and it builds up an energy that you have to address and balance out.

The Transition to Awakening There are things you can do to make this entire process easier. You’ll see these mentioned repeatedly primarily because they work. Inner Power doesn’t have to be a huge, dramatic, life altering shock to your system. The following concepts can make it much easier.

Have Faith

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Faith is important in awakening Inner Power because you have to surrender your egoic sense of control and be willing to go where you’re sent. You have to believe that you’re doing the right thing. You can have faith in a limitless number of Gods both modern and ancient or you can make up your own. They’re all just symbols of the eternal energy of creation and you can personify them to your hearts content, just as long as you truly have faith. Personally I don’t bother with any of the common deities. I think we humans have such a small viewpoint that we wouldn’t recognize a real god if we got into bed with it. For me it’s enough to feel the “universal energy” of creation that I can feel within and just believe in that. Inner Divinity is what is important and learning to interface with it and trust it

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is what having faith is all about. To have faith you have to believe that the energy is intelligent and directed, otherwise why would it matter if you had faith in it or not? I do believe that, but that’s as far as I’ve bothered to think about it, because beyond that it doesn’t matter. It’s enough to accept it at a soul level and trust it. Jack Canfield gives a great example of faith in 'The Secret' when he points out that when you drive at night your headlights only shine a couple hundred feet out in front of you. "…and you can make it all the way from California to New York, driving through the dark, 'cause all you have to see is the next 200 feet". So take that first step. Listen to your inner voices and just go and trust that everything else will be revealed to you.

Keeping a Positive Attitude On this path you’ll experience emotions, feelings and in some cases pain. Sometimes it’ll only make sense years later when you look back and realize what was happening. In many cases awakening your Inner Power is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without having any kind of picture to go by. No matter what happens, or where you feel drawn to go, a positive attitude will make the whole thing easier. I try to look at everything as a test, and that works for my personality. Each individual moment I have choices that I can make. I can be enlightened or ignorant, loving or afraid, loud or quiet and it depends on my willingness to listen to the inner voices that we all have. The inner voices are an amazing asset to keeping you on the right path and helping you become the person you came here to be. This is where you want to remember the Universal Laws as well.

40 Awaken Your Inner Power

Remember that what you send out is what you are going to get. What you think about and feel is what you are going to attract. Take the time right now to develop these skills and put them into practice in your life. Many people have grown up with the attitude that they have to work hard and suffer for every lesson life gives them. If you have this attitude then you can change it! You have the ability right now to start redirecting your life so it flows smoothly, just by changing your attitudes about the things that go on around you. You don't have to agree with or like everything that you see, but awakening is about your perceptions of everything that happens to you. If you can perceive an event as positive you can learn a lesson from it and integrate it into your life.

Developing Your Self-Awareness

“Asking good questions is half of learning.” Muhammad - Essential Sufism

Inner Power begins with the process of learning exactly who you are, with all your warts, wonders and blemishes. Once you’ve done that and become completely at ease with your self-acceptance you can promptly just forget all of it and disappear into the ether. Literally. Your self is like a blanket you cover up with or a jacket you put on. Spend some time becoming comfortable with yourself and you’ll begin to see that you can put it on and take it off at will. It’s just an external way to identify which self is yours. Once you get beyond that and see that you don’t really exist, then you can really start having fun with this stuff. Developing your self-awareness is a multi-faceted exercise that

In the process they are sending a huge part of their energy away from them and away from the present. right now. your mental self and your spiritual self and see how you can integrate them into your total being. or you can use less.Robert Morgen 41 encompasses all parts of your being. One of the big realizations that came to me right then is that this breath is . THIS BREATH is the one that counts. Building Energy There are 2 ways to have more energy. I want to reinforce some principles that will help you literally direct more energy into the creation of your life. Remember that the past is gone and the future may not get here. right now. At the elementary levels of this book we’ll look at your physical self. You can make more. No matter how good you become at it there will always be new layers to uncover and new things to learn. Every time a wave hit it turned my face up out of the water and I took a deep breath and held it and waited to see if I was going to get another. A lot of this book is about learning to take control of your energy and by extension. Following the breath – I once spent a lifetime lying paralyzed face down in the ocean. 1. Energy follows thought – Most people are usually thinking about what they've done in the past or what they want to do in the future. 2. Stay focused. your life.

3. 4. Yoga. It's what you do right now in the space of this breath that makes the difference. Martial Arts and Physical Fitness You don’t have to be in excellent physical condition to awaken your Inner Power. MSG is a neurotoxin which means it decreases brain function. 5. The food you eat. but it helps. Decrease the resistance to your energy – You'll be shocked at how much energy you're blocking. Keeping an open mind and learning to relax and surrender to the awakening process will allow more energy to flow through your system. When you learn to take control of your mind and your thoughts you can take control of your life. Increase the amount of energy you have to work with – Meditation is the single greatest tool you can use to take control of your life. Take control of your finances and you will have greater control over your life.42 Awaken Your Inner Power literally the only one that matters. Dave Ramsey. Your body is what you live in while you’re . Suze Orman and Robert Kiyosaki all have great tools to help you learn more about budgets and business. Take control of your finances – This may sound like a weird topic for a meditation book. the lack of exercise. We’ll get into this more in an upcoming chapter. the mental inflexibility and the unwillingness to surrender to the process all create resistance. literally. Yoga and physical fitness help cleanse and rejuvenate the body. but a vast amount of the stress and fear generated in the world today is based around money.

The relaxing effects of a good yoga practice help prevent muscle tightness that can impede your energy flow. In my Hoshin classes we used the martial arts as a test to see how your energy work is progressing. lungs and muscles work more efficiently. allows you to move more easily and freely and adds a much better quality of life. Yoga lubricates and relaxes the spine. rather than as a violent sport. Chi Kung. I’m always amazed by the people who insist on having a nice house or a big. I always advise people to get into a good yoga practice for several reasons. A relaxed healthy spine is also a better conduit for chi. feelings and stresses within our muscles and organs. 3. 4. A regular physical fitness regimen will help your heart. 2. fancy car. yet ignore the one vehicle they can’t live without. 1. They also help you become more confident and comfortable in your surroundings. Some forms of the martial arts such as Tai Chi. You'll feel better intellectually and . Tai Jutsu and Hoshinjutsu help build remarkable energy awareness and strength. Yoga helps release those in a relaxed.Robert Morgen 43 here. When you breathe properly during the yoga positions (asanas) you’re massaging your internal organs as well as stretching your muscles. “Energy doesn’t flow through tight muscles” (you’ll hear that over and over again). This provides an immediate health benefit as well as helping to release stored toxins and feelings. Our bodies store memories. rather than all at once through a chakra-ic cleansing. gradual manner.

Massage. If you're tense and out of shape and feeling badly then you're just adding more levels of resistance and making things harder on yourself. You can also do it all at once when your Inner Power awakens. No Gain" was popular around the gym and it's funny how many other areas of our lives that mindset tends to creep into. Part of life is dealing with stress. Fortunately we get to choose how to do it. In the 80's the saying "No Pain. As your self-awareness and meditation skills increase you’ll begin moving in a constant state of light meditation. A regular fitness plan helps develop your moving meditation skills in addition to making you more fit. I’m a huge fan of . In most other areas of your life. Reiki and Acupuncture When the stress knots begin to release out of your system you may find it necessary to have some bodywork done. You can do that gradually. The gym saying is true within that context. like peeling away the layers of an onion. If you have stress knots and tight muscles they are adding a level of unnecessary PAIN into your spiritual practice because those stress knots and tight muscles are going to block your energy. pain is a sign that you are doing something wrong and your body is going to take some action to alleviate that pain. If you have to wear this meatsuit then you may as well feel good while you're here. but it refers to a specific type of pain that is beneficial for the muscle growth process. and if we repress it we build up stress knots in our organs and muscles. Many of these knots will connect to a specific energy or memory and when they’re released you may find yourself having to deal with that problem or memory again.44 Awaken Your Inner Power emotionally as well as physically. Energy flows more easily through a healthy and relaxed body. like smashing the onion with a big sledgehammer. however.

When that energy releases it has to manifest in some way and sometimes it helps to have it massaged out. This is much more than just feeling the universe. We call it The Law of Reciprocity. It’s why people who’ve done it have no fear of death. To call it a defining moment in a person’s life doesn’t do it justice as it literally changes the way you look at and react with everyone and everything around you. When you can feel everything at an energetic level you realize that thoughts. The Interconnectivity of Everything A truly amazing experience is the feeling of having your self disappear and of connecting to everything else. You’ll find directions for how to perform a basic Reiki treatment on yourself in a later chapter. comes around” take on a whole new meaning. It’s just the energy releasing and draining out of your system. or to have an acupuncturist go through and balance your energy manually. reiki and acupuncture as well as chiropractic. The Law of Reciprocity When you can feel the total interconnectedness of everything old sayings like “What goes around. They’ve experienced the reality of the (im)permanence of the universe. words and actions have their own energy. It can be extremely powerful for healing at all levels and it’s an amazing aid to Inner Power as it helps open up and cleanse the chakras. Reiki is a form of channeling universal energy. You’ll often experience emotional releases like crying or laughing during these treatments. it’s the literal act of becoming the universe and realizing that the universe is you. What you send out will be .Robert Morgen 45 massage. Stress knots are energy.

so where the hell is it. Using Affirmations One of the most powerful tools in the universe is one you can begin using immediately! Affirmations are simple. so when you make a positive affirmation like “I deserve LOVE” the subconscious is there in the background going “Yeah. so if you want to be treated with love and compassion you have to start by treating others with love and compassion.____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ . Let’s make that happen right now. harmful thoughts or actions guess what you get back? It becomes a constant reminder to pay attention to your thoughts and actions. When you use an affirmation you are literally making something firm or real for yourself.” The simple way to use affirmations is to identify some part of your life where you feel a lack. and create the affirmation to convert that lack to abundance. so if you send out negative. I’m not going to bother giving you a list of affirmations as you know yourself much better than I do. The energy you put out is the energy that comes back to you. we do. I’d like to improve. you can do them anywhere and they don’t cost anything. Instead I’m going to leave a blank place here and as one of your first exercises you can identify 10 areas of your life that you’d like to improve and create your own affirmation for each. Go ahead and write in the book. The subconscious mind (the Id) can’t discern between what’s real and what isn’t.46 Awaken Your Inner Power returned to you. It’s ok.

____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ I’d like to improve.____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ I’d like to improve.Robert Morgen 47 I’d like to improve.____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ I’d like to improve.____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ I’d like to improve.____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ I’d like to improve.___________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ .____________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ I’d like to improve.

48 Awaken Your Inner Power I’d like to improve. What you . Once again we see the Law of Attraction at work. it’s too hard. Slow words such it" insure that you are right and that you really can't Fast words such as "How can I afford it?" open you up to the unlimited abundance of the Universe and help you to find a way to manifest what you want. Once again the subconscious mind will create whatever you tell it. Then come up with some new ones and start all over again. I’m not good enough”. negative affirmations can take it away. or some other wussification the subconscious is right there in the background going “Yeah you loser.___________________________________ I deserve/am worthy of_______________________________ Several times a day you should take a few moments and repeat these affirmations to yourself until you’ve created your abundance in these areas. When you say things like “I can’t do this. afford it. what were you thinking to even try?” It’s just as important to break your old negative habits as it is to replace them with new positive habits. as "I can't afford Avoiding negativity "Is it possible to have knowledge and yet learn to be free from fear?" Jiddu Krishnamurti Just as positive affirmations can bring you abundance.

There's complete ignorance and lack of awareness on one end of the scale. There will always be things that are perceived as bad or negative. Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki talks about using "fast words and slow words". . Enlightenment cannot exist without ignorance. Those things are not only necessary. Slow words such as "I can't afford it" insure that you are right and that you really can't afford it. and Enlightenment on the other. In 'Rich Dad. but a part of a greater perfection that exists throughout the Universe. At the same time you can't spend your life identifying ignorance just to make yourself feel enlightened. but rather as a moment to moment reaction to what's going on around us. loving others as we should love ourselves? Awakening your Inner Power or spending a decade in a cave on a mountain doesn't necessarily make one enlightened. Is true enlightenment simply recognizing the connections we all have to one another and really treating others as we'd want to be treated. I find that to be extremely amusing since enlightenment doesn’t really exist in and of itself! Enlightenment only exists as a relative term.Robert Morgen 49 think about and feel is what you create and manifest. Spending every moment in the moment and responding to the same divine spark in others that we also have within us possibly does. Inner Power and Enlightenment We always hear about the “Enlightened Master”. Neither exists independently. Fast words such as "How can I afford it?" open you up to the unlimited abundance of the Universe and help you to find a way to manifest what you want.

As part of your process you have to develop the self-awareness to find your attachments and deal with them.just trust me on this. the Social Security Administration will NOT accept how screwed up you were in a past life as justification for putting you on a disability pension in this one . Maybe one of your attachments is to the thought that you should be an Executive in your company by now. If you've paid attention to what I wrote earlier about giving yourself permission then you'll have a big tool to help you. in my perception. primarily ideas about yourself and others that you hold on to. the super-ego. Maybe you don’t fit Hollywood’s idea of the ideal weight and you continually feel lessened by your “weight problem”.50 Awaken Your Inner Power Dealing with Attachments You’ll hear a lot about attachments as you begin working with the Meditation. Sometimes they may be a part of your learned ego. Other attachments may be a part of your subconscious or Id. Attachments are. Part of the process is to divest yourself of your attachments so let’s take a look at what that means. Attachments are part of your ego. You can even have attachments that are holdovers from past lives! (A note here. so you feel lessened or diminished because you aren’t. You could become attached to the idea that once you become slim then everything will be ok in your life.) As you get deeper into your self-awareness process you’ll occasionally find these attachments and have to deal with them. This is a different process for everyone. So don’t feel like you have to get rid of the wife or the family pet or sell your favorite putter. Unfortunately there’s not much I can tell you that will help with this. . That’s the person you have been taught to be.

partly as a side effect of the release of stress knots and muscle tightness. “DON’T TALK ABOUT IT!” Rule #1 – You don’t talk about Inner Power. In my case I’ve had huge improvements in my eyesight and my hearing. feel and experience things most people don't.George Carlin 'Siddhi' is an ancient Sanskrit word that means magic. Many Meditation adepts report an increase in psychic abilities and the tendency to just know things (usually seen by non-adepts as being a smart-ass). My balance also improved immensely. such as vastly improved health and better balance. If you talk about it people will think you’re seeing and hearing things that they . As you get deeper into your selfawareness and deeper into the awareness of your interconnectivity. One of the first things that a good meditation teacher should tell a student about the siddhis is. Some of the siddhis will be physical. In some cases you may find that you channel spirit guides (or ancient wisdom. Other siddhis may touch on the spiritual or psychic realms. you’re going to see. or whatever you want to call it).Robert Morgen 51 The Siddhis “Those who dance are often thought insane by those who can’t hear the music” . Rule #2 – You don’t talk about Inner Power. One of the funny (and sometimes annoying) side effects to Inner Power is that you can develop abilities others don’t have and probably don’t believe in as the average Westerner doesn’t have much first-hand experience with this stuff. The reason is simple.

One of the amazing things about the internet is the ability to form online communities. A lot of things have meanings other than what we've come to commonly accept and you definitely want to know what you are playing with. You may be able to see energy and interact with it visually. I like walking around the mall because there are so many colors and feelings and different types of energy. I’ve listed several good groups (including mine) in the Resource Section at the end of the book. The mall can be a bit overwhelming at first and if it is . Go for walks and get into a meditative state while walking and pay attention to the different energies all around you. The usual response is to give you mind altering drugs and electro-shock therapy to make you ‘normal’ again. Having said that. most of us tend to talk about it anyway. in which case I'd recommend some good books on Symbology and an extremely open mind. Spend a LOT of time just playing with it and seeing how different things feel. but don't be distracted by them. Now. that's true.52 Awaken Your Inner Power don’t and of course. Take some time and play with the siddhis. A simple way I explain my view of these little magics is that each of them has its own frequency and you'll be able to tune in to some more easily than others. and this has been a major boon for meditation practitioners. thanks to the internet. by the time you know enough about it to really talk about it then you have such a strange energy and probably dress weirdly enough that most of the ‘normal’ people don’t really see you. You may be able to feel energy and interact with it that way. Usually. From 1992 until 2002 I never talked to another human who’d experienced the things I was going through. it’s possible to get onto a discussion group and ask questions and talk about experiences and just lurk and learn.

however. great tools or an ego trip that can totally derail your development. Have fun with this and don't be afraid of it. telepathy or any number of other things most people won't believe. As the attacker ran in. You may develop abilities with divination. and even worse. It’s not the sort of thing that should be learned from a book or a video. Master Seago directed a burst of chi into his opponent’s leg and the leg just stopped working! What made this really interesting is that the attacker was about 10 feet . If this world is an illusion then EVERYTHING is equally unreal. The siddhis can be fun toys. knock an attacker’s leg out from under him using a secret sword technique. Energy Attacks and Defense Some recent cartoons have given rise to the ‘chi ball’ and now people talk about this as if it were real. There are some real energy attacks and ways to defend against them. Stay positive and humble. spend a lot of effort trying to protect themselves from it. Remember what I said about distractions. You may be able to occasionally tell what others are thinking or feeling. One of the things I teach in my Hoshin classes is how to use energy as a tool and send it into various chakras and pressure points. so why worry that they might still your heart? When I was visiting the San Francisco Bujinkan dojo with Glenn Morris and Doug Beuckert I once saw Master Dale Seago. It just becomes a question of opening up to that particular frequency. It’s also not something you really need to worry about as the average person can’t muster enough concentrated energy to still their own mind. You may be able to channel wisdom from the Universe.Robert Morgen 53 then start in your backyard and just open up your awareness and see what you feel. a high level Ninjutsu practitioner.

if you are spending your life in a defensive posture then you have some definite issues with fear that need to be worked through. so guess what your best defense is. The best defense that I can think of. . and yes this sounds hokey. The vast majority of the people in the world can't concentrate well enough to still much less attack you with their energy. Keep reading. If developing these sorts of abilities interests you then check out Paul Dong's book "Empty Force" and Dr. If you have to defend yourself. That’s right. is to be completely open and at One. I've included both books in the Resource section at the back of this book. Remember. If you are actively creating your life you have the ability to avoid this issue entirely. If you have the ability to connect to and become the Universe you have an unlimited number of options.54 Awaken Your Inner Power away and Master Seago never physically touched him. If you are nothing there is nothing to defend. awareness! The other good thing is that by the time a person develops that much energy they’ve usually found so many ways to use it more productively that you really don’t have to worry about being attacked by them. Mantak Chia's "Tan Tien Chi Kung". purposefully their own mind. let your self blend into the rest of the universe. There are also some very simple and safe ways to steal an opponent’s energy and strength. Anyone who can use these techniques will be able to do so against anyone who doesn’t have a high degree of awareness.

Everything is made of energy. Most people who have the ability to use energy in either fashion will also have enough of an understanding of how energy works to avoid sending out the negative. In his excellent book The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield points out that many people use a variety of tactics to draw energy from the people around them and often these tactics are learned in childhood and are completely unconscious. This is obviously not a new concept. Every form of energy is based on one of those! Attacking someone with energy is a Fear-based action. Most of our energy doesn’t get lost to ‘attacks’. There are those who unconsciously draw energy from the people around them. Whenever you meet they talk about how . The vast majority of the unconscious Energy Sucker Zombies are usually untrained and are simply the normal people we run into every day. As ye sow. What you send out is what you get back. Fear-based energy. Notice I said most people. so shall ye reap.Robert Morgen 55 3 Reasons Not to Worry about Energy Attacks 1. The Law of Reciprocity The Law of Reciprocity is very simple and easy. Our thoughts. Using energy as a tool for someone’s benefit is a Love-based action. we give it away unconsciously to those around us. What goes around comes around. dreams desires and actions all carry their own energy and we get to decide on a moment to moment basis whether that energy is positive and based in Love or negative and based in Fear. Have you ever run into an otherwise wonderful person who constantly bemoans their fate? Everything they do is a chore and the world tends to be very heavy. 2. And on and on.

in some of the esoteric martial arts. It’s a different tactic. they are experiencing. By the end of this section you should be able to use this energy easily. Did you ever see someone who tends to be aggressive and pushy. much less purposefully attack you with their energy. Statistically you have a better chance of simultaneously being struck by lightning. and usually slightly angry? These folks have learned to use intimidation to draw energy. So how do you defend against them? By tapping into an unlimited source of energy that we all have access to. While there are. the simple fact is by the time a person can use their . energy techniques that can be used against an attacker. but still gets the same effect. 3.56 Awaken Your Inner Power bad things are going and how much pain/despair/trouble/heartache/etc. we’re constantly besieged by the legions of Energy Sucker Zombies that we come in contact with every day. Throughout the years it’s become the norm for them to use their problems to draw energy from the people around them and they probably truly don’t realize that they are Energy Suckers. Most people don’t have the ability to attack you The vast majority of the people in the world can't concentrate well enough to still their own mind. How many other tactics do the people around you use to draw energy? Rather than being attacked by “Psychic Vampires”. hit by a bus and winning the lottery than you do of being purposefully attacked. Do you ever want to just bitch-slap this otherwise wonderful person and tell them to Cowboy Up? (I’m coming to the conclusion that the Compassionate Bitch-Slap may be a useful tool for some folks) These folks have been taught that when they begin their litany of problems other people will go “Oh you poor thing!” and send them some energy.

or you can use less. Cleanse your body and mind of stress Most of the above exercises will also help with this. A good meditation practice also helps you develop better posture in which your body is supported by your skeleton rather than being held up by your muscles. Protecting Yourself from Energy Drain There’s 2 ways to have more energy.Robert Morgen 57 energy well enough to accomplish such a response (to a physical attack). Hoshinjutsu and Taijutsu can be extremely helpful in loosening up the muscles and joints and allowing you to move more freely. Stress is a Fear-based reaction to external/internal stimuli. Think of your body’s energy system as a piece of electrical cable. You can make more. Let’s look at how to use less. Learning to identify the stress in our life requires a certain amount of introspection and selfawareness. With practice one can learn to identify negative stresses and . Certain Martial Arts such as Tai Chi. 3 Ways to Lower Your Own Resistance 1. they’ve found far too many good and positive ways to use that energy. It is in fact a conduit in much the same way. Relax your muscles This sounds simple. If you lower the Resistance in the cable then the cable can carry much more energy. A piece of electrical cable can carry a certain amount of energy and has a certain amount of Resistance. When you lower the Resistance in your body you instantly have more energy to use for other purposes. 2. How often have you heard the comment that “Energy doesn’t flow through tight muscles”? One of the side effects of a good Yoga practice is that it relaxes and loosens your muscles. and it is. Relaxing your muscles allows your energy to flow unimpeded.

Enabling behavior is what happens when someone whines a little and you say “Oh you poor thing!”. which may not make them feel better at all in the short term. Conserving your energy Whenever someone gives you a sob story and you say “Oh you poor thing!” you’ve just given away part of your energy. It doesn’t mean you should do whatever it takes to make that person feel better. Events are simply events and it’s the external value that we place on those events that causes us to see them as “good” or “bad”. but to say that one should never let anger take control is not. To say one should never get angry is unrealistic. Compassion is the art of being Empathetic (NOT Sympathetic!) for the plight of another. Your energy is a tool and you should make a point of using it on behalf of others (go back and see the Law of Reciprocity). which gives them positive reinforcement to continue whining. 3. Whenever you are angry you are sending that person part of your daily allotment of energy. It’s simply the energy (NOT the emotion) of Love. That’s why I say “nothing bad should ever happen to you” once you learn to walk this path. but you also have to be aware of those who’d just drain it in order to continue on with their “Poor Me” attitudes. It’s important at this point to look at the difference between ‘Compassion’ and ‘Enabling behavior’ as these two often get confused. but rather you should do whatever is in that persons best interest. Those external values also create the stress that goes with the event. Tapping into an Unlimited Pool of Energy There’s an unlimited pool of energy everyone can tap into very easily. The English . The same goes for anger.58 Awaken Your Inner Power learn to channel that energy in positive ways.

did you know that you CAN have an orgasm without ejaculation? Read Mantak Chia’s “The MultiOrgasmic Man” for some interesting and really fun experiments with this. Most people don’t realize it because without some deep thought or some real training they just never know to try to separate the two. Since most people are unaware of this they put off . that intention carries with it a very subtle vibration. Sensing intention allows you to be in instant control of a potentially violent encounter. Sensing Intention A mystical aspect of the martial arts is the ability to feel another person’s intention. ki and prana. taste or think of. and it's one of the ways we use the martial arts to test our energy work and meditation skills in my classes. It’s easy to learn and can bring new depth to the non-violence of your life as it can make you safer and more confident. feel. It’s the primal energy that connects everything we do.Robert Morgen 59 word ‘Love’ has both an Energy and an Emotion. (Side note: Hey guys.) You don’t have to love someone emotionally to send them the energy of love just like a man can have an orgasm without an ejaculation. It’s just like the difference between orgasm and ejaculation for men. I’m including it in this book because sensing intention is all about awareness and being in the moment. A Simple Explanation of Intention When a person intends to hit you. see. It’s commonly referred to by the emotion. hear. The energy of Love has been referred to for thousands of years as chi. It’s why such sayings as “thoughts have energy” and “Energy follows thought” are true and taught in so many different cultures.

very slowly. In Hoshinjutsu we have a student stand with their eyes closed and then. The purpose of teaching a student to feel intention is to empower them in situations most people find daunting. With training a person can distinguish between the intent to strike and the strike itself as there are subtle differences in the feel of the energy vibrations emanating from the attacker. When a person tries to hit you they put off a vibration you can feel. .60 Awaken Your Inner Power a variety of these subtle vibrations constantly. you are in control. even with your eyes closed. seemingly of its own accord. It's fun to see the look of shock on someone's face when they realize what happened and what they felt. Have you ever come home to an angry spouse and felt the entire house vibrate with the angry energy? This is exactly the same. will dodge out of the way. You can vary this by thinking angry thoughts and happy thoughts and watch the distance at which you become noticed by the student. then you walk slowly (and silently) toward them. send a punch towards their face with the full intention to make contact. While some of these solutions are better than others (Chair Fu should always be the absolute last resort) what's important here is that because of your heightened awareness you weren't taken by surprise when someone attacked you. you can seek a diplomatic solution or you can wait till the future attackers back is turned and hit him with a chair. Depending on the situation you can leave. Another exercise is to have a student stand with his back to you. The student is to raise a hand when they feel you coming up behind them. When you know another person has ill intentions towards you. Almost invariably the student will feel the difference in the subtle energies that surround them and their body.

Robert Morgen 61 For an interesting illustration of using intention and feeling the difference between the intent to strike and the actual strike read Chapter 6 of Dr. It's projecting the energy of attraction in order to bring about a desired result. but unless you are projecting your intention and doing something that brings you into alignment with that intention nothing is going to happen. A Christian might pray for it. or sing songs about it or write stories about it or any of a million other ways you can project your thoughts and give them physical form. Wayne Dyer has a wonderful CD set called 'The Power of Intention'. Poor Dad can be extremely useful. There are a lot of ways to project your intention. Take some time here and play with this. If you are a Wiccan and you want to project your intention you may cast a spell and light a candle. A key point to intention is that you must be able to believe you can get whatever it is you want to attract. Maybe you write it down and affirm it. The key here is that you take some form of action. or sit and meditate on it. You can sit in a cave and intend to make a million dollars all you want to. I'm a big fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks' Abraham books and even some of the tools in financial books such as Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad. Using Intention in Your Life Just as you can sense intention when it comes from other people. you can also project your intention out into the world. Once you do that then you can sit in a cave and . Most people have to take some time and start small and work up to the big stuff in order to learn to have faith in the process. Glenn Morris' book Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master in which he talks about his experience with the Bujinkan Sword Test. Dr. Intention is the act of giving a form to what you want to achieve or acquire.

Some teachers advise their students not to make any major changes for at least 6 months after the Inner Power rises. Inner Power can have a downside for the seeker who doesn’t pay attention and follow some simple rules. Other side effects that can be annoying (besides insanity) include an increased sexual attraction by the opposite. sex. increased physical strength and better health. depression and even worse in the unprepared and unknowing. can cause paranoia. depression and paranoia are victims not only of unbalanced Inner Power. although I go a bit differently with it. but of a society that doesn’t recognize it and has no reality into which Inner Power fits. Inner Power is. but not before. and even the same. Some of the siddhis. sexual energy. As you balance your chakras (which can be quite a process) you’ll possibly go through periods that can only be described as a form of spiritual superiority as you’re experiencing events and deities that the average person no longer gets to interact with. . it can be pretty easy for the opposite sex to feel attracted to it. unfortunately.62 Awaken Your Inner Power manifest a million dollars. The Downside of Inner Power It’s not all about cool abilities. epilepsy. I firmly believe that many of the folks in our culture who suffer from schizophrenia. sell or give away anything and don’t dump all of your stuff and decide to follow a spiritual path. It’s the primordial energy from which we were all created and once you start boosting it. That’s not bad advice. by definition. Giving Away Your Stuff One of the things to remember when your Inner Power awakens is you’ll probably go through some extremely life altering periods. Don’t buy. especially those in the psychic realms.

but I also didn’t know anyone else who’d been through it) is to embrace the insanity and roll with it. Go where the energy takes you and talk to whomever it leads you to. Explain to your loved ones that you are going to take some time and 'find yourself' and then get on with it. Give away all your stuff. so you can take time out from lying under a Volkswagen talking to god and go into the library and use the internet. Fortunately today there are relatively easy ways to communicate with others who may be experiencing something similar to you. .Robert Morgen 63 My advice (coming from someone who had a particularly hard time in this period. wear funny clothes and ride the shakti-coaster til the gods all get together and throw you off it. Don't be afraid of the process. It gives you a bit more freedom to explore.

Inner-Power. We have some great tools to help with these including some free audio and video lessons. but my advice . This section is all about doing your meditations.net for You may feel you’ve progressed beyond some of is to take some time through the basics. I remember the time before I began teaching when I hardly ever sat through a Brain Scrub session. One of the benefits of teaching meditation is that I’m constantly running through these basic exercises as I teach them to others. but my advice is to take some time and go back through the basics. but when I began teaching it and sitting through the sessions with my students I found going back to the basics allowed me to get even deeper into the more advanced exercises. In the beginning you may have to really focus and concentrate to be able to hear the Divine Voice within you. and go back this. and I can’t tell you how helpful that can be. You may feel you’ve progressed beyond some of this. See my website at www.64 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 5 Introduction to Meditation Meditation is how you learn to connect to your Inner Divinity. The meditations here range from very basic to relatively advanced. As you continue to meditate and cleanse and balance you'll find the voice gets louder (and more insistent) and much easier to follow.

Robert Morgen 65 more details. then get discouraged if they don’t see the results they think they should. You can stock it with whatever accoutrement you wish. Don’t worry about how long you meditate. so 5 minutes a day everyday is better than 35 minutes once a week. Start with the basic exercises and devote 10-20 minutes a day as you develop your physical and mental abilities. Once you’ve created your sacred space all you have to do is use it. candles. just get into the habit of doing it. it just means creating a space in your home where you can take a few minutes and meditate and do the exercises. Use whatever tools and accessories you want. Many people overload themselves and expect too much too soon. Seneca It’s important to establish a daily practice and stick to it. Do them in that order. ranging from the very basic to the moderately advanced. Getting Started Set aside a corner in one of your rooms. Set aside a few minutes each day and begin working through the meditation exercises. especially in the beginning. simply because we all have the temptation to jump in over our heads (which can also be a good thing) and overload ourselves. Eventually you won’t need any accessories and you can clear . The effects of meditation are cumulative. In this section are some exercises. This doesn’t mean dedicating 12 hours a day to meditation. incense and a small CD player for music or guided meditation CD’s. Have cushions. as there’s no right or wrong at this point. Establishing a Daily Practice "No man ever became wise by chance".

I can’t tell you how important it is to break free of these expectations. stand in various positions or even move and walk around. but frequently the cumulative effects of meditation aren’t noticeable until much later. or feel other people’s chi. but for now don’t worry about that. or to see auras.66 Awaken Your Inner Power your mind and meditate anywhere. sacred atmosphere and get started. Seated Meditation Sit on a cushion. we are making progress of the most important kind. about BEing totally in this moment. at any time. The important thing with a regular practice is to just do it. just cross your legs comfortably and let your knees relax. zafu or a pillow with your spine straight. just create a pleasant. On Expectation When we begin meditation we often feel that we should be able to do certain things within a certain time frame. In the West we tend to be goal oriented and need to see quick results. The effects are cumulative and one day you’ll look back and see that all those short meditation sessions really added up. If it doesn’t happen quickly we become disappointed and confused. When we let go of expectations and learn to relax in the moment and just BE. rather than about who you’ll be when you’ve become a good meditator. . Meditation Positions There are several ways to meditate and depending on your goals you may sit in various positions. We expect to be able to clear our minds and access our deeper abilities. Meditation is about this moment. We expect to be able to sit for an hour and meditate. Don’t worry about specific positions such as the full lotus or half lotus.

so just relax and grow into it. you don’t have to be a human pretzel to meditate. Seiza Seiza is the kneeling position used in many of the Zen temples.Robert Morgen 67 The purpose of sitting on the cushion is to keep your hips higher than your knees. Keep your feet comfortably flat on the floor. Standing Stake . Close your eyes and look up towards your third eye (the chakra in your forehead right between your eyes). It’ll take awhile to get used to sitting this way. shoulders back. your hips tucked and your spine straight. Sitting in a Chair Contrary to popular belief. but for now just let your hands relax in a comfortable position in your lap. You can use this position if you wish. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. but most people find it extremely uncomfortable for more than a few minutes. Let your hands rest in your lap. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. which helps take the pressure off the muscles that run up through your hips. Some methods require certain hand positions or mudras. Close your eyes and look up towards your third eye. allowing your muscles to relax completely. In this position your skeletal system should be supporting your body. neck straight and let your hands relax in your lap. Grab a straight-backed chair and sit toward the front of it with your genitals out over the front edge. Keep the spine erect.

you’ll get to a point where you’re in a constant state of light meditation once you learn to access the energy and open up to it.68 Awaken Your Inner Power When we get into the Chakra exercises we’ll be doing some standing meditations using the “Standing Stake” (also known as the Mountain) pose from Chi Kung (Qi Qong). including martial arts. then your buttocks. Relax your ankles. Keeping the Tongue Up You’ll frequently hear about keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth. It’s extremely important to remember because when you keep your tongue up you’re completing the energy circuit between the Governing and Conception Meridians. Moving As you become more adept at meditation you’ll be able to do it while moving. dancing or just playing. You may already be practicing some of the more formalized forms of moving meditation such as Chi Kung. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Let that sense of relaxation flow up your back and across your shoulders and up your neck and out through the top of your head. Flex your knees slightly. Anything can be a form of moving meditation. Tuck your hips under slightly and feel your lower spine straighten. As usual. then your thighs. touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Tai Chi or yoga. Failure to do this can cause energy overloads and create some very interesting medical conditions you’d be better off not experiencing. your arms hanging loosely at your sides. The doubtful among you can read . In fact. What makes it a meditation is your state of mindfulness and your awareness of the moment. Close your eyes and look up towards your third eye. then your calves.

especially when you begin meditating constantly during your daily life. so you can use color to get in touch with your chakras (more on this in the chakra chapters) or you can just relax and look at the colors that appear in your third eye. Color can have varying effects. Keep your jaw relaxed and your teeth slightly apart. Check the website at www. relaxing music that isn’t distracting. Color and Sound Everything is vibration. Breathing (This exercise is available online as a FREE Guided Meditation. Each chakra has a color associated with it. There are a lot of subliminal programs out there that can help reprogram some of your subconscious issues. The Healer’s Manual by Ted Andrews has some great exercises for using colors and sounds.net for download locations) . The basic position for these exercises is to touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. As you build your sensitivity you’ll be able to use and adapt your environment more easily for the energy that you want. even color and sound. As you begin these meditation exercises you may find it helpful to choose some light.Inner-Power. Your tongue should always be in this position. Music can have many different effects on us and as you get deeper into the meditations then you’ll be able to really enhance your practice with different types of music. Glenn Morris’ experiences with this in Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master.Robert Morgen 69 Dr.

When you do you’ll feel your stomach expand and push out in front of you. Don’t think about anything or do anything other than just breathe.70 Awaken Your Inner Power Breathing is the most important part of meditation and Inner power. Most westerners keep their stomach pulled in and their chest out. From our birth until death we breathe more or less continually. As you inhale and draw your breath down. Does your stomach move out as you breathe? 3. yet for the most part we do it without any awareness of our breath and its effects on us. it also has numerous health benefits. so if you do you’ll have to relax your abdomen. Take a moment and feel your breath. Do you feel the bones of your ribcage expanding and opening with each breath? For most people the answer to 1 is YES and the answers to 2 and 3 are NO so let's expand the exercise. Draw your breath down to a point about 2 inches below your navel (the body’s center of gravity). Are you taking a relatively shallow breath and just filling the upper lobes of your lungs? 2. 1. and believe it or not most people in the western world do it wrong! Breathe in through your nose and draw your breath down into the area just below your navel. allowing your stomach to expand as you breathe (Baby Breath) and filling your lungs entirely with each breath before exhaling through your nose. Just take a moment and be aware of your breath as it flows down into your center. Learning to breathe properly not only helps develop your awareness. let your ribcage . Pay attention to the air as it flows in through your nostrils and down into your lungs.

There are many benefits to proper breathing. If you have to dedicate your meditation time to breathwork for awhile then that’s good. and you may get a few pops out of your spine also. just breathe. providing more oxygen to them as well as helping to release the accumulated stress and toxins that build up there. Paying attention to the breath is the beginning of opening up your awareness. Check the website at www. Those with a Chi Kung background might find it interesting to take another look at the New Testament and insert the word breath every time you see the word spirit. which lowers your pulse and your blood pressure. although it sounds so simple. you just did! It’s exactly that simple. The extra oxygen in your system means your heart doesn’t have to beat as fast. Drawing the breath down into your center also helps to massage your internal organs. so take some time to practice this. although he apparently wasn’t literate) and it was very interesting to me that in Aramaic they used the same word for wind. I once read a translation of some of Jesus’ teachings from the original Aramaic (the language he spoke. Don’t think or let your mind wander. Breathing is by far the most important meditation exercise.Inner-Power. Full Body Awareness (This exercise is available online as a FREE Guided Meditation.net for download locations) . as we all proceed at our own pace. Just take a few moments and breathe this way.Robert Morgen 71 expand. The long term health benefits have been proven for thousands of years. If you’ve never meditated before then congratulations. as it’s the foundation for everything that comes next. You’ll feel your floating ribs at the bottom of your ribcage spread and move. breath and spirit.

Continue breathing as I’ve outlined above. For me it feels like a very light feeling. but for now just let it flow. This exercise should help you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed as you’re drawing energy from an infinite pool. our beliefs and everything we see. In addition to feeling your breath flow and your stomach and ribs expand. EVERYTHING is energy! Our thoughts. you’ll be able to do things with it and move it around in your (and other peoples) body. We move energy with Intention. think and do is energy. We are all connected in a vast energy pool that encompasses . Now that you’ve begun to build an awareness of the energy. Later we’ll expand it out even further. and this is a very important fact. Intention is what we do with that energy. It may feel different for you so take some time and open up and feel the energy. Awareness and Intention EVERYTHING is about Awareness and Intention.72 Awaken Your Inner Power Once you’re comfortable working with your breath it’s time to bring in the rest of the body. Do this exercise whenever you’re depressed or down. feel. I want you to feel the energy that flows into your body with each breath. and eventually as you progress you’ll learn to do it all the time. When you draw in the energy can you feel it pooling at your center of gravity just below your belly button? As you breathe just let that pool of energy expand throughout your body. It’s a habit you have to grow into. Ki or Prana in some circles. called Chi. Can you feel it flowing down through your legs and up your back and down your arms? Take some time and practice feeling that energy pool expand through your whole body. our actions. hear.

It doesn’t matter whether a person believes in it or can feel it. Now send it up to your head. Energy moves in a spiral and at its own speed. The important thing here is to stay out of its way. The other side of this is the continually positive person who always approaches everything from a positive attitude. but if you watch you’ll see that even the bad times provide fuel for his growth and he tries to take every bad experience as a lesson to help improve himself. so when you think about moving energy then it will go where you send it.Robert Morgen 73 everything that is. How many times have you seen a person with a negative attitude who continually draws more negative reactions to himself? He’s broadcasting his intentions through his attitudes with the result that he becomes a human crap magnet. This doesn’t mean everything always goes the way he wants it. just relax and start to play with this. You can also play with this a bit. Isn’t this a neat toy? . now bring it back to your center and this time just send it down to your left foot. so don’t try to micro-manage it. Just as our thoughts can influence Chi subconsciously. The next time you’re stuck in traffic. just let it flow. Energy follows thought. was and will be. so can they move it around in our body's. they still have the ability to affect it. Send it down to your feet. Do the Full Body Awareness exercise again. and down to your left elbow. drawing in all the negative feelings and emotions and experiences. or impatiently waiting in line at the Motor Vehicles Office. now your right. and this time feel the energy go where you send it.

In the beginning it may be helpful to have a partner read the exercises to you or you can order the MP3 Instant Meditation Course that goes with this book at www. and after that you’ll get to you just do them without having to think about them. so remember expectations.net what I said about Eventually you'll be able to remember how to exercises by memory. and after that you’ll get to the point where you just do them without having to think about them. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to develop this ability. The following exercises range from pretty simple to pretty complicated. Eventually you'll be able to remember how to do these exercises by memory.Inner-Power. the point where do these Grounding .74 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 6 Basic Exercises Now that you’ve begun to develop the ability to move energy around in your body there are some things you can do with it. but as you develop your abilities you’ll eventually find you can do them all at once and effortlessly.

As you inhale feel the energy of the earth being drawn up through your roots and up through your body and out through the top of your head.Robert Morgen 75 Grounding will always be an important skill. or inhale and exhale. but that's obviously beyond the scope of the exercise at this point. as many times as necessary to clean yourself out. let that energy drop back down through your body and feel all the accumulated stress of your life flow out with it and back down through your roots and into the earth. just like a tree. Whenever you feel yourself becoming stressed or angry learn to take a moment and ground yourself and let those feelings just flow out. angers and feelings of inadequacy. Progressive Relaxation . Feel your muscles relax as the stress flows out. Stand in the “Standing Stake” pose described above. Visualize roots growing from your feet down through the core of the earth. For best effect do 9 repetitions of this exercise. no matter how advanced you become. fears. If you wish you can do more sets (groups of repetitions) as needed. In later meditations you can add some variety by seeing the roots flow down to a large crystal at the earth’s core. Grounding is a good way to release all your stresses. Go through the Breathing and Full Body Awareness exercises. Repeat this exercise for awhile. There’s nothing wrong (and a lot of benefit) to stopping at this point and just doing the exercises I’ve gone over up to this point until they become completely effortless. On your exhale. so take the time to learn this now and to be able to do it effortlessly. Depending on the effect you want you can vary the crystals and access different energies. A repetition is 1 breath cycle.

Draw that relaxed feeling up over your stomach and lower back. so let them relax and rest now. On your next inhale draw that relaxed feeling back up over your calves. letting them relax after walking all day. They’re the biggest muscles in the body. Bring the energy up over your chest and the middle of your back. Draw the feeling of relaxation up over your shoulders and neck.76 Awaken Your Inner Power Progressive Relaxation is easy to do and you can do it anywhere and anytime. As you inhale draw that relaxed feeling up over your ankles and feel them relax completely. then relax. Feel the energy that flows up through your roots and into your feet. Feel your heart area expand with the relaxed energy and feel all the accumulated stress in between your shoulder blades release and flow out and back down with your exhale. Feel the muscles in your back relax and feel your stomach move with your inhale. Just take a moment and feel the relaxed energy you should have after grounding and releasing your stress. Let that relaxed feeling flow from your toes back over your feet and feel them relax. Feel the stress bleed away. Assume your meditation position of choice (I like the half-lotus on a zafu) and go through all the exercises I’ve covered up to this point. On the exhale let any residual stress flow back out and down through the earth. so take a moment and let this area relax. Make fists with your feet by curling your toes in as far as you can until it hurts. Draw that relaxed energy up over your thighs with the next inhale. As you inhale feel that relaxed feeling flow up over your hips and buttocks. We store a lot of stress here. .

Just sit here and feel this relaxed body you have.Robert Morgen 77 Feel any residual tension flow out with your exhale. . The purpose here is to focus entirely on the numbers and not allow any other thoughts to intrude. which means your energy isn’t flowing through you. First hit the meditation position of choice. Remember this feeling as it's how you should feel all the time. Tense muscles store energy. The Brain Scrub The Brain Scrub is designed to help you overcome the “monkey mind” which leaps and bounces around from subject to subject in an uncontrolled manner. Let that relaxed energy flow up and over your head. After mastering this exercise you’ll be able to instantly clear and calm your mind in any situation. As you inhale focus on the number 1. When your muscles are relaxed your energy flows unimpeded and is continually renewed. Hold your focus and exhale. Take a moment to relax and let your breathing soften. DO NOT beat yourself up with this exercise! Our minds are constantly at work and the untrained mind will bounce from thought to thought continually (monkey mind) and even during this exercise you’ll have other thoughts arise. allowing you to focus completely on any subject. leaving you feeling much lighter and more refreshed. Let the muscles of your face and those at the base of your skull relax. but rather sticking in certain places in your body. On the next inhale focus on the number 2 and so on until you get to 10.

the area two finger-widths below your belly button. passing unheeded through your consciousness and on out of your head. so don’t be worried if it doesn’t seem to come easily. Drawing Energy During various exercises we’ll be drawing in energy through our chakras.78 Awaken Your Inner Power The key is not to attach to any of those thoughts. Remember what it feels like when you draw the chi in through your nostrils? As you inhale let the ‘nose’ over your heart chakra ‘inhale’ chi directly into your heart. This exercise is invaluable for learning to control your mind. As you get comfortable with it you’ll be able to draw chi into yourself in many different ways. Your goal is to count from 1 to 10 without attaching to any intruding thoughts. To begin drawing energy take a moment and focus on your breathing. It may take awhile to really feel this. Drawing energy into yourself is fairly easy to do and simply requires a heightened sense of self-awareness to feel. Feel the chi as it flows in with your breath down to your Dan Tien. Feel your breath as it flows in through your nostrils and down to your Dan Tien. and if you do find yourself thinking of anything other than your target number then go back to one and start over. As you exhale let any stress or unhappiness in your heart chakra flow down through your legs and deep into the earth. Take a few breaths and let the energy build up and spread through your body. imagine a nose or an opening that covers your heart chakra. . and even seasoned meditators will find it useful to go back and practice occasionally. Practice ‘inhaling’ energy this way. as silly as it sounds. Now. When other thoughts arise just let them evaporate like a wisp of smoke. just over your sternum. into our organs and even through the entire area of our skin.

. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly where your liver is. Relaxing Stress Knots out of your muscles– Whenever you feel a stress knot building up in your muscles just draw energy directly into the knot on the inhale and let the stress flow down into the earth on your exhale.Robert Morgen 79 Below are some sample exercises that you can experiment with. The infusion of energy will help cleanse your organs and release bound stresses and memories. Chakra Breathing– We’ll get deeper into this in the Chakra Chapters. Just intend for relaxing. It’s also an exercise in using intention to send energy where you want it to go. Energizing your organs– This can be a lot of fun and really help strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health. You can run chi into any of your organs exactly the same way. Take a moment and relax as we did above. you don’t have to. You’ll probably come up with some others on your own as the possibilities here are literally endless. On your exhale let the stresses and built up energies flow out of your liver and down into the earth. and then draw it in. On your inhale draw chi into your Liver. You may find yourself having some unexpected emotional releases as that energy has to go somewhere once it’s released. As an exercise in awareness you can take some time and just choose a body part at random and draw energy into it. Can you feel the lightness and relaxation? The next time you find yourself becoming angry do this exercise. but you can draw energy into any of your chakras at any time just like we did for the heart chakra. healing energy to flow into your liver as you inhale.

80 Awaken Your Inner Power Improve your eyesight and hearing– I’ve personally experienced some radical healing in both my eyesight and hearing by drawing more chi into my eyes and ears. Experiment with this with other plants as well as rocks and crystals. Do they all feel the same? Can you tell the difference between tree species based on the feel of their energy? Can you differentiate between different crystals based on their energy? You could keep yourself occupied indefinitely in the backyard with this exercise. rocks and plants– Sit with your back to a tree or better yet face it and wrap your arms around it. Drawing energy is something that you can do at any time. Drawing energy from trees. The Secret Smile The Secret Smile is one of Dr. Can you feel the rough bark against your skin and hear the rustle of wind in the leaves and branches. At an age when my eyes should be getting worse I have gotten to the point where I only wear my glasses when I’m working on the computer or watching a movie. Let your friends who haven’t experienced this laugh at you for being a ‘tree hugger’. Glenn Morris’ exercises and he . any place. Can you smell it? Can you feel the energy from it? Create a circuit with the tree. Don’t be afraid to play with this and experiment with the healing energies as this is all about building up your personal catalog of feelings and experiences. As you get better at it and more comfortable with it you’ll also be able to develop more control over your emotions and your physical responses by using variations on the exercises above. Relax and spend a few moments practicing feeling your own energy. As you exhale let your energy flow into the tree. Expand your awareness to the tree. As you inhale feel the energy from the tree flow into you.

On your inhales feel it rise up across your knees. To start the Secret Smile first clench your toes as tightly as possible. Feel it rise up across your knees. This is a fairly easy exercise and I can’t recommend it strongly enough. Take that feeling down to your toes and on your inhales pull that feeling up across your feet. Take some time to do the grounding exercise and relax your breathing. then up your ankles and up along your calves. swallow it down and feel it drop down through your body relaxing it as it goes. Mix the good. Energy flows better through a relaxed and happy body and you should get in the habit of making this a regular part of your practice. then over your thighs and across your hips. then up your ankles and up along your calves. Hit the meditation position of choice. Put a smile on your face and keep it there. glad not to be tightly clenched feeling. It can be any event you wish. Think about a time when you did something well. Draw the feeling up your spine and up over your head and down to the point where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. On your inhale pull that feeling up across your feet. then over your thighs and across your hips. Feel the muscles relax as you do this. competent feeling with the saliva in your . until it begins to hurt. Draw the feeling up your spine and up over your head and down to the point where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth.Robert Morgen 81 wrote about it in his book Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master. Mix the relaxed feeling with the saliva in your mouth. Relax them and feel the feeling that follows a kind of relaxed. Hoshinjutsu. also teach this regularly in our classes. happy. Take out the event and just keep the feeling of it. but think of a time when you did something really right and everyone knew it. Those of us who teach his martial art form.

completely. Draw the feeling up your spine and up over your head and down to the point where your . Now take out the reason for the laughter. truly. unconditional love. then over your thighs and across your hips. Take that feeling down to your toes and on your inhales pull that feeling up across your feet. Let it mix with the others. Draw the feeling up your spine and up over your head and down to the point where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. swallow it down and feel it drop down through your body charging it with complete. Think about the best orgasm you ever had. swallow it down and feel it drop down through your body charging it with the good feeling it as it goes. Feel it rise up across your knees.82 Awaken Your Inner Power mouth. then over your thighs and across your hips. 100%. then up your ankles and up along your calves. but keep the feeling of it. swept off your feet in love. Mix the happy. then up your ankles and up along your calves. Take that feeling down to your toes and on your inhales pull it up across your feet. then over your thighs and across your hips. Draw the feeling up your spine and up over your head and down to the point where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. Let it mix with the first. Think about a time when you were in love. Feel it rise up across your knees. Mix the loving feeling with the saliva in your mouth. laughing feeling with the saliva in your mouth. Let it mix with the others. Take out the person or people. Take that laughing feeling down to your toes and on your inhales pull that laughter up across your feet. Think about a time when you laughed. then up your ankles and up along your calves. a good deep belly laugh that you couldn’t control or stop. Feel it rise up across your knees. Take out the person or people and just keep the feeling of the orgasm. head over heels. swallow it down and feel it drop down through your body feeling your body laughing it as it goes.

relaxed. and then drop down to your feet. Mix the feeling with the saliva in your mouth. When you do this you energize your entire body and your internal organs. competent. Use this exercise to get started. All we’re doing at this basic level is drawing the . loved and sexy. The Microcosmic Orbit In his excellent book Awaken Healing Energy through the Tao. then over your thighs and across your hips. Let it mix with the others. but get his book and get deeper into it. run it as often as you can. As you get better at this you’ll be able to run it continuously. Take the feelings down to your toes and on your inhales pull that feeling up across your feet. happy. loving. The purpose with this deceptively simple exercise is to begin drawing your chi up your spine and back down the front of your body. Feel the happy. Mix the combined feelings with the saliva in your mouth. then up your ankles and up along your calves. swallow it down and feel it drop down through your body charging it with the good feeling it as it goes. We teach it in Hoshinjutsu also. Feel it rise up across your knees. increasing your health and building up your ability to move more and more energy. Feel the combination of the energies now and feel the combined energies swirling around down at your feet.Robert Morgen 83 tongue touches the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. This is how you should feel all the time. relaxed. sexual energy as it flows up your spine and up over your head and down to the point where your tongue touches the roof of your mouth just behind your front teeth. Mantak Chia goes into great detail on the Microcosmic Orbit. Play with this awhile. swallow it down and feel it drop down through your body and then let it flow up again to the top of your head.

Basic Practice Sitting in a chair or on a cushion. Let it flow over the top of your head and drop down the front of your body to your perineum on the exhale. You should be to the point where you can run the basic orbit at any time. even while at work and during the day as you go about your life. Get into the habit of running the orbit all the time. drowsiness. As you inhale contract your PC muscles and your sphincter and feel the rush of energy up your spine. Intermediate Practice The next stage is called the Macrocosmic Orbit and it includes your arms and legs. This part can take a bit of practice. hot forehead) then you can reverse the flow and just run the orbit backwards. As you inhale clench the PC muscle in your perineum (kegels) and let the energy flow up your spine to the top of your head. As you begin to play with this and experiment then you can try running the orbit between various chakras also. Begin by only doing a few contractions at a time and then building up the number of contractions as you practice. Be sure to keep your tongue up to connect the meridians. go through the grounding and the Secret Smile. learn to stay out of the way of the energy and just let it flow.84 Awaken Your Inner Power energy up from the perineum up the spine to the top of the head and then letting it fall back down the front of our body to the perineum again. If you feel like you’re building up too much heat in your head (headaches. At the most basic level that’s all there is to it. This gets easier as you become more comfortable. Going from the Microcosmic Orbit to the Macrocosmic .

It can take some practice to coordinate your breathing with drawing the energy up your arms and legs. It may take awhile to build your coordination so don’t get discouraged. Skin Breathing . then up your spine on the inhale while doing your sphincter contractions. After you pull the energy over the top of your head let it drop back down the front of your body to the perineum and down the back of your legs into the earth. Seen from the side this looks like a figure 8 with an open bottom.Robert Morgen 85 Orbit is simple because by now you’ve figured out the hard parts and just need to expand your orbit. As you draw up the front of your legs also pull energy up the back of your arms to the midpoint of your back between your shoulder blades. You’ll reach a point where you can stop trying to do it and just let it happen. At this point it combines with the energy coming up your spine and then rises up over your head. Keep at it til you can get out of the way of the process and just let it flow all the time. On the exhale let your energy drop down the front of your body. This is a good exercise for clearing stagnant energy out of your arms and legs and energizing your entire body. It’s perfectly fine if you practice these separately and just draw up your legs for awhile before adding in your arms. Draw earth energy up the front of your legs as far as the first chakra. into the earth. When it reaches your heart chakra let it split and let the energy run down the front of your arms as well as the front of your body. Let the energy flowing down the front of your body go through the perineum and then down the back of your legs. Let it flow out your fingers and down to the earth.

Tao Yin (Taoist Yoga) By Brian Earnest Tao-Yin exercises help your internal life force. Exercises to Open the Meridians My buddy Brian Earnest sent me these exercises to use in my Hoshinjutsu class. On your exhale feel any stresses or problems flow down through your arms and legs and deep into the earth. This is a relatively advanced exercise. circulate more freely. and I really liked them a lot. On the inhale draw energy into your body as described in the ‘Drawing Energy’ section. among other things. Pay attention to your breathing. adjusting and regenerating your personal energy. Taoist Yoga floor postures stretch the . It’s out of the “Marrow Washing and Tendon Changing” school of Chi Kung. first take a moment to do the grounding exercise and progressive relaxation exercises. or Chi. Practice this until you can feel the energy flowing into every square inch of skin over your entire body. except that instead of drawing chi into a specific organ or muscle we’re going to draw it in through the entire surface area of our skin. If you have trouble feeling the surface of your skin over your entire body all at once just take a more manageable chunk such as your head or hands to start with.86 Awaken Your Inner Power Skin Breathing is an excellent full body awareness exercise that also helps strengthen your bones. attuning. for the purpose of refreshing. To begin. All the Tao-Yin movements are based on ancient spiritual development. As you inhale feel the chi flow in through your skin and deep into your bones.

The Conception Vessel and the Governor Vessel are exceptional among the extra meridians in that they also have independent functions and points which are located on the center line in the front and along the back of the body’s centerline (independent points are acupuncture points which belong to one meridian. and relieve stress. However. improper posture. An important aspect of Tao-Yin is that it has alternating phases of activity and relaxation. calm the mind. All the regular meridians have independent points. there are 8 extra meridians which are special pathways for the Qi travel. MERIDIAN EXERCISES: There are 12 major meridians for the circulation of Qi on each side of the body in the “traditional meridian system. but most of the extra meridians do . This practice will help you relieve any energy stagnancy. You will learn to absorb the nutrition from the air and the surrounding energy so you can open each cell to the fresh vitality of the universal force. in traditional Chinese Medicine. Most Tao Yin (or Do-In in Japanese) or Meridian exercises are directly or indirectly related to energizing the flow of electromagnetic currents through the meridians. and in that sense it is not necessary to put special emphasis on exercises for the meridians alone. In addition to the 12 major meridians.” These 12 meridians are grouped into 6 Yin/Yang pairs in relation to basic life functions.Robert Morgen 87 difficult-to-reach psoas muscle. or various unnatural daily activities. open energy channels. During the relaxation phase you will learn to feel and gently guide the Chi flow to specific areas of your body. we can use certain exercises especially for the purposes of extending the meridians to activate and release energy flow from any stagnation which may be caused by improper diet.

For best results. The tension along the Governor vessel is felt most strongly when you inhale. There are 12 major meridians which can be divided into 6 pairs according to Yin (quiet energies) and Yang (active energies). Meridians without independent points share points which belong to other meridians). Open GV (Governing Vessel) Bend forward holding behind bottom at top of thighs. The most exceptional feature of these 2 meridians is that they regulate the flow of energy in all of the regular meridians. The conception vessel is a meridian running along the center line on the front of the body which has at least 24 main independent points beginning at the perineum and ending right in the middle of the lower jaw. Open CV (Conception Vessel) While bending back. The Governor vessel has at least 28 main independent points and begins at the tip of the tailbone and goes up and around the crown of the head to the end up at the midpoint of the upper jaw. This is the flow of Qi which regulates all the Yin meridians. The line of tension which forms down the center of your back is the Governor vessel. holding behind bottom. during these 6 Meridian exercises we should hold the postures at their extreme extended point for the duration of at .88 Awaken Your Inner Power not. The Conception and Governor Vessels are said to respectively serve as reservoirs of Qi for the Yin/Yang meridians. The lines of tension produced along the center line of the abdomen are the Conception Vessel.

Heart / Small Intestine “C” (Pull forehead towards the floor and try to touch Toes while holding them with the hands and opening the “Gau” groin. Stomach / Spleen “B” (Lean back from Seiza) 3. push hands over head and up) 2. Gallbladder / Liver “F” (Both Legs are stretched/extended out to either side. Start out doing only two reps for each exercise and one or two complete breath . Important Points: The real purpose of these Six Basic Meridian Exercises is not to attain the flexibility of a gymnast or ballerina. Keep knees straight so that backs of legs touch the floor. Heart Constrictor (Governor) / Triple Heater Meridians “E” (Sit in ¼ or ½ Lotus position and cross arms one over the other so hands are cupping over opposite knees. 1. feet and heels pressing together) 4. look to the heels. bend forward and reach) 5.Robert Morgen 89 least two breath cycles. This serves for the extension of the meridians as well as the acceleration of energy flow. Lung/Large Intestine “A” (bend over. The main objective here is to get a feeling for what it really is like to relax by releasing Qi and allowing tension to dissipate. bend over and touch forehead to center at crease of arm) 6. Spread out as far as comfortable. Bladder / Kidney “D” (Legs stretched out heels touching. The most important goal is to find the best position in which you can feel the resistance or a tingling sensation coming from the line of tension forming along the meridians. resulting in the release of stagnation and disorders along the meridians and muscles. Reach up and then out to either side and lean to one side and then the other).

Keep the eyes closed and feel for any bodily sensations. Relax for a while on your back with your eyes closed in an “X” position (the kind of position we got into when lying in the snow to make snow angels. These exercises are an opportunity to get in touch with your body and give expression to your inner being through movement.90 Awaken Your Inner Power cycles while in each posture. Become entirely detached from the external world. but is rather an act of extending or expanding which liberates the energy lying latent within you. through the act of stretching. Stretching in this context does not refer just o lengthening or pulling something apart. . When you do this. These exercises would serve as a form of physical expression to release. have their origins in the inner workings of your body. Just relax after completion. those things which you have been holding inside. Use slow and deliberate breath patterns. Always keep your attention on your breathing and be sensitive to how your body is responding to each exercise. eyes or along the course of the meridians which can be regarded as “Energy Flow. You may begin feeling various sensations like tingling or buzzing in the ears. Increase the reps and breath cycles over time. instead of issuing from conscious awareness. also called the “Corpse” position in Yoga.” These sensations. These meridian exercises should not be viewed merely as a way of stretching and limbering muscles and joints. your mind will begin to tune in to any internal events of your body.

A Google search will turn up videos and a variety of websites with these exercises. Meridian exercises for wholesome living By Shizuto Masunaga The Book of Do In By Michio Kushi The Book of Shiatsu By Paul Lundbreg Attune your Body with Dao-In By Master Hua-Ching Ni Other Exercises to Open and Balance Your Meridians A couple of other exercises that you can look up are ‘The 8 Pieces of Brocade’ and ‘The 5 Tibetans’.Robert Morgen 91 Bibliography for Tao Yin: Zen Imagery Exercises. . I do both and can recommend them highly.

but the energy of the people and things around you. . As you progress you’ll not only be able to feel your own energy. and you can feel and even manipulate that energy with practice. the external energy field that surrounds everything. just like a fisherman describing the sizes of the fish he caught. Doing this increases the sensitivity. and then move them back to 2-3 inches apart. Now move them away from each other until they are about 8-12 inches apart. Hold your hands in front of you about 6 inches apart. Now we’re going to work with feeling external energy. Everything on the planet is made up of various particles held together by energy. Exercise 1 – Building an Energy Ball Rub your hands together briskly as if trying to warm them on a cold day. The following exercises will help you feel your aura. or a pressure between them. As you continue doing this can you feel a ball or energy building up between your hands? It feels like a thickness in the air between your hands.92 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 7 Feeling and Seeing Energy If you’ve been doing the exercises I’ve described by now you’ve probably had some interesting experiences with feeling your own internal energy and drawing energy into your body.

Can you feel the motion of your right hand across the surface of your left palm? Switch hands and do it again. but without touching it. See how big you can make the energy ball. Can you sense their aura as you walk up to them? Can they feel you? As you get deeper into this you’ll be able to play with intention and emotions also. Is one hand more sensitive than the other? Can you turn your hands over and do it with the backs of your hands? Exercise 2 – Waving the Energy Hold your left hand upright in front of you with your palm facing to the right. Wave your right fingertips slowly up and down in front of your left hand. Now move your awareness down to your palms and slowly move your palms in towards your body. Does it feel different with the other hand? Is one hand more sensitive? Exercise 3 – Feeling the Aura Hold your hands out in front of you at arms length. but for now just concentrate on feeling the aura. practice moving your hands slowly towards them. . Walk slowly towards them. Remember the way it felt when you made the energy ball between your palms? Can you feel the same sort of thickness or pressure as your palms move in towards your body? With a partner. palms in.Robert Morgen 93 Play with this exercise a bit. Can you feel their aura? Can your partner feel your hands as you move towards them? Have your partner stand about 12-15 feet away.

Can you feel a difference in their energy? How about when they think happy thoughts? Some people have no trouble at all with this while others aren’t as empathic and take awhile to learn to feel it. Slowly bring your hands down until you can feel the thickness or pressure of their crown chakra.94 Awaken Your Inner Power Here's a game you can play with this. Chakra Diagnosis Have your partner stand upright but relaxed. This can vary on everyone. As usual this is all about building up your own personal When you learn about the chakras what you sense useful for learning about who you’re dealing with and give you insights into their personalities and their possible actions/reactions can be extremely catalog and learning how things feel. Stand with both your hands held above their head. Move your hands out and slowly back towards them until you can sense the energy of their chakra. was one of them noticeably further out than the other? Did it feel like your hands were pushed out away from the chakra? . How far above their head did you feel it? Move your hands down to their 3rd eye with one hand in front of their forehead and one hand behind their head. Did you feel a difference between the front and back? Did you sense the front and back at different distances. Have your partner stand a few feet away and think angry thoughts.

This exercise can be a lot of fun. This can be somewhat akin to magic as these abilities are not only misunderstood. just feel the energy of their chakras. a lot of people can also see it. It’s extremely easy to do and anyone with a basic level of awareness can do it fairly quickly as it’s just feeling energy. Seeing the Aura Just as you can feel energy. With practice you can build up the sensitivity to be able to sense another person's chakras without going through the whole diagnosis. For the Root Chakra let your hands go down to just above your partners knees and feel the energy over that entire area. and Dan Tien. When you learn about the chakras what you sense can be extremely useful for learning about who you’re dealing with and give you insights into their personalities and their possible actions/reactions. This is something that you can .Robert Morgen 95 Do this again at the Throat Chakra. It sounds weird. Don’t touch them physically. but it can be extremely amusing to sit in public (bookstores are good for this) and feel the people that walk by. but scoffed at and disbelieved by most of western society. Seeing the aura doesn’t seem to be something everyone can do and those who do seem to have wildly varying abilities. Personally I’m more of an empath and while I can feel energy from across the room I don’t see it that well. When you build up the sensitivity you may even be able to use your own chakras as antennae to feel other people’s chakras. especially as you learn more about the Chakra system and what it means when you can feel the energy. then at the Heart Chakra. I’ve known healers who could look at you and say things like “Oh you’re blocking some energy here” just because of what they see in your aura while others can just barely see it. Solar Plexus.

Seeing the aura is a matter of taking your eyes slightly out of focus. The next day when I went back for the rest of the seminar I didn’t have any trouble at all seeing the auras of the other attendees.96 Awaken Your Inner Power play with and if you can do it then it’s just another cool tool in the toolbox. If you’ve ever been able to see those holographic picture-in-a-picture things you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing auras as you do exactly the same thing with your eyes. Using that same relaxed vision. That night I went over to the bookstore and grabbed a bunch of the holograph picture books and sat there til I could relax my eyes and see them. Have your partner hold one finger in front of their face about 6 inches out from their chin. Play with this a bit. Don’t be too put out if it takes awhile. . you’ll have to relax your eyes a bit to do this. The first time I was at a seminar and this topic came up I had no luck whatsoever with seeing the auras of the others in the seminar. Have your training partner stand in front of a light-colored wall in a dimly lit room. My advice in this area is to open up your awareness and see for yourself which colors seem to be associated most often with which types of people and their behaviors. Does their aura change when they think happy thoughts? Sad thoughts? Angry thoughts? Some people can see auras instantly and others have to work at it. Now focus your eyes on their finger. not their face. The next layer out is even more faint and may have colors associated with it. if you look at them you should be able to see what looks like a little line that runs all around them a couple of inches out from their body. The different meanings of the colors vary widely depending on who you’re talking to. Have them remove their finger but keep looking at the same spot.

Most of the Great Teachers (Christ. Mohammed. so if you want to worship Dirty Laundry then by all means feel free and don’t ever let anyone tell you she isn’t real. etc. This goes along with the commonly heard “Everything you need is already inside you” attitude I’ve learned to believe in. popes.) have been adamant that the Divine or Holy Spirit lives within each of us and that we can all access it without the need for priests. Some people feel the need to personify their deities and even have different deities for different actions. causes. Your mind can bring reality to any thought or concept. etc. televangelists or other middle men. I frequently see the word Namaste tossed around (“the Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you”) and I really like that even though I don’t use it much. so if you . clerics. I think that’s great also. days of the week. Buddha.Robert Morgen 97 Chapter 8 Finding your ‘Inner Gods’ I like the idea of Gods but personally don’t put much effort or work into worshiping any I’ve heard of so far. Our Lady of the Krishna. Your mind can bring to reality any thought or concept. pastors. Hence the vast pantheons in some of the religions.

You should see your inner deities from any viewpoint you wish. positive and beautiful aspects of your inner deities and always strive to remember and honor them in every moment of your life. in other words. You should identify with the happy. Spirituality and Religion One of the big conflicts that I see people having is between Spirituality and Religion. It doesn’t matter what you choose to have faith in. I personally really enjoy some of the ‘honoring the sacred feminine’ rituals. sanctify. In Western Culture we’re taught to look to external sources for almost everything. idolize and worship them in any way you see fit as it’s extremely important to have FAITH when you’re on the Meditation road. just as long as you’re able to relax and listen to the inner voices and trust that they are taking you in the directions in which you’re supposed to go. The simplest way to say it is that Religion is external (outside of you) and Spirituality is internal. Your inner deities are part of the same energy that everyone else’s inner deities are made of. Feel free to ritualize. We’re indoctrinated into the belief that we must have someone else’s permission for anything we want to do.98 Awaken Your Inner Power want to worship Our Lady of the Dirty Laundry then by all means feel free and don’t ever let anyone tell you she isn’t real. The two are neither identical nor mutually exclusive. . I tend to argue that some of the strictures placed on women in the larger religions go back to men who are afraid of their feminine energies and represents an imbalance in their basic dualities. so by honoring yourself you should also be honoring them and vice versa. This includes our relationship with God. That’s a bit too simple.

Anything can be a religion if you approach it .Robert Morgen 99 This external focus is one of our biggest problems. These middle men always come with their own price. In fact. We now have huge industries built around the middle men. you were trying your best and living right. in my opinion. so of course they should get paid for their time. they’ve got mortgages and kids in school also. and hey. Islam or any of the other ‘isms’. I’m referring to the study of and subscription to a broad form of spiritual belief held in consensus among any particular group. The ability to point the blame somewhere else can be a pretty big draw for some people. When we have to go outside of ourselves for everything we lose our autonomy and independence. When God is ‘out there’ it only stands to reason that there must be certain people who are better at communicating with Him or understanding Him. After all. I don’t want to seem like I’m denigrating the middle men. I consider religion to be extremely important and I really don’t believe that our world would function without it. Whenever something bad happens it must be “God’s Will”. It also makes it easy for us to look at someone or something else and say “This is YOUR fault”. The Purpose of Religion When I talk about religion I’m not referring to Christianity. saying your prayers and eating your veggies and all that. There is a lot of Power in externalizing God. How many people do you know right now who are unhappy with their lives? How many of them can point to someone else and say “They ruined my life!”? If God is external you have the ability to take NO RESPONSIBILITY at all for your own life. right? The source of your problem must be ‘out there’.

It provides answers to questions we can’t otherwise answer. In every country on Earth the major laws come straight from the dominant religion. No one escapes dealing with death. 1. chalices or bodily fluids in the name of a deity or spiritual path. This external v. It gives us a cultural basis for our morals and our laws. For a long time religion was the only place to turn if you wanted an explanation for where we came from and why the crops grow and just what is that big yellow ball in the sky anyway? 3. or the study and search for one’s spiritual essence (my definition). The only way to do that is to go within and start getting to know your Self. And it causes a lot of problems. pretty much has to be a solitary pursuit in the beginning. rituals. This can be an . It gives us an outlet for dealing with death and loss. Don’t take my word for it. The conflicts begin to arise when we have the feeling that God is ‘in here’! The concept that God is within us changes everything. even if you and your friends decide to worship linoleum. 2. internal problem is just exacerbated when we begin to reach for and learn about our own spirituality. This sounds simple but it should never be underestimated.100 Awaken Your Inner Power religiously. Going Within Spirituality. It just means that at the most basic level you are dealing with your spirit. Religion in this broader sense has 3 purposes. do some research. and having a solid set of guidelines and beliefs can be extremely comforting. Many of us have been indoctrinated from birth to believe God is ‘out there’ or ‘up there’. This doesn’t mean you can’t share beliefs.

It’s pretty much guaranteed to kill you. so you may as well get comfortable with that. We have a lot of great tools in our modern world. Meditation. Right now I’m just laying some groundwork. art. which we’ll do away with later on. Building one’s SelfAwareness and learning to use Intention and the Universal Laws also become major stepping stones. When I talk about the ‘average person’ what I’m really referring to is an Ego. or political pressure or religious pressure. complicated and even dangerous journey. That’s why we see so many people who are so influenced by peer pressure. dance and pretty much any other form of personal expression can be a spiritual tool if used properly.Robert Morgen 101 extremely long. I define the average person as someone with little or no true Self Awareness. I’m not knocking average people. but that’s further on. My definition of the Ego is “That which defines us and separates us from all the other Egos out there and provides The Ego is a combination of our conscious self (the Super-Ego) and our subconscious self (the Id) . Ayurveda. In the beginning we are all products of our culture and we exist as a series of reactions to the various stimuli around us. because at certain levels you’ll begin to see they are us anyway. As you begin developing your awareness it becomes easier to see where your culture ends and where you begin. As you begin to open up your spiritual toolbox you’ll begin to see that everything you need is already inside you. yoga. The Ego is a combination of our conscious self (the Super-Ego) and our subconscious self (the Id).

but we react automatically. The Ego is developed as we grow up. What are you training it to do? What do you think about. because what you reinforce is what you create. Some of the Id’s programming has evolved in humans for hundreds of thousands of years. for instance. To the Id your imagination and the world you see through your eyes are one and the same! Therefore. How many of us have knee-jerk responses to various words? How do you feel when I say Birth Control or Gun Control? These are learned responses that have been trained into our Id. The Id can be trained to respond in any way we wish. In most cases we no longer make a conscious decision when those words come up. fear. wish for.102 Awaken Your Inner Power us with a framework for our reactions and responses to external and internal stimuli”. The Id can be an amazing tool on your quest for Self Mastery. Most of the training we give it tends to be undirected. It’s a deeply ingrained response and everyone has it in one form or another. The ‘Fight or Flight’ response. For example. Fight or Flight developed as a survival mechanism back in the days when we didn’t want to wait around to see if the Saber-toothed tiger was really hungry or just out for a casual stroll. the Id has no concept of reality. love or desire? How many of those things enhance the journey you think you . dream of. That’s why I write and teach so much about keeping a positive attitude. or at least not really consciously directed. It will create whatever you tell it to! One of the first steps in getting to know your Self is to look at the things you tell your Id. Whether we run or choose to stand and fight depends on the way we’ve been programmed. when you give yourself a lot of negative reinforcement like “I’m broke and I don’t have any money” that is exactly what the Id believes. whether you are a billionaire like Donald Trump or a dozenaire like me.

Our body puts out certain chemicals that cause certain reactions at a physiological level that may be beyond our conscious control. modern science. That’s just a scientific fact. is reality? Is anything real? How can different people experience exactly the same event and have different reactions such as pain and pleasure or fear and excitement? You can put two people in the same seat on a roller coaster and one of them may love every minute of it and the other might throw up from fear. and why it creates such huge perceptual shifts! Perception = Reality What exactly.Robert Morgen 103 are on? How many of those things create conflict and confusion? That’s why learning to look inward and live consciously is so important. Why is that? Didn’t they both just experience the same event? Apparently not! Our reality is simply our view of the world around us filtered through our perceptions. What you think and do on a conscious level filters directly down to your subconscious. It’s just a matter of training our Id and changing our perceptions. Some of this is biological. If you consistently take a positive viewpoint you will gradually train your Id to react in a positive manner. Creating Your Reality The Super-Ego is your tool for training the Id. has repeatedly proven we can change our programming for just about any physiological reaction. However. How many times have you met someone who always looked at the bad side of any situation? Did it seem like that person is having a good life? Were they fun to be around? . as well as very ancient science.

you can win the lottery and instantly change an aspect of yourself. What it all comes down to is that it’s ok to feel good about taking things slow and making small changes. Tools like affirmations. Statistics also show many self-made millionaires went through a process of learning about money management and financial education that allowed them to create an entirely new reality. Some of these tools can be very fast and some of them can take awhile and there are arguments and benefits for both. incremental changes tends to be easier because it disrupts your life a lot less. . but in a much more incremental fashion. The changes tend to be more sustainable since you are making a lifestyle change rather than just changing an aspect of yourself. For instance. because if you’ve been programmed to be either sadistic or masochistic you might enjoy that person a lot. I like to point out that making small. but statistics show the vast majority of lottery winners are broke again within a very short time. even though that tends to not be The American Way.104 Awaken Your Inner Power That was a loaded question. It all depends on your perception! We all have the ability to consciously change the way we look at and interact with the world around us. hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming allow us to directly interface with our Id and take charge of our programming.

I have to admit my habit of wearing sweatpants. or the right beer. We’ve been taught that we have to achieve certain things or be certain things. although that’s a part of it. or the right clothes. exactly as you are RIGHT NOW. Self Acceptance is about accepting yourself completely. and we shouldn’t feel satisfied with who we are until we’ve done so. t-shirts and sandals wouldn’t go .Robert Morgen 105 Chapter 9 Complete Self Acceptance One of the most important parts of Personal Mastery is Self Acceptance. For most of us this isn’t as easy as it should be. In fact many of our culture’s self-esteem problems are intentionally created by the media and the businesses that advertise there. This is much more than the usual self esteem issues we hear about. maybe sometimes we do. So when. are we supposed to feel good about ourselves? Popular culture would have you believe all you need to feel good about yourself is the right car. or “I really need a new car”? Do you really? Hey. How often have you seen an ad and thought “I really need to update my style”. exactly. In reality we’re NEVER finished as there will hopefully always be more to learn and new ways to grow.

and now you can start moving in the positive directions needed for your life. if you feel like you need to buy or do anything in order to feel good about yourself that’s an issue that needs to be addressed. It’s the freedom to be happy with who you are and not be a slave to the needs we’re taught to believe in. . are we supposed to feel good about ourselves? ourselves.106 Awaken Your Inner Power over well when making advertising sales calls for the videos or books. It’s the freedom to look at yourself in the mirror and love and accept the person you see looking back and the freedom to be happy to be in your own skin. Self Acceptance is about FREEDOM. However. It means you’ve accepted yourself. and that’s the key issue. It doesn’t mean there aren’t things you’d like to change. or have new directions you’d like to grow. So when. and I do in fact. We’re taught we need certain things to feel good about In reality we’re NEVER finished as there will hopefully always be more to learn and new ways to grow. with all your warts and ugly spots. I don’t care if you buy a new Mercedes 3 times a week if that’s what you want to do and you can afford it. really need a good car. exactly. As usual the question in our society is ‘how much do we really need’? The difference here is the word need versus the word want. True self acceptance is one of the transformational moments in our lives.

which means anything you can see. Some of those so intent on self-sacrifice are driven by need. with no regard for others. By accepting ourselves exactly as we are. or to make up for the bad things they feel they’ve done. compassionate thing to do. by helping others we help ourselves. a person who only takes care of himself. yet destroys their own health and welfare in the process? Everything is connected and One. . It’s all about the motivation that drives them. is no less imbalanced than someone who devotes his entire life to care for others at the expense of himself. It’s the Law of Reciprocity again. we can also accept others exactly as they are. or whatever other reasons drive them. feel or imagine is a part of you also. The most important person you can love is yourself.Robert Morgen 107 It’s also the key to having the freedom to accept others exactly as they are. is the word NEED. Have you ever seen someone who gives up their entire lives to help others. once again. rather than as a way to make themselves feel better about who they are? A balanced person sees helping others as a normal. by encouraging others to grow we also grow in the process. The key here. Yet if they truly accepted themselves then would they feel the need to sacrifice themselves in order to help others? Wouldn’t they see helping others as an extension of helping themselves. and that’s the beginning of unity. They need to help others to make up for their own inadequacies. rather than as something to do to make up for their own lack in some area. For instance. with all the balances that apply.

108 Awaken Your Inner Power

Chapter 10
The Chakras
Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’ and it refers to the spinning energy centers on our body. A chakra isn’t really a physical part of our body although with practice you can feel them pretty easily. These energy centers affect the way our body functions on all planes as well as store memories and feelings. There is some pretty persuasive evidence that we can even store ‘left-over’ feelings and memories from former lives. Occasionally these hold-overs can have adverse effects on our current lives. When your Inner Power awakens you’ll go through a period of chakra cleansing and balancing. This period can (as in my case) last for years, although that obviously varies from person to person. This cleansing is part of what many Meditation teachers refer to when they say that the Meditation “breaks the wheel of Karma”. Many volumes have been written on the study of chakras and I’m not going to try to recreate that here. Rather than an exhaustive study I’m going to give you enough to get you started and to begin exploring your chakra system. Those of you who wish to get deeper into the study of chakras (and it’s pretty fundamental) are advised to find a copy of Cyndi Dale’s excellent book New Chakra Healing.

Robert Morgen


When most people mention chakras they're talking about the seven primary chakras that run up a person’s center line. These seven primary chakras affect our lives on many different levels and a clear understanding of them and what they do is extremely helpful on your quest for self-awareness. The Japanese based martial arts usually have only 5 chakras; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and the Void. The Void encompasses the top three

This process will never end, by the way. Don't think of it as something that you're going to work through once and then be done with.

chakras seen in other systems. In order to avoid too much confusion I’ve avoided giving all the names from all the various languages usually

associated with chakras. The chakras have both a front side and a back side. Each side deals

with different aspects of your life. The simple charts below will give you some specifics about it. Most of the information in the charts came from New Chakra Healing and deal with the front side of the chakra. As the energy starts rising through the chakra you'll experience a huge range of side effects and experiences. Any time an energy block is encountered extra energy is going to be applied to help break up the block. This means you can experience extremes in any aspect of your life. One of the lessons that I learned the hard way is that the energy will keep pumping into that block and the issue can continue to get more extreme until you develop your awareness of it and balance it out. This process will never end, by the way. Don't think of it as something that you're going to work through once and then be done with. You will always be bouncing back and forth through your chakras and

110 Awaken Your Inner Power

balancing and fine tuning them, so get used to working with them and take the time to learn about them. 1st Chakra The First Chakra is also known as the Root or Earth Chakra. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Perineum, groin Red Awareness Images of a snake, dragon or “holy fire”. Passion; raw, primal feelings, rage, terror, joy, survival energy The will to live Root of addictions, compulsions, sexual dysfunction, nervous disorders, money, career and finance issues Roots, family values, heritage. Programming affecting basic needs such as sex, money, love, food, air, housing, etc. Communicates physical/emotional needs through aches and pains, physical awareness, touch, smell, vibration Meditation, raw earth energy

Seat of Problems


Physical Communication Style

Energy Type

In the meditation position of choice; first ground and then do the Secret Smile. Let your awareness drop down to your perineum. As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your perineum and up your spine. Watch

Robert Morgen


the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn red. Associated with the large intestine, feet and legs, the 1st Chakra is your foundation. In this chakra you'll deal with security, stability, money, housing, and other basic survival needs. Imbalances in this chakra can result in angry, violent, fear-based reactions. Often this is the hallmark of those who are insecure and unsure of their place in the world. The trap for the unaware is the fact that so much of our pop culture is targeted directly towards this chakra. This is not a coincidence; insecure people make good consumers and are willing to pay for solutions. As with the other chakras, working with the Muladhara is an incremental process. As you balance this chakra you'll find the other chakras become more supported and easier to balance. This creates the 'Chakra Shuffle' in which you'll find your energy bouncing back and forth between your chakras as the fine tuning process begins. Learn to be aware of where your energy is, chakra-wise, and you'll be able to respond to and eventually take control of the creation of your life.

Watch the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn orange.112 Awaken Your Inner Power 2nd Chakra The Second or Water Chakra is the center for our feelings and creativity. ideas. PMS. Some spiritual teachers advise abstinence and there are probably some cases (such as prison) where I'd . screaming. small intestine Orange Feeling. Working with the 2nd chakra can often bring about extremes in sexuality which can be difficult to handle. Creativity Water elements and animals. issues from stored stuck or unexpressed emotions. birth and gestation activity for babies. creative blocks Feelings of self and others Expressing feelings through the appropriate physical medium such as laughing. As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your hara and up your spine. crying. Female identity. etc. creative energy. etc. awareness of feelings Appendix disorders. first ground and then do the Secret Smile. feelings. kidney problems (childhood issues). Female power. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Abdomen. Chi energy Seat of Problems Contains Physical Communication Style Energy Type In the meditation position of choice. Let your awareness drop down to the area about 2 inches below your beltline (the Hara or dan tien). ovarian disorders. projects.

If you are in a steady relationship you'd better be able to communicate with your partner about all of this. Be sure to take advantage of the various forums and discussion groups. but generally I see abstinence as an easily avoidable perversion. so to speak. Once of my first questions when I met Dr. This energy tends to balance out and shift and you should always maintain your awareness and communications. and feel free to experiment within any consensual relationship that appeals to you. It's possible to experience extremes in sexual sensitivity. Ride this out. I was single for much of the process because I had an instinctive realization that I was simply too screwed up to get involved with anyone I really cared about. When you are balancing out your light and dark or Yin and Yang energies you can also develop fetishes or sexual inclinations that would seem unusual when compared to the things that used to attract you. These days there is a lot more support and information available and you really don't have to reinvent the wheel the way Glenn and I did. there are advantages to periods of abstinence while working through the meditation process. Depending upon your energy practices there are times when you'll want to recycle that sexual energy and use it for other things. Those practices go beyond the scope of this book but spend some time .Robert Morgen 113 agree. Abstinence In all seriousness. excessive desire or a lack thereof. Glenn Morris was "How do you handle all of these changes and all of this energy while maintaining a good relationship?" His instant answer of "Apparently not very well!" was only half joking. spontaneous orgasms and even extreme sexual reactions to various stimuli you'd not ordinarily be affected by.

weight problems Opinions. first ground and do the Secret Smile. Let your awareness drop down to your Solar Plexus. intellectual Seat of Problems Contains Physical Communication Style Energy Type In the meditation position of choice. Mantak Chia's books and you'll see a number of extremely good references.114 Awaken Your Inner Power digging through a list of Dr. As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your solar plexus and up your spine. metabolic disorders. Self esteem issues. self esteem. directed will Digestive. Your Power Chakra is the seat of your ability to project your energy and manifest your desires. It's one of the areas so many people have trouble with. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Solar Plexus Yellow Power Air elements. the tendency to be judgmental and strong opinions and beliefs are all centered here. 3rd Chakra The Third or Fire Chakra is the power center and is where we store our judgments. birds Masculine power. Watch the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn yellow. opinions and beliefs about the world and ourselves. . intellectual understanding of the physical/worldly existence Male identity. Differentiated beliefs Intellectual understandings at the ‘gut’ level Mental.

mammals Healing energy. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Seat of Problems Heart. sternum Green Love. innermost desires Compassion. Maintaining a healthy balance allows us to have more power to work on all the other aspects of our lives. sleep disorders. heart pangs. blood pressure problems. The 3rd Chakra also helps regulate the flow of energy into the other chakras. Digestive disorders and weight gain can be signs of an unbalanced power center and the concept of 'comfort food' begins to make more sense. tugs Astral (connects to dream world and astral plane) Contains Physical Communication Style Energy Type . loving. relationship problems The ability to relate Communicates physical/emotional needs through pain. dreams. relationships Circulatory disorders. healing Earth elements.Robert Morgen 115 When the 3rd Chakra is balanced we can call up the secure. When it's unbalanced we fall into dogma and strong belief as a way to try to maintain power in a world that overwhelms us. relaxed energy of the first two chakras and project it out into the Universe as a helpful energy for those who need it. 4th Chakra The Heart or Wind Chakra is the melting pot for the divine energy coming down from the crown and the earth energy coming up from the root.

It also allows one to use the Energy of Love. Let your awareness drop down to your heart. . The ancient Greeks thought the body was controlled from the heart and the brain was just a useless mass up in your head. the more money I make. The heart chakra is where we begin to combine the energy flowing down from the Universe and up from the Earth. Watch the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn green. As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your heart and up your spine. They may have been more correct than modern science gives them credit for. A balanced heart chakra allows you to give freely and in doing so it helps to activate the Universal Laws of Attraction and Reciprocity. Robert Kiyosaki points out in his books that "The more I help others. first ground and do the Secret Smile. but the Energy of Love is different from the emotion of love and learning to tap into this source gives you literally unlimited energy and resources.116 Awaken Your Inner Power In the meditation position of choice. Don't take my word for it. I go into this in greater detail later in the book." And this becomes a recurring theme in many marketing manuals and business books as well.

so chanting. listening. reading aloud and speaking are some of the ways you project your intent through this chakra. speaking. hearing and more importantly. feel. any disorders relating to the throat or mouth The ability to define ourselves in the world Language. Watch the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn blue. All energy is vibration. think. The throat chakra is your connection to the physical world around you as it lets you relate and communicate with others. Those with deficient energy in the throat chakra can have a hard time expressing . singing. singing. humanity Truth Wisdom. Let your awareness drop down to your throat. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Seat of Problems Throat Blue Expression Etheric elements. As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your throat and up your spine. toning Etheric (emotional energy charged with spiritual awareness) Contains Physical Communication Style Energy Type In the meditation position of choice. desire and detest. first ground and do the Secret Smile. responsibility Inability to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’. The 5th Chakra governs higher communication. We express what we see. sounding.Robert Morgen 117 5th Chakra The Throat or 5th Chakra is our communication center.

. glandular problems. draw or project images to communicate Cerebral (draws energy from the brain and 7th chakra) Contains Physical Communication Style Energy Type In the meditation position of choice. first ground and do the Secret Smile. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Seat of Problems Forehead Purple Vision Spiritualized humans. have a fear of speaking and show throat. 6th Chakra The “3rd Eye” or 6th Chakra is our inner/outer visual center. gurus Insight Visions. visioning Adolescent issues. problems planning for the future Self image and means of shaping/correcting ones view of self and the world Uses ability to see. saints. mouth and thyroid problems. eye problems.118 Awaken Your Inner Power themselves. spirits. Neck and shoulder stretches are good for this chakra and help to release the energy blocks. Those with too much energy can have a hard time listening and have hearing problems and talk excessively. growth or development issues.

As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your third eye and up through your crown and out the top of your head. the ability to just 'know' something is an interesting ability that can be developed as you work with this chakra. your marriage or both when used properly. When the 3rd Eye is balanced it's easier to move into a meditative state and it's easier to ignore distractions. Just remember to manifest what you want. It's pretty easy to learn and I give details later on. . So far it hasn't been very good for Lottery numbers but I never buy a ticket either. Intuition. As you get better at projecting your energy you'll find that it does aid in manifesting. I teach this in my martial arts classes and show how one can project love and compassion and still use it to help you have a balanced response to an attacker (a side advantage here is that if you are projecting love then you are NOT responding through fear or anger). rather than what you don't.Robert Morgen 119 Let your awareness go to your third eye. so I have to say that it really hasn't been properly tested. The increased intuition can save your life. The 3rd Eye is also a channel for projecting energy and as you continue with the meditation exercises in this book you should be able to begin developing that ability. Watch the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn purple.

I like to do it while driving on long trips. Location Color Key Word Descriptors Source Of Seat of Problems Crown of the head White/clear Divinity Spirits. depression. lack of direction The receptive means for understanding our path and purpose Describes physical needs through our thoughts Ketheric. . God forms. bone disorders. powers Divine awareness Our oneness with all Cancers. ungrounded-ness. Let your awareness go to your crown chakra. Watch the phosphenes behind your eyes as when you do this they tend to turn white. schizophrenia. As you inhale feel the energy flow in through your crown and back down to your heart. a form of spiritual energy from beyond earths space/time Contains Physical Communication Style Energy Type In the meditation position of choice. first ground and do the Secret Smile.120 Awaken Your Inner Power 7th Chakra The Crown or 7th Chakra is the “psychic center” for higher knowing and it receives the spiritual energies and guidance necessary to activate our purpose. angels. Now start over and run the energy through each chakra at a time in order. You can do this for as long as you like.

" I encourage people to go along with the give-away-all-your-stuff mentality and ride it out. I tend to use the example of a pyramid when I teach about the chakras. It feels a bit like wearing a very light hat.Robert Morgen 121 In many old paintings of Christ you'll see the halo effect which denotes a deeper connection to God and the spiritual realms. It's important to understand your journey through the chakras is going to be a continual process for the rest of your life. but you can't really own that rock. You don't need that crap anyway. How well this works for you depends on your ability to surrender to the process and go where you're supposed to go. just another thing that's happening in your system. spiritual skepticism and materialism. however. It's not uncommon to give away all your stuff when you hit this point as you begin to see that all 'things' are just impermanent doodads and for awhile personal objects may feel like a lot to drag around. You may find that your energy jumps around seemingly at random . Too little energy can manifest as apathy or indifference. You may also go through a period of intense itching. That's ok because if you've balanced out your chakras you shouldn't have any problem manifesting exactly what you need to get the job done. tingling or a crawling feeling around the top of your head as the chakra is opening. The broader and more solid your base the higher you can build it. As Jimmy Buffet says "It might come as quite a shock. as you begin to see your true place and mission in this life you may have to buy some of that stuff again. Once your Crown Chakra opens you can feel the energy at the top of your head. Too much energy in the crown can manifest as being overly intellectual. Realize. I like to combine that with the energy of the 2nd Chakra and be a 'Sexual Intellectual' (a fucking know-it-all). So what? It's like breathing.

Remember what I said at the beginning of the book. most of the side effects that will be experienced during energy work are based around the chakras. side effects are simply symptoms of your energy work and they are neither good nor bad. . Understanding your chakra system will help you identify what would appear to be random pain and recognize that a new stress knot or energy block is forming in your system. Chakras are the diagnostic tools that help you maintain the energy balance in your meatsuit and keep it working properly. The next section of this book outlines a number of exercises to help cleanse and balance your chakras. Your physical body is the vehicle that lets your spirit interact with the world around you. I've also included some other energy work to help you manage your practice and hopefully avoid some of the nastier side effects that can come from working with your chakras. There may be some side effects that you can use in your life and in your practice and there may be side effects that exist merely to help get you onto the right path. Taking the time to do the work and balance your chakras will help you avoid some of these and give you the tools to manage others. I've included a Reiki Chakra Balance and I encourage everyone to spend some time on that.122 Awaken Your Inner Power when your chakras are balancing. The more you understand about your chakras the better you'll be able to identify the things you are doing right in your practice and the easier it'll be to keep everything balanced and functioning. Side Effects Speaking of side effects.

below our feet and above our heads.Robert Morgen 123 Other Chakras You’ll notice I keep referring to the 7 primary chakras. mental and emotional selves. The Root chakra and the Crown chakra will both be affected when you work with either one of them as will the 2nd chakra and the 3rd eye and so on. You’ll notice I didn’t even get into the back side of the chakras in the chart above. We even have chakras outside our body. the energy in all of the others is also affected. A smart. In all we have 32 chakras which act in various ways and have various effects on our spiritual. I strongly advise anyone who wants a real understanding of themselves to devote some time to this. As you begin cleansing and clearing the root chakra you’ll also be activating the crown on a lesser level. physical. As you begin doing the following exercises you’ll see that working with the chakras can have a synergistic effect. Chakras Balance Each Other It’s important to remember that the chakras balance each other. Pay attention to what you see on the phosphenes behind your eyes as well as what you feel and experience emotionally. . We have other chakras in our palms and the soles of our feet as well as throughout our organs and the rest of our body. Your success when working with your chakras depends on your level of self awareness and your willingness to listen to and trust yourself. When you follow this up with the chakra balancing exercises I’ve put into the next chapters then you’ll find that even though you’re working with one certain chakra. curious person could spend a lot of time just researching the various possibilities of the chakras and how they affect us.

As you get used to using the ones below you may discover variations and experiments you can do with them also. You are NOT alone with this stuff.124 Awaken Your Inner Power As you balance. go through the grounding and relaxation meditations. Drawing Energy into the Chakras There are some very simple exercises you can do for your chakras. Draw energy into it on the inhale and send energy back out of it on the exhale. Begin the Drawing Energy meditation but rather than begin at the heart chakra begin at the Root or first chakra. This is where the support groups and internet discussion groups can really help. no matter how it feels sometimes. . so don’t feel like you have to be in a hurry to get it done. by extension. repressed emotions and memories. Don’t try to control the wheel or do anything with it. just let it spin as you energize it. Warning! It’s imperative that you’ve developed the ability to have a positive outlook before you start working with the chakras. As you inhale draw the energy in through the chakra. If you haven’t learned to remain positive and release the energy then you can possibly get yourself into a lot of trouble here. In the meditation chapters I went over how to ‘draw energy’ into yourself. This process will continue for the rest of your life. cleanse and open up your primary chakras you’ll also. In the meditation position of choice (even moving). This works very well as a chakra strengthening exercise. be opening up all the lesser chakras throughout your body. As you begin the cleansing process you’re going to experience old.

. or just a light area at the chakra as the energy flows in and out. You might feel the spinning of the chakras. Continue this with each chakra. As you practice this you’ll develop the ability to just feel when you should move your hands to the next chakra. Let the energy continue to flow into the chakra as you exhale. After a few minutes let your hands rise gently until they’re in front of the second chakra. overflowing down your arms and out through your hands into the chakra. Don't be distracted or even concerned with the images that come up relating to the chakras. Variations You can do this using Earth energy as I just described. We'll deal with those later in another exercise. Hugging the Tree Stand in the ‘mountain’ or ‘standing stake’ pose described earlier with your hands held about 8-12 inches out in front of your first chakra..Robert Morgen 125 You may feel a variety of things with this exercise. Turn your palms inward and just let the energy flow where it needs to go. Right now just let the energy flow and practice drawing it into your chakras and learn what that feels like. You can also use Universal energy and let it flow downward through your head until it fills your entire body and spills down your arms. As you inhale feel the Earth energy rise up through your legs and fill your body. Continue this exercise up through the rest of the chakras. For the crown chakra hold your hands straight up at arm's length above your head.

126 Awaken Your Inner Power

For the especially fun-loving you can combine this with the Yin/Yang meditation shown later in the book and combine both energies while visualizing the Yin/Yang symbol.

Releasing Old Energies Our chakras store memories and emotions as do our organs and muscles. Hopefully by now you’ve begun a steady yoga (or other moving meditative practice) and started cleaning some of that out manually. You should also be able to ground yourself properly and move your energy around. As you pull energy into your chakras you’ll occasionally come across memories or an emotion that’s painful. In many cases it’s good to take a moment and study the energy and see if there are any lessons to be learned from it, and then just let it go. Just release the energy and let it flow down into the earth like any other stress. If it seems to stick and develop a stress knot find a good massage therapist, Reiki healer or acupuncturist (preferably all 3) to help manually release it. You’ll find you have a tendency to laugh or cry much more easily. This is also one of the ways the energy releases itself. I used to spend hours just driving through the mountains (and sometimes still do) just crying and laughing as this energy worked itself out. If you’re married or involved with someone who isn’t following the same path then it’s imperative to have good lines of communication during this process also.

A Special Note for Those in Relationships You’re involved in a process that changes the way your energy flows, and the frequencies with which it flows. As your energy becomes

Robert Morgen


stronger the energy levels of your mate will also begin to increase, just by the constant contact with you. What you do to yourself can easily affect those you’re close to, so don’t be surprised if your mate also begins to experience some clean outs. This can frequently happen after or during sex as this is all sexual energy and when you begin to crank it up then it can easily affect others. Fortunately, I was aware of this fairly early on as I’ve had issues with several girlfriends who’ve experienced emotional cleanouts while having sex. If you’re not really well attuned to your own process it can be really disheartening when the object of your affections bursts into tears after making love. As usual communication is the key. You’ll probably also begin to gravitate more towards sexual partners who are involved in metaphysics and energy work, or at least open to it. It can take a long time for a non-energy worker to get used to your energy and intensity. If you’re fortunate enough to be in a relationship with someone who can handle your energy the practice of Tantra can open up some fun new areas of study. “The Big Red Book” can bring you and your partner hours of practice and exploration. This is another area where the discussion groups can be extremely helpful.

Seeking Help You may stumble across a repressed emotion or memory that requires some professional help and counseling to cope with. If that happens take your therapist a copy of this book in the hopes it’ll help them understand the process that you’re involved with and why you’re delving into these areas. If you can't afford to take them a copy then

128 Awaken Your Inner Power

email me with their name and address and I will send your therapist a free copy. It’s important to remember that you are NOT alone with this process. There are some good resources available today in the form of support and discussion groups that can really help with your process. Take advantage of them and don’t be afraid to get on and talk about what’s going on with your practice. I can’t tell you how many times someone has made some offhand comment that unlocked doors for me. I spent a decade completely alone, just stumbling through this. I see people today that effortlessly flow through things that took me years to work out, simply because there are so many easily available resources now.

Dealing with Fear Learning to deal with your fears is a vital part of this process and not to be taken lightly. As you can see from what I’ve written so far there are some very real dangers for the careless and un-aware. In the early chapters of this book I addressed “Keeping a Positive Attitude” and “Having Faith”. I can’t stress the importance of these concepts enough at this point. When you break all your emotions down you’ll see that they all stem from either LOVE or FEAR. On a moment to moment basis you have the ability to choose which of these you’ll react from. Choose wisely. Fear is much more than just the mindkiller. When you react from fear you are reacting with a completely Id based response. It’s why I stress the necessity for a good martial arts regimen. Not to allow you to fight well, but to build your confidence and give you the ability to keep from fighting and remain calm in desperate situations.

Robert Morgen


Much of what you’re learning in this book will stretch your comfort zones physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Fools do indeed rush in where Angels fear to tread. If you haven’t developed the ability to calm your mind and your energy, as well as create a body and spirit that resonates with a loving, happy, compassionate energy, you are setting yourself up for a trip through a paranoid, hellish, vitriolic existence. To be afraid of your own energy is to be afraid of dealing with the most basic part of your self. To be afraid of another’s energy is to fear the reflection of yourself. Exercises like the Secret Smile and the Inner Smile can be a good defense against fear, as can good training and lots of practice. It’s completely natural to get in over our heads and become afraid sometimes. When that happens then remember there really is an infinite pool of loving, relaxed energy you can tap into at any time. I’ve also seen some otherwise excellent Chi Kung practitioners who caution against being “open” with your energy. Some of the reasons I’ve seen for this include the possibility of being attacked and also the fact that when your energy is open then you are “leaking” energy away from your body. My usual response is “So what?” I’m not leaking it, I’m giving it away as it comes from a literally limitless pool. I don’t have to hoard it or hide it. I’m so utterly unconcerned about being attacked I won’t even bother to address that, other than to point out that living in an armored existence also limits you. There are times when it’s good to pull your energy in and in effect disappear, but those applications are usually used in combat and intelligence gathering and aren’t really useful here. Those applications are also NOT based in fear, but are purposeful.

childhood traumas and even past life or subconscious traumas that are buried so deeply in your system you may not even know they exist. If you've taken the time to work on your intention and awareness you should be able to handle all of this with very little problem. Chakra Cleansing Meditation This is IMPORTANT so pay attention! When you start working with the chakras you are directing energy and intention into some parts of your life you've possibly been avoiding. but neither does anything else. During the cleansing and rewiring process you are going to have emotions. I had other instances where I had to get a massage. With very little effort or reflection I was able to release those old angers and hurts and just let them go. It's very possible to have memories. This tends to be the #1 reason why some people are scared off of energy work.130 Awaken Your Inner Power There are dangers involved with energy work. Training and self awareness are how to deal with those dangers. In my experience this rarely happens when you aren't open to it. When I was going through this process I had memories come up and realized that there were things in my childhood that I was angry about that I didn't even consciously remember. When you start cleansing your system you WILL have to face and deal with these issues. just as there are dangers involved in any other facet of life. such as when you are at work or out on a date. acupuncture . Does that always work? Of course not. thoughts. feelings and traumas boil up out of your system and you are going to have to address them and then let them go. The best thing I can tell you here is that love and compassion are the best armor that you can have.

Once you get cleaned out it can be relatively easy and enjoyable to maintain your newer. cleaner self. After the Secret Smile choose one chakra to work on. As we go into step 2 of this exercise we're going to allow thoughts to come through so we can see them. It's a fairly advanced exercise. Don't try to draw more energy into the chakra or do anything special. Part 1 Start in the meditation position of choice and go through the grounding and Secret Smile exercises. just let your intuition be your guide. The big challenge here is to be able to see the thoughts and images. but NOT to be distracted by them and start thinking about them. but with a little practice it shouldn't be too hard. I still frequently have uncontrollable laughter happen when getting a massage or acupuncture. As you've noticed. These are available on the CD Set that I offer and the guided meditations make it much easier to get started. Pay attention to the colors and other visions behind your eyelids but don't try to direct them. This may take a lot of work . Here is where it gets a little tougher. Simply be aware of what IS. This should be very easy if you've been doing the exercises covered so far. Relax and feel the energy flowing into the chakra. just let your awareness rest in your chakra and see what's there. Let it flow. I developed the flowing exercise in the hopes it would give some people a little more control over this process. Don't put a lot of thought into which one to choose. the challenge has been to overcome the 'monkey mind' and learn to ignore the distracting thoughts that arise whenever you try to clear your mind.Robert Morgen 131 or a Reiki treatment to break up the energy and move it out.

Don't put a lot of effort into this or beat yourself up with it. You may find and identify a variety of different energy blocks by doing this. especially the one about this being a dumb exercise and try to pay attention to the thoughts that would seem to be related to the chakra you are working with. Give yourself permission to cleanse and balance your chakra and to let go of old. This is important because it not only defines your intent. Depending on which chakra you are working with you may have childhood issues or angers that arise. Focus on the chakra with which you are working and begin to let more energy flow into it as you inhale just as we did in the 'Drawing Energy into Your Chakras' exercise. You may find karmic debts that have to be repaid and apologies that have to be made. . Ignore those. Here is the hard part. In the beginning this can be a little bit like juggling cats because you are combining several different exercises into one very powerful and relatively advanced workout. As you breathe energy in and stress out pay attention to the thoughts that are passing through your mind. negative energy.132 Awaken Your Inner Power Part 2 After you've had a few minutes to relax into Part 1 and calmed and cleared your mind it'll be time to start working with the chakra. As you exhale let all the stress. Just open up and 'inhale' the energy into your chakra as you inhale. Say this to yourself as you begin the exercise. You may have emotional outbursts of laughing or crying as energy releases and flows out of your system. it also removes some subconscious blocks to working with the chakra. emotions and pent up energy flow out of the chakra and down into the earth. You'll have occasional thoughts that are not related to the chakra you are working on such as 'this is a dumb exercise' or 'my butt hurts from sitting here'.

For an added boost you can do the 'Reiki Energy Balance' exercise described in the next chapter. healthy and comfortable your body is the easier it is to cleanse and maintain it.Robert Morgen 133 When a memory or a trauma arises simply acknowledge it and let it go. Remember that you started this exercise and if it gets to be too much to handle then you can stop it and go back into the Secret Smile. forgotten or even subconscious mental and emotional traumas arise when working with the chakras. Don't feel like you have to spend a lot of time on each chakra. Cleansing and balancing the chakras is about healing. . steady progress that gets results without turning you into an epileptic. happy. This is a simple exercise. The Secret Smile is the way for you to regain control of your system if you start feeling overwhelmed. In my opinion it's better to spend 5 or 10 minutes at a time on each chakra. The more relaxed. Spend a few minutes in Part 2 and then finish off with the Secret Smile again. it's about making safe. and humans have the capacity to store an immense amount of pain within our bodies. but it's very powerful and effective and you can spend some time doing it and regain control of your emotions and energy. Safety Note It IS possible to have old. Remember what I say about this being an incremental process! This isn't about blowing yourself open.

Basic Reiki This is a very simplified primer on basic Reiki. Clearing up some Reiki Myths There are a few old myths and misunderstandings about Reiki that I’ll address. I’ve used it for years and found innumerable benefits to it. The Attunement Process One of the major myths in Reiki is that you must be attuned to Reiki by a ‘master’ to be able to use it. I’ve proven repeatedly in my own classes that this is NOT true and the average person has the ability to use Reiki instantly.134 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 11 Healing Reiki is an extremely useful tool for cleansing and balancing the chakras. but this will happen gradually over time if you just keep using Reiki. It's intended as a basic lesson to help you start channeling the energy. The attunements make the connection to the energy stronger and cause a rapid cleansing of the body and the chakras. It’s not a certification course. Reiki is out there and .

. Its history is enshrouded in myth. if you remember the Law of Reciprocity I mentioned at the beginning of the book. just don’t mislead anyone in the process. You don’t have to send it anywhere in particular or try to control it. it works. You get back what you send out. Her position was that people wouldn’t value something offered freely and I tend to agree with her. legend and parable. I have no qualms with a professional healer charging for services. You don’t need anyone’s permission or certificates to be able to use it to heal yourself. The Energy Exchange Myth A former Grandmaster of Reiki instituted the concept of energy exchange to validate charging extraordinarily high fees for master level attunements. However.Robert Morgen 135 available to everyone. What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese phrase which means “Universal Energy”. friends and family. you’ll also realize that merely by giving healing energy to another person you’re making the world a better place. whatever is exchange is necessary. Reiki is simply the process of channeling Universal Energy through oneself and into someone (or something) else. The vast range of uses for Reiki range from healing oneself to opening and balancing the Chakras and even charging objects and food with the energy. but the simple fact is. No The energy will go wherever it’s needed and do required of it.

Place your hands over your face with your palms over your eyes. At the simplest level that’s ALL you have to do. To get started sit or lie down in a comfortable position. as many of us try to make it as easily accessible as possible to anyone who wants it. The simplest explanation I’ve found is to think of what the emotion Love feels like. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue just behind your front teeth. Some people feel it very easily and others take awhile to open up to it. You just have to intend to open up to it and you’ll find it readily available. and there are many FREE Reiki classes and sources of training available. Everyone should study Reiki. . feel it flow out along your arms and out through your hands and into your face. martial artist or metaphysician can greatly benefit from Reiki. Put on the music of your choice and relax. I think that Reiki and money management should be required courses in public school! Any energy worker. and then just relax and let it flow. The energy will go wherever it’s needed and do whatever is required of it. Your hands or the part of your body covered by your hands may get hot. cold or tingly.136 Awaken Your Inner Power Getting Started Reiki is safe and simple to use. but just haven’t made the leap into studying it yet. massage therapist. As you inhale open up and feel the energy flow down through the top of your head and down to your heart chakra. You may feel many different things while giving yourself a Reiki treatment. Getting Deeper Reiki flows through you simply by your intent. You don’t have to send it anywhere in particular or try to control it. I hope this simple exercise helps some of you who’ve been interested in Reiki. healer.

Robert Morgen


Chakra Balancing Here’s a simple exercise anyone can do using Reiki. It’s simple and easy and you can do it even if you haven’t been attuned to Reiki. It requires a basic knowledge of channeling Reiki energy, the positions of the 7 primary chakras and a willingness to spend some time making someone else feel good. Everything else is optional.

Setting the tone I like to create a nice atmosphere when doing Reiki. I usually light up some nice incense and for music I usually use Nik Tyndall’s Reiki-Healing Hands CD as it’s also designed to help open the heart chakra.

Getting Started Lie down in a comfortable position and put a pillow under your knees to help take the strain off your lower back. Place one hand over your crown and the other over your 1st chakra. Relax and open up to the energy and let it flow down through the top of your head, through your heart chakra and out through your hands. Spent several minutes here, or until you feel like it’s time to change. Next move one hand up to your 2nd Chakra and the other down to your third eye. Spend as much time as you need here, and then move one hand down to your Throat Chakra and the other up to your Solar Plexus Chakra. Spend as much time as you need here, and then move both hands to your Heart Chakra. After you finish here just switch your hands around to your chakras at random (including the Heart Chakra) and continue tuning them up for as long as you desire.

138 Awaken Your Inner Power

Getting Deeper These exercises can obviously be enhanced by using the Reiki Symbols and by having the Attunements, but neither is really necessary. Over time your body will attune itself if you keep running the energy. These exercises can also be enhanced by regularly practicing ‘The 5 Tibetans’ exercises, as they help tune and rejuvenate your chakras. There are so many things that can be done, both with Reiki and your Chakra System, and the point of this exercise is to help you balance your energy and feel better. It’s also about building up your own catalog of experience, as it’s pretty hard for any teacher to tell you what a certain exercise should feel like when you do it. I can tell you how it feels to me when I do it, but it may feel different to you when you do it yourself, so play with it and see how it feels. This is also about learning to trust yourself and your own feelings and the only way to do that is play with your energy and have fun with it. Healing I've already written about several healing methods in the chakra section. I'm going to write more about this because some of us take more healing than others. When I went through the awakening I needed a lot of work in this area and I remember how damaged I felt during the process. I think the entire process was a lot harder and longer than it had to be because I just didn't have very many resources to work with. I'm also one of those guys who tend to crawl off into the rocks like a wounded grizzly rather than getting out and looking for help. Another factor during my process was the fact that I grew up with a very bad money consciousness and I simply couldn't afford to go take the seminars and learn from the healers, even if I'd known they existed. One of the reasons I'm writing books now is because I've learned

Robert Morgen


a lot that can be passed on and hopefully help others avoid some of the mistakes I made.

Making Mistakes I think it's especially appropriate to put this section under 'Healing'. I tend to be a fairly active guy and mistakes usually hurt. It’s important to remember however, that making mistakes is one of the ways that we learn. Making mistakes also helps us learn to deal more effectively with our ego. Think about that for a moment. How often do we come up with wildly interesting excuses, oh sorry, reasons, for the utterly stupid things we do? I once ran out across the beach and got distracted by a hot girl in a string bikini and dove into shallow water and broke my neck! That is Darwinism in Action. We all screw up and we all do stupid things. So why is it so hard to admit that? Think about it. We also live in a culture that begins teaching us from an early age that it’s bad to make mistakes. I’m not saying it’s ok to not pay attention to what you are doing. If you’re sky diving or ice climbing or scuba diving you probably only get one mistake, so make it spectacular. However, it’s very easy to get so caught up in trying to not make a mistake that we often don’t take action in the first place! Robert Kiyosaki wrote a great book called “Before You Quit Your Job” in which he gives some great insights on why it’s important to make mistakes. The reason that I put this into a chapter on healing is because we frequently block our access to healing energies by creating inner conflicts within ourselves over the mistakes or learning opportunities we make. If your ego won’t allow you to admit to other people that you had a temporary case of the dumb-ass then you are going to be putting a lot of energy into making excuses. The Sun Was In My Eyes, It Was Windy,

140 Awaken Your Inner Power

The Dog, Cat, Baby, Horse, Chickens, Aliens, Angels, Demons, Government, He, She, They, It Did It, Insert your favorite excuse here _____________________, etc. ad bloody nauseum. Every time you make an excuse you are creating a little stress knot in your muscles somewhere. That little stress knot is just something else you’re going to have to clean out again later. It’s like spitting your Copenhagen on the floor of the mobile home instead of using the NASCAR Commemorative spittoon you got for Father’s Day.

Life, Pain and Understanding

“Life is pain, Princess. Anyone who says differently is selling something” – the Princess Bride

PAIN is unavoidable, SUFFERING is not. If you’ve spent any time at all living in a human body then you’ve discovered it gets issued to you with an amazing variety of aches and pains starting with birth. We welcome a newborn young man into western culture by pulling him out a warm, comfortable, hopefully loving environment, smacking him on the bottom and then chopping a third of his penis off. Then we wonder why guys spend the rest of their lives trying to get back in! Holy Crap! Then there is public school, college, the military and the job world to look forward to, not to mention dating. It’s amazing to me that the modern American male is as well adjusted as he is. It also explains why football is a more popular spectator sport than women’s gymnastics. Guys would prefer watching overpaid, hulking brutes roll each other around in the mud rather than watch beautiful, athletic, highly dedicated young women demonstrate the utterly amazing things that can be done with a human body because men have been so mentally battered and sexually confused

You can use prayer. The world we live in can inflict a lot of subconscious damage that really requires some specific work to repair. I’m not being totally tongue-in-cheek here. A lot of people simply aren’t aware they can start the healing process themselves by simply asking for healing and then being willing to receive it. Then you have to be WILLING . yet many people subconsciously block their body/mind/spirit’s natural ability to heal for a lot of different reasons. It simply means that enough people accept the same aberration as an everyday part of their lives. Some people have been so brainwashed by modern medicine that they believe they need pills for any kind of healing. energy work or spells to make your intention known to the Universe/God/Goddess/Great Spirit etc. If 51% of the people wore chickens as hats then the Chicken Hat would become normal. we can use the eggs. I was going to use italics again but I thought that this point was worth going a little further for. This is a Big Deal. When you grow up with a preexisting condition then that condition becomes normal.Robert Morgen 141 by the process of just being alive! It can take a huge amount of intentional effort to overcome this sexual disorientation. Giving Yourself Permission to Heal You can give yourself an excellent head start on your healing process simply by giving yourself permission to heal. Normal doesn’t mean right or correct. I realize this sounds simple to the point of stupidity. Others may have guilt or low self-esteem and may believe they don’t deserve healing or health. meditation. by the way. It’s important. You can ASK for healing. What the hell. hence the capital letters in Big Deal. This is exacerbated by the fact that many of us aren’t even aware we’ve been damaged.

your teachers. We're taught from birth that we must look to some external source for everything in our lives. Living in gratitude can not only speed your healing. You have to ask your parents. get your fat butt up and go for a walk! TAKE ACTION to get what you want. You can’t ask for healing for a body that's chronically weak and overweight and then sit on the couch eating bon bons and watching Judge Judy and expect it to manifest all on its own. you get from those attachments. BE THANKFUL for your healing. if everything is ONE then you ARE a God or a Goddess. MOVE ENERGY in some way or form (“Objects in motion tend to stay in motion" – Isaac Newton). This doesn’t mean you have to mentally dissect yourself to inspect and observe all of your attachments. YOU then have the ultimate authority in your life and YOU can create a life in which YOU can give your Self whatever permissions it requires to accomplish what you came here for. . Turn off the OneEyed Plastic God. However. It just means you have to be willing to release them and let go of whatever effect. Give thanks to the Universe and your Self/Deities and do that every day for the rest of your unnaturally long life. GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION to heal is an important part of this process. You have to get rid of any mental/spiritual/physical attachments you may have to your ailment. your God or some other authority for whatever it is you want. You must also put yourself into ALIGNMENT with your healing. your government. it can empower you to remember that EVERY moment of your life brings something you can be thankful for. You must be willing to ACCEPT or RECEIVE your healing and recognize you're making a small yet important life/lifestyle change and you're going to be doing some things differently from now on.142 Awaken Your Inner Power to be healed. Meditate on that until it makes sense. or affect.

Robert Morgen 143 These healing concepts are going to become more and more important the more you work with your chakras. It’s a process that will last the rest of your life and if you can consistently dedicate 5 or 10 minutes a day to the process then you’ll find that your abilities will increase dramatically. . As you begin cleansing and balancing your chakras you're also going to be cleansing and balancing the corresponding areas of your life.

Take your time with this. Root through Heart.144 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 12 Opening the Chakras By this point (if you’ve been doing the exercises) you should be in the process of opening and balancing your chakras in a very gentle and safe manner. The following exercises should be done one chakra at a time in the beginning. Give it a few weeks and then practice opening the first four. Do the Grounding and Secret Smile exercises first as you really want a happy. For the first few weeks do the chakras one per night. Doing it this way helps cool the energy as you work up through the chakras. but remember between the dualities. The goal is slow steady progress that doesn’t turn your life upside down rather than a sudden eruption of energy up your spine. You could go faster and get more dramatic results. You do not want a blast of hot energy rocketing up your spine into the base of your brain. The sudden eruption stories all sound cool when the survivor tells them years You could go faster and get more dramatic results. everything balances . relaxed body for this. The more dramatic your experience on one end of the scale the more dramatic the aftershock will be on the other polarity. but remember everything balances between the dualities.

. Visualize the second chakra as an orange lotus flower with six petals. The simple secret to opening the chakras is the lotus flower. changing colors as it goes through the other chakras and out through the top of your head. It has a root. Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine. Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. changing colors as it goes through the other chakras and out through the top of your head. relax and let your senses fall down to your first chakra. Each Chakra also represents the flower and each chakra has a certain number of petals which correspond to the wavelength of the energy. Second Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. so take it slow and easy. Visualize the first chakra as a red lotus flower with 4 petals. a stem and the flower itself. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. First Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. Allow the earth energy to flow through the four petalled lotus and gently up your spine. but there’s a long process in between. Allow the earth energy to flow through the six petalled lotus and gently up your spine. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels.Robert Morgen 145 later at parties. relax and let your senses fall down to your second chakra.

relax and let your senses go to your fourth chakra. Visualize the fourth chakra as a green lotus flower with twelve petals. Allow the earth energy to flow through the ten petalled lotus and gently up your spine. relax and let your senses fall down to your third chakra. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels. Visualize the third chakra as a yellow lotus flower with ten petals. Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine. . Allow the earth energy to flow through the twelve petalled lotus and gently up your spine.146 Awaken Your Inner Power Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. changing colors as it goes through the other chakras and out through the top of your head. Fourth Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. Third Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels. changing colors as it goes through the other chakras and out through the top of your head. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels.

Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. Seventh Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. Allow the earth energy to flow through the double petalled lotus and up through your crown and out to the universe. changing colors as it goes through the other chakras and out through the top of your head. Sixth Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. relax and let your senses go to your seventh chakra. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels. relax and let your senses go to your fifth chakra. Visualize the seventh chakra as a violet lotus . Visualize the sixth chakra as an indigo lotus flower with two petals. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. Visualize the fifth chakra as a blue lotus flower with sixteen petals. relax and let your senses go to your sixth chakra. Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine.Robert Morgen 147 Fifth Chakra After Grounding and the Secret Smile. Allow the earth energy to flow through the sixteen petalled lotus and gently up your spine.

Allow the face of the flower to turn slowly and gently until it faces directly up your spine. Gently squeeze your sphincter and PC muscles on the inhale. There comes a point where you have to chart your own course and this is it. Don’t skip this step as it helps to equalize all your chakras to your growing energy levels. You'll notice some places from here on where I give reference to how to do a skill or a technique. At this point I'm not going to be giving as much detail. If you're doing the practices I've shown so far then you won't need more detail and if you aren't doing the practices more detail won't help. Do this for about 20-30 minutes and then give yourself the Reiki energy balance as described earlier. Don't be shy about getting online on the discussion boards and asking questions. Things can get crazy here and they can also get dangerous. but without any directions. The Lesser Kan and Li is a practice that combines the energy of your lower chakras. there are other people who are experiencing the same things. .148 Awaken Your Inner Power flower with a thousand petals. Allow the earth energy to flow through the thousand petalled lotus and up into the universe. Remember that while you might be on your own as far as the process goes. By now you should be in the habit of Grounding and doing the Secret Smile. The Lesser Kan and Li After a few weeks of practicing one chakra at a time you can try the following exercise. That's because the reference itself should be enough to get you started and you'll have to find the specific tools that work for you. Remember the sphincter squeezes also.

Visualize the lotus flower rowing up out of the mud.Robert Morgen 149 First Week Practice drawing the energy up through the first two chakras. No one is on a schedule here and this is not something to rush into. See the energy flow up through the orange lotus and change colors as it flows through the other chakras and out the crown and into the universe. firmly rooted. By this point you should be developing the depth and experience to chart your own course with completing the cycle through the other chakras. Be sure to balance your chakras afterwards. Second Week Practice drawing the energy up through the first three chakras. Visualize the lotus flower growing up out of the mud. Visualize the lotus flower rowing up out of the mud. Let it go to your head and then get over it. See the energy flow up through the green lotus and change colors as it flows through the other chakras and out the crown and into the universe. firmly rooted. rising towards the sun. with a stem holding its green twelve petalled face. rising towards the sun. with a stem holding its yellow ten petalled face. Third Week Practice drawing the energy up through the first four chakras. . firmly rooted. If the path isn’t obvious by now then start over and take your time. its orange six petalled face rising towards the sun. At this point you’ll probably go through a period of feeling very spiritually superior. See the energy flow up through the yellow lotus and change colors as it flows through the other chakras and out the crown and into the universe.

150 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 13 Damo’s Cave Damo’s Cave is an ancient Shamanic Journey in which the seeker travels internally. It’s a great It’s a great meditation for learning to visualize and fantasize. This works better as a guided meditation as it allows you to concentrate on the imagery rather than trying to remember what comes next. Damo is also known as the Bodhidharma or Daruma. By now you should be able to do those pretty effortlessly. happy energy. You can either have someone read this to you or you can order the CD Set that accompanies this book. It’s an interesting and fun exercise that can teach you a lot about yourself. Damo was the Hindu monk who traveled to China and taught the Shaolin Monks Kung Fu. It’s a fun legend that may even be true. creating the world meditation for learning to visualize and fantasize. Feel your body becoming lighter and filled with relaxed. both of which are important skills for you want to live in. depending on which version of the tales you read. Hit the meditation position of choice and do the Grounding and Secret Smile exercises. . both of which are important skills for creating the world you want to live in.

The climb becomes steeper and harder as you go and you feel yourself getting tired. A trail leads from the beach up through the trees and up the side of the mountain. You don’t have to swim for it. sandy beach and a forest of palm trees up the side of a huge volcanic mountain. all you have to do is relax and let the island come to you as you ride the ocean’s currents toward it. Can you feel the warm water supporting you and smell the salt air? In the distance is an island. Try to make this as realistic as possible. You become stronger and more confident as you begin to walk up the trail through the trees. There are also a couple of pools nearby. As you get to the shore you can see the bright.Robert Morgen 151 With your eyes closed and looking up into the third eye. You go around these and continue up the trail. The tunnel opens out into a large cavern with a faint glow of hot lava far back towards the rear. You lean against the trees and rocks and discover that you can draw energy in through your hands. The walls glow with a slight phosphorescence that allows you to see as you descend. On your left is a podium upon which rests . making you feel a bit like a king or a queen. As you walk across the sand you can feel yourself drawing energy from the ground up through your feet. Off to the left you can see the abandoned ruins of an old temple and a graveyard. There’s a guardian at the entrance of the cave who wears a long cloak and a cowl that masks its identity. You get closer to the cave and the guardian motions for you to enter. You can feel a strong sense of acceptance and the guardian bows to you. Inside the cave is a long. see yourself floating in a calm sea. and this revitalizes you and gives you the strength to keep climbing. downward spiraling tunnel. Ahead of you the trail forks and you see that one fork leads around to a large cave.

gear lockers. It seems to penetrate through the rock of the cave in the far distance. laboratory. Beyond is a city that’s both ancient and modern and which shelters a wide variety of people. You can see past it into a desert with a large stone city in the distance. stables. The next step is green and opens out onto a bright blue. You see a series of rooms that house your bedroom. Beyond this door you can see a small stream that leads down to a huge lake or an ocean. First Look Ye Here. The first step is red and the door is massive. They don’t see you yet.152 Awaken Your Inner Power a large leather bound book. On the cover in gold letters is written “All Knowledge Is Power! Seeking Truth. including some who look like elves. To the right is a great stairway with five wide steps of different colors. a library and a kitchen. cloudless sky. gardens. The second step is orange and the door is built like double Dutch doors. In the distance is a ship coming in to the harbor. You can hear the faint tinkle of glassware and laughter if you listen. At each step is a door. In one room you find a hidden doorway and in another is a trapdoor under the rug. You don’t explore either at this time as they are . You can see a bird floating gracefully on the updrafts outside. bath.” Behind the podium is a room with a huge array of computers and electronics. machine shops. a personal dojo and instructor. There are three very comfortable looking captain’s chairs in the room and a young man and woman working there. The last step is tilted and spirals off into the distance fading through shades of violet and white. In the center of the cave are your living quarters. The third step is yellow with an intricately carved door.

This is your space and you can do anything you like with it. scuba gear. etc. You’ll find the gear lockers fully stocked with climbing gear. My cave was bare when I first got into it. interact with the people and animals. Explore through the doors. In a room towards the back of the cave is an animal that seems to regard you as its master.Robert Morgen 153 both dark. Get as real as you possibly can with this exercise. . As I’ve begun to trim down my possessions and build up my connections to the universal energy I’ve found I need less gear for my explorations so I’m turning that space into a hydroponics greenhouse. Get as wild and crazy as you want to also. Try to smell the fragrances and feel the wind on your skin. but it’s gradually taken on a very Oriental/Native American look as I’ve explored it and begun to furnish it more to my liking. This is your space and anything goes. Open up the book and see what’s in it.

and often does. . The important thing to remember at this point is that. they don’t have any corporeal form.154 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 14 Travels in the Void When you look up into your third eye and clear your mind completely you can enter a space that goes beyond the normal mundane world. Eventually you’ll run into something malignant while You are more anything you’ll run into in the Void. while frightening. You are more powerful than anything you’ll run into in the Void. Occasionally one may decide to test you and when that happens there are a couple of different strategies you can use. You can avoid most of the beasties in the Void simply by not showing fear. You can look at these beings as anything you want. demons. Some of these critters feed off of fear. The Void is a place completely outside of space and time where anything can. aliens and representatives of human evil. powerful than traveling in the void. happen. so when you give it to them they like it and they’ll come back for more. You can see them as spirits.

etc. Just Eat It If you don’t want to bother with either of those you can just swallow the beast. attach a piece of rawhide. You can consecrate it if you desire by smudging it with a bit of sage and some sweetgrass and then offering it for service to whatever directions or deities appeal to you. buckskin. Hang it with the shield. These don’t have to be full-sized as they are just symbolic. literally. so you don’t have to go around feeling like you’re on the defensive. Hang it on the wall. If you are nothing then there is nothing to attack in other . Disappear into the Void Another thing to remember is you can just disappear and merge with the void. It’s only energy so just inhale it and get on with your trip. A Medicine Spear can be as simple as a stick that you consecrate and use to symbolize a spear. Make a hoop using a green sapling or tree branch. When you’re in the void and something wants a taste you can just summon these and they’ll appear in your hands. I don’t advise carrying them with you as it strikes a very defensive posture. Once again this can be summoned. rabbit hide. Armor of Light Another defensive tactic is to see yourself armored in strong bright light.Robert Morgen 155 Medicine shields and spears If you go for the Native American style you can easily make a Medicine Shield and a Medicine Spear. and then paint it with your own personal symbols.

Just relax and send it all the unconditional love you can. . Remember that some experiences or beings will show up to test you so keep the Universal Laws in mind and treat them the way you'd want to be treated. If you have enough confidence you really don’t have to worry about using them. It's a good place to practice being compassionate to the things that scare us. I only included this section because people occasionally ask about what to do if they are attacked.156 Awaken Your Inner Power words. There is a lot more to this than originally comes to mind. I haven't given very specific directions in this chapter because at this point you shouldn't need them. Love Another tactic that works for me when I run into something that would ordinarily be considered a nightmare. If something bothers you and you have the confidence you can just wave it away and it’ll go. Love. but really they’re just confidence builders. especially if you’ve never been in the Void. everything there is YOU. The Void is an amplification of whatever you bring to it. Think about it for awhile. These tactics all sound pretty weird.

People do it all the time without even meaning to. just in the course of their lives. called kriyas.Robert Morgen 157 Chapter 15 Becoming Your True Self Awakening your Inner Power is a fairly simple process. it’s about living with the person who has awakened the energy and BEing that person. Many people experience dramatic changes in their awakening doesn’t have anything to do with connecting the energy. As all the accumulated stresses and memories dissipate and are dealt with the seeker finds that things that used to be earthshakingly important just don’t matter anymore. Frequently the person in the midst of this rewiring process will experience shudders. The brain and nervous system go through a rewiring process as the body becomes used to running higher energies. The hard part of personalities and lifestyles after an awakening. . Sometimes this is caused by the changes that come from cleansing and balancing the chakras. it’s about living with the person who has awakened the energy and BE-ing that person. The hard part of awakening doesn’t have anything to do with connecting the energy. which run through their muscles.

unfortunately.158 Awaken Your Inner Power During this process the seeker often begins to see their life and their purpose much differently. so they begin the process of becoming. Did our lives change because our Inner Power awakened or did our Inner Power awaken because we changed our lives? Many people pursue meditation. Many people have the expectation that something will happen suddenly and they’ll immediately just be the person they want to be. healing. “BE” in the Moment An interesting aspect of Inner Power is its inherent chicken/egg quality. Most likely there will be someone else on there going through the same thing but doesn’t recognize it. Sometimes the answer is simply that they were already living their intended life and the dramatic changes just weren’t necessary. especially for those who tend to be negatively oriented. Glenn Morris when I first met him . combined with the process of letting go of attachments and dropping the ego-based masks we’re all taught to wear can cause some pretty radical changes in a person’s behavior. that they’ll have this amazing experience and just suddenly be enlightened. On the other hand some people just hit the awakening like a speed bump and don’t seem to make the same extreme changes to their life. I stress the positive attitude and doing exercises like the Secret Smile because this can be a pretty rough time. I remember making the comment to Dr. For the most part it just doesn’t work that way. This. Don’t be afraid to get onto the discussion groups and talk about this either. They know they need to become more. martial arts and other pathways to personal mastery because they sense the need for change in themselves. That seems to be one of the misleading expectations about Inner power.

Such a simple lesson that took so long to sink in. If you see enlightenment as being nicer to others and treating them the way you want to be treated and loving them as you love yourself then do it. not our good/bad. male/female or light/dark side. Inner Power makes me aware on a moment to moment basis just how Un-enlightened I really am”. Each time a wave hit me and turned my face up out of the water I took as big a breath as I could get and then held it. right now. but even deeper to the Id and Super-Ego. . as the last one is gone and the next one isn’t guaranteed. paralyzed and unable to move. Start BE-ing that person right now! If you want to be like a Buddha then BE like a Buddha. The last moment has faded into some abstract. and if not what can I do to make that happen?” Most of us have at least a vague idea of who we think we want to be when we awaken to our true selves. Some of us need harsher lessons than others apparently. is the only real breath. subjective past that only exists in our individual memories. right now. right now. instinctive Id and the overly intellectual Super-Ego and the need for balance. and the next moment is part of a future that may never arrive. This moment.Robert Morgen 159 that “rather than becoming Enlightened. Here’s your Wakeup Call then. is the only one that really exists. wondering if I was ever going to get another. ☺ So the question becomes “What am I doing right now?” “Am I living the way I want to live right now. This breath. It’s extremely easy to see these as the basis for all of the others with the battle being between the untrained. I once spent several minutes face down in the ocean. Balancing the Dualities Many of our issues with duality go back to our very basic nature.

Everything that lives is created through a sexual act of some sort and it’s that very energy we seek to elevate and awaken. clitorectomies. just like any other form of fasting. a non-acceptance of that part of themselves manifested in some sort of external sexual inequity. What you’re seeing in many cases is the level of individual discomfort with their own internal energies. I won’t argue that there are times when abstinence can be used to strengthen a spiritual journey. “Look at it this way” he might have told them. or the domination of men or women. and apparently most of us are severely unbalanced towards one or the other.160 Awaken Your Inner Power I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that all of this started with some old shaman sitting around the campfire trying to put it into terms that his people could understand. and over here you have chaos and disorder and acting intuitively on your baser instincts. We all have a masculine and a feminine side. I will point out that it’s also frequently used as an escape that can leave the practitioner in a severely unbalanced state. sexual energy. let’s call that side God. Inner Power is by definition. let’s call that side Satan…” Balancing the Masculine/Feminine The Battle of the Sexes has raged for hundreds of years and in my opinion it’s really beginning to screw up the planet. “On this side you have Order and Law and Creation. Pick almost any major religion or path and you’ll see some sort of sexual dysfunction displayed as celibacy. Some of the heinous acts of our major religions are designed to keep the feminine energies in check. Having occasionally experienced periods of abstinence for a variety of reasons (primarily by .

as if the 2 extremes didn't exist in all of us. Many of us spend a long time trying to suppress the various elements of our light and dark sides partially because we're taught to believe light is good and dark is evil.Robert Morgen 161 using my personality as a means of birth control) I can definitely say it leaves one unbalanced and reactionary. partly because I made it harder than it had to be. One of the problems at the time was my inability to get out of my own way and I continually tried to micro-manage the process rather than giving in to it and going where it wanted to take me. a lot of healers tend to shy away from their dark side. Apparently I do that a lot. For example. As with some of Mantak Chia’s books on sexual techniques I can’t recommend it strongly enough. I think the world would probably be a much better place if it was issued to everyone and we were tested on it regularly. When it does manifest it's usually in some context that the healer . I also believe it’s possible to draw these energies from the world around us without the need for an actual sexual partner. I’m just not very good at it. I believe the human body was intended to operate with a certain balance of male/female energies and these energies are meant to balance one another just as in any of the other dualities. Part of that was from my own misconceptions about the light and dark and my reactions to them. “The Big Red Book” officially known as Sexual Secrets (Douglas and Slinger) goes into a lot of detail on the various sexual energies and it’s a lot of fun to read also. Balancing the Light and Dark Integrating my dark side was a fairly torturous process for me.

and to find creative ways to balance your proclivities. Dealing with Negativity Once you start to become comfortable with your dualities you can begin to associate with the positive (good for you) light and dark traits and abilities. dance. and then get beyond them. It's important to find examples of the dark and light that can be manifested positively and enjoyably as everything has to balance. You have to know yourself well enough to become comfortable with all the aspects of your personality. This is where the self awareness part of Inner Power comes in. Music. close your eyes and do some moving meditation and ecstatic dancing. This can be a journey of self discovery that can take you places you didn’t know you could go. If you choose music as your balancing catalyst then turn off the lights. If you spend all day giving Reiki treatments and listening to soothing new age music take some time in the evening and pop in a suitably dark movie or some nice dark music on the stereo. You might be surprised at what you’re able to clean out of your system this way. What’s important here is to learn to be comfortable with your dualities. We usually lump . those are just some that I personally enjoy. It’s unnatural for us to always be one or the other. movies. In reality you can find positive examples anywhere. Thereafter the healer may have a negative connotation with the dark side of their being. Sometimes these connotations can come from events that happen when we're small children or even be hold-overs from past lives.162 Awaken Your Inner Power may be shocked by or ashamed of. martial arts and sexuality are some of the ways you can find positive examples of both the dark and the light. Keeping a positive mindset is extremely important as you’re pushing your comfort levels to new extremes. theatre.

it’s just something that came to me. Yin/Yang Exercise Here’s an exercise I’ve been playing with. As you exhale see the 2 bands of energy swirl through you and into a yin/yang symbol that encompasses you. I can say however. You do this by letting your energetic roots grow down into the earth and feel the earth energy flow up into you on the inhale. As you exhale release all your stress and tension and let it flow back down into the earth to be recycled. all the way up over your head. but having a negative attitude isn’t a positive dark trait. Now as you inhale. It’s all been done before. Feel yourself expand beyond your usual physical . I didn’t learn this from any external source. while simultaneously opening up and feeling the light universal energy flow down through the crown of your head and down the front of your body. Feel your muscles relax as this stress bleeds out of your body and feel your connection to the earth increase as you draw in each breath. feel the dark earth energy flow up the back side of your body. Do this as long as necessary to become relaxed and feel a good connection to the energy. The next step is to let loose of your perceptions and become the yin/yang symbol. I won’t say that I invented it because when it comes to meditation there really is nothing new. Continue at this level til you can do that with one breath comfortably. ☺ Remember that this is all about developing your own personal mastery.Robert Morgen 163 negativity into the ‘Dark’ category. When you give in to negative feelings and emotions then you are giving away your personal power. Pick the meditation position you prefer and take a moment to ground yourself.

We/it encompass everything and we’re/it’s the basic building blocks for everything that ever was or is. Feel the connections to the universe within and without. This should be easy since (sense?) your connection to everything also gives you unlimited abilities. and in reality there’s no difference between it and us. As you fall into this swirling galaxy you can see it’s made up of billions of swirling little solar systems all made up of little yin/yangs. your state. It’s all the same energy and the parts of it that are in you are also the parts of you that are in it. Choose one of the swirling yin/yangs at random and let yourself fall into it. Now begin to expand yourself. your city. now let it expand to fill your house. If the energy wants to continue spiraling let it. This is the energy that’s all around us all the time. Choose one of these at random and flow down to it. then the universe. See the little yin/yangs rotating around a larger one in the center. Feel the swirl of the galaxies within you and visualize them as tiny yin/yangs all swirling together inside a larger yin/yang which is also just another swirl and realize (make REAL) that the dualities don’t really exist. Feel your energy expand til it fills (feels) the room. they are just perceptions of the same reality. feeling the connectivity to the light/dark energy in everything around you. Choose one at random and flow into it. “For every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction” is not just a good idea. good/bad and positive/negative that holds everything together. It’s the proper balance of the light/dark. When you . We’re as much a part of it as it’s a part of us.164 Awaken Your Inner Power boundaries with the light and dark energies swirling through you in perfect balance. masculine/feminine. Continue expanding out through the solar system. it’s the law.

Dealing with the Ego We spend a lot of time dealing with self awareness and self consciousness and self esteem. represents internalization of parental conscience and the rules of society. Everything is smooth and safe and relaxed. conscience. and the Subconscious self or Id. and a sense of guilt” The Id is defined as “one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is completely unconscious and is the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives” Great. so who exactly is this self and why does it matter? Webster’s defines the Ego as “the self. and the Ego. Choose one of these and flow into it. Feel yourself settling down on the yin/yang and relaxing into a meditation position. individual yin/yangs. which is a . can you open your eyes and feel the light/dark energies swirling all around you? Did you come back down to the same room and body and mindset that you left? Does it matter? Play with this as there are infinite possibilities and energies to explore. especially as contrasted with another self or the world” The Super-ego is defined as “one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that is only partly conscious. and functions to reward and punish through a system of moral attitudes. So what does it all mean exactly? When Webster’s mentions “the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory” what they're talking about is the Conscious self or Super-ego. now I discover I’ve got a divided consciousness. just when I was feeling better. Without letting go of your connection to the universe.Robert Morgen 165 look more closely at it you can see it's also made up of billions of swirling.

We spend our lives learning how to be the people we become. Religion is just the easiest example. One of the challenges We spend a lot of time dealing with self awareness and and self esteem. We seek to access more of our subconscious abilities and break self and why does it free of the restraints that tie us down. One of the problems many of us have is we are programmed from birth to believe various things. but there are many others. so self consciousness who exactly is this matter? many of us face is learning to release the programming in our super-ego and let the natural expression of our id have more control. We learn various mores and norms according to the society we live in. depending on the culture we grew up in. So in short. our ego is that which defines us and separates us from all the other egos out there and provides us with the framework for our reactions and responses to external and internal stimuli. to bypass the mental/emotional boundaries and experience the oneness of the universe and everything in it…you get the picture. It’s both who we’ve learned to be and who we always were combined into who we think we are now.166 Awaken Your Inner Power combination of both. I grew up in a staunch Methodist community that firmly believed in an omniscient God and the miracles of the Bible while simultaneously scoffing at the metaphysical and supernatural. . I learned early NOT to point out the similarities and when I was older I went through a fairly lengthy process of deciding which parts of the programming were useful and which could be discarded.

Rising above the Id is just as important as overcoming the Super-ego. social order that happens to dominate at the moment. Some of it is destructive and designed specifically to prevent you from accessing your subconscious energies. Some of this programming is useful and it lets us move through and function within our society. Many of us have very unbalanced responses that are based in the Id rather than the Super-ego. I’m very Old Testament that way sometimes. Did you ever meet someone who tended to be very paranoid and reacted with violence as a first solution? In many cases the ‘warrior’ mentality is very Id based. In contrast the Id (or maybe just my Id) tends to be untrained to function in society and has very little worry about what’s ‘normal’ or even polite. but is that the correct response according to the laws we live under? Is it the correct response according to the laws of compassion and reciprocity? Sometimes a thoughtful solution can be better for everyone. economic. Just because something is an instinctive reaction doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct within the social context. The Super-ego and the Id So what is the correct balance? The challenge is to develop enough internal and external awareness to be able to go through and keep . Some of it is useless and exists merely to keep us in line with whichever religious. When I see someone abuse an animal or a child my first response is to do to the abuser exactly whatever they are doing to the victim. tough 6 year old kid. preventing you from really thinking on your own and developing your Self in the directions you think it should go. as is the ‘nurturer’ and the ‘shaman’.Robert Morgen 167 Since most of us are already outside what’s ‘normal’ for our societies I probably don’t have to spend much time with this. It’s like a big. political.

If none of these words elicited a response in you you are probably a rare human indeed. but fortunately your Ego is also the defining factor of the Super-ego and the Id. How about hypocrite. I’ve seen about 20 different translations of “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you”. fat or slut? . dipshit. through LOVE or through FEAR. Animal Rights. There are a few guidelines you can go by that will help the process. Through study and meditation you begin the process of shaping the Id and Super-ego and therefore the Ego. idiot. phrase. On a moment by moment basis I always try to be aware of my responses and see which of those is dominant. much like the Yin/Yang. I used some politically oriented words. We have to thoughtfully. Personally I try to keep in mind there are only two ways to respond to any given moment. Child Abuse and Summer Camp. An ego trigger is any word. Some easy words to use for examples are Abortion.168 Awaken Your Inner Power or discard the programming as we see fit. Most religions are liberally sprinkled with these and if you apply them they’ll help act as a filter between the Id and Superego. unthinking response within us. purposefully think about what’s important and how we should react to the various stimuli that bombard us constantly. but you can address them more specifically. the Environment. Gun Control. thought or feeling that causes an unintentional. moron. creating a single balanced entity. The Super-ego and the Id will always be the defining factors of your ego. for instance. Ego Triggers We all have ego triggers. chauvinist. Human Rights. Hopefully someday I’ll be good at it.

Often ego triggers will instantly elicit anger. Using an ego trigger elicits a definite response and if that response is beyond your control you are being used rather than making a rational response. Just pay attention to words. coworkers. spouse.Robert Morgen 169 Our culture tends to purposefully build in these ego triggers because when you're susceptible to them you are more easily controlled. Examine that and see if you can discover why. Just keep the word in your mind and pay attention to thoughts. memories or feelings that arise in your mind around the word. Look at the trigger and see why it elicits a response. Working with your ego triggers can be a very long process but also a relatively easy one to start. When possible look and see if that response can be changed to include love and compassion. When you begin working through your triggers you may find you are no longer as easily manipulated by preachers. Give yourself permission to heal any issues that may arise and to forgive anyone who has ever inflicted this word upon you. Take a few minutes and go through the Breathing and Secret Smile exercises. thoughts. but rather to develop a level of awareness that allows you to remain in control of yourself. your parents. Learn to be aware of the feelings created by the words used around you. politicians. or fear or shame. The goal here is not to do away with the feelings caused by ego triggers. Forgive . Pick a word from the list and meditate on it. Ego Trigger Exercise Make a list of words that elicit feelings within you. You may also find it becomes much easier to find real solutions to the issues that caused the trigger in the first place. feelings or concepts that make you angry or uncomfortable. etc.

other people rarely see us as we see ourselves. jump up and down or dance or anything else you need to do to get the feelings out of your system. These masks are the external personalities we show others. the masks we wear are also programmed with our memories and likes/dislikes at a personal level. and believe it or not. Do you act differently around certain people. You may laugh or cry. deeds or words you used in conjunction with the ego trigger. They’re an amalgam of everything we’ve done. If you start feeling overwhelmed remember to use the Secret Smile to pull yourself out of the stresses. If you feel you need professional help with counseling. We each have a set of pre-programmed responses to just about any external/internal stimuli and it’s these programmed responses that make it so easy to occasionally bend and twist entire societies. as well as our views of ourselves. massage or healing then by all means get it. Once you’ve begun to release the stresses from the ego trigger you can begin to look at compassionate and loving ways to respond to that trigger from now on. scream or shout. Allow any emotions that need to come forth as you release your attachment to the word. but you can definitely replace the negative effects with something more positive. or in certain places? Are those actions the result of self-awareness on your part or simply pre-programmed responses that you do automatically? . Beyond that.170 Awaken Your Inner Power yourself for any actions. Dropping our Masks In a sense it’s like we’re each wearing a mask. both good and bad. It’s almost impossible to get rid of every ego trigger you may have. It’s also possible to have an entire series of masks you wear at different times and places.

It’s one of the reasons why some people have such radical changes to their personality after an awakening. A lot of people also hide behind their masks and it can be extremely frightening when those masks no longer hide them from themselves. As you get deeper into the self-awareness process you’ll begin to question some of the things you do and the reasons you do them." Epictetus . Dealing with Anger "When you are offended at any man's fault. The simplest way to begin stripping these masks away is to look at your responses to external/internal stimuli. Suddenly you’re left with a completely blank slate and it’s up to you to decide what should be there. turn to yourself and study your own failings. It’s one of the reasons I’m constantly prattling on about intention and awareness and having a positive attitude. Then you will forget your anger. As you expand your awareness you’ll be able to have different views of your own actions as well. The good news is that you don’t have to experience an awakening to begin the process of dropping the masks. and therefore changing your masks.Robert Morgen 171 One of the things that happen with Meditation is that all the masks are stripped away. Do you respond primarily from the Super-ego (conscious) or the Id (subconscious) parts of your ego? How’s that working out for you? Are there times when you’d like to respond more consciously and other times when you feel like your intellect gets in the way? As you journey through your own self-awareness you’ll find that you can begin changing your responses.

This was (and still is) a very long journey for me and I’m still being tested fairly regularly with no reason to believe the tests will ever stop. but we can develop better strategies for dealing with it. . As humans we’ll probably never eradicate anger. Dealing with anger brings us to some of the core principles of Inner power. wrong instructions and outright ineptitude from the bureaucracy). It’s incredibly hard at first to deal with some of the unfairness of life without getting angry and upset. While I probably could have handled it better. Some of us tend to be a little quicker to anger than others. Only a few months ago this would have sent me into a rage (and a righteous one too!) yet this time I tried to remember I was supposed to be handling this properly. namely awareness. For example I was recently filling out my financial aid paperwork to go back to college and take some classes. It’s all about winning the little victory right now rather than worrying about winning the war on anger. In the process I discovered the IRS had apparently lost every one of my tax returns since 1999.172 Awaken Your Inner Power As humans we have to deal with anger on a fairly constant basis. dealing with anger is an incremental process. I still showed a marked improvement over how things would have been even a few years ago. During the entire ordeal (about 20 hours worth of phone calls. Like any other real change in our lives. It’s very easy to become stressed and lose our tempers. but in general anger is one of the daily trials we all have to work towards overcoming. I tried to remember to make things as pleasant as possible for the person on the other end of the conversation. but that’s exactly what you have to learn to do.

Solution – Lighten up. Old Man! We’ve all been new on the job or thrown out to the wolves without proper training. As your awareness increases you may . Cause #1 . This works well for my personality type and may not work at all for others. Try to see the humor in it and see if it can all be turned into a joke. for whatever reason. and my advice here is to write it out and then write out the solutions for it. To do the “Sacred Space’ test first you have to understand that you can’t change the world. Solution – If it turns out I’m running out of time. no matter what’s going on. your bubble of influence.I’ve found I’m most likely to get angry when I feel like I’m running late or short of time. it’s at least a positive step and keeps me from being any ruder than I can help to the people waiting on me. but give this a try and see. but you can change the area directly around you. Another tactic that I use in general and I have pretty good results with is to view everything as a test.Robert Morgen 173 Identifying the Causes Here are a couple of examples of things that make me angry. I try to call ahead and make other arrangements for my appointments. While this necessity can still make me unhappy. The test is to always have a bubble of happy sacred space around you. Cause #2 – I have a very low Stupidity Tolerance. We all have a list like this. Take a minute and try to view things from the stupid-ees point of view and it may turn out that the situation isn’t really anyone’s ‘fault’. Try the ‘Sacred Space’ test and let me know how it works for you. I find incompetence and ineptitude to be one of the most amazingly rude things imaginable and a symbol of a business owner’s lack of respect for their customers.

Look at it like a game. What’s the first thing you feel when someone becomes angry with you? If you’re like most of us you also begin to get angry. Does this always work? Of course not. It’s entirely possible the one bad moment you witness from your adversary may be the only bad moment that person has ever shown. When you bring the jerk into your bubble of sacred space your goal is to make their day better. . We all have the ability to be total jerks. It develops into a circle and keeps growing until it either spills over or sanity prevails.174 Awaken Your Inner Power find this easier to do. You are a living. Judging them as a perpetual jerk may be as utterly unfair as the times when others judged you as a perpetual asshole. The challenge with this is to feel that way about everyone. Have fun with it. Just as we’ve accidentally shown our bad sides to others. Get beyond your own ego and the attitudes of “How dare they treat ME that way” and see if you can help break them out of their bad mood. Sometimes the other person is still going to be a jerk. no matter how they’ve treated you. rude inept or downright mean they act. fold and spindle an attacker. and sometimes in the case of a potentially violent situation this tactic may still not be enough to avoid the confrontation. then others will show their bad sides to us. As I often point out in my martial arts classes “You may still find it necessary to bend. breathing sacred space generator and everyone who comes in contact with you enters your area of sacred space and therefore should pass out the other side of it feeling better than when they went in to it. or how stupid. Another thing to remember about anger is that the usual response to it is more anger. but at least this method keeps you from doing it in anger or hatred”.

Someone can give you all of it that they want to. but it’s up to you to accept it. you also have to remember to forgive yourself. As you inhale feel the earth energy flow up into you until it fills your entire body.Robert Morgen 175 Remember with anger that it’s just like love. If your concentration is good if nothing else it may take your mind off whatever you’re angry about. Experiment and play with this. On your exhales continue to let stress and tension flow out. Remember that the Law of Reciprocity applies here also so if you send out anger then you’ll receive anger in return. Like the old example the monks use. just open up and intend for the energy to flow into it and you’ll eventually be able to feel your liver as you do this. Let your muscles relax and let any tension flow out and down into the earth. if someone offers you a cup of tea and you refuse it then whose tea is it? It still belongs to them. Don’t worry if you don’t know where your liver is. This is extremely important because until you do this you’re still carrying the seeds of that anger around with you. When someone ticks you off the first thing to remember once you cool down is to forgive them for whatever they did to make you angry. Of course. If someone offers you anger and you refuse it then whose anger is it? The next time you feel yourself becoming angry try this: Begin your belly breathing drawing your breath deep into your hara. Begin drawing chi in through your liver. Take a moment to . Forgiveness Since none of us are perfect it’s important to remember about forgiveness.

Righteous Anger Looking at the world today makes you think there are times when we should be angry. utterly imbecilic action they committed. If you’re amazingly effective (more so than anyone has ever been) you’ll single handedly make the world a better place. you can only accept it. Look at the lessons learned and see what you could have done better and then forgive everyone involved and get on with your life. However. etc. Most of us get just as annoyed with ourselves for losing control and giving in to the anger as we do at the person who inspired it. Once you accept it you can get beyond it. Even righteous anger is subject to the Law of Reciprocity. Of course no matter how angry you get you can never stamp out injustice or abuse.176 Awaken Your Inner Power forgive them for whatever moronic. you’ll reach a point where you’ve cleaned up the entire planet and you begin to vent your righteous anger on some guy who spits on the sidewalk because that’s the worst thing that’s left. Personally I’d prefer to give compassion rather than anger (and I eventually hope to get good at it). This is one more area where keeping a positive attitude can be helpful. injustice. Those things are part of our basic nature and you can’t be angry about our basic nature. and then forget about it. starvation. You may feel justified at being angry at the person who screwed up. but we all screw up occasionally. Human Rights abuses. Of course. you also have to remember to forgive yourself. When you react out . When you start getting mad about those things where do you stop? It might sound perfectly reasonable if you say “I’m only going to be righteously angry about the worst injustices and then stamp them out”. Take a moment to critique the incident without assigning blame to either party.

So how do you temper compassion and mercy with reality? In my martial art classes I always teach the non-lethal. or we can respond through love. Of course if you get to the point of physical violence odds are you’ve screwed up at the other levels. Slow your breathing and remember to breathe down into your hara. The goal is to develop our awareness until we can decide in an instant which way we want to respond. This is one of the areas I have to constantly struggle with. non-damaging techniques first. Keep your mind as clear as possible. letting it overflow down into your arms and hands. send your awareness down to your heart chakra and draw energy into it.Robert Morgen 177 of compassion at least you don’t have to worry about anger degenerating into hate. Using Compassion in Everyday Life Compassion is simply the way we feel towards others. In any given moment we have two ways to respond to whatever happens. Feel it relax and expand as . then allow the grounding earth energy to flow up from your feet and let your entire body fill up with it. I try to remember on a moment to moment basis that it should be a pleasure for another person to interact with me because I should always be relating to them from a loving and compassionate viewpoint. Of course this is the point where the little devil on my shoulder points out that the best thing for some people is a good swift kick in the ass. Relax your muscles and let all the tension drain out. We can respond through fear. The next time you’re in a ‘discussion’ with someone who wants to be argumentative try this. It’s exactly that simple. for instance. but merely to redirect them and get the point across to them that you’re someone who shouldn’t be attacked in the first place. The point is not to hurt the person who attacks you.

" Edgar Cayce Are we spiritual beings having an earthly experience or are we earthly beings having a spiritual experience? Who said we have to be one or the other? Are the two mutually exclusive? The thing that’s most interesting to me about the Inner Power process is that I’m much closer to my true spiritual self now than ever before. From that perspective the life we live has far reaching consequences for the hard headed as I can think of several parts of this life I wouldn’t want to have to repeat just to get the proper remedial training. Developing our spirituality is what it’s about for most of us. If you want you can let that green light expand until you are both inside a huge circle of compassion. If we look at the overall picture and get beyond the shortness of lifespan for our physical beings we can see the longevity of our spirit. You can also play with other colors and try various colors in different situations. I like the idea that we come back over and over and learn lessons at the soul level. Experiment with this.178 Awaken Your Inner Power it energizes and let your awareness expand outwards carrying with it a solid green wave of compassion. It’s astounding to me to be able to feel past my physical body and connect to something larger and more ancient. You can visualize this by seeing a bright green bar of light extend out from your chest to the chest of the person you’re talking to. . Spiritual Integration "Soul development should take precedence over all things. As usual this is part of a larger process and it’s one that’s continually ongoing as I learn more and loosen up more. As with anything else the more you use it the better you’ll be at it. although for a long time I never thought about exactly what that means.

Robert Morgen 179 The process of integrating yourself spiritually. As usual many of us in Western society are at a disadvantage because we expect to see instant results. . There isn’t much that I can tell you beyond that as you’ll have to just put the time into it and do the work. It requires a lot of self awareness and it’s probably a different process for everybody. mentally and physically can be a very long process.

For the seeker who lives with constant self-awareness. have the ability to interact with it and connect to it and take part in it. amazing When I talk about poverty I mean the impoverished mindset. rather than the lack of stuff or money. wondrous. all the events of your life. When you have the ability to connect to the universe at its core and become one with it there just isn’t room for the attitudes of deprivation or poverty. just that some forms of poverty are symptoms of imbalance. sentient being is one of abundance and plenty. What you choose to do with them is up to you. deprivation and lack are symptoms of imbalance. are there because you have drawn them there." Illusions .180 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 16 Living in Abundance "Every person. The universe isn’t deprived or impoverished. That’s not to say that those who suffer poverty are unenlightened. It’s huge. it’s full of fantastic. creations we as humans aren’t big enough to understand. . balanced. We as spiritual beings. however.Richard Bach “Poverty is God’s way of saying ‘you’re a failure’” Anonymous (an ancient Greek philosopher) The natural attitude of the awakened.

The section that comes next is a posting I made on the Inner Power Discussion Group about that and the process I was going through at the time. We usually raised a garden and kept animals for the freezer. The times when we felt a lack of money were times when we wanted some external luxury. Of course growing up the way I did also ‘programmed’ some attitudes into me. If you want to be a monk and shave your head and be celibate and not own anything that’s a choice. While my parents would worry about money. they always made sure my sister and I had shoes and decent clothes to wear to school. . such as a vow of poverty they still live up to. Even when times were hard we had everything we needed. rather than the lack of stuff or money. When I was a kid growing up in the foothills of North Carolina we hardly ever had money. Lessons about Money I've been going through an interesting growth period lately that I thought I'd share. It never occurred to us that we didn’t live in a time of abundance. and terms like lack and poverty don’t apply. It’s this impoverished mindset that makes people poor and keeps them there. In the summer mom would can the vegetables from the garden so we’d have something for the winter. If you decide to get rid of everything you own and live free of the attachments and wander the Earth as a spiritual being in human form that’s also a choice. Another good point is that often people may have some holdover from a past life.Robert Morgen 181 I should clarify a few things at this point. When I talk about poverty I mean the impoverished mindset. as some of the lessons were pretty profound (at least for me). That’s where your self-awareness comes in and allows you to get past it and begin living the life of abundance.

It was a big shock for me to realize how much my attitudes were limiting me. The last couple of years or so have been a really interesting period. and it's interesting how much progress I've made and how far I still have to go. but settling down really brings on the new challenges. Glenn Morris and Susan Carlson. doesn't really end til you shuffle off this mortal coil. I've recently come to an interesting new period in my life. even at my age. I've always been able to make money. and I've also mentioned that it's an ongoing process which. The primary things I'm dealing with lately are financial. . Then you get to come back and start over. but it's a hell of an adventure for me. partly through the guidance and help from both Dr. It was shocking because most of what I do is about rising above limitations and creating my own realities. as far as I can tell. settled down lives. and I see the same attitudes reflected over and over from the people around me. Most of what I'm learning now is probably old hat to those of you who've led stable. When you're a modern day gypsy bouncing around in an old RV it's really easy to have a casual attitude about living in our society. and then realizing how badly I was doing in this other area. thanks mostly to my other half. Anya. but in the last few months I've come to realize that I've always had bad attitudes about it.182 Awaken Your Inner Power I've written before about my Awakening and the joys and tribulations since. Living with her (and my step-son Jake) has opened up new areas and forced me to deal with things I was always able to avoid before.

even though it was consistently one of the factors that prevented me from doing the things I needed to do. Poor Dad and what I learned there was just as shocking. Our "reality" was that we had to struggle just to have enough to survive. so for a long time my reality remained that I was working to have 'enough to survive'. and while those skills are definitely valuable. It’s also easy to develop bad attitudes when we see the evils done in the name of money. it's a very limiting attitude to have. While the concept of abundance was nothing new to us. so in the hopes that some of you learn easier than I do I'll pass on some new revelations (apparently only new to me. and I finally got around to reading The Trick to Money is Having Some. we saw our abundance in what we could grow and make rather than what we could buy. So within my 'reality' money wasn't really a tool that was very prominent in my toolbox.Robert Morgen 183 Susan Carlson mentioned to me several times last year that I could learn a lot from Stuart Wilde's books. It's a tool too many of us are taught to ignore or misuse. Many of my attitudes came from the fact that I'm just not interested in money for its own sake. . I have to admit she was exactly right! I followed that up with Rich Dad. I grew up in the foothills of North Carolina as a poor country boy and most of the time money was a tool we just didn't have. but what the hell). I'm pretty unimpressed by the people I've met who's primary characteristic seems to be that they have lots of money. Money is a fact of life in our modern world.

Poor Dad as a manual for his board game Cash Flow 101. Money is a fact of life in our modern world. Many of the healers and new agers I know also have similar attitudes to those I always had. which only seems like a paradox til you think about how our consumer culture is driven by desire and want. I finally realized I have to expand my reality and shake off the bad attitudes. and just because many of the world's ills and evils are conceived to get it doesn't mean we should ignore the fact that many of the modern world’s good things are caused by it also. Cash Flow 101 is a great way to learn more about using money as a tool and for developing a new money consciousness. but not to believe we deserve it. so I thought I'd bring this up here. If you haven’t done so I strongly urge you to read Stuart Wilde’s The Trick to Money is Having Some and Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad.184 Awaken Your Inner Power Another interesting factor is that many of us in western society are taught to believe we don’t deserve a lot of money. rather than need. Poor Dad. I expect the next few months to be a very interesting and rewarding period as I learn more about this 'new' tool and how to effectively use it. It's a tool too many of us are taught to ignore and misuse. I'm sure that many of you may have some interesting feedback. I really can’t recommend it enough. If you live in the Denver area then by all means come out and play with us. We're taught to want it. . The period since I wrote that posting has indeed been very interesting as I learn more about living with the attitude of abundance. I’ve been playing Cash Flow 101 pretty steadily for a couple of years and even running a weekly game at a local bookstore. Kiyosaki wrote Rich Dad. The fact that I can write this article and instantly send it out to hundreds of people all over the world is just one example.

It's how you use the energy that decides whether your ultimate result is good or bad. 4. 3. abundant and constantly expanding universe – it is not only possible. It's OK to be rich and use your wealth and resources to help others – Face it. speech and actions we create our own realities on a moment to moment basis. We live in an unlimited. If those around you are creating a lack-based reality then by your very success you can establish the credibility to be able to help them break out of the lack-based consciousness that entraps them. that you should partake of the unlimited abundance of the universe and do so in the sure knowledge that you are not taking anything away from anyone else in doing so. This means you have the ability to create an abundant reality and you have the ability right now to allow that reality to come into place. I could go on and on with reasons and rationalizations for how you could positively influence the people around you by being financially . you could get a lot more done if you weren't spending so much of your life trading time for money. but proper. There are some points I want to make here.Robert Morgen 185 Balancing Money and Spirituality I'm running into a lot of deeply spiritual people who are having an extremely bad time balancing spirituality and money. 1. We create our own realities – Through our thoughts. Money is a form of energy – Like any other form of energy money is completely inert. 2.

You can choose to live in Voluntary Simplicity and grow all of your own food and make all of your own clothes and so on. You're thinking "Money is not important and I don't care about money". I don't have to be psychic. Money as Energy I know what you're thinking right now. I've been around thousands of spiritual people for a very long time. but I think you probably get the idea.186 Awaken Your Inner Power successful and philanthropic. So many spiritually oriented people have trouble balancing money and spirituality because we've been indoctrinated into being poor for a very long time. You've been TAUGHT to think that way! . I really dig that type of lifestyle and I've got the chickens in the backyard to prove it. I can't stress this enough. If you don't control your finances. To say I'm a huge fan of these revolutionary teachings would be a massive understatement. Depending on the level of indoctrination you've been subjected to these teachings can require some major work and attitude shifts. I've also been around an equal number of business people and I know what the attitudes are. Some of the best and most helpful resources I've found for balancing wealth and spirituality have come from the Teachings of Abraham and Esther Hicks. But the fact remains that money is a form of energy and you simply cannot be One with the Universe while cutting yourself off from the abundance and wealth that surrounds you. you do not control your life in this modern culture.

In the late 90’s Robert Reich. we're talking about having the tools you need to get your message out.Robert Morgen 187 Money is ENERGY! It's a representation of the common agreement of value in this culture and when you cut yourself off from it you disempower yourself. The Haves and Have Not's. to help the people you need to help and get the job done. It seems that many people who focus on their spirituality also believe that in order to be spiritual one must live in abject poverty. I've noticed we tend to create a . In an infinite Universe there must exist both Infinite Abundance and Infinite Lack. and the absence of gradations in between”. Secretary of Labor under the Clinton Administration. This manual is about learning to tap into Infinite Abundance through personal development and financial education. This is NOT accidental! When the spiritual leaders were convinced to disempower themselves the flock the spiritual leaders were supposed to be protecting was left completely defenseless. the fast track and the slow track. We're not talking about greed here. made the comment that “2 tracks are emerging. The moment you cut yourself off from abundance and energy from the Universe you cut yourself off from your SOURCE. I disagree. Money is a tool. As the gap between the Haves and Have Not's continues to widen it's become apparent to me that one must make a conscious choice about which of these they want to be.

We must be materially successful (to a certain point at least) in order to accomplish our goals. but feel we are already at the limit of what we can afford to give? How many good things are NOT being accomplished because good people can't muster the resources to bring them to fruition? .) tend to have bad morals and be spiritually unhealthy.188 Awaken Your Inner Power paradox for ourselves when it comes to money and financial education. wealthy. This paradox creates a certain push-pull effect on our financial lives. But in many people's opinion successful people (rich. For many people money still tends to be the deciding factor in almost every part of their lives. The Paradox. How often do we forego training and charitable opportunities because we feel we "can't afford" to spend the money? How often would we like to do more to help with the various social issues that concern us. etc. This paradox tends to spill over into every other part of our lives. affluent.

The Indigo Girls One of the perennial questions when it comes to spirituality is “Where do we go when we die?” All the major religions have ways of dealing with this." Illusions . Take your dying with some seriousness. remember. I think I’ll write a book. and you'll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind.’” Galileo . . Then again it feels like some sort of inspiration. This isn’t reincarnation in the sense that the exact same person we are now will return to live again. In fact that’s one of the purposes of religion. It's all good training. and they'll call you crazy. however. An interesting side effect that I’ve seen in the handful of people I’ve met who’ve awakened their Inner Power seems to be a complete lack of fear concerning death as well as a firm belief in reincarnation.Robert Morgen 189 Chapter 17 Death and Reincarnation "You're going to die a horrible death.Richard Bach “I offer thanks to those before me. and now I’ve got to pay. that’s all I’ve got to say. to let the next life off the hook. She’ll say ‘Look what I had to overcome from my last life. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less advanced life forms. Maybe you squandered big bucks in your lifetime. It’s more a recognition that the soul is immortal and we come back here on a quest for further development on a larger level.

Apparently a lot of things aren’t mentioned in the Bible. There’s a mounting pile of evidence from hypnotic past life regressions that’s hard to ignore without some deeply ingrained programming that lets you argue against it.190 Awaken Your Inner Power Of all the philosophies I’ve seen so far. is we as a spiritual beings have certain things we need to learn. Some of this is borne out through the study of the chakras and their ability to hold onto memories and contracts from past lives. I find the usual “It’s not true because God said so in the Bible” argument to be exceptionally weak to the point of becoming boring. The idea that we come back to achieve and learn certain things during our limited human lifetime is the only idea that’s ever made sense to me intuitively. and it’s just that. It makes perfect sense to me that this plan could also include who our parents are and the part of the world we’ll be born into It’s more a recognition that the soul is immortal and we come back here on a quest for further development on a larger level. . my feeling. Tibetan Buddhism seems to make the most sense. The feeling I’ve developed over the past few years. We come here (Earth) over and over until we’ve finally learned enough to move on to whatever the next level of existence may be. (Who said XBox was useless? ☺) My feeling is that before our re-birth we devise a plan and leave ourselves clues about where we’re supposed to go and what we’re supposed to learn. It’s like an eternal cosmic video game where you have to keep going back to the beginning of each level and doing it over until you learn how to beat it. which doesn’t negate it as a historical and spiritual document and a lot of fun to read and debate.

Brennan points out that “According to Tibetan doctrines there are six possible “realms” into which you could be born.Robert Morgen 191 as the lessons there can be extremely strong. Given the fact the chakras can store information about every aspect of our lives it stands to reason these contracts could be anything from a vow of poverty to a reluctance to eat green beans. Contracts from Past Lives? An interesting idea in chakra studies is that apparently we can carry over firmly held beliefs. In effect we’re still honoring a contract we made in a past life. or whether all the realms coexist here on Earth. In some cases the past programming is held in the chakras and causes the victim to continuously act out whatever the contract may have been. and the God Realm”. There may be areas in your life . both positive and negative. It’s as good a reason as any for why humans can feel so out of place and looking for something ‘more’ from their lives. I’ve occasionally talked to some of the Buddhists who seem to echo that theory almost exactly. it’s hard to tell whether the ancient Tibetans were referring to other planes of existence. the Hell Realm. I find that interesting since I’m not devoted to any of the isms. In Occult Tibet J. the Demi-God Realm. As you get deeper into your chakra studies and begin to learn more about yourself keep this in mind. each one the result of your particular karmic trace. the Human Realm. the Animal Realm. the Hungry Ghost Realm. These are.H. At that point it’s up to us to develop the awareness to follow the clues and learn to listen to our inner voices. It’s fun to debate it in either direction. from past lives. As he points out. in reverse order of comfort.

we no longer live in a world where the ‘tribe’ takes care of us. With that in mind it’s no surprise so many of us have problems in thinking positively about money. Often we feel we shouldn’t be charging money for anything related to our spiritual teachings and pathways. Just something to think about. Today the average healer or shaman has to have a day job and do their life’s work after hours. priests and shamans in past lives and still have the memories of the tribe taking care of them. so it becomes necessary to have a way to defray expenses. So many people in the metaphysical circles have bad attitudes about money and seem to be constantly working through it. At the same time. at a soul level. I think a lot of the attitudes about money can be attributed to past life vows of poverty. We especially seem to have problems anytime we’re mixing money and spirituality. especially when so many of us tend to travel to other cities and teach seminars and workshops.192 Awaken Your Inner Power that require you to put some real effort into sorting out and it could be caused in part by these past life vows. Sometimes it’s hard to break out of that. . yet they remember. Many of those who travel in the metaphysical circles today were probably healers. the times when money and material possessions weren’t necessary.

One of the great advantages with energy work is that once the chakras begin the process of cleansing and balancing it’s possible to get a much clearer view of life’s purpose. only though. possibilities. with this. I’ve met people who seemed to always know exactly why they were here and what they were supposed to do with this lifetime in order to develop their souls for the next level.Robert Morgen 193 Chapter 18 Becoming who We’re Supposed to Be Our place in the world It’s not unusual for humans to spend a lot of time wondering why we’re here and where is here and what does it all mean? It’s part of our natural curiosity of life but it’s also part of a deeper drive to follow the plan we made for ourselves before our re-birth. . Some people are fortunate and don’t have to deal awareness is the key to learning about our true selves. In my personal experience. My awareness was one of negativities couldn’t see the the im-possibilities. one of the important effects of my awakening was that I was finally able to figure out why I’m here and begin putting my life into some sort of perspective. as I As usual.

like usual) I was able to see a larger picture and have it make sense. For a long time I felt like I was on the outside of our society looking in. Once I began to expand my awareness (starting with the breath. as I couldn’t see the possibilities. driven by something that I was unaware of. but couldn’t see the point to pursuing the usual career paths. It’s out of focus and just a jumble of colors. For instance.194 Awaken Your Inner Power My path was much different. I knew I couldn’t settle down and raise a family. but fortunate in the fact that I went where I was led nonetheless. It’s a little like standing too close to a painting. My awareness was one of negativities though. but as you move back slightly and expand your . only the im-possibilities. As I look back on it now I can see I was always doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing and all of a sudden I’ve arrived at a point where I have enough grey hair to be taken seriously. trying to figure out why I couldn’t just settle down and get a good job and raise a family the way we’re taught we should. As usual. awareness is the key to learning about our true selves. I spent decades wandering around learning different skills and having a wide variety of experiences. I knew I wanted to go to college and learn. Once I figured out that I should just have a little faith and go where I’m supposed to go and do what I’m supposed to do. It was only after I met other people who’d also had awakenings and began learning from them that I was able to open up my awareness and see the bigger picture. I stumbled around in the dark for a long time. all the stress and angst about my ‘place in society’ just went away and I was able to really make some progress internally. but couldn’t understand why. For over a decade after I experienced the awakening I literally felt driven to go places and learn a strange group of skills. enough experience to back it up and a unique skill-set to bring it all together and make it work.

” From the Letter of Chief Seathl (Seattle) to the President of the United States. Inner Power and Ecology “One thing we know. and his compassion is equal for the red man and the white. but of the entire universe. Continue to contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own wastes. Expand your awareness and little more and the shapes come together as a painting.Robert Morgen 195 awareness the colors transform into shapes. Franklin Pierce. He is the God of man. perhaps sooner than all the other tribes. which the white man may one day discover our God is the same God. . You can learn to pull back and expand your awareness of yourself and everything around you. Now apply that same exercise to your own life. If you’ve followed the exercises I’ve outlined so far you should be well on your way to making this happen. and the wall is in a museum. You may think now that you own Him as you wish to own our land. but you cannot. This earth is precious to him and to harm the earth is to heap contempt on its Creator. As we become more aware of our deeper connections to the world around us it makes it hard to ignore how rapidly that world is being raped and plundered by those whose only connection is to their wallet. 1854 Once the energy begins to awaken many people develop a much closer affinity to the environment and environmental causes. You can do this as a meditation and keep ‘moving back’ and expanding your awareness until your awareness isn’t of the painting at all. and so on. The whites too shall pass. Expand it a little more and the painting is hanging on a wall.

chakras and chi is to work with the energies that surround us and that we’re created from. It’s also important to realize that many of the benefits to the modern spiritual seeker (the internet. In my case I was so attuned to those energies for a very long time that I had an extremely hard time living in the city. That’s one reason I don’t spend a lot of time trying .) are also side effects of that culture. I had problems with this until I learned how to cleanse my energy and metabolize the bad energy that’s so prevalent in most ‘developed’ areas. The realization that energy is just energy made this much easier. Celtic and Tibetan shamanism and other paths that tend to have a closer connection to the energies and elements. etc. Mother Earth Spirituality and The Rainbow Tribe. It’s important to remember that they are also a part of the natural order and they’re even vital to our success. easily available books and music. both by Ed McGaa. Every human has the ability to awaken their Inner Power and become their true selves. most people simply aren’t meant to at this time. Even though everyone could do it. can be extremely helpful when you’re trying to put some of your new energy into an ecological perspective. The challenge is to find ways to keep the benefits while creating a more sustainable lifestyle. A lot of people today are beginning to look towards Native American spirituality. There are some really good resources out there and the internet has made finding them so much easier.196 Awaken Your Inner Power Working with Shakti. It’s hard to ignore the utter malignancy of Western Culture. Us and Them Once you open up your awareness you may begin to develop an “Us” and “Them” complex. It’s funny that those who do are so few and far between.

The mirror effect also applies to other people. It’s like looking into a mirror. there’s really no such thing as ‘better’ or ‘worse’. It doesn’t bother me at all if others don’t believe me. “I’m fat” or “My hair won’t do what I want it to” or “All my teef fell out overnight and thith ith really gonna thcrew up the speeth I have to give today and I’m gonna look thupid”. This doesn’t mean you have to . We respond negatively to those aspects of other people we don’t like in ourselves. If you make a judgment on any one else you are literally judging that part of your Self. rather than in spite of it. If you’ve ever met someone you instantly disliked go back and think about that encounter and see what caused it. it’ll become easier for ‘them’ to find the path and get onto it. The ‘normal’ people are just being normal and you have to love them because of that. When we have a negative reaction to an aspect of our self it’s just an indication that we still have to spend some time on our self acceptance. I know it’s real because I’ve experienced it firsthand. We are all ONE at a very literal level and what you see reflected back at you from across the room is still YOU. Hopefully as the numbers of those who live intentionally increase. So many of the issues that plague our unenlightened society could be solved easily through meditation and intentional living. I’d rather put my time into empowering those who are looking for it.Robert Morgen 197 to convince the skeptical about Inner Power. Breaking out of Judgementalism Any time you make a distinction between you and anyone else then you are also separating yourself from them. When you look into a mirror and see a blemish or an aspect of yourself you don’t like you’ll make a judgment. Even though there are differences in perceptions of the world and life in general.

Our culture isn’t helping us with this either. How often have you heard a liberal say “All conservatives are stupid and unrealistic” or vice versa. Just take some time and see if you can recognize those same qualities about yourself that annoy you in others and see if there might be a way to approach them from a position of love and compassion. They are a reminder that you are divine and within your divinity there must be infinite variation and diversity. Take some time and work through this. .198 Awaken Your Inner Power spend a lot of time with those people or have them as houseguests. Whenever you see someone who causes a judgmental thought just remember that person is a catalyst for you. Everyone we meet is a guru or a teacher. Remember what I said earlier about ego triggers? Glenn Morris used to talk about the ego and say “You control it or IT controls you”. If you don’t put some thought and intention into your life it’s very easy to be entrapped in some of the political bickering that goes on.

Robert Morgen 199 Chapter 19 Setting Boundaries for the Universe "Time exists in order that everything doesn't happen all at once…and space exists so that it doesn't all happen to you. After my first book came out it seems like the floodgates of the Universe opened up and I was deluged with ideas and concepts. It's important to remember that you literally have all the time in the world to get things done. My wife calls them 'the 3 o'clock downloads' and I'd wake up with a concept and so much energy that I literally couldn't stay in bed. Some of these concepts were so big and mind blowing that I know they didn't come from this human brain I'm carrying around. so ask for a plan! unusual to awaken at 3 am and work until midnight during these periods. If you haven't experienced this or something like it then you probably will. It can be an exciting and rewarding time as well as a strain on your physicality." — Susan Sontag When you awaken your Inner Power and start to get balanced out you're going to discover you have unlimited energy as well as the ability to tap into the unlimited creativity of the Universe. family life and career. It wasn't You can ask for anything you want. Therefore I knew it must have been something from the Universe that I was supposed to be working on. I'm just not that smart. .

After about 3 years of 20 hour days I had gotten to a point where I was just burning out physically. • You can ask for anything you want. and by extension.200 Awaken Your Inner Power Remember that time is not linear the way most people think of it and remember that just because you're given an amazing idea doesn't mean you're supposed to jump on that idea right now. That something ended up being me. especially when those projects come with a massive blast of energy. Both of them ran into the same problem. It's easy to fall into the trap of being too close to what you're working on. I was already up to my neck in a publishing business. were both helping me on various projects. Tom was helping me set up classes and workshops at local healing clinics. everything else. here's everything you . By the time we realized what needed to be done you were already two projects ahead and still picking up speed". During this period I had concepts such as 'The Spiritual Entrepreneur' that were so big that it was clear I was supposed to pursue them. Here are some of the lessons in a nutshell. These were lessons I learned the hard way so pay attention. Some of my friends and assistants who were with me during this period have given me some valuable feedback that I'm going to pass on to you in hopes it helps you avoid the same mistakes. Tom Lux and Margie D. As Tom puts it. a full-time job and a wonderful family life so something had to give. Margie was doing a spectacular job pulling together The Spiritual Entrepreneur Radio Show and some other jobs. However. "You were just moving so fast that we couldn't keep up with you. however. so ask for a plan! o I got all of this stuff downloaded at once and it was like being shown a picture of a house and being told "Build that.

o Time is a human concept. help or tools that you'll need for it. o Sometimes you'll download something that you simply don't have the experience to do yet. Learn to write a business plan and make a written plan for what you're doing. therefore the project you get may not be something you're supposed to work on right now.Robert Morgen 201 need". Remember all of this stuff is coming from YOU. but not given the blueprints or instructions. Don't fall into this mystical trap that we're supposed to work hard and sacrifice. Say "Thank you" to the Universe and put it into your plan for next year or whenever. • Just because you are given a project doesn't mean you have to drop everything and work on that project right now. Being a visual guy I started building the walls and the roof first because that's what I could see. but you actually have to start with the foundation. What we're supposed to do is get things done! o Put your plan on a vision board and keep looking at it. . Put it in your plan along with a list of the experience. so be easy on yourself. The more solid you make your plan the easier it will be to put new ideas in the proper perspective. o If the instructions aren't clear go back and ask for more.

When I came back to work everything started to line up much more easily and I didn't feel like I had to do it all this afternoon. Most likely you'll be given projects that force you out of your comfort zone and force you to grow. Listen to your inner voices and take the time to read the books. attend the seminars or take the classes in order to learn what you need to bring the project to completion. resources and ideas that you'll ever need. o I finally told my 'guides' to just shut the hell up! If you want to talk to me then send it in a more easily understandable manner and at a time when I'm not cuddling with my wife. You also have the ability to manage those resources simply by using your intention. The lesson here is that you have all the time. . Then I took a year off and got re-grounded.202 Awaken Your Inner Power • You can control when and where you get your 'downloads'.

Learning to find and feel that Inner Peace is easy and anyone can do it with a little bit of training and an appropriate amount of practice. Then we’ll go into an Inner Peace Meditation.Robert Morgen 203 Chapter 20 1% for Inner Peace The One Percent for Inner Peace Campaign is an annual meditation on the Summer Solstice. but rather a joint meditation where we all just relax and let ourselves feel our own Inner Peace. . Inner Peace exists in each of us regardless of any external factors. The 100th Monkey . There is a significant amount of evidence for this. The goal is to have 1% of the planet meditating on Inner Peace all at the same time.This is the idea that when a certain number of people learn how to do something a tipping point will be reached and everyone else will be able to do it as well. Campaign Goals The goals are simple: 1. For those who don’t know how to meditate or who just want to join in I’ll have a free Guided Meditation in which I show how to clear and calm the mind. As more people develop and begin to move in Inner Peace then outer peace will take care of itself. This is not a protest against violence. Introduce more people to meditation and the feeling of Inner Peace A.

The point here is that as long as everyone knows it can’t be done then it won’t be. Get Involved! Here are some things you can do to help. Contact me using the form below if you’d like to host one of these recordings on your podcast. Once enough people change a belief then what we knew to be impossible becomes normal. Group meditations can be VERY powerful. Inner Peace exists in each of us regardless of any external factors. The 4 Minute Mile – For years it was believed that it was impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. I’m can do it with a little bit of training and an appropriate amount of practice. Provide a FREE interface for those who don’t know how to meditate and want to learn A. Learning to find and feel that Inner Peace is easy and anyone 2. * Add a link to your website or blog . blog or radio show. In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 Minute Mile and within months several more people had also run sub 4 minute miles. * HOST a 1% for Inner Peace party – invite friends over and listen to the online meditation and meditate together. also going to prerecord the meditation and post it on blogs and podcasts around the internet.204 Awaken Your Inner Power B. I’ll be broadcasting my Inner Peace Meditation on my Inner Power Radio Show.

* Have a contest! – See who can invite the most people to the event (or make up your own contest that gets people to meditate). etc.com/perq to stay updated on the latest details. I’ll make a free digital download of my Easy Meditation Course available to anyone who wants to use this idea. Just send me the winners email address and I’ll send them their 5 1/2 hours of Guided Meditation Exercises.alturl.com/zuvr * Digg It! – www.alturl. metaphysical bookstores. * Print off and distribute the 1% for Inner Peace flyers and cards around your neighborhood. Look for bulletin boards at coffee shops.com/d31QHqQ * Mixx It! – www.alturl. * Take a moment and send an email to everyone on your email list asking them to forward it on * Make a Tweet * Make a Facebook Share * Invite your friends to stay updated at the 1% for Inner Peace Facebook Page * Send a Care2 Network Message to everyone in your network alerting them to this free event * Stumble It! – www.digg.Robert Morgen 205 * Add this article to your website or blog (please keep all the links intact and write a short introduction to the article. organic grocery stores. Use the form below to register your contest. .com/b7a9 Please take 5 minutes and help get the word out! Go to www.

the interface between this world and the Universe. It’s like light. When you block it. it stops. everyone does! The problem is that our human body. When you allow light to shine you have illumination. It’s Already There! The first point I want to make is that you already HAVE Inner Peace. Darkness is simply the absence of light. some physical and some may even be spiritual. there isn’t a natural force called Dark. In this chapter I’m going to go over some of the ways we cut ourselves off from Inner Peace and how to reconnect to that feeling. The simplest way to find your own Inner Peace is to learn to let go of the distractions. when you block it you have shadow or less illumination. Energy works the same way. When you allow it. Energy exists in two ways – On and Off. Esther Hicks continually states “There is only a stream of wellbeing” and I agree. Some of these blocks may be mental or emotional." Mahatma Gandhi ‘Inner Peace’ is a concept you hear about in certain circles. The distractions that block Inner Peace are simply blocks to your energy.206 Awaken Your Inner Power Chapter 21 How to Achieve Inner Peace "You must be the change you want to see in the world. For the most part getting rid of these blocks can be very easy. tends to provide us with a lot of distractions. it flows. With a little bit of training and a lot of practice .

joy. pain.Robert Morgen 207 just about anyone can release their energy blocks and find deeper levels of Inner Peace. When you release those blocks from your system that energy has to go somewhere and it may manifest as anger. Energy blocks are energy. training and a lot of anyone can release their energy blocks and find deeper levels of Inner Peace. and energy can’t be created or destroyed. The release of an energy block can affect every part of your life and in many cases has provided the catalyst for people to make life altering steps in jobs. . This is why I caution people who are new to meditation or energy work. happiness or any other emotion. Releasing energy blocks can be a very gradual process for some people and fairly explosive for others. Ask any massage therapist. home life. In many cases the client had no idea why they were having this emotional outburst. simply that the feeling came on so strongly and they couldn’t resist it. Generally it takes some consistent effort to release these blocks and when you make that effort through meditation then frequently you’ll have the guidance to manage the effects of the energy release. With a little bit of practice just about acupuncturist or healer and they’ll regale you with stories of clients who had uncontrollable fits of laughter or bouts of inconsolable crying during healing session. relationships or just about any other part of life. Fortunately there is a safety mechanism built in to our bodies.

How often do you get angry (or frustrated. How much of the stress that you feel on any given day is caused by your scheduling or lack thereof? Too much control of your schedule can be as stressful as too little. You could put any word there. car house. girlfriend.208 Awaken Your Inner Power Some Common Distractions that Block Our Energy Here are a few of the common distractions that can block our energy and after the list I’ll talk about what they all have in common. if for no other reason than to get your attention. Anything can be a distraction if you let it. body. I’ve seen people distracted in some fairly interesting ways by their very quest to awaken their energy. or what did I NOT do that let them get to have that thing?” It really doesn’t matter what that thing is. politicians and the media. As long as you hold on to the anger then your body will have higher levels of tension or stress. Remember energy doesn’t flow through tight muscles. Albuquerque. TIME – If there is ever a distraction that seems to affect humans on a universal level it’s this abstract concept of Time. snorkel. zombie and it would still signify your feelings of inadequacy or loss. This is a big energy block for most people and it’s also one of the tools that gets used against us the most by advertising. ANGER – There are times when Anger is probably the appropriate emotion. or annoyed or whatever you want to call it) at someone and walk around for hours with that anger still seething? You are sending that person part of your energy as long as you are angry with them. boyfriend. . ENVY – Have you ever looked at another person or their possessions and thought “Why do they have a __________ (Insert object here) like that and I don’t? What did they do.

if I say gun control. liberal or conservative it’s very likely you could feel your energy shift around with each word or phrase. It’s FEAR. Some people can become extremely angry or agitated simply by mentioning various words. It’s part of an ‘Us or Them’ mindset that once again becomes a tool for anyone who wants to use it. Volumes have been written about this and some of them were mine. If you’ve built up any energy sensitivity through your meditation practice you’ll feel your energy shift when you do this. Clearing Energy Blocks I can give you an overview. but be aware this is a subject you can study for the rest of your life and still not learn it all. usually to be harvested on Election Day. automatic reaction you have to anything.Robert Morgen 209 EGO TRIGGERS – An Ego Trigger is a strong. For instance. unthinking. In many cases our fears exist for a good reason. Some energy blocks can be released simply through intention. but it’s also possible for fears to be planted from seeds and cultivated. What Most Energy Blocks Have In Common I can sum this up very easily in one word. In fact. to keep us from doing something stupid or getting out of control. . I challenge you to find one single energy block or distraction that is not caused by fear. That strong reaction is an energy block. Learning to let go of our fears is a major step on the path to Inner Peace. Get into a light meditative state and simply say to yourself “I’m releasing anything I don’t need and anything holding me back”. birth control.

” Don’t forget that last part. I also forgive myself for all the wrongs I’ve committed or the people I’ve hurt. you can just say (and you have to mean it!) “I forgive everyone who has ever wronged me. You may have the urge to contact people and apologize after doing this meditation. Go with it. hurt me or hurt my feelings. If you’re looking for McPeace (with a side order of Enlightenment) you’re in the wrong place. . made me angry. I went through this process a few times and was shocked that I had felt bad for years over some things the people I thought I hurt didn’t even remember! It can take awhile for some of the concepts I’ve written about here to feel like they are working so don’t be discouraged if you don’t experience much instant gratification. _____________ (add your own here).210 Awaken Your Inner Power Forgiveness is another powerful tool and once again. so be consistent and you’ll find yourself well on the way to achieving your own Inner Peace. Remember you have a built in safety mechanism to assure that what you ask for is really what you want. Self Forgiveness is a very big deal. in meditation.

Every human has a pool of energy that can be accessed and the journey to awakening can be long and fraught with peril and joy. If you take the time and work through the exercises you'll be able to develop your own connections to the power of the Universe. lacking any sense of perspective. If you've read through the book without doing the exercises most likely you ran into some principles and subjects that just didn't make a lot of sense or seemed outlandish and 'new agey'. Rajaistic knowledge sees all things and creatures as separate and distinct. Tamasic knowledge. It's up to you whether your journey is frightening or joyous. That’s certainly been the case with me. translated by Eknath Easwaran Awakening your Inner Power is not a metaphor or a catch phrase. . Since you've done the exercises you'll know that power is part of you anyway and all you've done is learn to let go of your resistance to it.Robert Morgen 211 Chapter 22 Epilogue: The Beginning “Sattvic knowledge sees the one indestructible Being in all beings.” . So where do you go from here? The answer to that is completely up to you.Bhagavad Gita 18:20-22 Excerpted from The Bhagavad Gita. As your self-awareness grows and deepens and you become comfortable with the abilities you develop you may find your life going in directions you never imagined. the unity underlying the multiplicity of creation. The journey to personal mastery is an unending saga in which we each play the starring role. sees one small part and mistakes it for the whole.

212 Awaken Your Inner Power If you remember some of the basic principles from this book at the very least you’ll enjoy life and see it as a grand adventure. . If you liked this book get on there and tell me so. Hopefully by this point you have taken control of your internal programming or are in the process. have fun with your life. If you remember some and check out the Discussion Groups and resources I host. So much of this process can be put on autopilot and even though it may take years to learn. rather than just something to survive as best you can. In later editions I’ll include some questions from readers. If you've taken the time to do the exercises then you will no doubt have had some interesting experiences of your own. rather than just something to survive as best you can.net and leave comments and ask questions. If you didn’t like it or didn’t understand it feel free to get on there and let me know that also. In the meantime.Inner-Power. Please visit my blog at www. Most of the resources are free and the whole purpose is to give people a place to ask questions and talk about their experiences. what else are you going to be doing anyway? Feel free to follow the links in the back of the book of the basic principles from this book at the very least you’ll enjoy life and see it as a grand adventure. it’s the best one you have at the moment.

Glenn Morris Martial Arts Madness Dr. and Belief Gregg Braden Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer: The Hidden Power of Beauty. Space. Glenn Morris Shadow Strategies of an American Ninja Master Dr. Frantzis . Blessings. Wisdom. Glenn Morris New Chakra Healing Cyndi Dale Sexual Secrets (“The Big Red Book”) Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger Mother Earth Spirituality Ed McGaa The Trick to Money is Having Some Stuart Wilde Relaxing into Your Being B. and Hurt Gregg Braden Ask & It Is Given Jerry Hicks and Esther Hicks The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master Dr.Robert Morgen 213 Resource List for Inner Power (These are some of the books I use on a regular basis) Books The Spontaneous Healing of Belief: Shattering the Paradigm of False Limits Gregg Braden The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time.K. Miracles.

universal-tao.M.blogtalkradio.com/c2c/group/1PercentforInnerPeace The Inner Power Radio Show www.Inner-Power.com/ 1% for Inner Peace Discussion Group www.inner-power.care2.spruz.214 Awaken Your Inner Power The Way of the Shaman Michael Harner Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao Mantak Chia Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1 Mantak Chia The Healers Manual Ted Andrews Inner power John Selby Occult Tibet J.com/ Mantak Chia’s Universal Tao Website www.net Inner Power Online Community www.com/inner-power . Brennan Empty Force: The Power of Chi for Self-Defense and Energy Healing Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill Tan Tien Chi Kung: Foundational Exercises for Empty Force and Perineum Power Mantak Chia Websites The Inner Power Blog www.

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