Project Report on Industrial Visit to HINDUSTAN TIMES

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History 4.. 9 .1 . 10 11 . Overview 10. 12 .. Ownership & Awards 11.. Research methodology 8. Objective of the visit 9. Introduction 6. Aim 7..4 5 7 8 . Abstract 3.CONTENTS 1. Acknowledgement 2. Keywords 5.... Conclusion .2 3 .

At last I would also like to thank my class fellows who made the whole trip really wonderful with their help and support.ACKNOWELDGEMENT I would like to offer my sincere thanks to our faculty guide Mr. Shiv Sankar and Ms. SARABJEET SINGH 1 . Anshuman Nandey an engineer at Hindustan Times. who helped us to get the detail exposure of the workings of the printing press as a whole. Mehar who took the pain to accompany us to the industrial visit to HINDUSTAN TIMES at Greater Noida. I would also like to offer my thanks to Mr.

The abstract of the project is as follows: Title : Industrial Visit to Hindustan Times Author : Sarabjeet Singh Supervisor : Anshuman Nanday Designation : Engineer Institution : K. Mangalam Institute of Management. New Delhi. Method : A qualitative study is undertaken by using interview technique.R. Purpose : The purpose of the project is to have detail analysis of the production process and material management system at Hindustan Times Greater Noida. Observation method and a theoretical background.ABSTRACT The whole project is based on the detail of the working in the Hindustan Times. which is basically related to the printing of daily newspaper. The project gives the detail outline of the process and procedure which is followed while going for newspaper printing. 2 .

R Reddy. 3 . It contained writing and articles from C. New Delhi. The managing chairman and chief Patron was Sri Sunder Singh Lyallpuri himself.F Andrews . in 2008.Ruchi Ram Sahni etc. Nandan (Monthly children magazine) and Kadambani (monthly literacy magazine).1941)´ at Allahabad high court .Nihal Singh .Maulana Mohammad Ali .It has its root in Indian Independence movement of first half of twentieth century and even faced the rated ³Hindustan Times contempt care (August Member.Panitkar was its first editor with Devdas Gandhi also in the editor¶s panel. K.Chanehlal Singh were made an in charge of news paper. Hindustan Times (Hindi daily). S. T.O. India readership survey (IRS) 2008. The media group also owns a radio channel fever and organizes an annual luxury conference which has featured speakers like designer Pionevon. founder of Akali movement and the Shiromani Akali in Punjab. Madan Mohan Malviya and the Tara singh were among the members of managing committee. the newspaper reared that with a circulation of 14 million.Sanjay Narayan has been appointed the editor in chief of the paper and is due to take over in august 2008. Hindustan Times (HT) is one of Indian¶s leading newspaper.L Vaswani. Hindustan Times is the Flag ship independence publication of HT Media Ltd.HISTORY Hindustan times was founded in 1924 by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri.Mangal Singh Gill (Tehsildar) and S.revealed that HT has a reader ship planning them as the second most widely read English newspaper after times of India. published since 1924 with roots in . It was verified by the audit furrow of circulation making them as the newspaper in India.The opening ceremony was preferred by Mahatama Gandhi on September 27. Often sisters Publication of Hindustan times are Mint (English business daily). Pt. 1924. independent movement. The first issue was published from naya bazaar.M.St.It was edited at Times by many important people in India including Devdas Gandhi and Khushwant Singh .

YELLOW AND KEY(BLACK) and color model describes a formula for creating other colors by mixing pigment of these colors in various amounts. PLC: It refers to Programmable Logical Controller. 6. It stands for CYAN . 2. GROSS COPY COUNTER: It refers to the sensor which senses about the quality wastage of the Newspapers. FERAG: It refers to a machine operating at Hindustan Times Press which is imported from Germany. 3. KRAUSE: It is a German CTP (computer to plate) product. It costs nearly 30-40 crore INR. Per conveyor belt consists of 2 Newspapers. 7. 4 . OFFSET PRINTING: It is commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. CONVEYOR BELT: It refers to the belt through which the finished product is passed for distribution purpose. CTP is semi automatic plate setter which is very simple to operate. MAGENTA .KEYWORDS 1. which is a digital computer used for automation of electromechanical processes such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines. 5. 4. CMYK: It is a subtractive color model used in color printing.

This is the trip where I gained something about the printing of the paper. It was 2nd half of the day and there were two engineers at that particular time or in that shift . The machine FERAG that costs around 25-35 Cr.e. Newspapers are published till 12 am with the bundles of newspapers also take place by the help of machines. There I saw that the ratio of labor to automatic printing system is very less which is less than a half of its value. I saw their an automatic printing machine which daily prints 6 lakhs copies of the newspaper in around 24 hours. Newspapers are printed through FERAG machine which is technology of Switzerland.INTRODUCTION It was an awesome experience gained by me after visiting HT press at Greater Noida.200000 in the morning and 200000 nights. Anshuman Nanday. These are other machines that brought from Germany also. He told us about the working process of all the machines. folding of the papers taking place and put them indifferent folders having definite numbers of papers. It was my 1st educational trip to the press which has its publicity high among all the Newspapers. 5 . At the ground floor. In the machine the cutting. which has plain white roll of sheets. Then these papers fed into FERAG machine where arranging and packaging of bundles were done. HT engineers divided the students into two sections and me and my group members were under the guidance of Mr. In this section through programming the sheets cut into a particular length depending on the size of matter. In total it publishes 16000000 newspapers i. HT prints 25000 copies of newspaper per hour. there is REEL STAND area.So.

50 . 6 .This price managed by HT is due to the advertisement. 20 ± 24. Price of the newspaper comes on a single copy Rs. but HT provides it at Rs.The information that has to be printed in the newspaper is saved in the computers and a command is given to the computer and the printing of the newspapers started. 3.

view and analyze the production process of Hindustan Times Newspapers. 7 . The whole process work in divided into small parts and each work is handled by different departments accordingly. Greater Noida. and it involves all the preliminary work that is involved in the newspaper printing process. Basically the production process is related to the production of the newspaper.AIM To observe.

google.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The prime method used for the data collection at the Industrial Visit mainly consists of the observation method. 8 . www. Data from secondary sources such as internet like ( are utilized.hindustantimes. Any doubts. clarification for the project is to be handled through Interview

how the people at HT manage their operation and how resources are arranged. and procedures that are to be followed for the dispatch of the product so manufactured. To know about the supply system and how the demand is met . its process.OBJECTIVE OF THE VISIT The main objective of Industrial visit is to know about the management being practiced in the Hindustan. 9 .To know about whether the concept. which are being taught in various business schools. The industrial visit is being undertaken as a medium which is useful for the practical exposure towards the working of an industry. are applied in the real sense or not.

HT Delhi has a magazine called Branch every Sunday Plus matrimonial section.The media group also owns a radio channel Fever and organizes an annual Luxury conference which has features like Designer Diane Von Frautenberg. Hindustan (Hindi Daily). After the assignation of Chaitanya kalbag .¶ on Tuesdays. the newspaper reported that with a (circulation of over 1.HT is the flagship Publication of HT media Ltd. Luck now.Shoemaker Christian laubatin Gucci CEO Robert Palet and Cartier M.It is also printed from Bhopal and Chandigarh. In August 2008.India readership survey (IRS) 2008.14 million). The print location of Jaipur was discontinued from June 2006. Other sister publication of Hindustan Times are Mint (English Business Daily) .OVERVIEW Hindustan Times (HT) is one of the India¶s leading newspapers. It also has supplement for each of the 8 zones of Delhi called µHT live¶ on different days of the week. Education supplement called µHT Horizons¶ on Wednesday. published since 1924 with roots n the independence movement. 10 . Ranchi and Kolkata . Sanjay Narayayan was appointed editor-in-chief and Saurav Halarnbar was appointed managing editor. Real estate selection called ¶HT estate¶ and luxury supplementary µHT splurge¶ on Saturday.Krishna. Patna. the editorial responsibility was shared by Pankaj Paul and V. revealed that HT has a readership of (6. Nandan (Monthly Magazine) and Kadambani (Monthly Literacy Magazine). It has a wide in northern India (barring southern India). In 2008. HT Delhi has a daily life style supplement called HT city with a special Weekend edition on Fridays called µshine. HT has also launched a youth daily HT next in 2004. Birla branch of Birla Family.It was certified by the audit bureau of circulation ranking them as the third largest circulatory daily English newspaper in India .D Patrick Normand Hindustan Times is owned by K. with simultaneous editions from New Delhi.6 million) placing them as the second most widely read English News paper in India after times of India . The Mumbai edition was launched on July 2005.K.

currently valued at Rs. The K. 834 Cr.K Birla group at present owns 69% stakes in HT media. When Bhartia joined HT in 1986 she was the 1st women chief executive of rational newspapers.OWNERSHIP The Delhi based English news papers HT i. 11 .e. part of Birla Group and managed by HT media Ltd. Shobhana has been nominated as a Rajya Sabha M.P from congress party. AWARDS HT has a good track record at the IFRA and has won several awards this year.

In small groups the students were guided around the press under the charge of experienced officers. 12 . To live up to the expectations of the customer some of Newspapers are rejected on the basis of color. The work of the officer was to guide systematic with highly trained stuff. how the news printed. contrast etc which is done through a filter pipe. The resource person also guided the students through a diagrammatic representation of whole printing process. It was a different experience for me and my group members. folding of the newspaper till the packing process.CONCLUSION The industrial visit to the HT press was an enriching experience. The newspaper is the inexpensive sources of knowledge and the HT provides a lot of challenging activities to the students. The students were shown various sections of the press and given plenty of information starting from the quality of the paper chosen.

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