Feelin’ the Love

Share with me unconditionally fashioning our fierceness and freedom. Remaining still -- in honored silence, staying still within sturdy, safe arms, bounding the boundless Truth and Goodness. My arms are open and empty, and bestow the hope of a lover’s love, accept the joy of a beloved love. From the heart of my heart, I tingle with Life’s breath of love breathed in totally, Love’s breath of life breathed out fully I let go and quietly listen. I rest in that helpless nakedness; slowly pulled in and securely squeezed. With a deep moan, I tenderly grasp the throes of the impassioned embrace, and enjoy being pressed together. Caringly caressed with soft sweet sighs my soul is whispered out, and then held with mercy and non-demanding trust. Blessed by a wink and graced with a hug; hearts kiss with a joyous ecstasy

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