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The Essentials of Fundraising

The Essentials of Fundraising

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Published by Mandy Stevens

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Published by: Mandy Stevens on Oct 22, 2010
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My focus in this ‘how to’ is on drives that have a beginning, middle and end.

Online programs are emerging fundraisers with the potential to save time and money
but they tend to be ongoing – and they don’t ‘just happen’.

Typically your group signs up to a supplier. Family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues
can buy products from that supplier online whenever they want (there tends not to be
a cut-off date). The ‘trick’ is that supporters need to remember to nominate your group
as the beneficiary so that the commission goes where it belongs.

Choosing your fundraiser and supplier

20 The Essentials of Fundraising e-book

Convenience is an obvious advantage. The ‘cut’ can be a real bonus. For example, every
dollar spent on products from the Toys and More catalogue earns credits for the school,
centre or group to update their resources.

But the risk with this form of fundraising is that it can be a ‘sitter’. It’s not IN YOUR FACE
like other drives; yet it needs to be to bring in orders. A catalogue sent home is not
going to generate sales for you without you pushing, prodding and promoting,
reminding your supporters why they need to buy something this way. Be prepared to
ramp up your promotional and motivational strategies to really maximise your earnings.

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